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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 9 : Just a Bunch Of Rubbish
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Chapter 9

            “Harry!” Ginny yelled out of the bathroom. Harry stuck his head around the corner, his eyes loving. 

            “Yes?” He answered. 

            “Have you seen my wand? I can’t find it anywhere!” Harry looked at her back pocket to see her wand, sticking out of the denim pocket. 

            “Nope, haven’t seen it.” He said, smirking. He walked downstairs to find Ron and Hermione, fighting over a book.

            “Ronald! You are not listening to me!” Hermione roared. Ron jumped to his feet, looking down at Hermione.

            “And the reason was because there was nothing to listen to Hermione! It’s a book! You were going on and on about something that I don’t really care about! Hermione, you know who you’re dating and yet you still talk about the stuff that I don’t like!”

            “Dating is about sacrifice for the one you love, not for doing what you want all the time!” She said, standing up herself. “You see Harry and Ginny, right? They both have to give up something!”

            “What? What did they have to give up?” Ron asked.

            “Privacy. You see Ron, we are not well known as they are. She gave up her privacy Ron, her privacy.” Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He knew that the press said things but he didn’t know how much privacy really meant. “And that shows how much she loves him. If you can’t do that….” She said. 

            “No, No I can do that. Hermione, I love you and I always will, just my range of emotion is about as big as a……” He began to say but Hermione filled him in.

            “Teaspoon.” She said, laughing softly. “Yeah, I know.” She said, giving a soft smile. Ron took her face in his hand, and leaned down and gently kissed her. Harry smiled and walked back upstairs to find Ginny, leaning against the door, wand in hand.

            “And you couldn’t tell me this was in my pocket because……” She asked.

            “I had no idea it was there.” Harry said, playfully. Ginny just laughed and then walked back into her room. Harry followed her and shut the door. “Did you hear what happened downstairs?” Harry asked.

            “Yeah, Ron and Hermione and the fight thing…” she said, waving her hands in expression. “I’ve gotten used to it.” She said. 

            “Yeah I have too. It’s just I’ve never really seen them. It’s pretty brutal.” He said. Ginny sat down criss-crossed on her bed, and Harry lay next to her, his legs like Ginny’s. They stayed quiet for about a minute, until Ginny spoke up.

            “Have you ever wondered if everything is going to be okay?” She asked.

            “No, because I know it will be. A wise man once said that everything turns out fine in the end, if it’s not fine, it’s not the end.” Harry replied back. She thought about it for a moment and then closed her eyes. “What’s wrong?” Harry asked, worried.

            “Nothing. It’s just I go back to school in a week, and I don’t know if I can do it.” She said, thinking. 

            “We already did it. All we have to do is do it again.” Harry explained. She started to tear up and Harry took her under his arm. He rubbed her arm with his thumb and soothed her. “Why are you just thinking about this?”

            “Because, I got caught last night in memories and I’m just now realizing that life is flying by like the wind does through the trees and…. I guess I’m just scared.” She said.

            “Trust me, I am too.  Just we have to live our life, even if it’s something that we don’t want to happen.” He said. 

            “But we could change that right?” Ginny asked. “I mean let’s just say that I got offered the best job ever, but then I had to choose between being a mother…what would that be leading me to?” She asked.

            “Well, that’s a while ahead.” He said, kissing her head. He jumped off the bed, causing the sheets to push up in different places. “And I need to go.” Ginny reached out and grabbed his arm.

            “Wait, you’re leaving?” She asked.

            “Have to.” He said, walking over and kissing her cheek. “I’ll be back by dinner. But tell your bloody brother to save me some food.” He said, walking out and closing the door. Ginny bit her lip, and smiled in the cute way Harry liked.  Ginny got up and walked to her wall, looking at the calendar. 

            “December 24th.” She murmured to herself. She had one more week to spend with the boy-who-lived. But to her he was the boy-she-loved. She walked out of her room, and into Ron’s. She found Hermione, laying on Ron’s bed, in her pajamas. 

            “Hey Herm.” Ginny said casually. Hermione didn’t say anything, just laid there staring at one certain point. “You okay?” Ginny asked, walking over and sitting on the other bed.

