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Then I Defy You, Stars by katti4493
Chapter 1 : The First Visitation
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“Arabella’s” was one of those upmarket bars that Rose never liked to be seen dead in. It was filled with Ministry outcasts; desperate to make an impact on the social scene in a vain hope of reviving their failing careers and malevolent harpies just out to laugh at the next victim of the “Daily Prophet’s” gossip column. Uther did not seem to notice her discontent, however, and Rose wanted him to be happy so she kept quiet. He was having a tough time at work recently.


While Rose and Uther sat at the table for two as they waited for their Hors d'œuvres to arrive. They remained in silence and just watched the feisty salsa band play some music that had many people dancing. Uther knew that Rose wouldn’t dance; she hated it above all other things. Rose found herself fiddling with the hem of her dress. The salsa band did not reflect the mood she was in, so she could not appreciate it as well as she could other nights.


“Do you think Scorpius is okay?” she asked Uther nervously, “I’m not sure if Albus and Cecelia are really up to it.” That was the understatement of the century. Albus and Cecelia were the type of couple who either ended up arguing or falling into each other’s arms when left alone together. Rose was sure her three year old son would not totally appreciate that type of behaviour.


“Don’t be ridiculous Rose;” said Uther jovially, “he’ll be fine. And in case you are forgetting, Cecelia is five months gone so they’ll need all the practice they can get.” Rose nodded, however she still felt anxious. She was always so overprotective of Scorpius as he was her only child. He was also his father’s only child and, regretfully, Rose knew she could not have any more children with Scorpius’ father. It had been nearly four years since he had passed away; the intense pain she had felt in the beginning sometimes came back to her at unexpected moments, but most of the time it was just a dull ache.


“Rosaline is a hit in Paris,” said Uther, desperately trying to find conversation,”she’s splashed all over the papers. Margot always said she should be a model.” Without stopping for air, Uther continued, “did you hear, she’s now getting on with Marie Zabini, you know, the one in our year who took over the Zabini Fashion House?” Due to Rose’s despondency he changed the topic, “Margot has lost all chance of getting back with Aaron now, he is engaged to Isabelle, you know, the Slytherin in our year.”


Rose did not care for Uther’s chatter. She was fed up with her boyfriend for nearly three years. She loved him with all her heart but he had not yet proposed to her and she was getting tired with waiting. He was not spontaneous or exciting, but strong and stable, everything that her first husband wasn’t. But secretly, she knew, that Uther would always been the second best option as the first had been so cruelly snatched away.


Uther’s attention was suddenly diverted by the waiter who came over to give them their food. Rose looked down at her hands for a brief moment, kicking herself angrily. She wanted Uther to propose so badly and she was growing incredibly tired of his procrastination.


Then it happened in a whirl; there were violins playing some beautiful, romantic extract from a famous sonata. Uther got her to stand up and he knelt before her, a priceless diamond ring entrenched in a gold gilded box. She knew it was a family heirloom of Uther’s, one passed down from father to son throughout the centuries.


“Rosie,” he whispered his voice full of sincerity, “I’ve loved you from the moment we first met; since all those years ago when we used to play on toy brooms together. I loved you throughout our school life, through the times about the rumours we were moving to Mongolia to become sheep farmers and all those days when Albus and Cecelia couldn’t decide who they wanted to be with. I also loved you through the hard times, and I think through that you’ve started to love me too. So I ask you, Rose, will you do me the honour of being my wife?”

The most peculiar thing suddenly happened. She was no longer in the opulent Arabella’s, and Uther was no longer kneeling in from of her, a serene look of happiness on his face. In fact, she was as far away from London as she could possibly be.


She recognised it instantly. It was the Forbidden Forest. It was no longer the evening as afternoon sunlight shone through the evergreen trees and the ground was covered in a thick snow. She shivered slightly and she wished she was wearing something warmer than her thin white party dress and matching cardigan. Rose also felt ridiculously clumsy in her six inch heels; they were not the perfect shoes to trek across the forest in.


Rose decided the best course of action was probably to make her way to the school, explain that she was just getting proposed to by her boyfriend when she was zapped here and then find a way home. She trekked on a little longer until suddenly she heard a female voice.


“Oh god, come on, you can do this, breathe!” There was something eerily familiar about that voice. Hovering behind a thick ancient tree, she peered round to see two people and they gave her the shock of her life.


