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The Proposal by ronhermione4evr
Chapter 3 : Unexpected
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A/N: I’d like to dedicate this chapter to my good friend rosescorpius4evr.

Ronhermione4evr (me): “No! You’ll never take me alive, Voldemort!”

Rosescorpius4evr (to doctor): “She’s been having more and more hallucinations lately. She still thinks she’s Hermione, you see?”

Doctor: (nodding) "Has she stopped asking for Ron yet?"

Ronhermione4evr sees a redheaded doctor and runs towards him. “RON!”

Rosescorpius4evr: “I’ll get the straitjacket.........".



“Ginny?” Harry said hesitantly. “I think you may have mixed up the spell. We’re supposed to go home, not to some random dark alley.”

“I know what I’m doing!” Ginny snapped. She had not entirely forgiven Harry yet.

“Quiet!” Hermione snapped at the pair. Once everyone was quiet, she stood very still, looking towards one end of the alley. “Someone’s coming.” She whispered.

Harry and Ron instinctively drew their wands. All of a sudden, three former Death Eaters burst out of the end of the alley. They were wearing the same things that they had worn during the reign of Voldemort, looking as filthy as if they had never changed out of those clothes.

“Girls, back us up!” Harry barked at Hermione and Ginny. They instantly backed up the boys, and looked around for an exit.

“We’re trapped!” Ginny cried, noticing a dead end behind them.

“Bloody Hell!” Ron cursed as a Death Eater’s spell flew past his ear.

Harry aimed several Stunning Spells at the Death Eaters, all of which missed. In the meanwhile, the girls had started looking for ways to escape the alley.

Hermione thought of an idea in a split second. She grabbed Harry and Ron’s free arms, and with Ginny clinging on to one of her elbows, she turned on the spot, narrowly missing Death Spells flying above their heads.

When they emerged a couple seconds later, they found that they were standing on the edge of the alley that the Death Eaters had come from. Hermione’s idea had given them an advantage, as Harry and Ron cornered the Death Eaters.

“What do you want?” Harry spluttered at the Death Eaters.

“Revenge.” The tallest one smiled to show teeth that were black and decaying.

“Voldemort died 6 years ago.” Ron spat. “Why do you want revenge now?”

“Revenge never rests.” The shortest one on the left said.

Suddenly all three of them whipped out their wands and pointed them at the girls. With a quick wave, there was suddenly a puff of smoke, and the Death Eaters, Hermione, and Ginny were gone.

Ron and Harry stood for a moment, in shock. Then Harry jumped.

“The girls!” he cried. “Where are they?”

Ron looked around. He saw a footprint, and followed it. “They haven’t Disapparated.” He began slowly. “They’ve……” He glanced at Harry for help.

Harry looked at the footprints. “They’ve just dragged the girls away!”

There was a puff of smoke, and Harry and Ron spun around, ready to kill the Death Eaters if it meant getting Ginny and Hermione back safe.

But it was just a coughing Ginny standing in front of them. Harry ran up to hug her, but Ron stopped him.

“Where’s Hermione?” He asked, his voice rising from the panic.

Ginny shook her head. “They dragged us behind the building over there and tried to Apparate, but I kicked one of them and they let go. Before I could get Hermione, they had Disapparated.”

Ron’s face was turning red. He wheeled around and started in the direction that Ginny had pointed out.

Harry watched him sadly. “Come on.” He said to Ginny. He could hug her later. Right now, he needed to get Hermione back.

Ron was standing at the spot where the footprints disappeared. Harry put a hand on Ron’s shoulder, but Ron shrugged it off.

“Let’s go.” He turned around and wouldn’t look at either Harry or Ginny. No, he wasn’t mad at either of them. It was himself he was mad at, for not protecting Hermione better.


Hermione tried to bite the fingers of the Death Eater closest to her. He pulled his fingers back, and slapped her across the face.

She was determined not to let her anger get the better of her. Instead, she tried to figure out who this person was. Avery? McNair?

No, they had died in the Battle at Hogwarts. These people were probably newer recruits, determined to take revenge on Harry for killing their leader.

Hermione inched a little closer to the Death Eaters, who were now deciding what to do with her.

“It’s the redhead girl we wanted.” One began in a low voice. “Potter will be after her.”

“But we have Granger!” Another protested. “Weasley come for her, and Potter will back him up. Either way, we get Potter.”

They turned back around triumphantly, and Hermione tried to look like she hadn’t heard anything.

“Ron.” She thought urgently, hoping that her telepathic message would work. “Come save me!”



“Malfoy Manor.” Ron said suddenly. “They probably took her there.”

Ginny tried to keep herself from rolling her eyes. “Ron, we’ve explained this to you so many times: Draco is on our side now. He won’t have taken Hermione.”

Ron ran his hand through his hair. “Its just……I promised myself that I’d never let them take her there ever again.”

Harry stopped suddenly. “Look.” He pointed to a scrap of black fabric, the same fabric that the Death Eaters made their clothes from. Harry looked up and found that they were standing in front of a familiar yet horrible store: Borgin and Burkes.

Ron barged right in. “I know you’re hiding them!” he roared at the shop owner. “Tell me where she is or-“Ron whipped out his wand and held it right in front of the shop owner’s nose.

This shop owner was not Borgin. Borgin had gone into hiding a little after Voldemort was gone. Although he was neither a Death Eater or a supporter of Voldemort, his store full of Dark Objects was definitely not helping him gain public trust.

This shop owner blinked at them, and hesitated before saying, “I’m sorry sir. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Ron glared and put his wand even closer to the bridge of the shop owner’s nose. “You know perfectly well about what I’m talking about. WHERE IS HERMIONE?” Ron was shouting now.

The shopkeeper cowered. “I’m sorry; I still don’t know what you are talking about.”

Ron shoved the shopkeeper into a chair and picked up a glass ball.

“Hmmm……. It says here that if I dump the contents in this all over you, you’ll eventually be forced to tell me the truth or die a horrible death. Your choice.”

The shopkeeper looked terrified. “Alright!” he howled. “They took her to Grimmauld Place.”

Grimmauld Place? Harry knew that they had protective enchantments around the place. How could the Death Eaters have gotten in?

“Let’s go.” Ron let go of the shopkeeper’s hair and walked out of the store, leaving Harry and Ginny to follow him.


A/N: READ AND REVIEW!! Oh, and please join my contest on harrypotterfanfiction forums, it’s called the Odd Happenings challenge, and I’d like people to join!


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