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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 10 : Our Devious Minds
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      “You need to pass James the quaffle.”

      “No, I don't think I’ll be doing that.”

      “But he’s been wide open for a minute and a half.”

      “It’s just practice, it doesn’t really matter.”

      “Johnny, talk to James about this whole thing.” 

      “Like I would do that.”

      “Please, this is stupid and immature on all three of your parts.”

      “He has to say sorry.” 

      “Well, we all know that he’s not going to.”

      “And we all know that I’m not going to, so where’s the problem Kiersten?” 

      “Potter, talk to them, now.”

      “Go away McCabe.”

      “Just say that your sorry and this whole mess will be cleared up!”

      “Like I would do that.”

      “Your being an ass.”

      “And so are you, go away.” 

      This is how a normal practice would go since Saturday, it’s Thursday. The games in two days against Slytherin and we’re all not talking to each other. If this carries on we’ll be flattened, and they all know it. 

      Lily has decided that the best way to piss Potter off would be to give him the silent treatment. Johnny has unfortunately followed her example. Potter is finding new ways to try and get her angry enough to talk to him every day. Needless to say that the entire school is terrified of what the next days plan will bring to their lives. Poor Albus, he’s decided to sit at the Gryffindor table every morning to try and cool things down. It usually ends with Lily and Potter screaming not directly at each other over something like butter. 

      “What are we gonna do Kiersten?” Caitlin muttered to me in the changing room as Lily stomped into the showers. 

      “Well, we have to get them all to talk obviously. And they have to talk showing their feelings, somewhere that Potter can make a big scene.” I said in an undertone to her. I didn’t want Lily hearing me, she was already suspicious that I had sided with Potter. 

      “But Potter’s always around people. The guys constantly the center of attention” 

      “So we need Fred, and Drew.” I said throwing my hair up and walking out of the girls side of the changing rooms. 

      “Alright, you think that they’ll do it?” She asked me as we walked back to the castle.

      “If they don't by choice we’ll make them.”


      “No way in hell!” Fred said looking at me as if I was crazy. 

      “C’mon Fred!” I pleaded to him. “We need you to do it! Or Gryffindor is going to be flattened!” 

      “Kiersten, you have to see it from our sides.” Drew said scratching his head uncomfortably. “He’s our best friend. We cant just go and lie to him like that.” 

      “You can, you just choose not to.” Caitlin said skeptically. 

      “Yes, I’m choosing not to.” Fred said just as Potter walked into the room grinning boyishly. I almost felt a little pity for the guy. He had absolutely no idea what was in store for him tomorrow morning. With or without them, I would carry this plan out. 

      “Settle down!” Deerey yelled at us all. His skin looked extra wicked today and he was already sweating uncontrollably, joy. “I assume that you all read chapters six and seven correct?” We all mumbled our yes’s and uh-huhs. “Good! Pop quiz time!” This time we groaned and he gloated. And who said that Voldemort was the most evil wizard alive? I think that Deerey and him would be great pals if he was still around. It’s a shame really, I think that he would be a much happier man if he didn’t go into a career that involved children and teenagers. God knows that I would be happier. 

      “Shit! I didn’t read!” Dom said from next to me. Dom never does her reading homework in Potions. Truthfully she doesn’t need to, this is the one subject that she is amazing in. 

      “Let’s start with you Mr. Goldstrom.” He said closing in on Matthew. “What ingredient would you tell me is very vital in the making of the Drought of Peace.” 

      “Uh—a doxy root?” He said rambling off a random ingredient that was used often.

      “No, I am sorry Mr. Goldstrom, but you have failed.” He said smiling evilly at him. He was the farthest thing from sorry. “Ah! Miss. Govani, could you shed some light on the subject?” 

      “I think it’s foal unicorn hair?” Farrah said with her Ravenclaw smartness. 

      “Correct.” He said with no smile this time. “How about you Miss. Markson, do you know where one would find veritaserum’s antidote?” 

