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My (Pathetic But Somewhat Dramatic) Life by expecto_patronum83
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5: Boy Meets Girl
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Chapter 5: Boy Meets Girl

 A/N: hey guys. I wrote a song a while ago and it seemed like it sorta fit this chapter so this chapter will kinda follow a song fic format. hope you enjoy =] (p.s. I don’t know if the song will sound any good in your heads due to the fact that the melody is in mine, so if you don’t like how I used it let me know.)

 The morning after the Halloween dance. I don’t know what a hangover feels like, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not nearly as bad as this. I looked around to see Lily in bed, one tear-stained cheek resting on the pillow. Sadie had the time of her life last night and it seemed like the shadow of a smile was still on her face. Peyton too, looked like she would be happy for the rest of her life. Olivia wasn’t in bed, which meant she had never come in last night. She would get talking to later...

God, you’re not her mother.

Sometimes I have to be.

I don’t think I’ve ever woken up in a worse mood. I guess James was better than “the hot guy,” but I had always secretly hoped that it had been Sirius.

this is the story

of two innocent kind

this is the telling

of boy meets girl




I looked over and saw the door creaking open. Olivia was trying to sneak in. As soon as she opened the door far enough to see me her mouth opened to start spurting out excuses. I stopped her before she could say anything, “I know.” She hadn’t done anything. They had probably just fallen asleep talking or something. She would get to tell me the story later. At that moment, I was concerned about Lily. And Potter. Because the next couple of weeks were not going to be pretty. That is, until we could convince Lily to forgive James. Which was going to start right then. So I got up out of bed, got dressed and headed straight out of the door, down the girl’s stairs, and up the boy’s. One thing we needed to know before anything happened is that there’s one thing Lily hates more than anything else, and that’s doing what you tell her to do, even if it’s what she’s planning on doing anyways.

I slammed the door open to see Fred, Remus, and Peter still in bed, Sirius sitting up looking at me and James walking out of the bathroom naked.

I closed my eyes quickly and shrieked, “For Merlin’s sake Potter, put something on!” I heard a quick movement to grab for a towel and peeked through my fingers to see a thoroughly covered James still staring at me in shock.

“How in Merlin’s name did you get up here?”

“I walked, you idiot. Have you never read ‘Hogwarts, a History?’”

Sirius quickly murmured, “The charm is only on the girl’s staircase.”

I glanced at him and quickly turned to James again, “It doesn’t matter, we need a plan.”

He looked at me questioningly, “A plan? For what?”

“Are you this completely oblivious all the time?”

Once again Sirius clued James in, “She means for getting Lily to forgive you.”

"Yes, exactly.”

"I was planning on just asking her to.”

I didn’t even bother to try to explain—I just gave a very frustrated sigh and said, “This is going to be a very long day.”

Once again Sirius chimed in, “Lily hates doing what she’s asked to do.”

“But she loves school!”

I rolled my eyes and turned to Sirius expectantly, “That’s different, James.”

Then I turned to James again and said, “Look, you can’t just constantly ask her out and be obnoxious to try and get her attention.”

“I’m not obnoxious!”

To which Sirius and I both said at the same time, “Yes you are.” And I continued, “You just need to leave her alone for a couple of days, let her cool off. And then we need to come up with something—something that she won’t be able to say no to.”

Suddenly a puzzled look covered James’ face, “Wait, why aren’t you mad at me?”
             “I’m not the one with the broken heart, James.” I sighed and continued, “Look, I have no idea why you would do something as idiotic as kiss some random girl, being me, in a secret corridor, but its done and I’m over it. So, can we please move past me and move on to how to get Lily to forgive you. We need—”

“Aren’t I enough?” I completely see where Lily gets the arrogant prick idea from.

Sirius and I both replied, “No.”

So between James and I and Sirius (well more like Sirius and I, all James could come up with was “What if I kidnap her in the middle of the night and keep her locked up until she agrees?” and “What if I lure her into the forbidden forest and get her to admit she likes me when she thinks she won’t live to see daylight?” to which Sirius and I always glanced at each other annoyingly and moved on), we came up with a plan that Lily couldn’t say no to. And in two weeks James and Lily would finally live happily ever after. 

there was a girl


there was a boy

she liked guitar

and he liked to sing

they were perfect in there own world’s

and he

he never knew

that she

she was in love

it was never ending

always pending


Sirius. The Dog Star, the brightest-appearing star in the heavens, located in the constellation Canis Major. The brightest-appearing star in the heavens. I didn’t deserve him, I knew that, but that didn’t stop me from desperately liking him. Why would he like me? I was normal. I blended in. The girls he dated definitely did not blend in. They had it all—good looks, and well, the bodies to make up for any lacking qualities in the personality and knowledge departments. What else do they need, really? So, for then I would just have to deal with him as a friend, until the two weeks were over and I didn’t have anything, or anyone, as an excuse to talk to him. Then I would have to satisfy myself with casual hellos in the hallways and mere acknowledgements in the common room. 

~~*two weeks later*~~~

Saturday night. This was the night the last two weeks had always seemed to lead up to. The plan would go smooth. It had to. I was sick of Lily’s moping around and James’ staring at her mournfully.

