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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 3 : Adulterer's Club
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I was sitting next to James, Rose, Scorpius, and Al at breakfast, and I was searching the table for something. I currently had some sausage sitting on my plate with a piece of toast that was drenched in grape jam. But there was something else I wanted on my toast. Finally, I looked just past Al and saw what might’ve been the most beautiful thing ever: crispy bacon.

“Al, give me some bacon!” I ordered, not caring if I sounded rude.

Al now knew that I was pregnant because Scorpius couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Al and Scorpius were both in Slytherin and had been best friends since their first day. So, of course, Scorpius had to share this bit of juicy news about me. I don’t think Lily knows because she’s in Hufflepuff, and we don’t hang out with the Hufflepuffs a lot, especially after the last game. But she’ll know soon enough; the whole family will know too.

Not wanting to make me angry, he passed over two pieces of bacon. I grabbed them, quickly put them on my toast, and excitedly took a bite. It was one of the most amazing things that I have ever tasted. It was so good that I was able to ignore the disgusted looks that I receiving from my friends. I couldn’t help it if my cravings were starting.

I stopped eating, though, when Stormy arrived. I was incredibly relieved. The Hogsmeade adventure was tomorrow, and I hadn’t heard back from Teddy. Luckily, it was still only going to be me, James, and Rose sneaking out. I grabbed the letter from Stormy and read it.

Dear Dom, 

Wow. I was definitely not expecting that. I will definitely meet you there. I’ll be at the Three Broomsticks waiting for you. We need to have a serious discussion.
Things are okay here. Vic is going to be sending you some magazines with wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses that she likes; she wants your opinion on what to get.
Harry, Ginny, your parents, and everyone else send their love. 


I was so excited at the prospect of seeing Teddy and talking with him about this that I didn’t get angry about the mentioning of the wedding. During my temporary bliss, I saw James trying to peek at the letter to see who it was from. I clutched the parchment to my chest. “It’s rude to intrude on people’s privacy, James.”

“Not when I’m your best friend, it isn’t.” He retorted, but left the letter alone. “Are we at least going to know tomorrow? Is he coming?”

I really wish that people would just drop this. I mean, I was pregnant, not dead. But to others, I guess it is a big deal. “Yes, he’s coming. And when I talk to him, you’re going to be silent or you won’t have your precious hair by the time we get back to the castle.”

James looked terrified. I was quite proud of myself. This was the eleventh time this week that I made him so terrified that he would show it. I’ll have to write it down on my calendar or I might forget.

Saturday was here. We were leaving in five minutes. I found myself in front of the mirror, checking my appearance and fussing over the tiniest little detail. All of my roommates are sitting on their beds, gossiping and doing their nails, and none of them even acknowledge me. None of them have even said happy birthday to me. I could only imagine what they would do once they got their hands on my dark secret, which is becoming less secret by the day.

Pretty much every single cousin of mine that is currently attending Hogwarts now knows. I’ve had them coming up to me all day and asking me how I’m feeling or asking who the father is. The latter is the most annoying of them all. Don’t they think that when I was ready to talk about it, I would talk about it with them?

I had my down and straightened, as always. James and Rose have a bet on whether or not I’ll ever wear my hair up. I almost want to put it up just so James has to pay Rose ten galleons; it could be his punishment for nagging me about my baby’s father.

Finally telling myself that I don’t have time to change anything, I begrudgingly go downstairs and find James and Rose waiting for me. Damn them. I was hoping that they had forgotten and that I wouldn’t have to go. I actually vomited this morning after thinking about my meeting with Teddy.

James and Rose stood up to greet me. I noticed that James had his Invisibility Cloak. Again, it’s a good thing that I’m not fat yet; we wouldn’t be able to fit. We greet each other silently, knowing that this is not only a celebration but an important day as well. I really wish that I wasn’t pregnant because then I could down some firewhisky.

All I could think about as we traveled through the dank, dirty secret passageway that led to Honeyduke’s was Teddy. I couldn’t even think about the fact that today was my seventeenth birthday. I was an adult now. An adult who is sleeping with her sister’s fiancé and is carrying his baby. Yes, I’m incredibly mature.

Once we snuck our way into the shop itself, James turned to me and said, “Pick anything you want for you and your baby. It’s all on us.”

I’m sure that my eyebrows disappeared into my hair. Though, my eyebrows were hard to see anyway because they were so thin and light. Was I dreaming? “What are you talking about, James?”

“It’s your birthday, and you’re having a baby. It’s our gift to you and your baby. Don’t worry about the amount, either, because you know that we’re loaded.”

“Your parents are loaded, James and Rose.” I pointed out.

“Which means that we’re loaded as well. Don’t say no, Dom, or we’ll start picking out stuff for you.”

I looked to Rose for help. She shrugged. “I would just do it, Dom. You know how stubborn this idiot and I can be.”

About a half an hour later, I had my pockets stuffed full of various kinds of candy. This was turning out to be a fantastic day, actually. We arrived in the Three Broomsticks, and my eyes immediately scanned the place for Teddy. I found him sitting at his usual table. However, both Rose and James saw this. “Honey, go meet him and we’ll bring you some drinks.” Rose insisted, pushing me towards his direction.

I grabbed the stool next to his and said, “Hey there, stranger.”

Teddy looked up and actually beamed. I thought that we would hate me or something. “Wotcher, Dom. How are you doing?”

“Aside from the frequent bursts of outrage and nausea, I’m doing fantastic. I’m only carrying the baby of my sister’s fiancé.”

Teddy sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He did that quite a lot, now that I think about it. Dad told me once that Teddy’s dad, Remus, had that habit as well. “You would get right to the point. So, when’s the due date?”

“December 2nd.”

Teddy blanched. “That’s only a week before the wedding. Oh shit.”

