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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 14 : Chapter Fourteen: Once Again
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Chapter Fourteen: Once Again
By: Chaos


Here I am, once again
I'm torn into pieces
Can't deny it, can't pretend
Just thought you were the one

As Isis made her way up the stairs to the dorm she could hear crashing and yelling coming from their dorm. Others who’d been woken were peeking out from behind doors trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. Ignoring them Isis walked into their dorm Sekhmet had practically torn it upside down. Alice and Lily were sitting fully awake in their beds caught between scared and worried.

"WHERE IS IT?! WHO TOOK IT?!” Sekhmet yelled through the tears that were streaming down her face.

"Sek quiet down people are trying to sleep." Isis said keeping her voice calm and soft.


"Sek I threw them out I’m sorry." Lily said putting her hand on Sekhmet’s shoulder.

"YOU!” Sek pushed Lily’s hand away and stumbled out the door, trying to find a place to hide

"Should we go after her?" Alice asked

"No, leave her be.” Seeing the look on Lily and Alice’s faces, she sighed, Lily and Alice already knew so it didn’t matter, “Sek found out Remus is a werewolf.”

Breakfast the next morning was somber. Sekhmet had barricaded herself in the Room of Requirements and Remus was still in the hospital, he was refusing to talk to anyone. Everyone ate in silence. Everyone was almost finished eating when Sekhmet stumbled into the great hall looking like a mess. Without a word she sat down next to her sister.

"Are you ok?" Lily asked while Isis handed Sekhmet a plate full of her favorite breakfast foods.

"Fine,” She pushed the plate away, “Where’s Remus?"

"He’s still in the hospital wing." James answered looking nervous.

"Oh. Well can you tell him to come talk to me when he’s out?" Sekhmet asked before standing and wandering out of the great hall, she never showed for classes.

Over the next few days Sekhmet behavior resembled a zombie. She barely ate, maybe slept, and occasionally showed up for class. Not wanting her to get behind Isis and Lily took turns doing her homework, Sekhmet’s style was easy to copy. Thankfully none of the teachers questioned them.

Remus on the other hand made a point of getting up really early and spending all his time in the library. He spoke rarely and when he did it was mostly to answer a teacher’s question. After a week of Remus avoiding Sekhmet, she was getting fed up. She took to pacing in front of the library refusing to go in.

"Remus she's been out there pacing for hours. She’s been doing that all week. Can you just talk to her? I know she’s upset, but it’ll work out." Isis pleaded with Remus.

"I...I just can’t" Remus said not meeting Isis’s eyes.

"Come on buddy” Sirius said trying to help, “she’s just a little upset. Talk to her." Sirius urged. Remus didn’t respond.

"Let’s just leave Remus alone." Lily sighed exasperated. Without another word everyone packed up their things leaving Remus alone at the table.

"I’m sorry Sek." James said sadly as they exited the library.

"No its fine” Sekhmet stopped pacing and looked at the floor, “maybe it’s for the best. That that... that fucking asshole can just continue to ignore me. I mean years of friendship obviously mean nothing to him.”
Sekhmet started to cry “Fucking liar!" Sekhmet ran off down the hall.

Sekhmet stopped waiting outside for Remus outside the library. Came down to breakfast after Remus had left and she kept her head down during class. Lily, Alice, and Isis were becoming increasingly concerned about Sekhmet’s sudden personality shift. By the second week after Sekhmet had discovered Remus’s secret, the girls got a big shock.

"Sek what are you doing?" Isis asked as she, Lily, and Alice walked into their dorm.

"I’m doing homework silly." Sekhmet said as if she was doing something normal.

"Oh are you writing your potions essay?" asked Lily

"Yep." Sekhmet responded "Did you guys wanna work with me?"

"Sure.” Lily said Isis and Alice nodded in agreement. “We should probably let James, Sirius, and Frank know we’re gonna study up here.”

“I’ll come with you.” Isis said.

"What the hell is going on?” Lily whispered as Isis closed the door “She’s acting like a normal student! This is so unlike Sek!" Lily exclaimed.