      “Well—I think—maybe—something that starts with a R…” Sally rambled on until he held up his hand.

      “Did you read Miss. Markson?” Deerey said wiping his upper lip.

      “Yes!” Sally wailed. “I just cant take these verbal tests Professor!” 

      “I am sorry, but you have failed.” When he looked away she gave him the finger. “Ah! Miss. McCabe!” He said smiling extra evilly. “Do tell us what the cure for Veriteserum is.”

      “Time right?” I asked him knowing that I was correct. “There is not cure per say, it just wears off.”

      “Acceptable.” He said not even looking at me. “Mr. Chantey!” and so it went on and on. Deerey lives for these days. I knew that he wouldn’t call on me again in fear that I would get another question right. This gave me time to think. Erasing Potters memory would be hard, that’s why we needed Fred or Drew to do it while he’s sleeping. If they didn’t it would be impossible. Caitlin and I were already going to have to erase Lily and Johnny somehow. But what else could we do with only a day to prepare? Wait…brilliant!

      “Excuse me Deerey, but I have a question.” I said raising my hand in the process of speaking. He turned his face from poor Claire Connelly to look at me. I could tell that I pissed him off, he hates me to begin with and now I’m messing with his torture day? What kind of a student am I?

      “Five points from Gryffindor for disrespect McCabe.” He said turning back to Claire.

      “You didn’t answer my question Professor.” I said smirking. When he didn’t say anything I proceeded. “You said that Veriteserum is extremely affective right? And I said that there was no real cure for it. So how long does a small dosage last on someone, say, twice your size?” He just stared at me. I guess we both realized that this was the first time that I had asked a logical question in his class. After a long and uncomfortable staring match he snapped back into it. 

      “Yes, Veriteserum usually will last up to a half an hour to one hour depending on the dosage. One drop can last for a long time. Why do you want to know this?” He said now eyeing me with uncertainty. 

      “Pleasure.” I answered. “Do you have this oh so wonderful drug?” 

      “I do, and if you don't watch your tongue I’ll use it on you.” With that he went back to his question about Mediterranean grinded shells that would help create either a very good shrinking solution or a very good Wolfsbane potion. My bet was on the shrinking solution.

      “What are you on about?” Dom whispered to me looking up from her doodling. 

      “Well, don't you think that Lily would talk to Potter if she’s a little drugged up on Veriteserum? She’ll feel like she has to answer his questions and she must answer them truthfully. And if we do the same to Potter then he’ll fight back truthfully. They can both get it all out before the game and make up. Life will be super duper.” I said quietly so I wouldn’t loose another five points for Gryffindor. 

      “That’s really smart Keri!” Dom gushed smiling ecstatically. “But how will we slip it into their drinks, hell, how are we going to get it?” 

      “Tonight well steal Potter’s cloak and sneak down to Deerey’s private storage room. Knowing him he has it all stashed up in there. Then we’ll go to the house elves in the kitchens and get them to put it into the pumpkin juice tomorrow morning.” 

      “You’re a fucking genius my friend.” 

      “Yes, yes I am!”

      “Kiersten McCabe! Five points from Gryffindor!” Damn.




      “I don't know if you should be doing this…” Caitlin said to Dom and I as we threw the invisibility cloak over Dom and I in a deserted hallway. “I mean, if you get caught he’ll make sure that your expelled.” 

      “Relax!” Dom said when we were fully covered. “Keri wouldn’t ever carry out a plan unless she’s thought of almost every catastrophe that could and may occur and the way that we could get out of it.” 

      “It’s nine o’clock on a Friday night. Every Friday night Professor Deerey and some of the other teachers play a game of exploding snap in the staff room until ten o’clock. Deerey is usually one of the last to leave and is always intoxicated from firewhiskey. Even if we had a week I would still do it tonight, it’s the smartest night to do it.” I said. Dom smiled at me proudly and Cait and Halley looked at the wall where we were invisible with their mouths agape.

