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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fifteen: I Wanna Be Bad
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Chapter Fifteen: I Wanna Be Bad
By: MysticPhoenix


I wanna be bad
You make bad look so good
I got things on my mind
I never thought I would

That evening Remus and Sekhmet sat under the big willow tree by the lake. Sekhmet sat smiling wrapping in Remus’s arms while Remus rested his head against the tree. They sat in complete quiet for a long time just enjoying being together. Occasionally Remus would kiss Sekhmet on the cheek, head, or on the lips.

"I still can't believe you find my condition sexy." Remus mused smiling into Sekhmet’s hair.

"Are you kidding me!? It is totally sexy!” Sekhmet twisted herself in his arms so that she faced him. “You turn into a giant cuddly werewolf!" Sekhmet said as she snuggled closer to Remus resting her head on his shoulder her breath tickling his neck.

"I wouldn't call myself cuddly."

"Well I would. Do you realize how cold it is out here even with fur!?"

"I thought cats were supposed to hate dogs." Remus laughed kissing her nose.

"I thought you would have realized by now that this cat is weird."

"True. Though I wonder who is weirder, you or your sister?"

"Depends on the day."

"This is true." Remus sighed letting his head rest against the tree again.

"What is it?" Sekhmet asked sitting up.

"I can't believe I almost lost you.” Remus looked at Sekhmet, “The one girl in the world who isn't scared of what I am, and finds it sexy, I almost let get away. I was such a stupid jerk."

"Remus we have already been over this. Yes you were a stupid jerk and I forgive you. Now shut up about it before I push you in the lake."

"I'd like ..." Remus was interrupted by a loud yell of outrage.

"YOU WENT BACK TO HIM!" Remus and Sekhmet turned to see a very angry Snape storming towards them, "HOW COULD YOU AFTER THE WAY HE TREATED YOU! HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU!"

Remus jumped up pulling Sekhmet behind him, "For once you are right Snivellus. I did treat her in a manner that does not deserve her forgiveness and I am still surprised she has forgiven me. Remus said keeping calm though his face was red, "I would thank you for trying to comfort her, but how dare you force yourself on her!" Remus growled.


Before Sekhmet could react Remus shot at Snape flooring him with a right hook. "A real man does not force himself on a lady! And if I ever catch or hear about you doing anything like that again to Sekhmet I'll do more than a punch you!" Remus pulled Sekhmet protectively against him

"By the way nice hair." Sekhmet smiled sweetly at Snape, "Let’s go." She grabbed Remus's hand and run towards the castle.

Everyone sat in the common room watching James and Sirius play a very animated game of Wizard’s chess. The boys had even fashioned themselves breastplates that medieval knights would have worn.

James’s had a banner of a noble looking stag while Sirius’s bore a banner of a fiacre looking black dog. Isis and Lily sat on opposite sides wearing tiaras. Each had supposedly captured the other’s princess.
Isis and Lily laughed as they pretended to cry out to their beloved knights for help. James and Sirius bantered back and forth with lavish threats and promises to rescue the damsels in distress. Frank and Alice cheered each on in turn, Frank playing the story teller. Peter sat off to the side not sure what role to take.

"That was so amazing Remus!” Sekhmet’s excited voice caught the group’s attention “You were amazing!" Sekhmet exclaimed as she followed Remus through the portrait hole.

"Hitting him was rather enjoyable." Remus mused helping Sekhmet.

"Hitting who was enjoyable?" James asked surprised.

"It was amazing!" Sekhmet said running over to where everyone was sitting "Remus and I were down by the lake when Snape came running towards us yelling how awful Remus is. Then Remus yelled at him for forcing himself on me and Snape was like 'well at least I show her I care' and then Remus flattened him with a right hook! It was amazing!" Sekhmet run back over to Remus giving him a big kiss.

"Way to go Moony!" Sirius and James cheered together.

"Wish I could have seen it!" Isis exclaimed.

"Me too!" Lily echoed and everyone stared at her, "What!? Snape deserved it."

"And this is why I love you." James smiled at Lily.

"I’m happy for you guys. However…" Isis looked at Remus and glared, "You break my sister's heart again and I break you."

"Fair enough." Remus shook Isis’s hand looking all business.

"I'm glad we understand."

"Who wants ice-cream?" Sekhmet yelled running for the door.

"Isn't it almost curfew?" James asked as Sekhmet crawled through the portrait hole.