"I know and she’s never acted this way before. Usually whenever a guy hurts her she gets pissed and plots revenge!” Isis leaned against the wall. “I wanna kill Remus! I don’t get why he won’t talk to her, well actually I do he’s trying to protect her. Except he’s not he’s hurting her! I don’t know what to do about either of them.” Isis took a deep breath then walked down the stairs Lily following behind.

The next morning Sekhmet beat everyone downstairs to breakfast. She had got up early, showed, checked her homework, and headed downstairs well before Isis, Lily, and Alice. As they walked towards their place at the Gryffindor table Sekhmet sat waiting with an open book.

“Good morning friends." Sekhmet greeted with a cheery attitude.

"Morning." Sirius replied cautiously giving Isis a worried look.

"So did you know a certain friend of yours is avoiding all areas where I might happen to be? I’m starting to wonder if he thinks I might just be mad at him. Imagine me mad at someone! That’s just laugh worthy.” Sekhmet forced a laugh; no one knew what to say, “Well I’m off. Don’t want to be late. Oh and tell that friend of yours were good, and not to worry, I’m over it. I mean if he didn’t want me in the first place he should have just said so. Pity dating helps no one." Sekhmet’s voice broke and she ran from the Great Hall.

Morning classes went on as normal except for the fact that Sekhmet was unusually quiet. Normally she caused a disturbance in at least one class. After an unusually uneventful Transfiguration class Professor McGonagall asked Isis to stay after class.

"Isis is there something wrong with your sister?” McGonagall asked once the classroom was empty, “I won’t say that I am not impressed with the more studious Sekhmet, but this is very unlike her. Did something happen?” Seeing the look on Isis’s face McGonagall continued, “Does it have to do with Mr. Lupin?”

“Yes.” Isis answered.

“I would think by now that Mr. Lupin would know where he could place his trust and understand that his friends will not judge him.”

“You would think so.” Isis said not sure how much to say.

“Well please let your sister know that I am here if she wishes to talk.”

“Yes Professor.” Isis said before exiting the classroom.

That evening Sekhmet had once again locked herself in their dorm doing homework. When Isis and Lily arrived upstairs they found her reading one her school books. Alice hadn’t arrived yet.

"What did I do wrong?” Sekhmet asked quietly setting her book down, “Why is he ignoring me? Do you think he hates me? What fucking right does he have to ignore me? I’m the one who should be upset! I’m the one that’s been lied to! I’m the one that’s been wronged!" Sekhmet screamed before getting up and running out of the room.

"What should we do? We can’t just let her keep this up." Lily said picking up Sekhmet’s book that had fallen to the floor.

"I’m going to talk to Sirius. Maybe him and James have managed to get through to Remus." Isis said putting her things away.

After checking the common room Isis found Sirius alone in the boy’s dorm. Remus was hiding out in the library as per usual, Peter was getting Remus’s help with homework, and James was off working on Quidditch plays. Sirius was lying on his bed book over his face. Isis walked over lifting the book off his face.

“Hey I’m trying to…oh hello.” Sirius gave a sleepy smile.

"How’s it going?" Isis asked.

"Well I’m doing wonderful now that you’ve graced me with your presence" Sirius smirked as Isis laughed.

"Oh I’m loved" Isis sat down on the bed next to Sirius.

"That you are."

"So how’s Remus? He’s avoiding me now too. I think he’s worried I’ll kill him."

"I don’t blame him!” Isis raised one eyebrow Sirius chuckled then turned serious, “Horrible he’s worried Sek hates him."

"She’s really angry, but she doesn’t hate him. Though I am worried that if he doesn’t take to her soon she’ll do something rash; you know her and her paybacks."

"I’ve tried talking him around, so has James, but nothing is working.”
“Then I don’t know what to do.” Isis sighed laying her head down on Sirius’s chest.

“It will work out.”

The moon was hidden by the clouds leaving the grounds of Hogwarts covered in darkness. Sekhmet sat against a large tree on the very edge of the Forbidden Forest hiding her from the world, but her sobs could be heard across the lake. She could hear footsteps approaching. Silently she wished for the steps to be Remus’s coming to comfort her, to apologize, to stay. The person kneeled down next to her.