      “Kiersten McCabe!” Halley said smiling as well. “How in gods name do you know that?” 

      “Believe me, this isn’t the first time that I’ve snuck into his office…” I said trailing off remembering all too good pastimes. 

      “Promise me that you’ll be careful.” Caitlin said quietly as we started to walk down the hallway to the potions room. 

      “Don't worry, I’m always careful.” Dom said as the three of us snorted. She just rolled her eyes. 

      We walked through the halls not coming in contact with anything except for peeves throwing chalk at a portrait of a crying lady. He didn’t hear us walk past because he was too busy cackling away madly. I’ve always said that when Dom dies she should come back to Hogwarts as a ghost and get with Peeves. The two of them would have so much fun together.  

      “Cost is clear!” I said pointing my wand to the light at the top of the room. Our potions classroom came into view and we walked over to the closet that was forbidden for us to go into. So naturally I’ve been in here many times before. 

      “Veriteserum, Veriteserum.” I whispered to myself as I scanned the dusty shelves of the closet. 

      “It’s clear right?” Dom asked me holding up a small bottle of clear liquid. 

      “Good job Dommy!” I said smiling to her and talking the Veriteserum out of her hands to look at it. “Yes, I think this is it.”

      “Shouldn't we make sure? Before we go and poison the entire Gryffindor house?” Dom asked me picking the cloak up off of the floor and putting it back around us.

      “We’ll see if a house elf will test it out for us, if not we’ll just have to wing it.” I said shutting off the lights and closing the door silently behind me. Deerey wouldn’t ever know that we were there. We made our way to the kitchens and I let Dom tickle the fruit when we got there. 

      I love the Hogwarts kitchens more then any kitchen that I’ve ever been in. Its big and open with a house elf waiting to make all of your wishes come true, its very awesome. Sure enough, when the door opened for us there was already house elves smiling at me. 

      “Hello madam, a and hello to you too other madam.” One elf said to me first and then to Dom. I smiled at it taking the bottle out of my robes and fingering it.

      “Hello, what’s your name?” I asked it sweetly. I’ve always loved house elves. 

      “Yiddy madam, Yiddy the house elf.” He (at least I think that it’s a he) said bowing deeply to Dom and I. She giggled.

      “It’s very nice to meet you Yiddy.” I said to him. “I was wondering if you could do us a favor?” 

      “Yes, Yiddy would do anything that his masters told him to do!” He said excitedly his large eyes shining.

      “Thank you!” I said handing him the small bottle of Veriteserum. “Now, what my friend and I would like you to do is just put this in the pumpkin juice tomorrow morning for the Gryffindor table.” I said as he examined the liquid curiously. 

      “Is it water madam?” He asked sniffing the odorless potion.

      “Sort of…” I said not really wanting to lie to him. “It’s like water with special powers.” 

      “Oooh, Yiddy understands, this is special water.” 

      “Yeah, special water.” Dom said laughing at him. 

      “Can you do it for us?” 

      “I do not know, we house elves are to put nothing but what is supposed to go up to the tables.” He said tapping his foot nervously. “But you are a master aren’t you?” 

      “I am, and I am allowing you to put this in the juice tomorrow. All you need is just three drops okay?” 

      “Then Yiddy can do it.” He said still looking nervous.

      “If anyone asks you if you know anything about it you have to lie.” Dom said to him seriously. “You have to tell them that you do not know anything about it even if they tell you that you have to tell them.”

      “Yiddy understands.” 

      “Thanks Yiddy.” I said getting up to leave. Dom grabbed my hand and pulled me back a little pointing to Yiddy and then making a drinking motion. “You ask!” I whispered to her. She rolled her eyes at me and bent down to where he was still examining the potion. 

