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My Life as a Snape by Wanted Free7
Chapter 15 : School and Jealousy
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The first day of school was okay. Sam said he had missed me a lot so I gave him a kiss. He said that was better and I mumbled that he was really strict. Katie, Sam, and Mason all agreed.

Dad had been able to convince the Headmaster to admit Matt into his school, even though Matt is a Squib. Matt would be a year Four, like I am, because I would need help him with homework and stuff. Matt hadn't been really given an education with his birth parents. So I would have to stick with him to help him learn. It was better than being stuck with the year One kids. . .

After school, Matt and I went outside to the backyard and sat on a swing that Mum forced Dad to put up one year. I started pushing the swing back and forth. We sat in silence for a while.

"Do you remember the first night you were here?" I asked.

"Yeah. What about it?" he asked.

"Why did you say that you were to become a Death Eater?" I asked, turning to look at him.

"To spy."

"How-how could you do that?" I asked a few minutes later. I was confused. He was a Squib, so he couldn't do magic.

"Do you mean, why would I be a Death Eater if I'm a Squib?" Matt said. He didn't seem angry, but he had something in his voice that I couldn't recognize.

"Uh, yeah," I replied, not looking at him.

"Voldemort didn't want me to at first. Someone pointed out that I could be valuable, if I could gain the trust of some certain wizards. I couldn't do magic, but I could still pass information to the Death Eaters about enemies and stuff," Matt said. "That is why I would be a Death Eater."

"I thought Voldemort didn't like Muggles, Muggleborns, and Squibs, among other people?"

"He said I was smart and fit for his standards, except, of course, the fact I was a Squib," Matt said bitterly. "Anyway, I have to start on my homework. We got a lot, despite the fact that it is the first day of school."

"Well," I said, grinning wickedly, "Welcome to Merlin."


Over the next few weeks, the death toll inflicted by Death Eaters started to rise. Dad came home one night and was talking to Mum. He said that Voldemort might be up to something. It was strange, because Voldemort hadn't done much in the last decade or so. He had been lying low, and it was worrying Dad.

I wasn't allowed to stay outside for a long time, as Mum was afraid of something happening to me. I grumbled about being already grounded and staying inside all day wasn't going to help. Mum snapped and said that she didn't want to lose another child, especially her only living daughter. I apologized feeling guilty over Mum losing so many children.


My fourteenth birthday was a lot of fun. Mum and Dad allowed Sam, Katie, and I to have a sleepover. Dad didn't want Sam to sleep over also, but Mum forced him to let Sam stay. I'm utterly convinced that Dad cast some charms to prevent us from doing anything "inappropriate." I mean, why would we do something if Katie was in the room?

We went to a Weird Sisters concert, and had a blast. We stayed up all night, talking about what had went on during the concert. At around two in the morning, Dad came in, angry, to tell us to quiet down or he'd kick us out of the house. We laughed and said we'd be quiet.

Well, knowing us, we didn't quiet down. After Sam told a really funny joke, we ended up laughing really loudly. (We hadn't cast any Silencing charms because Dad wouldn't let us. He didn't tell us why.)

Dad came storming downstairs a few minutes later. He told us to grab our stuff and follow him. We did, giving each other confused looks. He led us into the backyard and cast a spell. A tent appeared before us, and he cast some more spells.

"Now you're Mum and I can finally get some rest without listening to some teenagers laugh all night!" he snapped irritably. He gestured for us to get into the tent. He wished us goodnight, or "rather good-morning, as it is three o'clock in the morning!" Then he stomped back inside.


A couple days before Harry's winter break started, I got a letter from him. I was happy, as our letters had been few and far between, because Dad had been cracking down on Harry to get his homework done before having fun. The letter read:

~Em, the best sis in the world,

Hey, how have you been? I'm okay, but Dad keeps making me get all my homework down before I do anything fun with Ron and Hermione. He's so strict! Its really annoying.

Anyway, I got horrible news. Draco is coming to our house for Christmas break!!! Horrible, right? I have NO idea how I'm going to keep myself from doing something to him. Dad better be ready for something to happen, as we do NOT get along at ALL.

Well, I have to go. Tons of homework to do. Tell Katie I said hi and that I miss her tons. I have a picture of her on my bedpost. Well, see you Dec. 22!

Love your bro,

Draco was coming to visit?! What? I didn't like him. He seemed like a snob, but then I didn't know him very well. Harry's letters sometimes told me that they had gotten into a fight or a duel.


We picked Harry up from the station. Dad was coming a bit later with Draco, as he didn't trust Harry and Draco to be civil to each other and "didn't want one of them to kill the other during Christmastime." Mum agreed, as she knew how bad Harry's temper sometimes got.

Katie and Sam came over. Mason was over at some other friend's house of break. Harry and Katie were happy to finally see each other. Our grounding had ended October 30 but they hadn't been able to see each other.

Christmas Day came pretty quickly. I got some gift-cards from Mum and Dad, a few books from Hermione, a Quidditch book from Ron, a necklace and earring set from Sam, and a really cool quill from Harry. Draco gave me money, as he "didn't know what I wanted."