"What’s wrong?” The voice didn’t belong to Remus, Sekhmet started crying harder.

"He hates me! He won’t talk to me! What’s wrong with me?" Sekhmet sobbed into her arms that were rested on her knees. She didn’t care who she was talking to or if she was going to get in trouble, she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

"Nothing’s wrong with you and no man should ever make you cry." His voice was soft a welcome comfort.

He wrapped his arms around Sekhmet pulling her closer allowing her to lean against his chest and continued to cry. He stroked her hair and said nothing. Sekhmet noticed that he smell like the dungeons and potions.

Snape? Sekhmet thought as her tears continued to fall.

"He doesn’t love me anymore!” Sekhmet cried out again “All he does is avoid me and pretend that I’m not there, and I don’t.... no one likes me, he he ....." Sekhmet looked up her tears falling harder. She had been right the young man was Snape.

“He’s a fool.” Snape attempted to brush her tears away, but they were falling to fast. Instead his hand rest on the side of her face. Before Sekhmet could even register what was going on Snape’s lips were on hers his hand holding her head firmly in place. When Sekhmet didn’t move or respond Snape parted her lips with his tongue.

Sekhmet pulled back in shock and anger. Pulling her arm back she slapped Snape smartly across the face before jumping to her feet and running back to the castle.

"Fuck!" Sekhmet screamed bursting into her dorm.

"Sek what’s wrong?" Lily asked jumping to her feet.

"Sis why are you crying?" Isis walked towards Sekhmet who rushed passed her heading for her trunk.

"I... crying... hold... kiss... gross... ick...slap… sna.... sna…" Sekhmet sobbed incoherently as she grabbed her toothbrush, mouth wash, shampoo, and body wash than ran to the bathrooms. Isis followed closely behind her with a towel in hand.

"What happened?" Isis asked when she finally reached the bathroom. Sekhmet was roughly washing her hair and body cursing and sobbing at the same time. She dunked her head under the watering washing her hair.

"It was horrible!” Sekhmet yelled coming back to the surface. Climbing out of the tub she ignored the towel Isis was holding and went straight for the sink, “I was crying by the lake.” Sekhmet explained brushing her teeth and crying “Than some guy told me I shouldn’t cry and held me and was trying to make me feel better! Then he kissed me and shoved his tongue in my mouth!"Spitting out the toothpaste she started gurgling mouth wash.

"Who was it?" Isis asked. Spitting out the mouth wash Sekhmet grabbed the towel out of her sister’s hands, wrapped it around herself, and sprinted out the door. Once again Isis was hot on her tail.

"Where’s... Remus?" Sekhmet sobbed stumbling into the common room. James and Sirius didn’t know what to say, they were too shocked by the fact that Sekhmet was standing in a towel dripping wet. “Where the fuck is he!?” Sekhmet yelled when they didn’t answer. James pointed up to the dorm.

Clutching the towel to her body Sekhmet dashed up the stairs. Without a word Isis, Lily, James, and Sirius followed behind. Sekhmet bust threw the boy’s dorm room door causing Remus to jump dropping the book he had been reading to the floor. Remus stared at Sekhmet in utter shock. Sekhmet stood in front of him wrapped in a towel, hair still dripping wet, and breathing heavily.

"Now you fucking listen to me Remus! You lied to me! Then avoided me! I’m the one who should be upset and avoiding you! And now because of you I’ve had the worse week ever! Then today, it got a million times worse!" Sekhmet yelled tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Sek I..." Remus began, but Sekhmet quickly cut him off.

"No you listen to me! I was just fucking crying my eyes out for the last time over you out by the lake, when some guy came to talk to me, to make me feel better, and by god i was hoping it was you, but no! You wanna know who was there to comfort me!? You wanna know who was there for me when you should have been!? You wanna know who I was praying to be you!? Do you!? It was fucking Snape! Snape was there! He was the asshole who made my day suck even more! He kissed me and shoved his fucking tongue down my throat! He was the one who wanted to kiss me! If you don’t want this," Sekhmet dropped her towel to the floor. Gasping in shock Lily and Isis quickly covered James’s and Sirius’s eyes and pulled them from the room.