      “Hey bud,” Dom started, “I can see that you’re a tad bit distressed right now, so are we. It would be tremendously amazing if we could only find someone that would try it out for us…”

      “Yiddy would be honored madam!” He said opening the bottle and putting a drop into his mouth just as I had instructed. He looked the same for a moment and then his expression turned dazed. 

      “What’s your full name?” Do asked him. 

      “Yiddious Fluffy-Fluffy-Deb-D—” He started and then trailed off gazing at the wall. “Debwee-Y-Yidd-Yiddious-F-f-f-” with that he fell to the floor. 

      For a moment Dom and I had one of those silent, “Oh, we just killed a house elf” moments not realizing the meaning of the words, and then…

      “Holy Shit Keri! We just killed a freaking house elf!” Dom screeched causing several of the other house elves to come over. “Well, what do we do!” 

      “Does it look like I know?!” I yelled back grabbing Yiddy’s arm and heaving him off of the ground. 

      “Does he have a heart beat?” Dom asked me putting her head to his tiny chest. “I don't hear a heart beat Kiersten! I don't hear a heartbeat!” 

      “Your not helping things Dom! Your not helping things!” I said looking to the nearest horrified house elf. “Is Veriteserum poisonous to house elves?” I screamed.

      “I—I am not sure mam!” It trembled looking from a deathly failing trying to give CPR Dom to a crazed looking me and then down to poor Yiddy. 

      “Get Miss. Rose Weasley!” One elf screeched from the crowd. 

      “Rose Weasley?” I said making sure that I heard it right. “Stop it Dom, your making him blue!” I said before Dom could go back down to suffocate Yiddy even further. 

      “Yes! Rose Weasley! Yes, yes!” It said nodding it’s head vigorously. “She would know!” 

      “I’ll be back I screamed wildly running from the kitchens and up the steps. I didn’t know exactly where Rose would be, but little Yiddy’s life depended on her. I had to find her. 

“Hey do you want to mess with Femalè?” She thundered as I sprinted past. I didn’t have time to look back to see if she was following. 

      “Watch it!” Growled a fourth year Slytherin as I almost pumbled him. How I made it to the fat lady I’ll never know. I was so beyond the point of mental sanity that I didn’t really know what was going on. 

      “Dear, are you alright?” The fat lady asked me alarmed looking. 

      “Velvet Ears!” I screeched causing some of the portraits to look over at us nosily. “Now let me in or he’ll die!” She opened looking terrified. 

      “Rose!” I yelled to the full common room. “Rose Weasley where are you!” I screamed even louder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Potter, Drew and Fred get up. 

      “What are you doing?” Rose asked in a mortified voice. She’s been trying to lie low since Halloween. 

      “You—you can help house elves!” I said still screaming even though she was right there. “Dom and I! In the kitchens—I think he’s dead!” I said the last word a full out screech. The common room was silent now. 

      “You killed someone!” Rose said, it was her turn to scream. “Oh my god! Who let you two out alone? You know that’s not safe!” She said to the common room. Some people even bowed their heads in shame. 

      “You have to come! You’re the only hope!” With that I ran out of the common room as fast as I could hoping that dear Rosy was following. 

      “So let me get this straight McCabe, you killed someone in the kitchens?” Potter said looking torn between amusement and fear. “And now you need Rose to help you bring him or her back to life?” 

      “He may not be dead!” I said pushing a little first year out of my way without saying sorry. “But I left Dom alone with him!” 

      “You left Dominique alone with a maybe dead person?” Fred asked me coming up beside Potter. “What the hell is wrong with you?” 

      “I don't know! We didn’t think that it would cause any harm to him!” 

      “Your not supposed to play kill the wizard with real people!” Rose said not really getting it, but I didn’t have the spare breath to explain it to them, they would see in a minute. I tickled the fruit rather roughly not listening to it’s harrumphs as it opened. 

      “I got her!” I said to Dom who was swinging Yiddy around in circles and then banging his head against the wall. Maybe she should have gotten them and I should have stayed…

      “What are you doing to that poor house elf!” Rose screeched running over to him. “Where’s the dead person?” 

