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My Life as James Potter's Step Sister by MiaMarauder
Chapter 4 : Bonding
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Thank you so much to somuch@TDA for a lovely chapter image!

The beautiful, bad ass, conceited Houston

Quidditch. That's all James Potter thinks about. Wait- No scratch that. Quidditch and Lily. Two things he thinks about.

He's been non-stop talking about the Quidditch try outs. Who's making it, who's trying out and who's gong to be Quidditch Captain next year.

The upside of this. He's actually has been ignoring Lily, because he's distracted with Quidditch coming up. Downside. Lily won't shut up about how he's up to something.

The first two days she was happy with James, not talking to her. Then third day she started asking questions, like "What's up with him? Do I look bad or something? Does he have a new girl?" Fourth day she was in a bad mood. Thinking that he must have an evil plan. Yesterday was the last straw for her I think.

We were sitting at the lunch table and Lily got up.

"Where you going?" Houston asked her.

"Well I have to do a few things at the library-"

"Oh crap! I have to go too!" James yelled getting to his feet.

He started to put stuff back in his bag. "Potter. I don't need someone-"

"I'll see you guy in class!" He yelled running out of the Great Hall.

Lily was absolutely speechless. She just stared at the door with the most confused face every. Lily has been very quiet since.

But tomorrow (well today) was Quidditch try outs. So everyone who had to try out, went to bed early. But yet here I am. At one in the morning, in the common room, with a book in my hand.

I always have trouble sleeping. I don't know why, but me and normal sleeping patterns, don't get along. I usually catch up on sleep in one of my classes (usually on a lecture day).

So here I am. Reading some Muggle book (Lily let me borrow) Pride and Prejudice. It's sorta of interesting, I guess. I already know the ending, how the end up with each other. I just don't understand how you can loathe someone so much, to just full out snogging them. I know it's more then that but no.... I don't get it. Yes I believe in love. But I don't know... I don't understand how love works. It's odd.

I tossed the book aside and went to sit by the fire. I was in boxer shorts and a tank top, so I was just a tad, little chilly. I rubbed my hands together and put them up to the fire.

Maybe my ears froze or maybe it was just to quiet. But I did not hear the foot steps coming down the stairs.

"Nervous?" I jerked my head up (almost breaking my neck) and hitting my head on the top of the fire place.

"Ow! Bloody F-" I was just about to go into alot of curse words, but the hand covered my mouth.

I saw that it was James. He whispered "Shhh! People are sleeping. Sorry I scared you."

He took his hand off my mouth. I rubbed my head, "Whatchu doing up anyway?"

"Nervous. Aren't you?"

"Yes. But who knew that the great James Potter could be," of course I should be nervous. I am usually the only girl trying out for keeper. Last year there was a wonderful girl captain. It was the first in many years. So of course she picked me and Hou to be on the team. I'm not saying that we weren't good. We didn't win the Quidditch cup... but we weren’t terrible. Came in second. But Frank... I don't know if I'll get on.

"I'm not as big headed as Lily makes me seem. Speaking of Evans... what she think of my stunt today?"

"That was absolutely brilliant," I said in a hushed yelled. "How'd you even think of that?"

"Well I did need to go to the library. But I was just going to do it after dinner. But she said she was going, so I wanted her to think I was just going because of her. It was a very good and quick plan," he said looking proud. Sometimes I think he's an evil genius.

"Well, I guess we should sleep right? So I can just fail tomorrow..."

"Saph c'mon don’t think that way. I really think you'll make the team. Summer, Bones and Brown have nothing compared to you," he said nudging me.

I smiled a small smile, "Thanks’ James that means alot."

"No problem. Us Potters have to stick together," he said laughing and running up the stairs. "Night sis!"

"Night!" I'm just going to let him of that, this time. Calling me a Potter and sis in one night. I didn't have enough energy to correct him.

I grabbed the book and ran upstairs. Tomorrow was going to be a long morning. I need sleep. I jumped into bed and silently chanted to myself, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, fall asleep.

Luckily enough. I did.

A pillow hit me hard, “Get up you whore!”

Don’t you just love how I get waken up?

I shoved all my blankets off me. “Your wake up calls are so darling.”

