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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 1 : Bad Luck
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A/N: Well everyone, this is my newest project.  I am quite excited about this story, and am incredibly enjoying writing it.  Hopefully you will enjoy reading it :)

I was currently pacing the small bathroom, not bothering with sitting down. There was no way I could sit still and just wait patiently for this. Honestly, why can’t these go faster? Things are supposed to be easier by living in the Wizarding World. So shouldn’t this be faster than the Muggle test?

Of course it’s not. Why? Life has never been very bloody fantastic to me. I mean, if I look at it, life wasn’t bad for the first years of my life. But now, life is like one of those kids that live to torment ants under a magnifying glass in the sun. I can’t help that I was born into the Weasley-Delacour family.

It’s not exactly easy being Victoire Weasley’s sister. My sister had perfect grades (she seriously got all Outstanding on her OWLs), she is the most beautiful woman that men have had the pleasure of meeting (I get told this a lot), she was a Quidditch star, and now she’s engaged to a wonderful man, Teddy Lupin, who is perfect in the eyes of my parents. And in my eyes.

Me? I’m just Dom Weasley. I have good grades, boys find me fairly attractive, and I made the Gryffindor Quidditch team, but I’m still only average to my sister. I must live up to my parents’ perfect standards or else I will surely be kicked out of the house. I only had another year or so to be ‘perfect’ and then I would be out on my own to do as many stupid things as I pleased. But no. I’ve had to screw up more times in the last month than I have in my entire life.

A word suddenly burst from my wand, and it was hands down the worst word in the entire English dictionary. Positive.

“This is so bad. This is so bad.” I started murmuring, now pacing around the bathroom again. On the outside, it only looked like I was minimally worried, but inside I was screaming. This could not be happening to me! I can’t be pregnant!

A soft knock on the door startled me. “Dom? It’s Rose. James is just wondering if you’re okay since you’ve been in here for so long.” It was Rose Weasley, my cousin, and one of my closest friends. James Potter was my best friend, but Rose was a close second.

Deciding to finally face my problems, I unlocked the door and faced my friend. “I’m fine, Rose.” I lied, hoping she wouldn’t see through it. Luckily, none of my other roommates were in our dormitory. I honestly don’t like a single one of them, which is quite impressive considering there are four of them. All they do is gossip and fawn over James and Al. It’s quite annoying.

Thank goodness I have Rose in my year to room with. I wouldn’t have survived this long without her.

Rose raised one of her red eyebrows, and though she had flaming red hair, she looked exactly like Aunt Hermione like that. “I can tell that there’s something wrong. Do you want to go talk in James’s dorm?”

Hating my body for fighting my brain, I nodded, and followed Rose down the stairs in defeat. I could barely keep a secret from my friends when they’re separate, but when the two were together, there was no way I could keep something from them. My dark secret wouldn’t be a complete secret for much longer.

When we entered the sixth year boy’s dormitory, James had cleared out his two roommates and was resting comfortably on his bed. He gave me a look that made me sit down next to him on his bed. Rose was sitting on the bed next to James’s. “So, Dom, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

I sighed. Was there any way I could get out of this? I sat and pondered on it for the moment, and consequently confused my friends. They probably weren’t used to me being this quiet. Finally, I came to one conclusion: I’m screwed.

“Yes, I am perfectly fine.” I lied again.

This is weird. I never lie. Except for the time that Rose showed me this really ugly frilly pink thing that she was going to wear on a date with Scorpius, and she asked me if it looked good on her. She obviously didn’t see me turn slightly green when I saw it. But being the amazing friend that I am, I told her she looked wonderful, and she went walking around Hogsmeade with this horrendous thing that reminded me of a giant Pygmy Puff with people staring at her from all directions. She honestly thought it was because she looked so fabulous.

James wrapped an arm around me. He did this every time he wanted information from me. You’d think by now it wouldn’t have any effect on me, but it still does. There’s a reason that girls love to date James. “Dom, we know you too well to believe that. Your eyes give you away.”

Damn. My eyes. I always considered my eyes to be my best feature; blue eyes weren’t very common at Hogwarts. Why did my best feature have to betray me? Maybe I could tape them shut for the next seven or so months; that way the only thing that could give me away was the giant belly I would be sporting.

“Is it something to do with Matt?” James asked, now angry. “Did that bastard do something to you? If he did, I’ll curse his ass into next year!”

Matt was my last boyfriend. I broke up with him yesterday before the Hufflepuff-Gryffindor Quidditch match. Matt was the Seeker for Hufflepuff, and he really screwed up in the game. He’s angry because he thinks that it was all planned out from the moment that I agreed to go out with him. Honestly, we only went out for two days. Who could be that angry? Plus, I’m not that cunning. Most mornings, I tumble downstairs on my way to the Great Hall.

“No, it wasn’t Matt.” I snapped. Man, my hormones are sure kicking in. “I’m having a bit of problem. I’m, well, pregnant.”

Rose’s jaw dropped to the bed, which was expected. However, James had an unreadable expression. This must really be shocking him. He’s never unreadable. He just sat there, watching me. “You’re—“

“Yes, I’m pregnant. Is that so hard for you to wrap your mind around?” I yelled. “Do you need a picture?”

