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His. by calid23
Chapter 4 : The Aftermath
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Remus Lupin

    They were on the swings. Just hanging around. The two were about the age of fourteen. The boy was kicking his feet in the sand, the girl swinging only enough to get her feet barely off the ground. The two sat in silence. The quiet night not bothering either of them. A couple walked by the playground, holding hands, and both the kids watched them as they strolled by. At the house across from the play ground the couple stopped, and shared a long kiss before the woman broke away and went inside.

    “I wonder what it’s like” Asked the girl aloud.

    “What do you mean Bee?” Asked the boy.

    “Kissing.” Bee shrugged. “I wonder what a kiss is like.” The boy just looked at her and shrugged.

    “Me too I guess. Kathy only lets me hold her hand. We’re fourteen for Gods sake, you think she’d let me kiss her.” The boy huffed, and Bee laughed.

    “Devon, she’ll let you kiss her eventually. At least you have a girlfriend. I don’t have anyone that even wants to hold my hand.”

    “You’ll find someone Bee, everyone does. It just happens at different times for different people.” Devon assured her. Bee sighed.

    “Yeah I guess. But I’m going to have a boyfriend soon. You just watch. And we’re going to kiss all the time. Maybe we’ll even get married! You’ll see.” 


    His kiss was sweet. Not at all the rough, intense, lust filled kiss I was expecting. He started out cautiously, feeling out his boundaries. Then he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me closer. I could feel the longing as it thrummed through him, causing his body to shiver. I kind of kissed him back, but I didn’t put much into it. There wasn’t really anything special there, no expertise, no exciting passion. Just a average kisser with above average looks.

    I pulled away. And he looked down at me, his eyes opening. His expression was blank, as though he was trying not to convey any emotions through them. I glanced around. There was a house elf standing awkwardly near us, with my food. I untangled myself from Sirius and went to get the food from the elf, who scurried away as soon as I had the plate in my hand. I turned to look at Sirius who was just kind of watching me.

    “Well,” I said nonchalantly. “I think I best be going now. Good talk.” And I turned on my heal and walked out the door as he just sat there, his jaw pretty much on the floor. I walked away as fast as I could. How could I have done that? Kiss Sirius Black. I was running no risk of falling for him, but still! He was bound to go off and tell everyone. Terrific. No wonder curiosity killed the cat. It was not a good thing.

    I was no longer hungry. I ducked into a bathroom and dumped my plate in the trash. Well, I doubted that I should tell anyone about my little moment. Because if I did, well, lets just say bad things. So I took a deep breath and made to leave the bathroom. Guess who I walked in to? Lily.

    “Bee!” She cried when I almost knocked her over. “Merlin, you startled me. Where’s the fire?” I didn’t respond I was trying to push past her. James and Remus were with her so that meant Sirius was probably on his way to find them. Any minute.

    “Bee!” I was still looking around, probably with a crazy look in my eye. “Jesus Christ. Braxtany!” I turned to look at her. She was wearing a bemused expression on her face. Glad I was entertaining Lilers.

    “Brax what cha looking for?” Remus.

    “Nothing. Why?”

    “Because you look like a maniac?” Gee thanks James. I made to respond, but we were interrupted.

    “Moony, Prongs!” Smashing. The devil himself, come to play. He sauntered over like nothing was wrong. OK. Well. I was freaking out and he was all cool and calm? I’ll show him. I forced myself to relax and Lily noticed, eyeing me wearily. I looked straight at the approaching womanizer. Ha. Thats right, don’t look me in the eye. Bloody coward.

    “Padfoot! Where’ve you been? We have things to do today my old chap!” James cried. Sirius shot a quick look in my direction and shrugged. I just looked at him with cold indifference, as per usual.

    “Around. Got up late so I went to get some food. Thanks for not waking me by the way. Then wandered for a while.”

    “You’re like the living dead when you sleep Padfoot. There was no getting you up.” Remus told him as he walked over to stand right next to me.

    “Chat later Bee?” He added so only I could hear him. I nodded.

    “I have lots to tell you about.” I assured him.

    “Hey you two, no secrets! Right, well lets go boys. We have erm... things to do yeah?” James gave the two boys a meaningful look. They both nodded and the three began to walk away down the corridor.

    “Oh yeah before I forget!” James spun on his heal to look back at us. “Lily, I was thinking, we-”

    “Not a chance Potter.” Poor bloke didn’t even get the words out this time before she turned and began to walk the other way. I gave him a sympathetic shrug and chased after the retreating red head.


    We didn’t see the boys the rest of the day, but I had a feeling that it was for the best. It was our last first weekend at Hogwarts and they probably wanted to start the year off with a bang. Meaning a huge prank and a pile of detentions. I wanted to stay up and wait for Remus but we had classes the next day, so Lily wouldn’t hear of it. I followed her grudgingly up to the dormitory and sank onto my familiar four poster.