Houston grinned, “I know you love me.”

I rolled my eyes and got up. We have to be at tryouts out 9’oclock. I looked at my side table 7:30.

“Why am I up so early?” Everyone else was sleeping nice in there beds.

“Don’t you want to look good for try outs? Ya know like put on some make-up and choice a cute outfit?”

“No! No I don’t want to look cute,” I hushed my voice into a whisper.

She crossed her arms, “Well fine. Go back to bed.”

I got back into bed and under the covers.

I started to drift out and heard “But don’t expect me to wake you.”

Running. That’s all I had to do, was run. Faster, faster, faster I must go faster! I ran down a dark corridor. But what was I running from? I looked back and it was all dark. I just knew I was running from something. Or someone?”


Who called my name? I looked back and no one was there.


Maybe I had to run from the person, calling me. Faster!


I slowly opened my eyes into a white pillow. I was still in my bed. Safe.


I jumped up and looked at Lily.

“What? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” I shouted.

“Your going to be late!”

“What time is it?” I bolted out of my bed.

“Eight forty five!

“I can’t believe that slut didn’t wake me up!” I shouted grabbing my keeper outfit. I grabbed my broom from under my bed. I started to head for the door.

“Shoes!” Lily shouted looking for them.

I opened the door and starting running down the stairs. “No time! Bring them to the pitch!” I was already in the common room.

I pushed some little ones out of my way. I was at the door when I faintly heard, “FOUND ONE!”

Frank was going to kill me. I’m probably not going to make the team because I’m late. I can’t believe that slag, whore, prostitute didn’t wake me up! I’m going to kill her. She so should have been in Slytherin.

I was already outside, when I noticed I was still in a tank top and boxer shorts. I didn’t even realize what I was in. Thank god I went to bed with a bra on. Or this would have been a whole other situation.

I ran on the grass bare foot in the grass. Last year the keeper try outs were second to last. Let’s hope its same this year.

I ran faster and faster my heart pounding. I’m probably going to keel over before I even make the team. I ran into the dressing room and ran into the pitch.
I saw James in the sky. Chasers. It seems like they were first. I ran to Frank.

“Frank! I’m so so sorry!” I stood out of breathe trying to hold in my panting. Like it was a no big deal, that I was having a heart attack.

“Sapphire,” he said with a grin. “Nice of you to join us. I was wondering where you were. Take a seat. The Keepers are over there,” he pointed where 3 boys were sitting. “You should get some water. Looks like you ran here. I can’t even run that far,” he stated turning his head back into the sky.

So I practically ran here for no reason. Great.

I went to go stand by the three boys, Ivry Summer, Chase Bones and Mark Brown. They all looked amused as I started to put my clothes on. Ivry Summer was a fifth year and is big for his age. He had way to much muscles. Chase Bone was a cute small build guy. He had beautiful blonde hair, that was never messy. Chase was in seventh year. Mark Brown was a compete arrogant, idiot. He was just as bad as Sirius, except not that good looking. Yeah Brown was alright, but wasn’t that hot. But he just thinks he can get any girl. Brown was also in his seventh.

“Looking good Yucca,” Brown smirked. You can’t say my last name and try to pull it of smooth.

I smiled a fake smile. I know I can defiantly beat Summers. I’m not to sure about Bones though. And we’ll see with Brown.

“Wake up late?” Bones smiled a charming smile.

“Yeah, is it that obvious?” I asked taking a seat next to him.

“Just the out of breathe and panting gave you away,” he smiled. If he wasn’t such a geek in school he so would be my type. He really just doesn’t have a build for a keeper either. I’m not saying I do, but…

The chasers were done and they came down and relaxed. There was only two spots open because Frank was a chaser.

The beaters were up. I saw Houston pass.

“Hey slag! Thanks for the waking me up!”

She turned trying to look innocent as ever. “Sorry, I thought you were already out,” she smiled a fake smile. Trying to look all cute for the boys. Slag.

She walked away and James came and sat in front of me.

“How’d I do sis?”

“Looked pretty good and stop calling me that.

