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Melanism by Alexandra
Chapter 10 : The Tenth.
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Hogsmeade that day was nothing like I had expected. It started off normally enough, with me having jet water over Maia’s face in order to wake her up. You think for someone who is away to go into Hogsmeade with the guy she liked she would be a bit more excited and less grumpy.

I would never again wake up Maia, I valued my life way too much to try that again. After I had woken her somewhat abruptly, she proceeded in trying to jinx me half heartedly as she tried to go back to sleep. Luckily she was still pretty tired and missed but if she had hit me I was pretty sure I would be a tea-pot by now. A dancing tea-pot, she was really good at those.

I wasn’t really looking forward to being a third wheel. It was going to be even more awkward than when I went in for Anna. I wondered if I would ever get to spend a Hogsmeade weekend in the way I wanted to. I then reminded myself that I was spending half of it in the way I wanted to and that one of the people I would be spending it with liked me like I liked him. I was lucky really.

It was with a mixture of relief and annoyance that I saw I wouldn’t be the only third wheel. There were four wheels apparently. Tom had decided to bring Spencer along too, probably to distract us both when Tom wanted to go somewhere privately with Maia. Like an alley or the toilet in the three broomsticks most likely. I smiled at the two of them except Tom had eyes only for Maia.

Spencer waved back, looking slightly nervous as though I were going to hit him. I realised that I hadn’t talked to him since the bludger to the head incident and he probably thought that I was going to hit him. I should have but I never. It wasn’t entirely his fault.

“Hey Nyx, I’m really sorry about your head. How are you doing?” He placed a hand upon my shoulder to examine the spot where the bludger had hit. Obviously there were no marks, Madam Pomfrey was far too good a practitioner to have left a scar of any kind. Apart from the mental kind of course.

“It’s fine, honestly,” I said, “just remind me never to fall off a broom again would you?”

“Sure.” He laughed.

We walked to Hogsmeade in relative silence, the November air was whipping at my face which I am sure would have turned my cheeks and nose a very unpleasant red colour. We arrived later than most due to Maia’s sleeping habits. Just in time for lunch really so it was a good thing the three broomsticks was nice and warm.

I remember thinking how amazing it was that we got a table in there. Considering the weather and the time of day. It was a nice table too, right at the back of the pub in the corner, next to a window. Madam Rosmerta walked over to us and took our orders. That woman made without a doubt the best steak and kidney pies in the country.

We were all talking really happily when I saw the marauders and Annabelle, I waved them over for a chat. They had to maneuver around the cluttered floor to get to our table, like I said it was right in the back corner. At least I wouldn’t have to search to find them all now, which was a relief. I hated to look as though I was wandering aimlessly.

“Hey guys,” I said with a smile.

“Hey, this sure looks cosy.” James smirked. Sirius rolled his eyes at his best friend. It was precisely at this point I realised that this would look an awful lot like a double date.

Maybe you should go try and find some common bloody sense Nyx! I thought angrily. Although Remus didn’t even seem bothered. He probably knew Spencer and I weren’t dating anymore. Although when I looked back, he did look slightly depressed.

“Let me just finish this and I’ll be out in like two seconds, promise.”

“Okay, who are you meeting Spencer?” Maia asked way too obviously. She smiled at Tom.

“Um, just some friends I think.”

“Cool, well we’ll let you guys finish then.”

I practically inhaled the rest of my butterbeer, I didn’t want them getting to far so I’d have to go find them again. Spencer and I left the restaurant at the same time but parted way just outside of the pub, but not before telling off some third years for trying to get into the Hogs Head.

“See you later Spencer, if I don’t get attacked by a bludger first.” I kissed him on the cheek as I ran off to Zonkos to meets the marauders who I could see were waiting outside. I could hear Spencer laughing behind me as he stalked off towards Honeydukes to meet his own friends.