    The next morning I was brought into consciousness by the shrieks of Kelly David and Eliza Hastings. I groaned and rolled over looking at the time. We still had 25 minutes until breakfast was over! Why were they awake? Not to mention dressed and all done up.

    “”Shut up, the pair of you. Brax is still sleeping. You know how she doesn’t like to be woken until last minute!” Ah, sweet Alice Smith knew me too well.

    “Sorry!” Came Eliza’s sing song voice from the bathroom. “But did you see who’s won this months Best Smile award in Witch Weekly?” I could practically hear Alice’s eyes roll their sockets. She cared about as much as I did when it came to all that.

    “Freddie MacDonald!” Cried Kelly. Dear God. Freddie was the son of the star seeker for Ireland's national team and he was always kind of a big shot around Hogwarts. He was in our year, but in Hufflepuff, because regardless of all the attention her got, he was actually a really nice guy.

    I groaned again as the giggling and gossiping continued from Kelly and Eliza, but I decided I might as well get out of bed because it didn’t sound like they were going to shut their traps anytime soon. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I must have looked a mess because I fell asleep reading last night and never took yesterday’s clothes off. I looked over at Alice who was adjusting her tie in the mirror. She noticed me looking and smiled her kind smile.

    “Sorry about them.” She said as she walked towards the door out of the dorm. “Tried to reign them in, but alas. Freddie MacDonald made this weeks issue so what could I do?” I laughed as she waved and left the room. I really liked Alice. She was my second favorite in the dorm, after Lily of course. She was petit, with short, mouse brown hair and large innocent brown eyes. She was really kind and sweet, and normally really quiet. But she fit in well enough with her loud best friends Kelly and Eliza.

    “So sorry Bee! Did we wake you?” Kelly asked as she strode out of the bathroom with Eliza in tow. The two of them we nice enough. Both drop dead gorgeous but a little on the ditzy side. I got along fine with them. Well, unless I had to spend more than an hour listening to them babble.

    “No problem.” I mumbled as they smiled cheerily and continued out the door.

    “Oh! I almost forgot! This arrived this morning for you. I think it was Remus’s owl, but I’m not sure.” Eliza pointed to a note on my dresser before following Kelly out the door. After they left I walked to my dresser and picked up the note. Yup, that was Remus’s hand writing.

    Sorry we got in late last night. You know, first prank took a lot of work and James is crazy. Anyway, we need to catch up! I missed you all summer and there is an important subject that was brought to my attention and I need to talk to you about it. Hopefully we have a free period together, or even Charms would work. I know, I know, talking during Charms. My work ethic has gone down the drain hasn’t it? Must be thanks to Sirius, James and yourself.


    I smiled. I loved Remus, but I had a feeling I wasn’t going to love the “topic that had been brought to his attention.” My stomach twisted in either hunger or nerves. I threw on my uniform haphazardly and grabbed my trainers, not even bothering to put them on. I was running to the dinning hall like that: barefoot, shoes in hand with my tie hanging loosely around my neck, my blouse not fully buttoned, my skirt a little higher than it maybe should have been and my robes flying open as I ran.

    Then I was attacked. No joke. I was running, then all of a sudden I had run into a very large and very solid wall. I fell to the floor, the wall landing on top of me knocking the breath from my lungs. The wall groaned and moved, only making the pressure on my rib cage worse. Turns out the so called wall was none other than Sirius Black. Yup, the number of my awkward encounters was rising and it was only the second week.

    “Get off me!” I yelled at Sirius. “Get UP Black!” I spat once he didn’t rise at once. When he finally stood up I had come to the conclusion that my chest was permanently dented from the weight and force of his body falling on mine. I was about to give him the middle finger, grab my shoes which had been flung further down the corridor and walk away from him, when he grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him.

    “Can we talk please?” I glared, but was met only with the stormy intensity of his grey eyes.

    “Kind of in a rush Black. I don’t really have time for your antics.” I replied cooly.

    “Everard.” He said and as I made to leave he only gripped my wrist tighter.

    “Look Black,” I said turning to face him. “I’m starving, I have to sort out my schedule and I have to find Remus. All before class, so if you would kindly let go of me,” I ripped my arm from him. “I’ll be on my way to the dining hall.” I grabbed my shoes and marched off and he didn’t follow me. Good boy.

    “You owe me a talk.” Was all he said to my retreating back.

    “I owe you shit. You crushed my rib cage.” I didn’t look back to see his expression, I didn’t really care what it was to be honest. All I wanted was food, my schedule and Remus.


    “Ah, Miss Everard. Continuing the tradition of being late to every class I see. Five points from Gryffindor.” Oh go suck one Slughorn. I thought as I walked into potions fourty-five minutes after my encounter with Sirius and thirty minutes after said class had been scheduled to begin. Oops. Maybe thats why he hated me so much. I caught Lily’s eye. She was angry, and I immediately saw that my usual seat next to her had been occupied by none other than James Potter.

