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New Beginnings by dracos_babe
Chapter 3 : The Third Prophecy
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The excitement was practically tangible around Lily; it was obvious that she had been waiting to tell this story for a really long time. “Now, as I was trying to say.” She raised her right hand for a second time, palm up, and suddenly one of the silver trinkets that were sitting on the spindly tables in Dumbledore’s office whizzed from its spot to sit in the palm of her hand. Lily merely smiled.
“That was a summoning charm.” Hermione said stunned.
“Yes it was.” Lily replied still smiling.

“But you did it without a wand. The same way you conjured that shield when we were fighting Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and all of the spells you used to fight them too, you never used a wand.” Hermione said in awe.
“Yea how did you do that? I noticed it too. You know, in between running for my life of course.” Ron added. Suddenly a look of dawning appeared on Hermione’s face. “Uh oh, I think Hermione’s read about this somewhere.” Ron sniggered.

“Yes I have, but they’re only supposed to be myths, they’re not supposed to actually exist, I’ve only ever come across them a few times in books, and they’re existence was always contested, no respectable author or scholar has ever considered them to be real.” Hermione said in an awed voice, looking at Lily disbelievingly.
“You would think in a world of magic, where things exist that billions of people in the world consider myth and fantasy, we would rule out the possibility that anything could not exist when we in fact aren’t even supposed to exist. A world of magic where anything is possible and we still deny things.” Lily simply laughed at the idea that she apparently wasn’t supposed to exist.

“Wait, what isn’t supposed to exist? What are you?” Ginny asked completely lost.
“I am what’s called a Mage.” Lily said in the same tone of voice Hermione would use when answering a teacher’s question in class.
“A what?” Ron asked with his mouth hanging open, the same way he would look when asked a question by a teacher in class. Lily laughed.
“A Mage. A witch or wizard who has the unique ability to perform magic without the aid of a wand.”
“How is that possible?” Ginny asked looking at Professor Dumbledore.

“When a wizard performs magic, they use a wand to convert the energy inside of them into energy that can be used to perform a spell. The energy, before it’s converted is called free energy, it’s just random power floating around inside of you, wizards need wands because the magical properties in the core and wood that make up a wand are what convert the free energy inside of you into useful power as it travels from your hand through the wand itself. Each person’s energy is different and that’s why each person needs a different kind of wand, why the wand chooses the wizard as Ollivander would put it.” Lily smiled at the thought of Ollivander.
“Ok, but what does that have to do with Mages, or you being one, or why this affects me?” Harry asked looking around the room confused.

“I’m getting there don’t worry. Mages are unique wizards born with the innate ability to convert the free energy inside of us into useable power without the aid of outside magical substances. The conversion also eliminates the marker left on the power by a wand which means the Ministry can’t track it, so underage magic becomes a thing of the past.” Lily proudly announced.
“Cool, how do you become a Mage?” Ron asked astounded.
“You haven’t been paying attention have you Ron? Mages are born with their abilities, they can’t be learned. In fact Mages are so rare that most people believe that they are only myths, like Hermione said, since very few even exist. In fact I couldn’t honestly tell you where any are in the world, if there even are any, Mages are dying off, and no I don’t know why, there’s no logical explanation as far as I can tell.” Lily answered everyone’s unasked question.

“Okay that’s very interesting, but what does this have to do with the last prophecy, or me for that matter?” Harry asked; he was getting impatient and it was starting to show.
“I’m getting there. Well first off, you can’t honestly think that I’m a Mage and you’re not. That would just be illogical.” Lily smirked at the look on Harry’s and everyone else’s faces.
“I’m…a Mage? But that isn’t possible.” Harry looked stunned and turned to Dumbledore for confirmation.
“Harry you said the same thing when Hagrid told you that you were a wizard for the first time. I think we would know don’t you?”
“But then how come I didn’t know?”

