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New Beginnings by dracos_babe
Chapter 2 : Reunited
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Lily stood up from the desk and walked to stand right in front of the gang. She raised her right hand, palm up, and suddenly the door to the office burst open, and almost simultaneously the flames in the fireplace turned bright green, and one man stood at the door and another in front of the fireplace. Then without warning the man near the fireplace rushed towards Lily and in no time she was smothered.

“S-Sirius, I can’t breathe.” She managed to choke out. Sirius leaned back to look at her, but kept a firm grip on her shoulders.
“You look exactly like your mother.” Was all he could say as tears welled up in his eyes. “But you have James’ eyes.” He shook his head and pulled her in for another hug. The door to the office closed behind them all and Remus took a few steps into the room. Lily’s eyes lingered on him momentarily.
“Long time no see Remus.” Lily smiled and stepped away from Sirius to hug Remus, and then the three of them joined in one big embrace.
“You’ve grown up so much. You look exactly like your mother, but you’ve still got your father’s eyes.” Remus said with a loving smile on his face.
“You knew about her? You knew that I had a sister and you didn’t tell me?” Harry asked incredulously staring at Sirius and Remus in disbelief.

“No! I had no idea she lived, I was told she died with Lily and James in the attack.” Sirius rounded on Remus along with Harry. “You knew? And you didn’t tell me? I thought we were friends Remus. You knew that James and Lily’s daughter survived the attack and you didn’t tell me? I blamed myself for their death, for her death! I promised them that I would protect their children and I thought that it was my fault that she died!”
“Sirius, Harry, I couldn’t tell either of you that she survived. The whole point of keeping her a secret was to protect everyone. If Harry knew then he would want to know her, be a part of her life, and with his connection to Voldemort the risk of Voldemort finding out that she existed was too great. And I couldn’t tell you because there was no way that you would be able to keep the secret from Harry.” Remus explained.
“But why did you know at all, I thought Professor Dumbledore said he told everyone who knew that she was born that she died in the attack?” Harry asked.

“He did, but before the Wolfsbane potion was invented, there were few places for me to go to transform safely on the full moon, so I came back to Hogwarts to transform every month. When Lily was younger she accidentally came across me in the Shrieking Shack.”
“WHAT! How does a child accidentally come across the Shrieking Shack? It was designed with the purpose of no one being able to accidentally come across it.” Sirius asked.
“Well when you’re me as a child you can do a lot of things that most people can’t do regardless of their age. And being locked in the castle all the time made me curious so whenever I could sneak out I did, and I followed Remus one time.” Lily chimed in.
“What do you mean ‘when you’re me as a child’? What were you like as a child?” Harry interrupted the interrogation.

“Exactly what I’m like now, which is what I was going to explain before we were so rudely interrupted.” Lily crossed her arms and looked at Sirius and Remus.
“Well I’m sorry, but I just found out that my god-daughter, who I’ve thought was dead for the past 15 years, is actually alive, and I have a lot of catching up to do.”
“Sirius, I’ve already explained to you why Lily had to be kept a secret before we got here so that she didn’t have to explain it twice because I’m sure Albus already explained the situation to Harry and the others.” Remus sighed.
“Yes he did, and I was just getting to the good part of this whole thing.” Lily said with the look of a disappointed 2 year old on her face.

“Wait, I want to know what happened with you coming across Remus as a werewolf when you were a child.” Sirius exclaimed.
“Ugh, Sirius.” Lily whined and stomped her feet like a child that wasn’t getting her way.
“What are you still a child?” Sirius asked incredulously.
“When I don’t get my way, yes I am.” She stated matter-of-factly.
“No, not until I get the full story.”
“Aw come on, you just found out about me like five minutes ago and now you want to start bossing me around?”
“I’m still your godfather.”
“You’ve been around for five minutes!”
“Deal with it.”
“Hmph.” Lily crossed her arms and sat back down on Dumbledore’s desk.
“Can he do that?” she asked turning to Dumbledore.
“Yes.” He replied simply, smirking slightly.
“Well, Moony? You going to explain yourself or what?” Now Sirius had crossed his arms and was looking expectantly at Remus.
“Lily already told you what happened Sirius.” Remus sighed.
“Look Sirius, I was six years old, I saw Remus going to the Shrieking Shack, and I was sick of being locked in the castle so I followed him.”
“Weren’t you supposed to be looking after her?” Sirius shot at Dumbledore.
“Well had you let me explain the interesting part of this whole thing that would make more sense you dunce!” Lily cried.
“Finish the story.” Sirius said sternly.

“Ugh. I followed him into the Shrieking Shack found him as a werewolf, he recognized me and realized who I was and that I hadn’t died in the attack like Dumbledore had said and we all lived happily ever after. Happy now?” Lily rushed.
“No, what do you mean you all lived happily ever after? He didn’t attack you; Dumbledore didn’t know that you went there?” Sirius looked alarmed at the idea of a six year old Lily standing in the Shrieking Shack facing a fully transformed Remus.
“No, he recognized me and didn’t attack me. Ever since then I was able to sort of keep him under control when he transformed, but once the Wolfsbane potion was created it didn’t matter anymore -”
“You let a child hang around a fully transformed werewolf!” Sirius yelled at Dumbledore.

“To be fair I had no idea that she had discovered Remus until the next day when he confronted me about her existence. And I didn’t know she continued to see him every full moon until a few months after the first time and there wasn’t much I could do to stop her, and I felt no need to once I saw how they interacted when he was transformed.” Dumbledore calmly replied.
“What do you mean there was nothing you could do? She was six years old!”
“And if you had let me get to the interesting part of all of this first then you would understand that! Why can’t you just let me explain?” Lily howled in frustration. “Besides I haven’t seen Remus in years, in human or werewolf form, save for a few times in third year last time he was teaching here.”
“You could control him when he was transformed?” Sirius asked in a calmer tone, genuinely intrigued.

“Not really control him, he was just more like his normal self when I was around, he kept his wits about him. We never could figure out why, we just assumed it had to do with the fact that he had thought I was dead for all those years and realizing that I was still alive was such a shock for him that even as a werewolf he would never do anything to hurt me.”
“I guess that makes sense, I just don’t understand how you could’ve been so stupid to hang around a werewolf when you were that young, you couldn’t have been stupid you must have known about werewolves even if you were six years old, you could’ve gotten hurt.”
“No I couldn’t have, I was perfectly capable of protecting myself from him, even when he was a werewolf, which you would know already if you had shut up and let me finish the story that I was trying to before you interrupted which answers all of your questions, lots of Harry’s and greatly concerns Harry so he needs to know. Can I continue noooooow please?” Lily asked getting extremely antsy, tapping her foot on the floor while she waited for Sirius to answer.

“Oh alright tell your damn story already.” Sirius drew up a chair and sat next to Harry. “Hello Harry, it’s been a while.”
“Yes it has.” Harry laughed, and turned his attention back to his sister.
“Okay, the last prophecy.” Lily said, the smile back in place on her face.
“Prophecy?” Sirius asked confused. “What prophecy, I thought everyone already knew about the prophecy.”
“See and had you been here on time you would already know about all of this Sirius.”
“Sirius I already told you that there were two more prophecies, I already explained the first one to you and I told you to get here now so that you could hear the last one.” Remus said exasperated.
“Oh right.”

Lily sighed. “Are we done now?” Everyone nodded. “Good. Now the last prophecy.”

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