      “This is the dead person!” Dom said trying to pick him up again but Drew pulled her away gently. 

      “Your kidding, it’s just a house elf?” Said Caitlin. I had just realized that she was there. 

      “It’s just a house elf?” Said Potter looking from me to Dom and then to Yiddy’s now purple face. 

      “What the hell did you give him?” Rose asked lying his head in her lap.

      “I cant tell you!” I screamed childishly. 

      “You cant tell me?” She said incredulously. 

      “Oh who the hell cares Keri! Veriteserum!” Dom said rolling her eyes. 

      “You gave a house elf Veriteserum.” Potter said trying to understand. “Why?” 

      “We were—”

      “Experimenting for Deerey’s class!” I saved Dom who was looking extremely uncomfortable. 

      “Are you serious, all of this for a Veriteserum overdosed house elf?” Rose asked us.

      “Yes!” We shouted at the same time. 

      “Veriteserum has the same side affects as humans on house elves if they have to much, it just fades away!” It was all silent for a moment before Potter started to laugh. After he started we all started  and couldn’t stop. Rose was the only one who wasn’t. 

      “Really now!” She said with her hands on her hips. “You are both so immature!” 

      I smiled at all of the house elves. Some of them had feinted. “Er—sorry for the inconvenience?” I said before running out of the kitchens. 

      “Tell Yiddy when he comes around that it’s still on!” Dom yelled at all of the other house elves. 

      “What are you talking about?” Fred asked genuinely interested now.

      “Kiersten’s cherry not being popped yet.” Dom said in a serious voice. I blushed as they all started to laugh. 

      “Thanks Dommy.” I said. She winked at me. I knew that it was her way of getting them off of the topic, but really? Did she have to have that thought come to her mind first? She walked ahead with everyone as I hung behind thinking the crazy night over. I must have looked wacko when I ran into Gryffindor tower like that. 

      “I didn’t know that you were a virgin McCabe.” Potter said quietly falling into step next to me.

      “Because I’m the kind of person who goes around and has sex with random guys?” I said rolling my eyes at him.

      “You went out with Meade for eight months McCabe. Most people have sex after eight months.”

      “Yah, well, we didn’t, are you happy?” I asked him smirking.

      “I am very happy.” He said smiling victoriously. I don't get him. We hate each other and then he goes and protects me? Potter’s so weird. 

      “Well, okay.” I said not really having anything else to say. 

      “Yup.” He said awkwardly. It was quiet the rest of the trip back, but my brain was busy preparing for tomorrow at breakfast when they put tonight and tomorrow together. Oh yes, we’re in big trouble.




      “I’m not going to breakfast!” Caitlin said bighting her nails to the point of not having any left. She does this before something scary happens. 

      “Yes you are.” Halley said pulling her pony tail out the door with her. “Did you throw up yet?” She was referring to Caitlin’s customary barf ritual that she has before every game out of nervousness. 

      “Yeah! But I think if I eat I’ll just throw that up too! I don't know if you all realize this, but if we all get caught—” She said before Dom cut her off.

      “For the thousandth time, we will not get caught!” She said straitening a few loose curls in her hair with her wand. “And you had nothing to do with any of it, you just knew about it. They cant prove that you even were told either.” 

      “Relax, we didn’t tell Yiddy our names.” I said jumping the last step into the common room. “Hey Lily.” Everyone went silent immediately about the plan. 

      “Hello.” She said stiffly. “Before you say it no.” 

      “I wasn’t going to say anything.” I said smiling slightly. The mention of Potter’s name was taboo. “Just get psyched to win this mother!” 

      “Your so confident?” She asked me fingering her broom tightly. 

      “I am, I want to beat those slime balls, really, really bad.” 

      “I think I’m gonna barf!” Caitlin said ducking her head into a pot before we walked out of the common room. “Okay…I’m alright guys.” 