"Five minutes to." Lily answered looking at her watch.

"Sek!" Remus ran off after her.

"He better get used to doing that." Isis laughed.

The next morning Isis walked into the Great Hall surprised to find her sister there before her. She could only assume this was due to the fact that Sekhmet wanted to spend as much time with Remus as possible, despite the early hour.

"Morning guys." Isis said taking her seat next to Sirius.

"Morning." Everyone echoed.

"Where's Lily?" James asked.

"Oh some first years got into a scuffle so Lily stopped to help the Prefects." Isis answered helping herself to some pancakes.

"No you stir the potion counterclockwise five times not clockwise ten times." Remus corrected pointing to the mistake in Sekhmet’s Potions essay.

"This is too hard!" Sekhmet whined pushing the essay away.

"Just read the book its right there." Remus was trying not to sound exasperated well everyone else tried not to laugh.

"Fine if you won't help me I'll ask Lily. She's smarter anyways!" Sekhmet stuck her tongue out, "Lily!"

"Read the book." Lily had come in just in time to hear the conversation. She gave James a quick good morning kiss as she sat down.

"You guys are so mean!" Sekhmet folded her arms pouting. When she realized that everyone was ignoring her she sighed annoyed and picked up her Potion’s book.

"So did you get you essay finished?" Sirius asked Isis.

"Yes I did and no I am not doing yours."

"Please. James kept me up all night working on quidditch plays."

"He did not. I was watching the whole time."

"Please." Sirius pleading brushing her hair back and kissing her neck.

"You really expect that to work?" Sekhmet laughed.

"Can't blame me for trying." Sirius shrugged going back to his food.
As they walked off to class after breakfast Isis and Sekhmet fall behind the group. Quickly Isis slipped her essay to Sekhmet.

"So gonna have a little fun?" Sekhmet whispers wagging her eyebrows.

"Just turn in my report please and tell Professor Slughorn that I am not feeling well." Isis rolled her eyes at her sister.

"I'm so proud of you." Sekhmet said in a very over dramatic voice.

"Oh Shut up."

"What are you two talking about?" Sirius asked

"Oh nothing." Sekhmet winked at her sister then skipped over to
Remus linking arms with him.

"What was that about?" Sirius asked confused.

"Just be quite and come with me." Isis grabbed Sirius's hand and walk in the opposite direction of the classroom.

"What are you doing?" Sirius asked as Isis stopped in front of a door down a deserted corridor.

"I said be quiet." Isis smirked opening the door and pushing Sirius in.

"What the ..." Sirius started as Isis pushed him against the back wall before closing the door.

"I decided the dorm is too boring." Isis smirked undoing her shirt and sliding it off. Sirius’s eyes went wide.

"I never thought I'd see the day you skipped class for a closet make out session." Sirius smirked drawing her closer.

"I'm full of surprises." Isis answered as she toyed with the buttons on his shirts slowly undoing one button at a time.

"Oh I bet you are." Sirius's hand traveled down her back to her waist undoing her skirt "Oops." he smirked as it fell off

Isis cocked one eyebrow, "Two can play at that game."

"Do your worst."

Once in Potions class James, Remus, Lily, and Peter had finally noticed that Sirius and Isis were missing. Lily kept an eye on the door, but when Professor Slughorn entered the room and Isis still had not shown Lily became slightly worried, it was not like Isis to skip class.

"Sek where is Isis?" Lily whispered.

"I have no idea." Sekhmet looked at the ceiling twirling her thumbs.

"I highly doubt that."

"Sirius is missing too." Remus noted.

"I never figured her as one to skip class for make-out sessions." Lily
shook her head disappointment and amusement playing on her face.

"You'd be surprised." Sekhmet answered.

"Where are Isis and Sirius?" Professor Slughorn asked as he came around to collect essays, "I saw them both at breakfast."

"Isis wasn't feeling well." Sekhmet answered without a pause, "She ran into the bathroom just before class and threw up. I brought her essay for you though." She handed him the rolled up parchment

"And what of Mr. Black?"

"Isis refused to go to the Hospital wing so Sirius carried her back to the common room." James added without hesitation, "He sent his essay along too." James handed Sirius's essay to Professor Slughorn
as well.

"What a gentleman!” Professor Slughhorn exclaimed clapping his hands together. “Please tell Isis I hope she feels better soon." With that he walked back to the head of the classroom.