When I walked up to them, I could see that Lily was standing next to James who was looking very pleased with himself. Lily looked happy enough too, I think she was starting to see the more responsible side of James. Annabelle and Peter were holding hands again although looked a lot more awkward than usual, probably because I was looking at them. Sirius grinned at me and Remus gave me a small but very sweet smile.

“Hey again, buy much?”

“Nope,” Sirius said, “we haven’t actually been in yet. We decided to wait for you.”

“You didn’t have to but thanks.”

“No problem.” Remus said. After I found he liked me, I liked him a whole lot more. Funny how that happens. I grinned stupidly at him.

We walked around the store for what seemed like an hour. Oh wait, it was an hour, and a half. I would have thought by now that Sirius and James had bought every joke in the shop.

“You’d think that being head boy would have stopped him from buying up Zonkos.” Lily said, bored beyond all belief she still smiled when she looked at him though, it was pretty sweet.

“I know, I guess he and Sirius aren’t planning on growing up anytime soon. I’m surprised that you’re here at all to be honest.” I said, not meaning to offend her or anything. Luckily she didn’t look offended, she laughed.”

“You and me both, Nyx. I guess he just regresses around his friends. When I talk to him he is much more mature and actually quite interesting sometimes. Plus I’ve probably had more laughs with him than I have with any other boyfriend.”

“So he’s your boyfriend then?” I guess I had one of those personalities where people tell you stuff even if they wouldn’t usually.

“Yep, as of earlier actually.”

“So what changed?” I asked, toying about with a golden dung bomb, I was tempted to buy it, I never. I pretty much only liked it because it was shiny.

“Well, don’t tell everybody this but after a month of seeing him, he finally plucked up the courage to kiss me.”

“Wait, you mean he never tried anything before? I’m shocked.”

“Yep, at first it was sort of sweet and gentlemanly, but then I started wondering when or if he was ever going to kiss me. It got annoying after a while.”

“I bet is was worth it though.”

“Definitely.” She smiled as she looked towards James who, probably realising the tone of our conversation turned very pink all of a sudden and turned around. Which made us laugh.

“We’ll just wait outside James.” Lily shouted across the store. “It’s getting a bit loud, don’t you think?” She said quietly to me as we headed for the door.

“Yep, let’s go.”

Annabelle and Peter had already left a half hour previously, deciding that an hour in Zonkos was enough for them. I don’t know where they went but I think they went back to the castle for supper. It was nearly five by the time Sirius and James finally emerged from the store with their hands filled with merchandise.

“Where’s Remus?” Lily asked.

“Dunno,” said James, “we thought he was with you but he must have gone back to the castle with Wormy.”

“Can I ask you something?” I said as we walked.

“Sure.” Sirius answered, Lily and James were walking a few steps in front, holding hands and having their own little conversation.

“What’s with the nicknames?”

“They’re just nicknames.”

“I figured you would have been moony seeing as you’re known for being rather liberal with your trousers.” He laughed and then playfully punched me in the arm.

“Haha, I guess. Should’ve thought about that shouldn’t we.” He sounded rather dismissive.

Lily and James were now miles ahead of us. Probably as hungry as I was. I couldn’t wait to get back to the castle, I had spent the more anticipated half of my Hogsmeade trip in Zonkos. Without Remus. He studied even more than a Ravenclaw did. We would have to hurry anyway, the professors were strict with students who arrived late from Hogsmeade. It just wasn’t as safe anymore.

“I wonder why Remus went back to the castle so early.” I said, thinking aloud.

“He must have wanted to catch up on something, maybe he had prefect duties and wanted to…” Sirius trailed off and looked ahead. He then swung me around with his arm on my shoulder. I tried to look around to see what he had been looking at. I had to wriggle my way out of his hold. I had no idea what he could possibly not want me to see. So I turned around to look at the same spot he had been looking at. I really wish I hadn’t.