The first was herself, four years younger, her red hair matted with snow. Rose noticed that she looked agitated and worried as she was leaning over someone who took her breath away even more than her younger self. There, lying unconscious, was Scorpius, her first husband. He looked so young, so unblemished. The only time she had seen him glowing like this was when she had seen him on the other side. She was so convinced it had been him and not a dream.


Rose remembered the moment in the forest more clearly. Scorpius had been stupefied by James and Rose had come to his rescue. She followed the train of thought, relishing what had happened next until she was interrupted by herself. Her voice sound especially panicked, and it matched Rose’s own recollections of the event.


“Scorpius, oh thank god you’re awake!” Rose was saying. Rose remembered the fear that had choked her for Scorpius, and the immense relief that had washed over her when he woke up. “I did the reversal spell myself you see and I was just,” Rose couldn’t help but stifle a giggle at her own panicked state, “I’m meant to be angry with you aren’t I?”


Rose did not really remember what they had been arguing about. It was some little triviality that she had got worked up about. Now, in hindsight, it just seemed as if she had been wasting her preciously short time with Scorpius and she regretted it. Scorpius then spoke, and she remembered the velvety tones of his voice, “You don’t have to be angry with me if you don’t want to. You do know you’re meant to be with me. I’m sorry Rose.”


“No Scorpius, I’m sorry. We shouldn’t have argued over something so trivial and stupid. I love you so much and I was so angry I forgot that,” Rose remembered how she had said that so unconsciously; those words had seemed so natural. To say she loved him, she had know it was true then, and it was as true then as it was now.


“You love me? You really love me?” He looked so happy, his face creased into a smile. She had gone a brilliant red. Rose could not quite remember why she had been so guarded with her emotions for Scorpius. She had felt mortally embarrassed by her feelings for him, but now she just regretted that she didn’t tell him sooner. The words he said next had reverberated around her head for years and changed her life for the better.


“Marry me Rose.” Rose melted inwardly as she remembered how simply he had said those words, how she had swooned at his voice. Though she had instantly fallen for him she had been slightly apprehensive of the idea of marrying him. She watched as she made some mild protestations about the impracticality of the plan, but Scorpius rebuked everyone. She knew in any moment her past self would give in to his plan, then just as expected she said “I will marry you.”


Her past self was smiling happily at Scorpius, but then something very strange happened. The forest started to melt away and the dark greens and browns washed into each other. Rose quickly turned back to Rose and Scorpius who were still together in the clearing. Her past self had disappeared and was almost gone, but lying on the floor next to her was Scorpius. He seemed to glow as brilliantly as he had previously.


He wasn’t looking at the spot where past Rose was, but directly at Rose who was hiding in the trees. Rose could have sworn he could see her for a moment, as his grey met her blue for a moment. He was smiling mischievously, and Rose was slightly unnerved for a moment. But then he disappeared, just like everything else had, and suddenly she was back in front of Uther who was smiling up at her hopefully.


Shaking her head to try and get rid of the images from that strange vision, she picked up the box from Uther’s hand and gazed at the priceless ring. Slipping it on her finger, Rose nodded happily, “of course I’ll marry you!”


Rose barely heard the cheers from other customers of Arabella’s as she was wrapped in Uther’s arms. She had been picturing the moment Uther proposed to her ever since she first fell in love with him, but now her mind was totally on Scorpius. Why had she had that strange vision? All she could see was the snow covered forest and her ex husband’s face.


They turned to the people on the dance floor were also clapping, their faces happy at seeing a celebrity engagement. Uther was making joking bows to the crowds while holding one of Rose’s hands. Rose found herself looking at the salsa band who were also clapping, having put down their cuatro guitars, claves and trumpets. She looked at each of their faces and then gazed into the crowd. There standing unashamedly amongst the living, was Scorpius.


He was not clapping but was looking at her with a sense of sadness on his face. Then he turned away moving back into the crowd and Rose reacted instantly. She let go of Uther’s hand and jogged into the dancers, pushing her way through them. She saw him exit through the back door and she instantly followed.


Flinging the door open, she gazed into the cold night. “Scorpius,” Rose whispered, tears coming to her eyes, “I saw you. I know you were there.” It took her a moment to realise that she was alone in the darkness, and Scorpius was gone.



Okay...I hope you like the sequel so far. Please read and review! Next time...Rose has to contend with her friends and family's advice on raising Scorpius...

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