            “Yeah. Just woke up from a nap.” Hermione said, getting up and stretching. 

            “You’re lying and I know it. You were just crying because you and Ron had another fight.” Ginny said, in the friendliest way possible. Hermione turned around and looked at Ginny closely.

            “You know everything don’t you?” She said laughing. “And why is it that you and Harry never fight?” She asked, pulling the dresser open to find her clothes all unfolded. She groaned, and began to search in the mess for clothes.

            “We haven’t fought yet, but we will. And there’s no doubt I’m going to win them when they come.” Ginny said. Hermione just exhaled a ‘ya’. Ginny then continued. “We all have those days. I fought with Professor Tate the other day did you see that? It was awesome! I told him off and then I almost slapped him but…..”

            “Ginny my problem please.” Hermione said. “I’ve always wondered if it was all going to be worth it in the end, with all the fighting. And, to be honest, I don’t know.” She said.

            “Hermione, do you know what Harry and I talk about?” Ginny asked. Hermione thought that she was going off topic, but there was a reason for it. Hermione thought about it and then said.

            “About how Ron can’t stand the fact that one day you two are going to have sex?” Hermione said jokingly. Ginny shook her head and clicked her tongue.

            “Yes, but that is not what I had in mind.” Ginny said, sitting down on the bed across from Hermione’s and Hermione sat on her’s. “We talk about you two. I know it sounds like we were meddling but we just talk about you two.” Ginny said. Hermione looked more terrified than she had before.  “That didn’t help did it?” Ginny asked.

            “No, not really.” Hermione said. “But it’s nice that you guys care.” Hermione said, helping the situation.

            “Well, we do, just not all the time. It’s not like that’s all we talk about. We talk about other things,” Ginny said, making it clear that it was something seductive. “and sometimes our lips move, but no one talks.” Ginny said smiling.

            “Of course Ron and I do that too. It’s like a second nature now. You walk in a room, and kiss them for a good five seconds.” Hermione said. Ginny just smiled. “Oh I interrupted. Please do go on.” 

            “Okay then.” Ginny said. “So when we talk about you two as a couple, we always say it was destined. Like fate had brought you guys together, not some weird coincidence.” Ginny explained, using hand gestures to make the statement more powerful. 

            “But why did both of us not even know it until the end of last year?” Hermione asked.

            “Well, you knew in sixth year just you didn’t want to show it. And Ron had his head stuck so far up his own arse that he had no clue what was going on.” Ginny explained. Hermione laughed and then said.

            “Hey that’s my boyfriend remember that.” Hermione said.

            “But you still thought it was funny.” Ginny said, and Hermione nodded with a smile on her face. “and you know it’s true too.” Ginny added and Hermione nodded one again. 

            “Hermione,” Ron said, poking his head in. “Oh hey Ginny.” He said, walking in and closing the door. Hermione and Ginny just sat there awkwardly, and Ron noticed that Hermione’s face was red. “’Mione you okay?” Ron said, walking over and putting his arm around her waist. 

            “Yeah I’m fine now. Your sister helped me through it.” Hermione said, looking at Ginny. Ginny got up, to leave the two lovebirds alone. “Hey Ginny.” Hermione called out right before Ginny shut the door. She poked her head back in and looked at her.

            “Yeah?” She asked.

            “Thanks. For Everything.” Hermione said, Ron looking at Hermione intently. “Have fun with Harry tonight.” Hermione said, doing that on purpose so Ron would freak out.

            “Your welcome.” Ginny said. “And I know I will.” She said, closing the door with a smirk on her face. But not before winking at Hermione, saying good job for the joke. Ron looked terrified.

            “What fun? They aren’t supposed to have fun together.  They shouldn’t even be sleeping in the same bed! She’s my little sister for crying out loud!” Ron rambled on quickly. “She’s dating my best mate and chances are that he will tell me after they will and oh my god that’s going to be horrible! He’ll be describing me what they did and details and….”

