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All in the Hips by PlatonistAmaya
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Too many were gone. The war had come full circle, this time never to be repeated. The war had taken people from some, places from others, and still others were denied the very future they’d been promised. Hermione was one such person. Ron died in the war, at the wand of no less than Lucius Malfoy. Ron was not the only Weasley gone. Percy was gone. Half of Bill’s memory was gone. He could only remember the beginning of the war. He couldn’t remember his childhood, or how to do his job. He couldn’t remember Hogwarts, old girl friends, any of Harry’s exploits at Hogwarts. Speaking of Harry, he surprised no one at his decision to go on to be an Auror, and choosing not to complete his education at Hogwarts. He and Ginny resumed dating at the war’s end but are currently facing some serious time about as Ginny has also decided to return to Hogwarts.

            Harry’s godson, Teddy Lupin, was leaving at the Burrow with Arthur and Molly. Harry was living there as well and helping to care for and raise Teddy, with careful guidance by Molly. The other person who was to care for him was his grandmother, Andromeda, however she was trying to get through the process of grieving for the loss of her daughter and husband. She was getting better, however she was not currently in a state fit to attempt to raise a child.

            The Slytherin house at Hogwarts is under serious threat. The ministry has considered disbanding it, however there are those against it. Many notable wizards and witches of good faith had come from this house. Strong supporters included Andromeda Tonks, Horace Slughorn, and the Carrow sisters (Hestia and Flora) who since graduating have proven to be very talented and even kind wand makers who have aided Ollivander since he has no children and the war did not do well by him. He still works, however the twins have been a huge help. Due to this precarious situation it is vital that Slytherin show its loyalty.

            The ministry had also decided that it was time for the wizarding world to heal and flourish .They’ve decided to reinstitute the art and music clubs at Hogwarts, and add a new class as well. Dance. This is the era in which this story begins.

            “Harry, are you sure you won’t come back?” Ginny asked for what had to have been the hundredth time that day.

            “Ginny love, why would I go back to Hogwarts when I’m being offered my dream career right now? Besides we need Aurors badly right now.”

            “I know but….” The red head trailed off, realizing she had no adequate excuse.

            “But nothing, you go back to school, enjoy your final year, and keep Hermione out of trouble.”

            “Hey,” Hermione but in as she entered the room, “Last time I check it was me who kept you out of trouble.”

            “Too right you are. As always,” Harry laughed. The three of them were eating lunch at the burrow. Hermione and Ginny were as close as ever, but Harry was hurting. The twins saw this though, and kept him busy. They became a surrogate to the lost brother, and put Harry in with their groups of friends.

            “By the way Ginny,” Hermione plopped down, “Have you read the Hogwarts letter?”

            “Yes. Can you believe they’ve added a bloody dance class? I like to dance, but I’m sure that it’s going to be a load of stuff I’ve never seen before. Hell, I don’t even know where to get the required materials.”

            “Calm down, I’ll go with you to buy your things,” Hermione laughed.

            “Not to be rude,” Harry began, “But what do you know about dance materials?”

            “Well,” Hermione was about to shock her friends, “I took ballet, ballroom, jazz, lyrical, and a bit of hip hop until I began at Hogwarts, and then during the summers I volunteered to help teach classes and dance roles in ballets for smaller schools in the summer when I had time.” Both of their jaws dropped.

            “No way,” Harry said stoically.

            “Show us something?” Ginny asked.

            “What do you want to see?” Hermione smiled. She didn’t get to surprise her friends often.

            “Do you know how to Tango?” Ginny grew a bit excited.

            “Yes, but unfortunately I require a partner for that.”

            “That’s okay, Angelina taught Fred how to awhile back. I’ll go grab him, he’s home for lunch break today.” Harry ran off before Hermione could stop him.

            “Hermione why didn’t you ever tell me you could dance?” Ginny asked as Hermione slid her shoes off.

            “It just never came up,” Hermione explained.

            “I see. Why are you taking your shoes off?” Ginny was confused.

            “I can’t do tango in flip flops Gin.”

            “Definitely not,” Fred grinned as he entered the room with Harry, “So Harry tells me you need a tango partner?”

            “Yes, they just found out I could dance and wanted to a see a tango, but I needed a partner to show them,” Hermione offered.

            “I see. Did you learn Argentinean?” Fred hoped she said yes, because that was all he knew.

            “Yeah, that’s the one,” Hermione answered.

            “Excellent,” Fred flicked his wand at the furniture in their way which presently moved away then at the magical radio in the corner. A sultry latin song began to play out of the speakers. Fred offered Hermione a hand which she took. He spun her in towards himself which place Hermione in perfect position to find the beginning position for tango.

            The two were closer than they’d ever been, but such was the nature of the tango. Fred led Hermione into a progressive backstep, then spun her out again. This time when he pulled her in, he did so slightly different. Hermione felt the change and prepared to be dipped. Fred pulled her in, and Hermione followed. Upon reaching Fred she wrapped a leg around his waist and found herself being dipped inches from the floor. Fred pulled her up, grabbed her leg, and pushed it down and out, putting Hermione in an excellent end pose.

            “Wow, Fred, you’re great,” Hermione complimented.

            “Why thank you,” Fred put on a fake stuffy voice and mocked the ridiculous bows seen in high society.

            “So are you going to teach me how to do that?” Ginny asked.

            “I would,” Hermione began, “But you don’t have a partner, other than Harry, and it helps when one of the two know what they’re doing. Unless you want to dance with your brother…”

            “No, No, I’m good. Maybe once we get what I need you can just show me bits and pieces,” Ginny suggested.

            “Definitely. I have to pick a few things myself. We can go now if you want.” Ginny agreed and they were off.

            The Hogwarts Express

            “Ginny I’m sorry to abandon you really, but I have to go to the Heads Compartment to meet the head boy and make arrangements for the prefects meeting.”

            “Look, its fine. I’ll sit…” She glanced around and managed to find some friends, “Here, with Neville and Luna. Just come find us when you’re done. We’ll save you a seat.” Hermione nodded and continued walking up the train aisle.

            Upon reaching the compartment Hermione was very surprised to see one Draco Malfoy waiting, looking out the window. Hermione paused to think for a moment.

            “Relax Hermione. He was hidden during the war. He helped the Order. He’ll be different.” That was what she told herself, however she knew if Ron were here he would have never let it go. Just thinking of him hurt. In fact it hurt too much. Hermione pushed thoughts of him away and walked into the compartment.

            “Hello Malfoy,” Hermione greeted him politely. She was expecting a nasty response but was pleasantly surprised.

            “Granger,” He gave a curt nod. She sat down across from him and realized that she would probably have to begin the conversation. She’s heard that Draco had lost his parents. Actually, she’d watched an Order member kill his father. Hermione knew how he felt. She’d tried to retrieve her parents from Australia, only to find their gravestones, buried by neighbors because there was no one else to do so. She knew he would not want to talk about it, if his reaction was anything like hers at all.

            “So, Malfoy, what do you think are the most important things for the new prefects to know?” His expression remained the same. So much so that Hermione almost repeated herself in fear that he hadn’t heard her. Just as she was about to do so Draco answered her.

            “Fairness. I think it’s important for the prefects to understand that they must be fair to everyone.”

            “Good,” Hermione was surprised to hear his response, “That’s great.” Silence fell among them. Hermione knew that they would have to live together, they really ought to try and reach some kind of a relationship.

            “Look, Granger. I will be civil, I can assure you of that, but I’m in no shape to be around people all right?”


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