“Have you ever honestly tried to perform magic without your wand? You’ve been conditioned to think that you need your wand, you wouldn’t even attempt magic without it you would think it’s impossible until now.”
“Well that’s true. So how do I start using magic without my wand?”
“Well that’s something that I’m going to have to teach you.”
“I thought you said you can’t teach someone to be a Mage?” Ron burst out incredulously.
“You can’t, he was born a Mage I just have to teach him to use it, to tap into his abilities, get rid of his dependency on his wand.”

“So when do I learn that?” You could see the excitement building in Harry now at the prospect of expanding his powers.
“Well, after I finish my story, I still haven’t gotten to the last prophecy.”
“Oh yea.”
“Ok, this is where things get really interesting, and a little scary.”
“Scary? Scary is never good, can we just bypass the scary part?” Ron asked nervously.

“No. Now, the last prophecy, it foretells of the fulfillment of a myth. This myth has been around for centuries and told in different ways throughout many different societies in history, but the main idea of the myth, is that there are three Gods, and these Gods watch over the world from where ever it is that they live, that part’s debatable. But these Gods’ sole purpose, the reason they exist, is to save the world, they lie in wait until they’re to be reborn onto the Earth, either as humans or to possess worthy humans when they are born, that part also changes, personally I believe the born as humans theory without any idea of being Gods in another dimension, or where ever they are before they’re reborn and are simply humans who aren’t aware of their destiny until they need to be. The point is, they’re to rejoin the world in order to stop the worst evil that the world has ever seen, they are the only ones with the power to do so and if they join forces, together they, and they alone, can stop the worst evil to ever threaten the human race, and that includes the past and the future for the rest of magic’s existence.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of responsibility for three people.” Harry said disconcertedly.
“Yea, now for what makes these Gods everything they’re cracked up to be, aside from their sheer power. You see the energy inside of a witch or wizard is limited, their body can only hold so much at one time, and as it is spent it needs to be replenished, and the energy can only be replenished so quickly, it’s simply how the human body works, magical or not we are still human. These three wizards don’t have that problem, while their bodies can only contain so much free energy at once, they are able to replenish that power almost immediately, as soon as some is spent in performing a spell it is replaced, almost simultaneously, meaning that they would never run out of energy, never hit a limit on how much magic they can perform, they could duel for all of eternity and they would die of hunger before they needed to rest to restore their energy. There would be no end to their powers, and as if that along with the sheer power of their magic wasn’t enough to make them undefeatable, they also have the ability of telepathy.”

“Telepathy!?” Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Sirius all exclaimed.
“What do you mean? Anyone can use Legilimancy.” Harry said thoroughly confused.
“No, not Legilimancy, telepathy. Legilimancy allows the user to see the memories inside the victim’s head, everything that has happened to them, telepathy allows the Gods to literally read a person’s mind. They can see what a person is thinking at the exact moment that they enter their minds, they hear thoughts, not see memories. They can access everything that a person has ever thought as well, not just what is going through their mind at that given point in time. In addition, the Gods can use their telepathy to communicate with each other and with others without being overheard, and anything said telepathically is the complete truth, it is impossible to lie when talking telepathically because the conversation is happening within the mind. Occlumency is completely useless against the Gods’ telepathy as well, only the other Gods can resist intrusion from the telepathy of a God.”

“That makes sense.” Harry stated.
“Well that’s not all.”
“How much power can these three people have? I mean don’t you think this is just overkill now they might as well just take over the world on their own.” Ron stated in a frustrated tone.
“Yes well they’re humble, they’re the good guys remember. They each have their own special ability as well, the one thing that makes them unique from the other two and the one thing that not even the other Gods can replicate. The first God possesses the ability to see the future.”
“So he’s born a Seer.” Ginny stated.
“No, Seers receive selected visions, they make prophecies about things that may or may not take place in the future, nothing is concrete. The first God’s ability allows him to tap into the future; he can see what’s going to happen at any given time, to any given person at will. You see the future changes with every decision we make, the first God can see what will happen in the future once a person makes a decision. So if he had been present at the time of Voldemort’s attack on us, before Voldemort had heard the first prophecy the first God wouldn’t have been able to see the attack. However, as soon as Voldemort heard the prophecy and made the decision to kill us he would have had a vision of it happening. And he has the ability to zero in on a person so that as they make decisions he can see what will happen should the person follow through with them. Essentially he sees the path that that particular person will follow.”

