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Je t'aime by Sarah_Bee
Chapter 10 : All My Thoughts
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I stirred, feeling soft sheets wrapped around me. My arms reached out, as I half expected Louis to be there. My hands felt only cold bed sheets. Sleepily, my eyes opened and I felt my heart stop - why was I in a bed? Where was I? I sat up, rubbing my eyes and getting out of bed, finding myself still dressed in sweatpants and a tank top. I ran a hand through my messy dark blonde hair and smoothed out the tangles. Quietly, I walked into the living room, finding Louis nowhere to be found, and a frown came upon my face as I walked through the room to the kitchen. I grabbed a cup and poured myself a glass of milk before drinking it in silence. I yawned and heard the apartment door open then shut. My eyes instantly saw him, dressed in a black sweatshirt and dark jeans. He took off his snow covered boots before looking up to see me.

I gave him a puzzled look. “Where were you?”

Louis answered, still brushing the snow off himself, “I woke up a couple hours ago, unable to sleep. So I went for a walk.”

I nodded, seeing a camera in his hands. He grinned, knowing I'd seen it. “Fine, I did go for a walk but I also took some pictures. The lighting is great early in the morning.”

I smiled then asked, “When did I end up in your bed?”

“Well you fell asleep on me on the couch. I didn't want either of us waking up stiff so I put you in my bed.” Louis shrugged, walking over to me.

My eyes met his, and I shivered as his hands grabbed my waist, his icy fingers making contact with my bare stomach. “Your hands are cold.”

He kissed my forehead and asked, “What do you want to do today?”

Suddenly, I realized what today was. Christmas day! I looked at him, “It's Christmas day, today, right?'

He nodded and I asked, “Then why in the name of Merlin are you here? Your family-”

Louis shook his head, “Stephanie... I told you yesterday. You're far more important to me than anything else in this entire world. My family understands, I swear it. It's okay.”

I sighed, not really believing him but not ready to argue either. “You're sure? Because I really don't care if you want to go back-”

He cut me off, “I want to make sure you are okay first, and I know you want to spend the day with your mother as well.”

“Shouldn't this be the other way around now? Me worrying about you?” I questioned, putting my arms around his neck.

He shook his head at me, a grin plastered on his face. “No, you don't need to worry about me, Stephanie.”

I lightly kissed him, “I still do.”

Louis asked, loosening his hold on me and walking into the kitchen, “When do you want to visit your mother?”

I sat down on the couch, my fingers playing with the edge of the blanket near me. “Later today is fine.”

The sound of clanging pots and pans echoed from the kitchen as Louis started to cook something. His voice carried over through the room as he spoke. “Are you hungry at all?”

My stomach growled and I smiled. “Yes, I am.”

Figuring he'd need some help in the kitchen, I got up off the couch and walked over to him. Louis
was already busy with stirring some milk and eggs in a bowl. He added some flour to the mixture and began stirring it vigorously. I wrapped my arms around his torso from behind him and pressed my cheek to his back. “Need help with anything?”

He took my hands and kissed my fingers before turning around to look at me. “Nope, you can just go sit down.”

I sighed, “Louis, you already do enough for me as it is. Let me do something for you, for once.”

Louis kissed my forehead. “You already do a lot for me, even if you don't know it. Tu es dans toutes mes pensées.”

He knew me like a book, and he knew how to persuade me to giving in to him. I stubbornly folded my arms across my chest, stating, “I want to do something for you for a change.”

Louis let out a sigh, realizing this would be a long argument with me. “Fine, you can mix in the butter and sugar to the mix.”

I happily took the bowl and sat on the countertop, mixing in the rest of the ingredients. Louis whistled as he started to cook some eggs on the stove. I started humming one of my favorite Christmas carols and I snuck glances at him as I stirred the batter. Once I finished, I hopped off the countertop, heading towards his kitchen cupboards. I searched for some cinnamon and found the bottle and I sprinkled some into the batter and Louis noticed. “What are you doing?”

“I like cinnamon in my pancakes.” I mentioned, starting to fear that he hated the fact I had done some different than what he was used to.