I now blanched. Though I couldn’t see myself, I’m positive that I did. I didn’t even think about the wedding being around the same time. “Oh Merlin, and the first baby usually comes late. Oh God.” I mentioned, now panicking. I barely registered James and Rose delivering a round of butterbeers.

“This is just my luck.” Teddy muttered angrily. “I had to go and get my mistress pregnant and the baby is due at approximately the same time as my wedding.”

What the hell did he just say? I felt my temper rising again. This happened a lot more than usual now.

“Hey, now, don’t me a mistress. You’re as much of a mistress as me!” I growled. “We should both be wearing slinky red lingerie and black stilettos!”

“Listen,” James interrupted, not caring that he was eavesdropping on a private conversation. “I know that you are trying to work this out, but don’t scar people for life with images.”

I turned towards James now. He was going to really get it. “Speaking of scarring people for life, I remember you scarring me for life that one night that I was in your dorm and you came out of the loo in only a hot pink thong!”

James looked like he couldn’t decide if he was more angry or embarrassed. “You swore that you’d never say anything. And I didn’t know you were there. And I did it on a dare.”

“You liar.” I retorted, laughing now. Picking on James was one of my favorite activities.

“Fine. I was curious. But never again will I wear something like that.”

Teddy, though chuckling, turned back to me. “When would I have been a mistress?”

Not caring about how horrible I sounded, I informed him, “The last time we slept together, I was dating someone.”

“You dated someone while you were sleeping with me?”

“You slept with me even though you’re marrying my sister!”

“Call it even?”


Teddy chortled and I was surprised. What part of this situation was funny? “We should form some Adulterer’s Club or something.” He told me.

James suddenly raised one of his fingers. “Can I join it?” I glared at him, silently asking him if he’s ever cheated on someone. “I swear it was just once, not like you guys.”

Give it to James to clear the tension.

And that was how it goes. That’s the best way to solve an argument. And then there was the slightly awkward silence. “So, have you seen Madame Marsh yet about this?” Teddy asked, now acting like the adult that he was. Although he wasn’t very old yet; he was still only nineteen.

I hadn’t even thought about that. Some future mother I am. “No, I didn’t even think of going to her.”

Teddy then told us about this girl that graduated from Hogwarts before I came there, and that she got pregnant during her seventh year and raved about how wonderful Madame Marsh was about the whole situation. I sat there, wondering something. Was she sleeping with her sister’s fiancé?

Teddy broke my thoughts though when he said, “Do you want me to go with you when you see her?”

Was this man insane? He wasn’t student anymore. If he was seen at Hogwarts, questions would be asked, and people would put two-and-two together and find out about our affair. However, sounding calmer than I was, I told him, “It’s okay. I can just bring James or Rose with me.”

“Who says I want to go to some gyne fest?” James said.

I leaned in towards him, making sure that I had an evil expression. “If you don’t, I’ll make sure that everyone knows about your secret thong.”

James paled. I knew that my threat worked. I could be so manipulative sometimes. Mum and Dad have a manipulative slut for a daughter. They’ll be so thrilled to hear that.

I looked at Teddy, and even though my heart was pounding in my chest so much that it hurt, I grabbed Teddy’s hand and promised, “I’ll go see her this week. And I promise that any information or any sonogram pictures will be sent your way.”

“Thanks.” Teddy smiled, squeezing my hand back. He looked at me and exhaled noticeably. “I can’t believe that we’re having a baby.” He even went one step farther and kissed me briefly on the lips.

How could he be so calm about this? Maybe he was one of those people that looked calm on the outside but was freaking out on the inside. I bet that’s what it was. But man, even though it was romantic, he has guts to still be kissing me after this whole affair? Did this mean that he was leaving Vic?

“What about Vic? Are you going to tell her?”

I couldn’t help but notice that Teddy was now avoiding my eyes. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I should tell her, but she’ll tell your Mum and Dad for sure.”

My mind was in a panic. Mum and Dad couldn’t know until I told them! “You can’t tell her, then. Mum and Dad need to hear it from me! I’ll only be about four months along. I shouldn’t be showing too much.”

“Okay, okay, I won’t tell her.” Teddy suddenly jumped and said, “I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday!”

I was stunned. Was he always this spacey? Or possibly good at changing the subject? It was probably the latter of the two. But he suddenly shoved a small gift into my hand. Pleasantly surprised, I opened the box up and in it was a golden locket. One picture was of me and him and the other was of me and Vic as kids.

“It’s from both me and Vic.” He said, hoping that it wouldn’t annoy me or unleash my wrath. “I hope you like it.”

Rose was already helping me put it on. “I love it Teddy. Tell Vic thanks for me.”

I hoped that I wasn’t sounding rude. But I was getting quite tired and I still had Quidditch practice. And if I didn’t have a good amount of energy, James would kill me. He wouldn’t care if I was pregnant.

“Teddy, I love talking with you, but I want to head up to the castle to get a nap before practice.” I stood up, drinking down my Butterbeer, and as I started to move away, Teddy grabbed my hand to stop me.

“What practice?”

He couldn’t be that stupid, could he? He used to be on the Quidditch team! “Teddy, we’ve got Quidditch practice. The championship is next weekend; we have practice tonight.”

“Is that safe though? For our baby?”

It makes my heart soar to hear the words ‘our baby’, but I really thought that they would be said under different circumstances. “Of course it’s safe. I’m the one flying around with the Beater’s bat, so I think that I’ll be safe.” I’ll keep our baby safe. I wasn’t the first girl beater at Hogwarts for nothing. I was talented with hitting things.

As we left the warm and cozy pub, I felt eyes watching me the entire time. I knew that those eyes belonged to Teddy. Why was this man so confusing?

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Flawed: Adulterer's Club


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