“So he’s psychic, the Muggle perspective of psychic, only more realistic because nothing’s really set in stone it depends on how people act.” Hermione summarized.
“Exactly, and none of the other Gods can do that. The second God has the ability control peoples emotions. He can manipulate the way the people around him feel, cause a room full of panicked people to be calm, or turn a mob of angry people into a dancing circus. Or he can simply pinpoint a particular person near him and change their mood.”
“That’s pretty cool.” Harry admitted. “What about the third God?”
“The third and final God has the ability to control the elements.”
“The elements? What do you mean?”

“Earth, fire, wind, water and lightening: the five elements of nature. The third God has the ability to control these, bend them to her will, manipulate them to do her bidding, and since they are the elements of nature, it allows her to control the weather as well.”
“Wait, but Hermione has made plenty of those little fires all the time on her own, so why is the third God’s ability so special.” Ron asked.
“Hermione, would you mind making one of those magical fires.” Hermione pulled her wand from her robe and pointed it at a vase on Dumbledore’s desk, she muttered the spell under her breath and a small blue flame erupted inside the vase. “This fire is magical, as you can see it’s blue, it is not the same as a naturally occurring fire, like in the fireplace.” Lily raised her right hand again, palm up, and this time a small flame, similar to Hermione’s erupted in the palm of her hand, except the flame was bright red and orange, exactly like the fire in the fireplace of Dumbledore’s office. Hermione gasped. “This is what a real fire looks like, the element fire.”

“But that’s impossible, magic can’t control the elements, it’s nature, it’s one of the laws of magic, right along with not being able to conjure food out of thin air.” Hermione seemed as if her entire world were falling apart around her, everything she had lived by for the past 5 years had flown out the window. She stuck strictly to the rules of magic, she knew them like the back of her hand, they were the law in the magical world and she adhered to them and took pride in knowing all about them and in a few short minutes Lily had broken nearly everything that she had spent so long learning.

“Hermione, haven’t you learned yet, the Gods can do whatever they want, their powers far exceed those of normal witches and wizards, they break all of the laws that everyone once believed were absolute in our world.” She then raised her left hand palm up and with a little pop a chocolate frosted cupcake appeared in it and she took a bite, Hermione gasped for a second time.
“Wait, but then…that means…you’re the third God.” Harry looked as if a lot of things were starting to fall into place in his head. Lily nodded, placed the cupcake on Dumbledore’s desk, raised her left palm again and a bubble of water appeared in it, slowly the bubble floated up to rest above the fire in her right hand. Then a mini whirlwind appeared in her left hand, which floated to sit next to the water, next a small wad of dirt and rock appeared which took a place next to the wind, and finally in a small flash, a bolt of lightning, bright blue and miniature, appeared to rest in her left hand, making the five elements sit in an arch from her left to right hand. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Sirius stared at her in shock and disbelief while she calmly returned their looks over the arch of elements. Then in the blink of an eye, she closed both of her hands and the elements disappeared and they were left staring at each other. Lily put her hands together and turned her gaze to Harry.