      “Good luck!” Julianne Sanderson said waving to Caitlin, Lily and I merrily. “Please have—”

      “Gryffindor win this one!” Allison finished tapping her maroon and gold ski cap to us. 

      “I don't know if I want to go guys, Quiddich is soooo boring!” I heard Molly moan as we turned the corner. Dom rolled her eyes at her cousin and quietly called her many unpleasant names. 

      “We’re playing against Scorpius.” Lily said still in a odd voice. “Rose’ll probably be rooting for Slytherin this time.” 

      “Yeah, probably.” Dom said. “I don't know how she puts up with a Slytherin as her boyfriend!” They’re such arrogant toe rags!” 

      “You’re an arrogant toe rag!” Potter said coming up behind her and pinching her shoulder. She shrugged him off mimicking his words. “Do all see something extremely unpleasant?”

      “Other then your face?” I said, “No.” Potter chose to ignore my comment. Lily put her hands across her chest and marched ahead of us. 

      “You females, all you do is PMS and complain.” Potter whined putting an arm around my shoulder. I shrugged him off like Dom. “Well, you seem wonderfully pleasant today McCabe!” 

      “Fuck off Potter.” I said not really in the mood for his wiseass jokes, and my brain was busy trying to prepare myself for the great hall. 

      “Here we go…” Dom mumbled as we walked in. I looked straight for the Gryffindor table. Lucky for us it was early still so only one or two people looked like they had been intoxicated by the Veriteserum spike out of the seven that were there. I sat down next to Lily and her friend Rachel with Potter next to Dom on my other side. 

      “I’m starving!” Potter exclaimed grabbing nearly everything in sight. Lastly, he poured himself a nice large glass of pumpkin juice. I sat on the edge of my seat watching him gulp it down. 

      “Look!” Dom said in a whisper making me jump. She was staring at Lily who had just taken a sip of her own pumpkin juice. I looked down the line and saw that there was a lot of people were dazing out. The first one to show signs of the Veriteserum was none other then Jocelyn Rides. 

      “I’m jealous of Kiersten McCabe!” She shouted loudly causing all of the Gryffindor table and some of the other tables to look at her curiously. There were hushed whispers all over the hall. I couldn’t help it, I had to smile. 

      “I stole Kim Thomas’s lucky coin!” Yelled a small third year girl who’s name I do not know. 

      “You did what!” Yelled who I am assuming is Kim Thomas. 

      “I lied to Steuber about changing the answers on my test!” 

      “I was the one who cheated with Nathan while he went out with Adriana!” 

      “I love Dominique Weasley!” 

      “What?!” Dom added in to the random shout outs from Gryffindors students. I noticed that Potter had gotten up and turned to Lily. 

      “I hate the idea of you having a boyfriend!” He said looking seriously angry at her. 

      “And I hate it when you tell me what to do!” Lily retorted standing up as well.

      “I’m your big brother, it’s what I’m supposed to do!” 

      “I hate you right now!” 

      “Well don't hate you! I just don't want you to get hurt!” 

      “It’s not your choice!” 

      “I bloody know! I just want to annoy you until you decide that it’s worth it to just break up with Johnny!” 

      “I want you to STOP!” 

      “I want to stop too! But I wont until you stop the crap with Johnny!” 

      “What if I wasn’t talking to you because you started to go out with Kiersten? How would you feel then?” 

      “I would say screw you! I wouldn’t care!” 

      “Stop this immediately!” Headmistress McGonagall said standing  in between the two Potter siblings. They were both shaking with anger but kept silent. 

      “I like red underwear!” A random person cried out feebly. McGonagall decided to ignore this statement and focused on Potter and Lily. “What is going on?” For once the entire great hall was silent. “You are all acting very immature, and I will not accept it. Do you understand?” 

      “Please Professor,” Halley said surprising us all by speaking. “We were just trying out a new pre-match warm up.” As she said this people were coming back to themselves jolting up as they did so. “We really would like Gryffindor to win today.” 