"How did you get Sirius's essay too?" James looked at Sekhmet. She had slipped him the essay just before they entered the classroom.

"Isis gave it to me when Sirius wasn't paying attention."

"So she masterminded this whole thing." Lily looked shocked.

"Yep. Why do you think it went so smoothly?" Sekhmet asked.

"Very true."

Sirius and Isis rejoined the group for the next class, but it wasn’t until lunch time that the group was able to interrogate the couple. Sekhmet spent the whole morning with a proud look on her face, Isis rolled her eyes. Sirius on the other hand was smiling like an idiot.

"Have a nice time sis?" Sekhmet nudged Isis with her elbow as they sat down to eat.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"Actually I'd rather not. Though I will say this if he's not at least a seven he's not worth it."

"Sek!" Lily exclaimed scandalized.

"What it’s true." Sekhmet said before returning to her sandwich.

“I guess we know what you are Moony!" James slapped a very embarrassed Remus on the back.

"For your information James ...." Isis clamped her hand over Sekhmet's mouth.

"I think we have heard quiet enough for one meal. Now be good or I will put a silencing charm on you for the rest of the day. Understand?" Sekhmet nodded horrified, "Good."

"You take the fun out of everything." Sekhmet pouted.

"I'm you sister that’s what I do."

"So who all is staying here for Christmas?" Lily asked quickly changing the subject.

"Sek and I are staying." Isis answered.

"So am I." Sirius added

“Alice and I were thinking of staying too.” Frank added.

“My parents weren’t too thrilled with the idea at first, but when I told them all my friends would be they said ok.” Alice explained.

“I’m sure they figured out it was all a ruse to spend alone time with Frank.” Isis teased.

“You’re one to talk after your little stunt today.” Alice laughed.

"I was thinking about it." Remus said loudly bringing the conversation back to the original subject, “My Mum won’t mind. She hasn’t been much on holidays since Dad died.”

"If everyone else is staying I might as well." Lily commented, “My parents should be fine with it. Besides Petunia has invited that horrible Vernon over for Christmas dinner and I would rather not be there.” Isis and Sekhmet made faces at the mention of Petunia’s now fiancée. They had met him last summer when Lily had invited them over for the weekend. He was a rude, pompous, and fat young man, even Mr. and Mrs. Evans were skeptical of him.

"I could always see if my parents would let everyone stay at our house." Suggested James

"Or we could just have the run of the castle for the holidays." Sekhmet suggested with a huge grin.

"I like the way you think." James smiled, “Why didn’t I think of that.”

“Because I’m smarter.” Sekhmet stuck her tongue out at James.

"I'm game." Sirius said.

"Then I guess it is settled we are all staying for our last Christmas as Hogwarts students." Lily smiled looking rather excited.

Friday dawned bright and early and with it came the excitement of the announcement of the last Hogsmead trip of the year. Everyone was talking excitedly about it when Sekhmet finally made her way to the Great Hall for breakfast.

"What's everyone so excited about?" Sekhmet ask through a yawn slumping down onto the bench.

"Last Hogsmead trip of the year this Saturday they just put up the announcement."Alice informed her.

"Sweet I can buy more chocolate." Sekhmet attempted to sound thrilled "It’s obviously too early for me to care."

"I think I could make you perk up a little." Remus hinted.

"Remus as much as I love you it is 8:30 in the morning. If you haven't noticed I don't do mornings." Sekhmet said helping herself to some coffee.

"Well I can still try."

"If you want." Sekhmet shrugged and took a big gulp of coffee.

"Would you do me the honor of accompanying me to Hogsmead this weekend?" Seemingly out of nowhere Remus produced a big bouquet of at least two dozen red roses.

"AH THEIR BEUATIFUL!" Sekhmet jump off the bench nearly falling over but Remus caught her, "I'D LOVE TO! YOU'RE THE BEST! "She gave him a big kiss on his lips before she ran off to put the roses in water. The rest of the gang made the number ten appear in the air.

"Thanks guys." Remus laughed.

"Hey you got Sek to be excited in the morning. I've never seen her do that." Isis said.

"How about you Kitty come with me to Hogsmead?" Sirius asked
wrapping his arms around Isis.

"I'll think about it." Isis winked walking off with Lily

"Kitty?" Lily asked as they headed to class.

"I have no idea." Isis laughed.

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Lyric: I Wanna Be Bad By Willa Ford
Beautiful image by Jazzi @ TDA

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