“And you, my dear brother, are the second God. The order in which the chosen ones were born determines which God they are, you were born before me, which is why you’re the second one.”
“That’s not –”
“If you tell me that it’s not possible I’m going to hex you into oblivion, Harry. It’s very possible and it’s very real. You are the second God, why do you think being a leader has always come so naturally to you. You have the ability to manipulate peoples feelings. Since you haven‘t had proper training in your ability your really only able to project your own feelings onto the people around you, which is why it‘s been so easy for you to gather followers, like Dumbledore‘s Army last year.”
“But –”

“No buts Harry, this is how it is. You’ve already heard a prophecy that said you had the power to defeat Voldemort, you accepted the task, you wanted to beat him, all I’m doing is telling you that you do have the power to do it, and that you always have.” It was evident that Lily was starting to get a little frustrated with Harry’s disbelief and reluctance to believe that he was indeed as great as everyone thought he was. Her voice became gentler this time. “Harry, you are everything that I just described, you have the ability to break the natural laws, you can do whatever you want, and you don’t need a wand, you can avenge mum and dad the way you want to, you don’t have to worry that you don’t have the power to do what everyone expects you to anymore, that you aren’t as great as people make you out to be, because you are.” Harry scrunched his eyebrows.

“How long until you teach me how to keep you out of my head?” A huge smile appeared on Lily’s face.
“I knew you’d come around.” Lily became a little hesitant. “While this whole all powerful thing is great, I’m a little more interested in how you’re taking the fact that I’m your sister. I know that it must be a shock to you, and you’re probably really pissed that we kept it a secret from you, but you have to understand that we only did what we had to do, and I never liked a moment of it but I didn’t have a choice, none of us did really and –” Lily started to ramble in the hopes of making Harry understand the situation, obviously afraid that he was going to be angry at her, but her rant was cut off when Harry stood up and hugged her. She was stunned but after a few seconds she smiled and hugged him back.

Keeping her close to him he said into her ear, “How could I be angry with you, you’re my sister. I thought I didn’t have any family anymore, Sirius was the closest thing, I thought I was the last Potter and I find out that I’m not. I can’t be mad at you, what happened wasn’t any more fair than me being kept from the wizarding world was, but we didn’t have a choice. I guess it was just our destiny.” Harry squeezed Lily tighter and she reciprocated. Tears welled up in everyone else’s eyes as they watched the reunion, then unexpectedly Sirius stood up from his chair and grabbed both of them in his arms.
“I promised Lily and James that I would take care of the two of you and I’m going to do just that, I won’t let anything happen to either of you.” As Sirius spoke Lily seemed to stiffen and she gently pried herself away from the arms of her brother and godfather.

“Sirius, haven’t you been paying attention, we have a destiny, something that we need to do, and it’s going to be dangerous, I’m not going to lie to you because it will be, but we need to do it we’re the only ones who can, and if you try and be too protective of us you can end up jeopardizing that and putting the entire world in peril.” Lily glanced at Remus and Dumbledore.
“Lily I know that what you have to do is important but I can make sure that you get through it safely and survive, I owe that much to your parents, I made them that promise when you were born.”
“Yes, Sirius I know but you have to understand that it can’t always –”

“Lily please, you’re not going to be able to make me not want to look after you, I understand that you got your father’s stubbornness but I won’t let anything happen to either of you.”
“I know Sirius, and I appreciate that, but you can’t always stop bad things from happening, and that doesn’t make it your fault when they do.” The amount of sincerity in Lily’s voice was overwhelming and even though they had just met her that day there was something else in her voice that seemed very uncharacteristic, and only Harry recognized it as pain because it was written all over her face as she looked into Sirius’ eyes. The room became quiet and everyone stared at Lily wondering what she meant. Realizing that they were never going to get an explanation from Lily, Hermione decided to break the silence.

“Lily, you said that there are three Gods, that all three of them need to come together to fight Voldemort, and if Harry is the second God and you’re the third…then who’s the first God that you need to join?” Lily seemed to regain her composure at this question. She straightened up and Sirius sat back down, Harry however stayed standing next to her.
“I’m glad you asked that Hermione. Now I want you all to keep in mind that we’re going to have to work a little in order to get the first God.” Lily became hesitant, looking warily at the trio while her own face showed signs of disgust.
“Who is it Lily?” Harry asked suspiciously, turning to face her.

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