James’s eyes widened with fear. “No, no, no picture is needed. I would like to keep my sanity intact, thank you very much.”

Rose now moved over to the bed that James and I were occupying. It was really quite crowded. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t a fatty yet, otherwise no one else would’ve fit. “So, you’re pregnant?” her comforting brown eyes never left mine as I nodded. “Wow, that’s bad luck.”

Bad luck? I’ll give her bad luck! “Bad Luck? I’m pregnant all you can say is ‘bad luck’? What kind of friend are you?”

Rose looked slightly sheepish. “Sorry about that. This is just a little shocking.” She paused for a second before becoming excited. “Wait, who’s the father?”

I opened my mouth to say something when James said, “Yeah, who’s the guy that’ll have a sore ass from me beating it all night?”

Rose and I both looked at him with grins. I looked at her, silently asking her to voice our thoughts, and she nodded, showing her approval. “James, you realize how dirty that sounded, right? I mean, I never knew that you swung that way.”

James now looked horrified. “No, no, no! No! No!” Rose and I kept laughing for several moments during James’s silence. Suddenly, he repeated in a soft voice, “No.”

“Okay, we get it. You’re straight.”

It was quite amusing to watch James flip out like that. So this accomplished two things: my bad mood was now gone (for the moment) and both have forgotten the topic of my baby’s father. That secret will go with me to the grave. Although, it wouldn’t be right to keep it from him. But my circumstances aren’t the only ones that are bad; his situation isn’t much greater. If I tell him, his whole life could fall apart. Or, we could get married and have lots more babies. That sounds quite lovely, actually.

“So, Dom, are you going to tell us who the father is, or are we going to have to make a batch of Veritaserum?” James threatened. He wasn’t kidding. He’d actually go through with it if he had to.

“Firstly, you could always steal it from Professor Harrison’s secret stash of potions, and secondly, I’m not telling anyone until I tell him.”

James suddenly gasped, and I could almost see a light bulb shining above his messy hair. “It’s either got to be Matt or Gary. You haven’t slept with anyone else.”

Wow. I love James, but he could be really thick. “Honestly, James, no one checks to see if their pregnant a couple of weeks after having sex unless you’re trying to conceive.”

“So, wait, that means that you’ve slept with someone else? Which house is he in? You can tell us that, can’t you?”

This was really bloody annoying. Couldn’t James just drop it? In my furious state, I accidentally blurted out, “He doesn’t go here anymore!”

Rose and James blanched, which was quite impressive for Rose because she has naturally pale skin. “You’re a minor, and you had sex with an adult! You’re such a rebel." Normally, people couldn’t say that with love, but Rose was one of those people.

“I don’t need anyone telling me that I’m a rebel. I know that already. I’m the one who’s going to pop in a few months.”

Rose pulled me into a hug, clearly anxious about my moodiness. “So, when are you going to tell him? I mean, it’s not like you can visit him in the Great Hall or anything.”

I never actually got to thinking about how I would tell him. I mean, how do you tell someone that you care about that their world has been turned upside down?

“I don’t know,” I muttered, picking at my manicured nails. “I guess I’ll just write to him.”

I, luckily, didn’t see the expressions that James and Rose dawned on their faces. I honestly didn’t want to see them. I didn’t even want to be talking about this. Before my friends could say anything else, I hurried off of the bed and back to my dorm.

The more I thought about telling him, the more nervous and anxious and nauseous I became. But then I realized that if things were the other way around, I’d want to know that I was about to father a baby. Before I had the chance to lose my nerve, I quickly pulled out a piece of parchment, a quill, and some maroon ink. I saved the maroon ink for my letters to him.

Dear Teddy, 

I know I haven’t written to you this week. I’m sorry. James had me working so hard at Quidditch practice every night in order to beat Hufflepuff, which we did. It was quite spectacular too. I ‘accidentally’ launched a Bludger at the Seeker’s favorite area, and he could barely walk off of the field. I actually think he’s still in the hospital wing.
I know that James and Rose are sneaking me into Hogsmeade this weekend to celebrate my birthday. Maybe you could ‘accidentally’ run into us and have a drink with us. I’d love it if you could. 

I hope that everything is well there. I know that you must be busy planning the wedding, and I’m sure that Victoire isn’t making things easy. Honestly, if she’s becoming too stressful, just steal one of Aunt Hermione’s Muggle pills and slip it into her drink (yes, it actually works. I’ve seen Aunt Hermione use them on Uncle Ron). I still feel weird about being her maid-of-honor since, well, that night. 

The biggest reason that I’m writing is something else. You cannot tell anyone else until we discuss this face-to-face, okay? I’m pregnant. I took the test today; it came back positive. 

Send my love to Mum, Dad, Victoire, Harry, Ginny, etc. 


I quickly reread the letter and sighed, knowing that it wasn’t going to get better than this. I finally folded it up and was about to head to the Owlery when a sudden bought of sleepiness hit me. The bed seemed more appealing than ruining my lover’s life.

A/N: Comments? Thoughts?  Hope you enjoyed the first chapter!

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