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The Proposal by ronhermione4evr
Chapter 4 : Ron's Revenge
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A/N: Due to a comment from Ginny Yeske about my last chapter not making much sense, I have decided to clarify what happened in the last chapter. But, like her comment, I always appreciate comments, even if it’s constructive criticism!

“Ginny,” Harry began, stopping suddenly on their way out of Borgin and Burkes. “How did the Death Eaters get us into that alley, anyway? I thought that we were going to go to our apartment, but we somehow ended up there when you said the spell. Has a Dark Wizard been near your wand in the last twenty four hours?”

Ginny was silent for a moment, thinking. And then she said quietly and shamefully, “I left my wand at Ollivander’s for cleaning.”

Harry groaned out loud. “Ginny, do you have any idea who could’ve gotten hold of your wand? We trust Ollivander, but you should have asked for it to be cleaned right away. Someone might have sneaked in and did something with it!”

Ginny was silent and ashamed. She walked with her head downwards, and there was no spring in her step. Of course, it wasn’t entirely Harry’s fault for that. Her dejection probably also had something to do with her best friend being taken captive by Death Eaters.

“Ginny, I’m sorry-“Harry began, but Ginny turned away and ran towards her brother.

Harry walked in silence for a few moments before he suddenly stopped. “Hold on!” he called to the Weasleys.

He continued after Ron and Ginny turned around. “What if it’s a trap? We know that they want me. They tried to take Ginny captive because they know I’d come after her, but they know that Ron will come after Hermione, and I’ll always back up Ron!”

Ron crossed his arms across his chest. “I don’t care if it’s a trap, mate. I’m going to get my girlfriend back, and I will walk straight into a trap to get her home safe.”

Ron held on to one of Ginny’s hands, and motioned for Harry to take his other hand. As Harry reached for Ron’s fingers, he had a sudden flashback of Hermione doing the same thing nearly seven years ago. Harry shook his head and pushed away the thought.

As they appeared in front of Grimmauld Place, Harry thought for a moment.

“Why did I ever leave this place and move in with Ron again?”

Ginny shrugged. “You said that you were lonely, and the house held too many bad memories.”

Harry nodded, and turned just in time to see Ron reach out for the door handle.

“RON, NO! Come on, be reasonable about this. We can’t just walk into the house!”

“Watch me.” Ron growled in reply, and opened the door.

It looked exactly as it did when Harry had just moved out of it. Ron remembered how Ginny and Hermione had come with him to help move Harry out. However, this time, there were no spells blocking the entrance, and instead of being Order of the Phoenix headquarters, this was the place that Death Eaters were kidnapping Hermione.


The mention of her name reminded Ron why they were there and gave him new strength. He held out his wand and took a few steps forward.


Automatically, the three Death Eaters stepped out, roughly dragging out Hermione. Her lip was bleeding, and she had a cut on her arm.

 This time, there were no masks covering faces, so the grinning Death Eaters were clearly visible. Ron snarled at them, but stopped suddenly when he recognized one of them. The one Death Eater that he hadn’t been able to catch- Rodolphus Lestrange.

Ron faltered for a second, but then held up his wand higher.

“Give her back right now,” he began in a dangerously slow voice. “And we’ll send you to Azkaban. No death sentences. Just give her back.”

Rodolphus Lestrange smiled. He was the tallest, and the two unrecognizable Death Eaters standing beside him were much younger.

“We’ll give you a nice, easy deal, Weasley. We’ll give you your Mudblood girlfriend back, as long as you give us Potter.”

His voice had the harsh sound of a knife scratching on a stone, and Ron winced when he heard it. He turned towards Hermione, who had been bound and gagged.

It must’ve been the anger of seeing her so hurt like that that made Ron do something stupid.

He charged towards the three Death Eaters with no plan and only one thought: to kill those people who caused Hermione pain.

Ron kicked both of the young Death Eaters backwards into a wall, before they had time to realize what was going on. When Lestrange saw Ron run towards him, he shoved Hermione to the side and whipped out his wand. Ron began to duel with Lestrange, who was just as good as his wife had been.

Ron’s years of Auror training had prepared him for this kind of situations. He used every strategy that they had learned, and remembered every painstakingly small detail that he and Harry had practiced over and over again.

Out of the corner of Ron’s eye, he could see Harry tying up the two unconscious Death Eaters, and Ginny was with Hermione.

With a sudden realization that his friends were there to back him up, Ron knocked Rodolphus’s wand away. Now Ron backed up the ugly Death Eater against a wall. Lestrange was whimpering and begging for mercy.

“I imagine that you must be missing your wife, Lestrange.” Ron kept backing Lestrange into the wall. “You want to join her? Go ahead, then. AVADA KEDAVRA!”

Lestrange’s lifeless body slumped to the floor. Ron wiped the perspiration off his forehead and turned around. Everyone was staring at him, for the last person they had seen him kill was in the Battle of Hogwarts, and Ron seemed so much angrier this time.

Ron walked towards Hermione, held out the hand like the gentleman he was, grinned at her as he helped her up, and said, “Come on, love. Let’s get you home.”

A/N: WAAAH!!! My story is almost done, only a chapter or two more. Don’t worry, dear readers, I’ll have other stories up as well.  I know this wasn’t my best chapter, but still, read and Review, please!





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