Michael Gray came and sat down. Michael Gray was another seventh year. He was the only seventh year boy that actually gave the marauders a run for there money. Michael Gray was gorgeous. He had short blonde hair that was always messy. He had the whitest smile and the nicest blue eyes ever. He was also had a great body. He was really funny too and nice. I has the biggest crush on him last year but he was going out with some seventh year. But they broke up, and now he’s open for business.

“Hey Mike,” I smiled.

He grinned, “Hey Saph. Loved the entrance by the way.”

I giggled (which I never do), “Thanks. I just love to make an entrance.”

He chuckled, “Well with your looks you always do.”

I try to hide the blush on my face, “Tha-”

“Saph!” Lily was waiting by the entrance, with my shoes in her hand. I got and ran to her.

I took my shoes and hug her, “Thanks so much Lily. What would I do without you?”

“Die,” she laughed. “Were you talking to Gray?”

“Yes he was making me blush like crazy.”

“He sure is cute.”

I sat down and put my shoes on “Cute? Cute is how you describe boys under third year. Cute is an under statement. Michael Gray is HOT!”

“Alright sorry. Did James try out already?”

I stood up. “James? James who?”

“James Potter. Do you even know any other James?”


She turned a slight pink. “Shush up! Why are you screaming?”

“When you start calling him James?”

“I don’t know. Now?”

I gave her an odd look, “Is this a dream?”

She rolled her eyes, “Never mind. Good luck, I’ll be watching!”

She started to walk away, “Or are you going to be watching James.

“Shut up!” She yelled not even looking back. I ran back to the boys.

“Why you say my name?” James asked confused.

“No reason Potter,” I snapped and laid back down on the grass.

“Whatever,” I heard him mutter.

“So Saph you think your going to make the team?” I sat back up, to the voice of Michael Gray.

“I hope. What about you?”


“Mikes got this in the bag,” Brown put an arm over his shoulder. “And so do I Yucca. So better watch out.”

I rolled my, “I’ll be sure to do that.”

“Keepers!” Frank shouted.

I got up and grabbed my broom. I started to walk over to Frank. Houston was walking by.

“Good luck Saph,” she bumped me in the hip.

“Alright Keepers, I’m going to try to score on you. First up is Bones,” he said going up in the air.

Bone flew after him. To tell you truth I really don’t think Bones is going to make it. Last year he was sick during tryouts. But he just isn’t the Quidditch type.

“Hey Ivry,” Summer looked my way.

“You look today,” I flirtatious said.

“Don’t mess with my head, Fire,” he rolled his eyes.

“I’m not- Wait what you call me?”

“Fire. Isn’t that what people call you?”

“NO! I’m going to kill Black. I can’t believe people actually think that’s a nickname.”

“Aren’t you like, dating Black?”


“Woah. Cool down Fire,” he chuckled at his own joke. “But really calm down.”

“I will not calm down! I can’t believe people actually think, I’m going out with that idiot!” I was in rage. Why would people even think that? I hate Black. That’s disgusting.

“Bones only caught five,” Brown stated. “I’m up-” he said getting up.

“No I am,” I pushed him back down. Frank came down off his broom.

“Nice job Bones. Bro-”

“Frank can I go before him. I have to kill Black.”

Frank chuckled, “Why must you kill him?”

“Apparently were going out.”

“Wait you aren’t?” First I thought it was a joke but he wasn’t smiling.

“NO!” I grabbed his whistle and blew into it. Everybody looked at me.

“Raise your hand, if you think I’m going out with Sirius Black!” Two people didn’t raise their hands. Houston and James. Everybody else’s hand were up. There was a lot of people. Even Michael Gray thought I was going out with Black!

“I’M NOT DATING HIM!” everybody put there hands slowly down. Everyone was dead silent. I’m going to murder him.


“Sirius,” I turned back to Frank. Excuse me? I gave him a confused face.

“Sirius Black said it last night. After you left he told the whole Great Hall you were going out with him,” I’m going to murder him.


“Alright Sapphire. Use that angry to block the ball. Your up,” Frank said flying in the air. I pulled my hair back. I looked at a strand and it was purple. I guess I went red and I didn’t even realize. I flew in the and flew to the post.

I can’t believe people actually believed him. Frank flew to the right and came fast. He threw the ball and caught. I threw it back and he came low this time. Caught. I threw it back. I just can’t believe he would tell people that. Frank came slow to the right and changed to the left. Threw it. Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught.