There were only two empty seats left in the classroom. Remus had sat with Peter (who was dismal at the subject so obviously partnered himself with Remus who was brilliant). Then there were the couplings of two Ravenclaws, and Kelly with Freddie MacDonald. That left me two options. Choice A) A greasy haired Slytherin boy named Severus Snape who Lily used to be friends with, or choice B) Sirius Black.

    I sat with Snape.


    “Everard!” I spun around at the familiar voice calling my name.

    “Hey Remus.” I smiled at him as he ran up to me. Potions had just let out and I had jumped up and left as soon as I could. Sirius’s desk was right behind mine, and I could feel his glare burning through the back of my head while I worked awkwardly with Snape the whole lesson.

    “When are you free?” He asked, matching my step.

    “Well, I have History of Magic now, but I could be free since Binns doesn’t take attendance.”

    “You’re not skipping class Bee, it's only the second week. You were already half an hour late to one. Why not get off to an alright start this year?” I scrunched my nose up at the idea.

    “Naw, I think I’ll skip.” He rolled his eyes but I just smiled. “You should too, we can go out by the lake, talk, and enjoy what sunshine is left.”

    “Brax, you know I can’t do that.” He pointed to his shiny prefects badge.

    “Come on Lupin! You break so many rules with your little gang, what’s one more going to hurt? Live a little.” I knew I had convinced him because he was attempting to give me a stern look, but the corners of his mouth were lifting in a smile. I laughed rather loudly and grabbed him by the hand, pulling him faster and farther away from the gloomy dungeons.

    The heat of the sun was beating down hard, but the breeze floating across the grounds from the Black Lake kept us at a perfect temperature. I lay on the ground with my hand behind my head and my eyes closed to the blinding sun. Remus was sprawled out next to me, his school robes had been discarded in a pile next to him and he had unbuttoned his shirt a bit and loosened his tie. I looked about the same as I did that morning. Enough said.

    We were out there for quite some time, just talking about our summers and Quidditch and other miscellaneous things. As our conversation lulled I relaxed in the sunlight. For the first time I actually thought about how this was, in fact, my last year at Hogwarts. I’d never really thought about it much, and now my mind was consumed with thoughts about my upcoming life outside of school, my friends and my plans for what I wanted to accomplish this year before I left for good.

    “Bee?” He said after about twenty minutes of lazy silence, shaking me out of my thoughts.


    “I wanted to talk to you about something I heard.”

    “You shouldn’t listen to gossip and rumors, the stress associated only causes early wrinkling.” I heard him snigger.

    “Its not gossip or a rumor. I don’t think.”

    “What is it then?” I asked, my eyes still closed. There was enough of a pause to make me nervous. I opened one eye and looked over to him.

    “Remus?” He sighed and rolled over so that he was facing me.

    “Did you and Sirius um, kiss?” My blood stopped cold. Shit. Had Sirius gone and blabbed? I shifted uncomfortably as he waited for my answer.

    “Maybe once. Is he going around telling everyone that?” I tried to act cool.

    “Maybe? And no, James doesn’t even know. He told me because he thought I could talk to you.”

    “So he’s using you. Nice guy, your friend Black.”

    “He is a nice guy Bee. He’s one of my best friends. Thats why I want to know what the hell was running through your mind when you snogged him.” I shied away from the accusatory tone in his voice.

    “I was curious! I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I came to the conclusion that the girls here are crazy though, there’s nothing special there.” Well that comment got me a glare.

    “Braxtany. You may not be able to imagine it, Merlin knows how cynical and pessimistic you are, but he has really strong feelings for you. Toying with his emotions like that because your masochistic curiosity?”

    “Is this another prank Lupin? Because I’m not finding the fake guilt trip too funny.  Sirius uses lines like that all the time. I’m not dumb. He doesn’t actually care about me. He was probably just looking to score another notch in the bed post.”

    “It’s not a joke Bee!” I snorted. He got even more riled up.

    “Bee. Seriously. You need to talk to him.” I laughed at how well he was playing this off.

    “Ok, jokes over there Remus. Maybe you should go to acting school though. You’re really good, I almost would have believed you if I didn’t actually know Black.”

    “Grow up Everard. Not everything is a joke.” And with those kind parting words, Remus grabbed his robes and left me sitting alone by the lake.

    How did this lovely afternoon with my friend turn into a row?

    Oh yeah. Sirius sodding Black.

Hey everyone! I really hope you're liking the story thus far! I'm having fun writing it, I'm just having trouble finding the time to put my fingers to the keyboard. So I apologize for that. Anyway, reviews are what help me to make time to continue writing. So review if you liked it! Even if you didn't you should, because I'd like to hear even those opinions.

Hope everyone's enjoyign being on summer break, or at least getting close to being on break!


ps. everything and everybody you recognize in this story belongs to the insanely talented JKR. Everything else (like Bee) is my own.

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