            “Ron.” Hermione said, taking his face into her hands. “A joke. It was a joke.” Hermione said, looking him straight in the eyes. 

            “Oh. But they shouldn’t be doing that anyway. Ever.” He said. 

            “No they shouldn’t.” Hermione said, agreeing with him and rubbing his shoulder. “And we shouldn’t fight either.” She said quietly, avoiding his gaze.

            “We shouldn’t but that’s what we do.” Ron said. “We wouldn’t be us without us.” He said, making Hermione confused.

            “What?” Hermione asked. Ron looked like he had achieved the World’s Highest Honor.

            “Did I just confuse the great Hermione Granger?” Ron asked, emphasizing that he had. Hermione smiled, and then softly punched his arm.

            “Yes, you did. But I think what you meant was that we wouldn’t be us without us. And us includes fighting.” Hermione said. Ron just looked the other way, cursing in his mind. ‘Why did she have to be right every damn time?’ he thought in his mind. Hermione looked at him waiting for him to speak. “Well?” She asked.

            “Bloody hell.” He muttered. “Will I ever win in this relationship?” Ron asked.

            “Well, you are dating me. You had to know that I always win.” Hermione said. “And besides I don’t win all the time, just 99.9% of the time.” She said, smirking.

            “Yeah, I guess so.” He said, happily. He leaned into kiss her and she kissed him. The kiss started out soft, but then grew into a raw passion for each other.

            Ginny stood outside the door, an extendable ear next to her own. She smiled, and walked down the stairs. She found her mother in the kitchen, cooking lunch. Ginny’s mouth started to water as she saw the ham sitting on the counter. 

            “Why so fancy Mum?” Ginny asked her, sitting on the bar stool. Mrs. Weasley jumped and then held her hand on her chest.

            “Ginny dear you almost gave me a heart attack.” She said, gaining back her tranquility. “And yes. It is quite a big lunch; we are having a big family lunch on Christmas Eve. Surely there is no problem with that.” Mrs. Weasley said, half declaring and half asking.

            “Harry said he wasn’t going to be back until dinner mum. He had something he needed to attend.” She explained. 

            “Oh dear, that is quite a problem. Well then, we shall postpone the lunch half an hour and if he has not arrived, we shall start without him.” Mrs. Weasley explained. Ginny just nodded her head, and began to help with lunch.


            A knock was heard on the wooden door, and Ginny was told to answer it. She walked to the door and opened it. George stood there, his arm wrapped around Angelina’s waist. Ginny smiled and stepped out of the way.            

            “Good afternoon Ginny.” Angelina said.

            “Good afternoon Angelina.” Ginny replied back.

            “Please call me Angie. My name seems too long and proper in some circumstances,” she said. She started playing with a diamond ring on her left hand. “and my sister-in-law can’t be calling me by my real name can she?” Angelina said, looking up with a joyful look on her face. Ginny squealed and hugged her and George.

            “Oh my gosh I am so happy for you two!” Ginny said. “So you plan to tell everyone at dinner?” 

            “Yes, so please don’t tell everyone. I needed to tell someone or else I was going to burst.” She explained.

            “Now that wouldn’t be a good thing would it?” George asked. “Your guts on the ham. That’d be disgusting.” He said, jokingly. She slapped him, and he just walked off.

            “So where’s your boy?” Angelina asked Ginny. They were still at the front door, and began to walk.

            “He’s out somewhere in god knows where. He had to leave and didn’t get a chance to tell me where he was going.” Ginny said. “And I hope he’s back soon. Mum really wants him here.” Ginny said.

            “Yeah, she really wants her seventh child to be here.” Ron said, walking down the stairs, Hermione towing. Ginny looked puzzled.

            “I’m the seventh child.” Ginny said, pointing to herself.

            “No, since Harry is technically part of the family, he is older than you. Therefore, he is the seventh child and you are still the youngest.” He said, mocking her like he always did. She thought about her revenge for a minute and then spoke.

            “Well, just make sure you don’t walk in on the last two children’s room tonight. There may be some sights that will never leave your head.” Ginny said, turning around and walking to the kitchen. Ron looked astonished. 