“Alright Saph I think that’s good. You can go kill Black now,” Frank said smiling.

I flew down only one thing on my mind. Must kill Sirius Black.

“Great job Sapphire!”

“Thirteen good job!”

“Saph that was amazing!” Lily yelled hugging me.

“Do you know where Black is?” I asked pulling away.

“Oh right. I heard… Um last time I saw him he was in the common room,” she said.

I mumbled a thanks. And walked away. Must kill Sirius Black. Must kill Black. Must kill Black.

“Hey Sapphire! Wait up a minute!” I turned around and looked up at Mike.

“That was bloody awesome! You’re defiantly on the team,” he grinned.

I smiled, “Thanks you probably made the team too.”

“I hope… I just want to make this clear. Um- your not dating Sirius Black?”

“NO! Sorry- no. I’m not dating him and I might kill him.”

“Well, good,” he grinned. “See you when you make the team,” he ran back to the pitch.

That almost made me forget about how I want to kill Sirius. Almost. I’m going to murder him. I ran back up to the castle broom in hand. Maybe I can hit him with it.

I came into the common room darting my eyes everywhere. There. In the couch sleeping was Sirius Black. I dashed up the stairs and put my broom away. I ran back down and just as I expected he didn’t move an inch.

I went in front of the couch. He almost looked peaceful. Like alittle baby. You can almost say he looks kind of cut- cough cough. Ugly.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Sirius.” He didn’t even move a muscle. I thought came to me.

“Siiiiriuss,” I leaned forward and put my hand on his chest, rubbing it slightly.

He moved slightly and a small smile came to his face. “Sirrrry,” I said in a whiny voice. I almost gagged saying that.

“Mmmm,” Sirius muttered and turned to the side. We were face to face. Perfect timing.

I went really close to his face, “WAKE UP!”

“AUGH!” I stood up as Sirius fell to the floor.

“Fire! What the fuck?” He yelled from the floor.

“That’s for shouting in Great Hall yesterday,” I kicked him lightly. “And that’s for because you’re an arse. See you later beau,” I laughed going up the stairs.

Capella was sitting up in her bed looking at a magazine. Alice was still sleeping.

“Hey how did try outs go?” Houston asked looking over her magazine.

“I got thirteen in. I didn't stay though I had to… take care of business.”

“Thirteen, that’s pretty impressive. I would have come but I just woke and all,” she said yawning.

“It’s okay, Lily was there,” I started to get undressed. These really smell. “What you reading?”

“Oh nothing,” she said getting out of bed. “Do you have to shower?”

“Uh you can go in I’ll shower later,” right before Houston comes in and I’ll use up all the hot water. Pay back is a bitch and I’m the bitch giving it.

“Alright toddles,” she said heading into the bathroom and closing the door.

I threw on some running shorts, sports bra, and a big tee shirt. I was going to go running, to forget about Black. I put my running shoes on and dashed out the door.

I started to stretch my arms when I came into the common room.

“Where you going, love?” I stopped in my tracks and looked at Sirius

“Don’t call m-”

“Looooove. Where you going?” He drawled out the o’s. He smiled a devilish smile.

“Running,” I said bluntly and started to go out the door.

I heard foot steps behind me. “I’ll come,” he smirked.

I started to walk faster “No. Leave me alone.”

“C’mon love, you know I can run faster then you,” he said never ruining the stride with me.

“Want to test that theory?” I said looking up at him. We locked eyes for a moment and we both knew what each other was going to say.

“Go!” I started running forward as fast as I could. Black had alittle gain on me and was alittle ahead.

“Your stupid tall legs!” I cried in front as I started to run faster.

He turned around and ran backyards, “Just cause your short!” . He’s so cocky it unbelievable.

“Black look out for tha-” first year

He hit the kid and fell over. Thank goodness the boy scrunched down.

“Are you alright?”

Sirius started to get up, “Yeah, I’m-”

“Not you,” I snapped. “Are you alright?” I asked the little boy again.

“Uh- ye- yeah. I’m fine. Th- thanks,” the first year Ravenclaw started to pick up his books.

I hurried to the floor and helped him, “Sorry about that. I hope you’re not hurt.”

