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Lonely Lily by life_writtendown
Chapter 8 : And then, not so alone.
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Okay. I must admit that I was lying when I said that I didn’t have any family left at Hogwarts. Hugo Weasley still remains. Sounds rather morbid, right? Well, we had always been sort of close before Hogwarts, but once we got here and he was sorted into Ravenclaw and he got it in his head that he somehow was superior, our friendship ended. So, it’s fair to say that we aren’t on speaking terms anymore. I don’t want to hold him back or anything.

Hermione Granger is very proud of her son. I think that somewhere deep down inside, she wished she was a Ravenclaw herself. I heard her muttering it to herself one day after she had a huge fight with Uncle Ron. But, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione always fight. Dad always refers to it as some sort of freaky sexual tension, but I am smart enough to know their relationships definitely not a healthy one.

But, besides Hugo’s family problems and concern for social status and sorting into Ravenclaw, I really wonder what happened to our friendship. We used to be in the same boat. We couldn’t stand how the others looked down at us and trampled all over our lives. Sometimes I see him in the corridors and on a good day he gives a slight nod, but on a bad day I don’t get any sign of contact. His eyes are glued forward and sometimes he even hastens his pace.

I wake the next morning with a grin on my face. Even though Hugo’s face haunted my dreams, I had something to look forward to. I had friends, whether they accepted me or not (Marissa). I slip on my robes and hastily run a brush through my wavy hair, which decided to take on a more blonde sheen today and tie back in a low messy ponytail.
When I sat down at the table Levi saw me and took a double take.

“Y- you are blonde?” I take a strand from my ponytail and examine it closely in the sun filled hall.

“I guess so.” I shrug and tuck the lone strand back behind my ear.

“What are you, a Metamorphmagus?” He gasped and looked to Sarah who just shrugged and continued to eat her breakfast.

“No, my hairs just rather temperamental that’s all.” Levi looked angry now and stood up from the table. Sarah reaches out an arm to push him pack down but he just swatted it away.

“You hair was brown yesterday Lily, brown.” I tilted my head to the side. It wasn’t that hard of a concept to grab, right?

“Yes, and now it’s blonde Levi, blonde.” There might be something magical about my weird hair, but I didn’t think it was enough of a deal to call the Ministry or anything.

“It’s not normal Lily, to change your hair over night, unless you are one of those new fangled Muggle “emo” kids, which I sure hope you aren’t because those kids freak me out a bit and then when they wear these freaky little kittens all over their clothes. I saw a dude wearing a kitten on his bum! A kitten!—“

“Shut up Levi!!!!” Sarah exclaimed. She slammed down her fork and pushed Levi back into his seat.

“You are making a scene!”

I kept my eyes down, smiled and fiddled with the French toast on my plate. His reaction was endearing and the mention of those Muggle kids wearing kittens on their arses just sent me into giggle overdrive. Levi stood up again, this time not in confusion, but in anger.

“Don’t patronize me Lily.”

His attempt at a fatherly tone sent my giggles to the point of no return. This time Sarah joined in and in a few minutes we were rolling on the floor in hysterics. Levi, of course did not share our joy and he just huffed and stomped away.

We finally contained our laughter and looked down at the floor simultaneously, realizing we had just rolled around on the filthy floor where all the flying food falls and hides from the tiny house elves grasp.

Sarah shrieked and started jumping up and down while frantically shaking her hair to shake off a piece of half eaten toast. I quickly stood up and brushed the thousands of crumbs from my robes. By this time, the whole student population now watched us, two girls jumping, shrieking and shaking like we were possessed by some banshee. I may have kicked up the confidence notch, but the easily embarrassed one stays set on high.

So I run out as fast as possible, and Sarah came after me. We crash against the wall outside the Great Hall and sink onto the cold floor. We were out of breath both from the running and the laughing. I hear someone clear their throat. Levi, of course he wouldn’t go far.

“So I see you have had your fun.” Levi stood there, he seemed more ashamed than angry now.