Sirius and I were preparing our friends. In my opinion, Sirius had it tremendously easier. James knew what was happening. Lily was completely clueless. I was constantly coming up with random excuses why absolutely no clothes were acceptable other than her jean skirt, heels, and v-neck. She kept giving me puzzled looks and I would just smile back nervously. It was just a late night snack (at seven o’ clock...), I told her. What she didn’t know is that James would be waiting in the kitchen surrounded by hundreds of daisies (which, despite what you may think, were Lily’s favorite flower) and music and everything else that pretty much appeals to any girl.

Sirius was getting James dressed in a muggle suit (we figured Lily would find more appeal in that than dress robes...) and “psyched up.”

Five minutes and I still had to find a way to convince Lily to let me do her hair. “Hey Lily, I’ve been reading this book on hair spells and I’ve tried a few on my hair but I want to see if it looks the same on yours. Do you mind?” I looked at her expectantly, praying to myself that she would accept.

She rolled her eyes, annoyed, and said, “Just hurry, I don’t like people tugging at my hair for too long.”

“Lily, it’s a spell, it takes like two seconds.”

“Just hurry.”

I ran over to my trunk, grabbed the book I had rented from the book yesterday, glanced at my watch (2 minutes before we were supposed to leave), hoped I could do the spell on my first try, ran back to Lily and said, “Okay, sit down.”

She obediently sat down and took her hair out of her ponytail. I glanced at the book one more time, crossed my fingers, and performed the spell. Voilá. Lily’s hair now cascaded in loose curls down her back. I quickly pinned the fronts back and looked at her to make sure it looked ok. It did. I glanced at my watch. Seven o’ clock, we had to go. I hurriedly grabbed Lily’s wrist and began to pull her to the door.

“Wait! Cheese, Ava, I have to go to the bathroom.”

I panicked, what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t say anything without making her suspicious, she was already wary enough. “Fine, but hurry, I’m hungry.”

“Okay, okay, I’m hurrying.” She ran over to the bathroom. I glanced at my watch again 7:02. We were supposed to be halfway there by now.

~~Five minutes later~~


No response.


I walked over to and put my ear against the door. I could hear soft sobs escaping out of Lily. I softly knocked and slowly opened the door. I saw her sitting on the ground against the sink with her head in her hands. “Lily, what’s wrong?”

She looked up and I could see the despair in her face. I went and sat down next to her and waited for her to be able to talk. “He never even said he was sorry.”


"After that night. All he does is look at me like I should just go and forgive him. He hasn’t even said sorry though.”

“Lily.” I can’t believe Sirius and I were so stupid. How could we expect Lily to wait two weeks? “Lily, I happened to know that James is down in the kitchens right now surrounded by daisies ready to tell you he’s sorry.”

She looked up at me hopefully, “Really?”

“Yeah, and he’s willing to do pretty much anything to get you to forgive him.” Then I said on a lighter note, “If it were me, I’d make him work for it a bit. You know, make him promise a couple of things you know he can’t. If it were me, I’d ask him to give up quidditch.” We laughed together and 5 minutes later Lily was once again beautiful and ready to go.

As we got closer and closer to the kitchens I could see Lily getting more and more nervous. Finally, we reached the pear painting and I tickled it and opened it to see James sitting at the counter with his head in his hands. Sirius was sitting next to him looking hopeless as well. When Lily and I walked in James looked up. When he realized Lily was there his whole face brightened and he immediately stood up. As they both stood there staring at each other, Sirius came over to me and guided me out of the room with his hand on my lower back.

In his other hand was a bag of food. We ended up pacing on the 7th floor wanting a room to wait in. Three paces and a door appeared. Inside we found a table to eat at and a couch to sit on. Sirius had brought a bag of food from the kitchens so as we waited for ten o’ clock (the time we had all agreed to be back in the common room) to come we ate and talked.

It continued to surprise me how easily Sirius and I could carry on a conversation. At 8:30, however, we ran out of things to say and sat in silence on the couch staring at the fire. I could feel his eyes on me every once in a while, and I could feel my cheeks blushing every time.

and he

he was in love

with this other girl he

he didn’t see

she was a mess

thinking she was the best

then he saw this girl

and he fell in love

and it was never ending

always pending


Nine o’ clock. And yet neither Sirius nor I made a move to get up and head to the common room. I turned to Sirius and said, “Would James give up quidditch?”

He turned to me with a questioning look.

“Would James give up quidditch for Lily?”

He thought it over and said, “Would you give up something like that for somebody you loved?”

Once again, his eyes bore into mine—I didn’t need to answer the question. Then it was suddenly aware to me how close we were.

Stop thinking about everything, just act.

I can’t.

Why not?

I’m scared.

Of what? Rejection? Isn’t that better than just wishing things in your head?


Just suck it up.

I can’t.

they were perfect in their own worlds

secretly liking the other

and it was never meant

to slip

but then

she was in love

and he was in love

and they

were supposed

to live

forever and after

but boy meets girl

doesn’t end so good

‘cause he was a liar

and she couldn’t trust

he didn’t see

that she was the best

and she didn’t know

what she would do

until boy meets girl again

a/n: please review as always =D

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My (Pathetic But Somewhat Dramatic) Life: Chapter 5: Boy Meets Girl


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