            “You told me it was a joke.” Ron said.

            “And sometimes I say things that aren’t true.” Hermione said, walking off after Ginny. Ron stood there, the images of his sister and best mate engrained in his mind. Hermione walked up to Ginny, who was tossing the salad. “So, was it a joke or not?”

            “I don’t know to be honest. It could come any night, we never know.” She said, tossing the lettuce up and down. “How’s Ron?” 

            “Still hasn’t moved.” Hermione said, peering around the corner. Ginny just smirked and continued on the salad. A pair on hands covered her eyes and a voice whispered in her ear.

            “Guess who?” a male voice said. She knew it was Harry, so she decided to have a little fun with it.

            “John?” She asked.


            “David?” She asked, again.


            “Dean?” She asked, and she could hear him sighing.

            “No.” Before she could say anything, he spun her around and kissed her. Her eyes still shut. They ended the kiss and she kept her eyes shut.

            “Definitely Harry.” She said, opening her eyes. “Oh look!” She said, acting like she was shocked. “I was right!” She kissed him again, and Ron hadn’t moved. His eyes before were focused on the wall, now they were on Harry and Ginny. Hermione looked over to him, and saw him leave. She scurried over to him, and Ginny saw Hermione comforting him.

            “That totally helped the situation.” Ginny muttered and Harry seemed to hear what she said.

            “What situation?” Harry asked.

            “Hermione and I thought it would be funny to joke about me and you in front of Ron.” Ginny said. 

            “Oh dear god…” Harry whispered. “What did you say?” He asked. Ginny just bit her lip, scared of what he was going to think.

            “We joked about how he would be scarred for life if he walked into our bedroom tonight.” Ginny explained. Harry, instead of freaking out like Ginny thought, he smiled. He didn’t say anything though. “Why are you smiling like that?” Ginny asked. 

            “Just thinking about a memory.” He said, walking off. ‘Just a memory.’ Ginny repeated in her head and walked off towards her family.


            “I swear,” Ginny said, throwing herself on her bed. “That was the longest family lunch I have ever had.” It was now eleven at night, and the lunch had started at eleven in the morning.

            “Your family is close.” Harry said, taking off his sweater to reveal his new set of muscles. Ginny was very surprised.

            “One: We are just as close as anyone else and Two: Where the heck did those muscles come from?” She asked, staring at his left arm which was the one facing her. 

            “Oh so you like them huh?” He asked, walking over to the bed, slipping on a white tank top. He climbed on next to Ginny and she automatically started poking his arm. “Ummmm. What are you doing?” Harry asked. She kept on poking them as she said;

            “Making sure they aren’t fake.”

            “Gin, would I ever do such a thing?” He asked, batting his eyelashes like a eight year old Daddy’s Girl. 

            “No,” She said. “But my brother would.” 

            “Very true. Very true.” He said.

            “So, why’d you leave this morning? You missed a heck of a lot drama.” She said. Harry just got a light in his eyes and walked over to his jacket. He reached in the pocket, and pulled out a black velvet box. Ginny looked at it like it was something from another universe, but for her, it was.

            “This is why I was gone so long.” He said, opening the box. A pair of shining emerald earrings shone in the dim light. She was speechless. 

            “Harry….” She whispered.

            “I wanted to give them to you know because I thought this would be more special.” He explained. She examined them closely looking at every nook and cranny. “They were my mum’s and I thought you might like them.” He said. She didn’t say anything, but she stood up and opened her bedside table.  She pulled out a long, thin box, like something you would put a box of chocolates in. 

            She gave it to him, and he opened it to find two tickets to Paris lying on the bottom. 

            “I thought it would be nice to get away from the family.” She said. “The flight is in two days.” She said.

            “Wow Gin. This will be incredible.” Was all Harry could muster out at the moment. “I know my present isn’t as good but…” He said but Ginny cut him off by kissing him. They broke apart and she whispered.

            "Just do one thing for me." She said.

            "And what would that be?" Harry asked, seductivly. 

            “Just shut up.” She said, kissing him until the night passed through their fingers, like sand through a delicate hand.

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