“Levi, you have to calm down mate.” Sarah sighed. “It’s not your time of the month is it?”

He chuckled and slid down between us.

“I must say, if I learned one thing from this whole experience is… well I don’t think I should say”

“Oy, spit it out Lev!” Sarah punched him lightly on the shoulder.

“You two laugh like bloody hyenas.” This earned him two punches, one on each arm. I closed my eyes and reveled in fact that I was actually part of something.

We walked lazily to class, not really caring if we were late or not. Well, I actually was starting to get a little nervous, my discipline record is clean and I want it to stay that way. I walk a bit faster just hoping they will get the point and get on to class, but they just saunter and laugh at the sleeping portraits on the wall.

I look back to say something to the two of them, but I saw the serene smile on her face and how comfortable Levi looked with his arm hanging loosely over her shoulder so I left them alone. I think that Sarah and Levi’s relationships just very strange. They are so close to one another, yet no one really knows why. I guess just compatibility, if friendships can just be formed on that basis these days. But if this was the real world and not Hogwarts, I doubt these two would have ever spoken to one another. Just by their personalities, they are opposites. Levi saunters while Sarah skips. When Levi does something nice, it’s because Sarah told him to do so. He smiles and winks at the women professors until they let him get away with another late, and Sarah bursts into hysterics when she gets poor marks on her essays.


I look back once before finally rushing ahead to class. I can hear Sarah shout after me, but I just smile and go ahead.

The lesson in Potions used to interest me a lot. I never liked brewing the actual potions; I just enjoyed the history behind each one. Just recently out in Africa, a wizard who was starting to suffer from dehydration mixed some unicorn hair that he found in his pack with some cactus milk and stirred it (just by chance) counter clockwise three times. He took a sip and he felt satisfied. Not only that, he felt permanently satisfied, like he never had to take a drink of any kind of liquid again, and he didn’t need to.

So now, wizards are trying to somehow slip a softened version of the potion into the relief wells of small villages all over the world so less water can feed more people. Wizards and Witches usually aren’t to interact with the Muggles that much, but the man who discovered the potion, Lewis Blackhorn, felt like it was too big of an opportunity to pass up. Mr. Blackhorn went to the Muggle Services department of the Ministry who then collaborated with the Potions department and then contacted the Minister (who happens to be Uncle Percy) and now there’s a whole new department of people trying to do their best without compromising our existence. Just a guy, stumbling around looking for water came upon a miracle.

I used to live for stories like that. But, now I have more than that to survive on. I don’t think anyone really can comprehend the feeling inside I have now. Like a light switch flipped on a light I never knew existed in the first place. I don’t have to vent to a wall anymore. I don’t have to cry in a bathroom which just echoes the cries back. I can actually smile and laugh on a regular basis and most of all, be normal.

So it’s fair to say the Potions today was the last thing I wanted to pay attention to, especially because I also had to deal with Emma Wilson popping and chewing her bubble gum incessantly.

She picked up on my new mood immediately, like some sort of human mood ring.

“Someone build you an isolated hut in the wilderness so you can truly be loner now?” Emma absent mindedly fiddled with her quill between her fingers.

“Wow, isolated, that’s rather a large word Emma.” I kept my eyes down frantically scratching the notes on the board.

“Wow freak, that’s a rather rude thing to say to your superior.” I laughed, dropped my parchment back on the desk and flexed my cramping hands.

“Superior? I think you are going to have to use your advanced vocabulary to tell me exactly how you’re my superior Emma.” She sputtered a bit before giving me a small scoff and returning to finishing her notes.

I leaned my head back in the chair and let out a deep sigh. I loved the feeling of telling Emma off, it made my day. The class ended and every hurried out of the classroom. I slowly packed up my things and walked to the library, where Levi and Sarah spent most of their free afternoons.


Okay, so I wrote that all in one sitting and my hands are cramping ( whew) Please Review if you want! Your criticism really helps :)

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Lonely Lily: And then, not so alone.


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