However, he didn't have a drop of anger to his voice when he responded, “Okay. I'll take note of that.”

I added, glancing at the batter, “I can always try to scoop it out-”

“Tu es une fille bébête(you silly girl).” He grinned, mumbling in French.

Louis looked at me, “I have nothing against you adding cinnamon to pancake batter. I don't mind change.”

I managed a smile and stirred the cinnamon into the batter. We finished cooking and ate breakfast at the counter. The pancakes were delicious and Louis seemed to like the cinnamon flavor as much as I did - I finished my third pancake before saying, “I am full.”

Louis finished eating and I charmed the plates to clean themselves in the sink with the dishrag. I asked curiously, “So when do you want me to give you your Christmas present?”

“Stephanie, you didn't have to get me-” He started to object.

I cut him off, getting up to grab the present from my bag. “Well I bought you something
nonetheless. Besides, I know you got me something.”

Louis sat down on the couch and I handed him the box wrapped in red and green paper. He tore off the paper with his slender fingers and slowly opened the box up. Hidden underneath layers of green tissue paper was his present. I smiled as he took out a framed picture of us together. The picture was moving and he was twirling me around in the snow. I had Hannah take that picture a few days ago. He grinned seeing a few candy canes underneath then pulled out a blank photo album from the bottom of the box. I really had not been sure of what to get him, especially with the limited amount of money I had. He kissed my forehead, mumbling, “Thank you, je t'aime Stephanie.”

I blushed a little and he handed me my gift. I took the wrapped box from him and slowly tore off the wrapping paper. Opening the box lid, I smiled, seeing a mug filled with candy canes. The mug was white with a simple swirly design on it, with French words written around it. I noticed another smaller gift next to the mug. I unwrapped the tissue finding a necklace. The necklace was simple, a silver chain with a snowflake pendant with little pale blue jewels on it. I hugged Louis, kissing his cheek. “I love it. Thank you.”

He kissed me and unwrapped a candy cane. I took it from him and bite part of it off. He took a bite from it and I smiled, chewing my piece of the candy cane. This was starting to be one of the best Christmases ever.


Later on, I wanted to go see my mother and we went to St. Mungo's. The place was decorated with boughs of holly and lights for Christmas. I walked right to my mother's room with Louis following right behind me and I saw her sitting in bed, gazing at the snow falling outside. I happily walked into her room, “Morning.”

She slowly smiled at me and for once, I felt truly happy to be here. Her eyes were still tired but they held a sparkle that hadn't been there in years. Lacey, her healer, had been sitting near her, reading. She smiled as she saw me. “Hello, Stephanie. Today is a good day.”

I nodded and my mother's voice was hoarse as she spoke. “Stephie?”

I felt my heart pound with joy as I knew she knew who I was. I approached her and asked, “Yes?”

Her eyes glanced over behind me. I turned slightly, seeing Louis leaning on the wall. He met my brief gaze and my mother looked back at me. I bit my lip, unsure of how to do this. I had never had an official boyfriend before so it was a little awkward for me to tell her I was dating Louis. I motioned to Louis to come over and he did, and my mother gazed at him curiously. I quickly said, “Mommy, this is Louis Weasley.”

“Weasley? As in Bill and Fleur Weasley?” My mother inquired, her voice still raspy and uneven.

Louis nodded, “Yes, they are my parents.”

My mother nodded and coughed. I handed her the glass of water that was on the table. She drank it and I noticed she was beginning to tire. I added, “We're also dating.”

At first, she seemed a bit shocked from the news but she smiled, “Good.”

She didn't say a word more but I knew once she was stronger and well, we'd talk later. We spent an hour or so with her, telling her about things and I gave her a christmas present which was a new green knit scarf. I noticed throughout the visit, she was warming up to Louis rather quickly. I was glad she approved of him. He didn't say much but when he did, she smiled at me. Lacey came in with my mother's potions. “Alright your mother needs her rest.”

I hugged my mother goodbye, kissing her cheek. She clung to me like a child before letting go and smiling. “Take care Stephie.”