      “That is what this is? A warm-up technique Mr. Potter?” She turned to Potter and then looked to Lily and raised her eyebrows. I prayed that Potter was enough of himself to stick by Halley’s story. 

      “Uh—sure?” Potter said looking around the room as if he couldn’t really remember how he got there. Lily shook her head a little clearly shaken. 

      “I do not want you all to use this warm-up ever again in the Great Hall.” McGonagall said surveying all of us. “And good luck today.” She added in an undertone. I smiled at her as she strolled back to the head table. There was hushed conversations all over the great hall. 

      “Well, we had better go get ready.” I said standing up and looking at Potter to take the speech from there. Unfortunately he was still staring off into space. “Potter! The game! Slytherin! Getting ready!” God, one of these words must trigger his memory. 

      “Game…” He said for a moment before snapping up and shaking his head. “Yes, thanks McCabe, the match! Everyone, let’s head out!” I got up with Caitlin and we walked towards the exit a few steps behind Potter and a few steps in front of Lily. I didn’t want to know if it had worked quite yet. 

      “What was that?” Evan asked me coming up with us. “It was like they hadn’t even meant to do it.” 

      “I don't know what’s going on.” I lied bighting my lip. 

      “Great Weather?” Benny tried once we had gotten outside. No one said anything and he fell silent. 

      I was just waiting. Potter would eventually put two and two together…and when he did…well, oh dear it will be the end of Kiersten McCabe and Dominique Weasley’s life. And when Lily finds out…

      “Oh look, people are already coming out.” Caitlin said pointing towards the stands where I could see some maroon and then some green. While looking into the stands I hadn’t noticed that Potter had stopped, so naturally, I walked right into him. 

      “God Potter!” I said looking at his face. Oh no, he knew. 

      “You!” He said pointing to me. “You did it! You and Dom last night! It was Veriteserum! You just said that you were experimenting but you weren’t! You gave it to the bloody house elves and they gave it to the bloody pumpkin juice which was given to Lily and I! You planned this!” 

      “Yes, I did.” I said quietly. 

      “Why the hell would you do something like that McCabe? I told you that it was none of your damn business, did I not?” He said kicking the ground angrily. 

      “It is too my business!” I shouted back to him. “It’s my team too and I knew that we would loose today if I didn’t do something!” 

      “So you decide to spike the Gryffindor tables pumpkin juice, nice, real nice.” He said quieting down.

      “Why are you—not screaming?” I tried not to look scared of what would come next. But Potter surprised me, again.

      “Because I would have done the same thing.” He said looking to Lily. “I’m sorry I was an ass Lil’s.” 

      “Whatever.” She said rolling her eyes in a Dommish fashion. 

      “Uh, he just apologized to you.” I said feeling a little agitated now. “And you just say whatever?” Lily looked uncomfortable before looking up to Potter.

      “You stay out of my life from now on, you hear?” She said fighting back a smile. 

      “No promises, and sorry Decker.” He said not looking too sorry over to Johnny who nodded back to him. 

      “C’mon people, we got ourselves a game to win.”


   And we've made it to chapter ten! I enjoyed writing this chapter, especially the comical part with Yiddy the house elf. I hope you enjoyed him!
   And I hope that you noticed that I allowed Kiersten and Dom to get away with this prank. I guess you could argue that Potter found out, but he really doesnt count because they learn no lesson from doing it. They are just incouraged to do something along the same lines again. 
   I'm just putting this bit in so you don't get your hopes up. Jarred Meade will be back my friends. He wasn't in this chapter because this chapter focused on Kiersten and her problem with the Quddich team. It would have been weird to have him involved with any of that stuff because he is no longer a hogwarts student. 
  I have finals these next few weeks so I may not update right away...Thanks for reading and pretty please review!!! Even a small comment like "I liked it" or "i hated it" would make my day! I know, it's sad, but it's the truth!

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