"You know I hate that you lied to me,” Sekhmet’s voice was softer, “but I still love you, and I think the whole werewolf thing is about the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard of or seen." Sekhmet stood there looking at Remus as tears continued to fall, "If you don’t want…” Sekhmet never finished her sentence. Without a word Remus pulled her towards him silencing her with a soft passionate kiss.

Back down in the common room James, Sirius, Lily, and Isis sat around the fireplace filling in Frank, Alice, and Peter on what they had missed.

“Poor girl!” Alice exclaimed once Isis had finished.

“This is a new low, even for Snape.” Frank said shaking his head.

"So Snape.... " James looked sidelong at Lily

"Are we allowed to beat him up?" Sirius finished looking at Isis.

"James no! You’re Head Boy!" Lily exclaimed sounding scandalized well winking at James. James and Sirius smiled at each other.

"So where are we supposed to sleep if they’re making up?" Frank asked.

"I guess the couches for you guys.” Lily shrugged. The guys all groaned as the girls kissed them goodnight.

"This is really unfair you know.” Sirius said capturing Isis around the waist pressing his lips to her ear, “Why is your sister always the one that get to be to be uninterrupted?”

"How about we steal the dorm tomorrow?” Isis asked turning in his arms, “As long as you’re a good boy." Isis added with a smirk.

"I can live with that." Sirius kissed Isis once more before she disappeared upstairs.

The next morning Lily, Alice, and Isis came down stairs to wake the guys up before everyone else woke up and began asking questions, about why Sekhmet had been yelling, why she had been running around in a towel, and why the boys were sleeping on the couch.

The scene that greeted the girls was rather comical. It seemed that Sirius had won the battle for the larger of the couches. James frank had managed to snag the second largest, James was curled up in one of the plush chairs, and Peter had fallen off his chair onto the floor.

“Wake up.” Isis gently shook Sirius shoulder. “Morning.” Isis smiled.

"I could wake up like this every morning." Sirius mumbled sleepily before kissing Isis good morning.

Waking up James was a different story. Lily gave a small squeal, as James, realizing he wasn’t dreaming, pulled Lily onto his lap. Everyone started laughing. Lily, attempting to break free from James’s sudden kissing attack, fell to the floor landing on her bottom causing everyone to erupt in laughter. The laughter only stopped when Remus loudly cleared his throat.

"What’s up Remus?" Lily asked as James helped her up off the floor.

"Oh well Sek asked me to check if anyone was down in the common room so she could sneak back into her dorm to well change in to more suitable clothing." Remus answered obviously embarrassed.

"Lack of clothing has never stopped her before.” Isis commented.

"I stopped her." Remus mumbled.

"That’s sweet of you Remus. Someone who finally convinced her that she should at least attempt some form of modesty." Isis remarked with a smile.

"True, because for all anyone knows there’s might be some random student down here with a camera waiting to get an embarrassing picture of someone and her luck shed be in nothing but a towel." Lily commented laughing.

"No Remus would be the gentleman and offer her a top so they'd only end up seeing her ass." Sirius commented resulting in a smack on the shoulder from Isis.

"I’ll run up and grab her something, be right back" Isis dashed up the stairs.

That after everyone went down to the Great Hall in a good mood especially James and Sirius. When Isis asked Sirius why he was so happy he told her she would find out soon enough. Laughter met their ears as they walked into the Great Hall. Following people’s obvious pointing everyone’s eyes landed on Snape. His nose was red and his hair was green. When he saw Sekhmet Snape ran from the Great Hall laughter following him.

"I love you guys!" Sekhmet exclaimed laughing.

"Why thank you." James slung his arm around Sekhmet’s shoulders
giving her a one arm hug.

"I thought you weren’t going to!?" Lily said pretending to sound angry.

"We have to defend our friends honor." Sirius said folding his arms across his chest.

"I’m so glad I’m friends with you losers." Sekhmet smiled sitting down to enjoy lunch.

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Lyrics: Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson
Beautiful image by Jazzi @ TDA

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