I smiled and I could've sworn I saw a tear trickle down her pale cheek. Louis smiled at her and she squeezed his hand. “Take care of her.”

“I will.” Louis reassured.

I took Louis' hand and we said our final goodbyes for the day. We walked out of St. Mungo's and went back his apartment. I noticed something was off with Louis as we went back. He was rather quiet and seemed to be breathing harder. I brushed the snow off myself as I watched him go into the bathroom. Concern instantly filled my mind. Was he okay? I worriedly knocked on the bathroom door, “Louis, are you okay?”

When he didn't respond, I knocked again. I bit my lip, worried something had happened. Then I heard the sounds of him throwing up. My stomach began to twist inside me as I thought back to yesterday when I'd done the same but for a different reason. I opened the bathroom door and saw him leaning over the toilet, his skin paler than normal. I felt my stomach lurch again at the thought of him being sick. I took a breath, knowing I had to be strong for him. I couldn't get weak and throw up as well. I walked over to him and rubbed his back, my fingers trailing gently down his spine. His muscles relaxed under my touch and his breathing began to even out.

He grabbed a potion vial from the cabinet above the sink and drank it down. He coughed after drinking it and moved to brush his teeth. I stood there in the doorway, watching him. I couldn't stand to see him in pain. Louis finished brushing his teeth and I instantly said, “Go lie down.”

Louis mentioned. “The medicine the doctors prescribed makes me sick is all.”

I recalled back to when he'd been sick before; he definitely did not have a cold. I steered him over to the couch. “No arguing with me on this one. Lie down.”

He stretched out on the couch and I grabbed a blanket, throwing it over him. I sat next to him but he put his arms around me, pulling me to lie next to him. I snuggled against him, rubbing the back of his hand. He sighed and coughed and again before I rested my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. The idea of this becoming a routine bothered me. I didn't want this but I knew Louis didn't either. I kissed his cheek and he whispered softly, “Tu es dans toutes mes pensées.”

His fingers rubbed mine, sending chills up my arm. I was about to respond when he added quietly, “You are in all my thoughts.”

He was in all of my thoughts too. I squeezed his hand, knowing this was only the beginning. I didn't want to think of the upcoming surgery. I wanted him to be okay...I could only hope the surgery was enough to make it so. After a few minutes, I felt his body begin to tense up. He sat up and I instantly knew what was going to happen as he jumped like there was a fire and ran to the bathroom. I got up, racing after him and I halted once I reached the open doorway. He had thrown up again and now he was shaking, as he leaned back on the wall and slid down to sit against it. I knew the prescribed medication was making him feel this way and I sat down next to him, placing my hand on his knee. Louis tilted his head back, his eyes closed as he breathed.

Hesitantly, I put my arms around him, holding him and softly saying, “You're going to be okay. I know it. Everything will be okay.”

He rested his cheek on my shoulder, sighing. I could feel his trembling lesson after a minute or so and I rubbed his back, trying to comfort him as best as I knew how. I quietly spoke, not even thinking, “Does it hurt?”

Louis softly said, his head still resting on my shoulder, “Everyday.”

I sighed, and he lifted his head to look at me with his tired eyes. “But you ease the pain. Whenever I see or think of you, I know I can get through it, because you give me a reason to. You brought meaning in my life the second I met you.”

He'd left me stunned and I wasn't sure how to respond. He didn't expect a response from me so he tenderly pressed his lips on my skin near my ear, sending shivers down my spine as he soothingly spoke, “Tu es dans toutes mes pensées, Stephanie.”

Louis kissed my forehead before I moved to rest my head on his shoulder, my arms still wrapped around him. If I could've picked a moment to stop time and freeze everything, I would pick this one. I sighed, closing my eyes, not caring we were still sitting on the bathroom floor. I belonged with Louis, that much I knew and wherever he was, was where I needed to be to. We fit together like two puzzle pieces, we were meant for each other.

a/n: I know, i'm horrible at updating but I have exams and then my family is moving so it got crazy busy the past month...but school is almost done and my updates will be more frequent since it is going to be summer!!!!!! :D
Thanks for all the support and reviews everyone! 

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