Remus, in an alley with some blonde Gryffindor in sixth year. I hated her immediately, well after the shock. With every giggle I wanted to hit her. I shouldn’t even be mad at her, or him. Even if they were kissing right in front of me, they were at prefect liberty to do so. I turned around quickly to Sirius.

It wasn’t pain exactly, more a distinct pressure where my lungs would usually be, constricting my breathing slightly as I tried to wrap my head around it. It was such an un-Remus like thing to do. He wasn’t dating her as far as I was aware although he probably would be now. “Nyx.” Sirius said simply as I walked back towards him.

He put his arm around me once more but in a much more friendly way, trying to make me feel better probably. Unfortunately, by this point Remus had noticed us. I was surprised at this as he seemed to bloody enjoy being wrapped around the blonde bitch. Not that I was bitter about it.

“Hey you two, where’s everyone else?”

“The castle.” Sirius sounded as annoyed at his best friend as I was. He was such a nice guy.

“Oh,” Remus seemed slightly crestfallen, then he remembered there was a blonde girl standing next to him, “this is Camilla.” I already knew who she was. I think everyone in Hogwarts knew who she was, she wouldn’t shut up and you could usually hear her cackle ringing through the halls.

Kill me now, please.

I surveyed her with the most evil eyes I could muster without being too obvious. She was shorter than me, I wasn’t sure if that was a plus. Sure I would have longer legs but then again she was more petite and dinky, like a fairy. She had silvery blonde hair which hopefully meant she would go white prematurely, skank. Light blue eyes which I personally thought were over-rated anyway. Who want to look into eyes which make you need to pee? I couldn’t see anything drastically wrong with her, much to my annoyance.

The only thing I could say about her to make myself feel better was that I knew she wasn’t the kind of girl who was suited to Remus. At all. She giggled way too much, gossiped more than a fishwife and painted her nails a different shade of pink every day, the kind of girl you immediately say ‘woah’ about when you see in both a good way and a bad way. She was not who Remus was going to end up with, she had much too flat a personality. Not that I was perfectly suited to him either. I just knew he would end with someone who was more fun than her.

“I didn’t know you were seeing Sirius, Nyx.” She smirked, she knew fine well I wasn’t seeing him otherwise she wouldn’t have asked with such an ugly grin on her face.

“I’m not, we’re just friends, Candice.” I said icily, Sirius had to hold back laughter.

“It’s Camilla,” she said coldly. I knew it was Camilla.

We walked back to the castle together, not that I wanted to but Camilla insisted it would be ‘so much fun’. I wanted to rip her throat out at this point.

“So, Remus, how long have you been seeing Courtney?” I asked him with a sweet smile on my face.

“It’s Camilla,” she gave me a death glare as he answered, “about fifteen minutes.” He chuckled, looking at his watch. Camilla clearly did not see the joke.

“Seriously Moony, I didn’t think you were that kind of guy.” Sirius raised his eyebrows. I looked to the ground.

“Well, I’m not. But I thought that it was about time I tried something new. You’ve always said I should learn to let loose some more, well I guess I have. So when Camilla approached me in the alley,” he chuckled, “well you can just guess what happened.”

Ah, that explained it, she had approached him. Well actually that didn’t explain why he said yes, or why he stuck his tongue down her throat, but hopefully it explained why he hadn’t done that to me. It wasn’t who he was to just pounce on someone.

When we got to the castle, I went back up to the dorm to get changed for dinner. It was colder now and my friends probably wanted to know everything, even if I wasn’t particularly keen on telling them. I satisfied myself with the thought that Remus would wake up tomorrow and realise that Camilla was not who he liked. He would realise that he liked me.

A/N: I have a feeling Nyx will be reverting to her bitchy ways soon enough. It was all going to well for her too, I'm mean to my characters, it's fun. I always liked the idea of Remus letting go for a bit and having some fun, shame it's with Camilla though. Reviews are like chat-up lines - the one liners make you smile :) Hope you liked this chapter. Alex.

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