We had fun trying out our gifts and stuff. Draco mostly held back, as if he was shy. He and Harry did their best to be civil, as not to ruin their Christmas, but nearly had some close calls. I thought Draco was actually okay.


Draco, Harry, and Dad have to go back January 6, and its now January 2. I don't want them to leave. It'll be sad, but they have to go. Sometimes I wish Dad and Harry go to Merlin. Well, Dad would teach.

Draco is really nice, and I think I like him. I know its wrong, because I have a boyfriend, but I can't help it. He is gorgeous and I love his smile. He keeps flirting with me!

I think Sam knows that something is up, as he keeps looking at me. Sometimes, when we're alone, he starts to say something, but stops. I always ask him about it, but he says its nothing.


Dad, Harry, and Draco left yesterday. I kinda miss Draco, but I'll never admit it to anyone, but I do. It'll be my dirty little secret. I like Sam, but Draco is different. Harry made him out to be a snob, but he's actually not that bad.

I got home from school, and there was a letter waiting from me. There was no return address, so I opened it cautiously. I went up to my room and started reading.

~Dear Emma Snape,

Hey, its Draco Malfoy. I'm just writing you because I wanted to say that I like you. You're cute, amazing, and charming. I know you're brother made me seem like I'm a snob and stuff, but I'm not. I'm different, if you get to know me.
Well, I'm sorry its so short, but I was so nervous and the letters kept rambling, so I just decided to keep it short and sweet.

Do you want to go out sometime? At least when I get out of school?


I started scrambling around for a piece of paper and a pen. I sat down and started writing a letter to Draco. What would I say? The final copy looked like this:


I'm sorry, but we can't date. I'm dating Sam. I really like him and you, but I barely know you. If I had to choose, I would pick him, and I do. I'm so sorry. We can be friends.


I received no reply, so I guess that he's busy or angry, maybe both. But I am dating Sam, I kept reassuring my self. I was torn apart inside. Sam only made it worse. He found the letter.


Two weeks later, he barged into my room. I was home alone, as Mum and Dad were out eating lunch together. He was angry, and he held Draco's letter in his hand. He threw in on my bed and glared.

"Why?" he finally asked. "Why would you cheat on me?"

I stared at him for a while. I couldn't believe this. He would really steal a personal item from me? "I'm not cheating on you."

He laughed. "Oh really? You guys were flirting all Christmas break. Where are the other letters, hm?"

"I'm not!" I replied defensively. "Why the heck would I cheat on you?"

"He's better looking then I am," was Sam's angry reply.

"No, he's not," I lied.

"Liar," Sam seethed. "I know you're lying!"

"I like you, Sam, not him!" I said loudly. Sam glared at me, unconvinced.

"Oh really?" he asked angrily. "Cause I really don't believe you."

"I'm serious!" I said. "Anyway, he's not my type."

"He's not your type?!" Sam asked incredulously.

"Just get out, Sam, if you don't believe me. I'm not the type to cheat, and if you believe that I am, just get out," I said. I didn't want to go through this. I love Sam, but sometimes he could be a jerk.

"Fine then, I will," he said and stomped out. I heard the front door slam a few minutes later.


I let him cool down for a few days, then decided to go over to his house to try and convince him that I wasn't cheating. Mason opened the door. He gave me a long look.

"Are you?" he asked.

"No, I love him a lot, and I'm not the type to do that," I said.

"I keep telling him that, but he won't believe me. He's stubborn sometimes," Mason said, letting me in. "He's in his room."

I went upstairs to Sam's room and knocked. I heard a mumble and then a thump. Footsteps came to the door and it opened. He looked at me.

"It's you," he said.

"Yeah it's me," I said. "We need to talk."

"There's nothing to talk about. We broke up. Now go," he said, trying to shut the door.

"No," I said, pushing it open. I went inside and sat on his desk chair. He sat on his bed.

"What?" he asked.

"Now listen, and don't say a word. You didn't let me explain a few days ago. Now it's my turn to talk," I said.

He nodded.

"You only found his letter. I sent him one, saying that I was dating you, and that I liked both of you, but if I had to choose, it would be you. It is you, by the way. I did like him, but I like you more. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure," Sam said.

"Sam please! Don't be difficult!" I said, fed up. "I-I love you, and no one can change that! You've flirted with other girls, and why can't I flirt with some guys? It doesn't mean anything."

He thought for a moment. "Fine, but either of us isn't allowed to flirt with anyone but the other, okay? I got jealous, cause he's better looking than I am."

"No, I think you're better looking. Anyway, Harry would probably murder me if I dated him. They don't get along at all," I said. "Is everything good between us now?"

"Yeah," he said. "No more flirting?"

"No more flirting," I agreed, giving him a kiss.


AN: Sorry if the fighting/breakup/makeup is seems to cheesy. I haven't got a lot of experience in dating, so I just made it up. Thanks so much for your reviews!

Also, I'm sorry if I don't get chapters up that much. I'm busy and I don't have much time. I try my best and I will complete this story, I promise. It's my favorite and I'm glad that all of you have stuck with me throughout this. Thanks so much!

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