“It’s fine,” he said (looking terrified) looking over my shoulder. I handed him his books and he scurried away.

I turned to Sirius, “This is what happens when you’re cocky.”

Sirius looked really concerned, “I didn’t mean to. He said he was alright.”

He just looked at me with his big puppy eyes. I pushed him to the floor, “Time in!” I yelled started to run for the stairs.

“Cheater!” I heard his foot steps behind me. I ran faster then anything before. How Sirius is even in shape is a surprise to me.

Sirius started to catch up on the stairs. But I jumped on the last second, on a moving one and Sirius was stuck on the other side.

“AHAH! See you later Black!” I slowed down when I was coming off a few other steps. No way he can win now. I ran way to much today, I should really eat something.

I smile came to my face as I reached the ending staircase. No way he can win now. The door were in sight! I WIN! I WIN! So I thought

No such luck.

Sirius suddenly glided passed me on the banister, “Better luck next time!” He yelled as he passed.

“Cheater!” I yelled as I started to run again.

“Not cheater. Just smart,” he said jumping off the banister. He waited at the end of the steps for me.

‘Cheater! But the race isn’t over! We didn’t say where so…. RACEYOUTOTHETREEBYTHELAKE!” I ran for the doors. I know I’m such a sore loser. But still we never said where.

I ran out of the doors, feeling a nice breeze. It got warmer since the last time I was out here. It felt nice the air in my fa-

I fell to the floor with a very loud thud. With a very heavy fat Sirius on top of me. “SIRIUS!”

“Get off of me!” I screeched into the grass.

“Not until you admit I’m all mighty and you love me!” He yelled moving to pin me down.

“NO! LET G- ahahah SIRIUS STOP! I‘m ticklish!” Wrong thing to say to a boy on top of you. Especially Sirius Black.

He paused for a moment and I could just hear the smirk on his face. He started tickling me all over! I couldn’t stop laughing, I was crying that’s how hard I was laughing.

“Sir- ahahha- STOP!” I tried yelling through my laughing.

He flipped me over and started tickling my stomach, “SAY YOU LOVE ME!”

“No!” I yelled through my laughter.

“Say I’m all mighty!” he said tickling my sides.

“No!” I yelled again laughing hysterically.

I have to admit though I haven’t laughed this much in a while. This was kinda nic-

I heard a cough, “I hope we’re not disturbing anything?”

The ticking finally stopped and I felt the weight of Sirius lift off me. After a couple of seconds, I stopped laughing and looked up at the whole lot of people from the Quidditch try outs.

I looked up at James who was in front with Lily, Houston and plus MICHAEL GRAY!

I sat up and looked at Sirius who had amused expression on. I just thought how wrong that could have looked.

I looked back at the people eyes on me “Uhh,” I started to say but I didn’t really know where to start. “See what happened was…”

“I was tickling my girlfriend,” Sirius said. I looked at him mouth wide open. He had a grin on, stupid git.

“I’m not his girlfriend!” I yelled standing up. “He tackled me to the floor! And then started tickling me! I was useless! HE’S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!” I shouted loud.

Whole lot of people just muttered “Yeah” or “Okay, sure” or “Riiiight.” And started to go into the castle. I knew no one believed me.

James, Lily, Mike, Frank and Houston were the only ones still there.

“He stalked me and I was defenseless,” I said pulling Lily and Houston with me. I had to get away from Sirius plus Mike. I was blushing like mad.

“I just want you to know. Your hair turns purplish greenish when you laugh,” Houston stated pulling me ahead.

“What is going on with you lately?” Lily asked.

“What do you mean?”

“With you and Sirius?”

“There’s nothing going on with me and him! At all!” I stopped and stared them down.

“Everyone can see the sexual tension between you two,” Houston stated like it was obvious.


Houston rolled her eyes, “Just admit you think he’s hot!”


“Sapphire we’re still standing here!” I heard Sirius yell from behind me.

I turned around slowly to see Frank, James, Sirius and Michael Grey standing still, 20 feet away.

I hate my life.

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. There was a past in my family... BUT I'M back to writing and updating. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP ON THIS STORY!

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My Life as James Potter's Step Sister: Bonding


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