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Ivy in Wonderland by emerald_princess
Chapter 8 : My Best Friends Boyfriend
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With all that had been happening in my life I had completely forgotten that the Hogsmeade weekend had been coming up.  The rest of the week had gone by without event, I hadn’t spoken to James since the hug because I knew that he was probably equally as weirded out as I was.  I had gotten over the incident in the
hospital wing and I was even starting to get used to (NOT LIKE) Michelle’s stupid new boyfriend.  But even though the week had been pretty much perfect apart from the problems at the start I was very happy when it was time for the trip to Hogsmeade.  I had always loved the place and I needed a break.  Some time with just me and my best friend.  Shopping and eating and just having heaps of fun.  So when I got up on Saturday morning to the gentle pitter-pattering of rain against the window I smiled happily and literally sprung out of bed.  A lot of girls put heaps of effort into what they wore to Hogsmeade because it was their one time to go out somewhere with their latest clothes and flaunt it.  I, however, did not.  I put on a comfortable pair of skinny jeans a blue-grey tie-dye singlet and a grey cardigan.  Simple and comfortable.  I matched this with my favourite converse high-tops.  I love converse.  I did
my hair the same way I usually did- dried and brushed, just hanging loose.  I put concealer on and a little bit of mascara and of course I brushed my teeth!  Heaps of girls put brushing their teeth last on their list of priorities when they got up in the morning, on mine it was first.  

After I had beautified myself to the best of my abilities I went to wake Michelle up.  She was already awake.  She smiled at me and I smiled back.  She must have been up for a while because she was already in a carefully picked and over-the-top outfit.  She was looking bright and refreshed with her enviously stylish hair up in a loose, side pony tail which rested on her shoulder, she wore a natural, nice amount of makeup and her fringe was left out of the pony tail covering her forehead which made me assume that she had found a pimple there that morning.  She was wearing a black trench coat style dress, with heaps of buttons and maroon coloured tights.  Her fingernails were not painted their usual pink but a swirl of black and purple, and she was covering her dress with tiny, sparkly diamantes.  I seriously did not understand the point of caring so much about what you wear.  You are just going to get out of it anyway and the people that you try to impress are either complete strangers or a guy you like.  If it’s the former then they don’t even know you why would they care what you are wearing and if it is the latter they will probably see you when you are looking like a right dag at some point anyway.  I  never put any effort into what I wore and nobody ever insulted me because of my outfits.  I sat down next to Michelle and watched her magically stick the diamantes on her dress for a while.  She seemed to be putting all of her concentration into it so I didn’t want to interrupt her.  But as always I got bored just sitting there watching her so I was about to talk to her but to my surprise she began to speak first. 

“Ivy I’m not coming with you to Hogsmeade, I forgot to tell you but Greg and I we made it a date.  We would really like some alone time you know?”

I stared at her and all I could think of was killing Greg but I knew how much she liked him and I knew that if I were her I would have liked some alone time with my boyfriend to.  Of course he would never, ever under any circumstances be Greg. 

Instead of stating my thoughts I said in a rather strained, fake happy voice, “Of course.  That’s fine his your boyfriend I completely understand but you have to promise that when you get back you tell me all the juicy details.”  

Please don't.

Michelle smiled at me happily and then gave me a quick hug.

“Thanks Ivy, you’re the best.  I knew you would understand!  I have to go meet Greg now.  See you soon.”

With that she ran out of the room and I was left alone.  And I knew I would have to spend the whole day at Hogsmeade alone but I also knew that I would suck it up and go anyway.  I felt like I needed a change of scenery for a bit.  Even if I was alone. 




I boarded a carriage with a couple of other girls from my house.  Tammy was one and she gave me a small smile as we both watched Isaac walking into the carriage next to us with Gabrielle.  I watched the thestrals (yes I could see them) start walking and felt the slow, steady movement of the carriage underneath me.  The small group of Ravenclaw girls were having a small and quiet discussion and I sat in silence for most of the trip watching my surroundings.  It was actually quite interesting watching other people talk, it was fun watching the way there faces lit up. 


We soon came to halt and began the trek to Hogsmeade.  I decided that instead of going to the more crowded spots straight away I’d go to Holly’s Hideaway.  It was a tiny corner shop that Michelle and I had discovered in our fourth year that we went to for cakes and hot chocolate.  There was never very many people there and it was really pretty and nice.  I arrived at the shop and sat down in my usual spot.  It was a huge round arm chair that was big enough to fit  about three of me in it.  It was one of those ones that you just sunk into.  It was so comfortable.  Holly, my most favourite person in Hogsmeade came up to say hi and we ended up having a hot chocolate each and a chat.  I could have stayed there all day but I needed to buy some more ink.  So saying goodbye to Holly I skipped off to get some.  I didn’t run into many students on the way but I did see Michelle and Greg having a snog in Madam Puddifoots.  YUCK!  I got my ink and had to be extra carful so that the bottles didn’t break and spill ink all over me. 


I wondered around aimlessly for a long time just walking around saying hi to anyone I knew and having a very boring time.  Then I found myself at zonkos joke shop.  It was crowded with students.  They were all laughing and chatting.  Half of them were probably planning pranks.  I walked in and went straight to my favourite section.  It was a small one at the back.  It was the Weasleys Wizard Wheezes section.  George Weasley had agreed to let some of his products sell in zonkos as long as he got half of the royalties for them and it was by far the best stuff you could get.  I considered all of the different products before me and decided to go for one of the oldest ones.  Puking Pastels.  They were very good for getting out of detentions and class and getting back at a certain person whose name starts with D.  I pushed my way through the crowd and to the counter where I paid for the puking pastels and then I gratefully pushed my way back through and out the door.  When I walked out I bumped straight into Fred Weasley and fell to the ground.  He extended a hand and I took it.  When I was up I looked at the two boys who looked at me.  I turned to Fred and thanked him.

“No worries,” he said with a chuckle, “Are you alone.  Come hang with James and me for the rest of the Hogsmeade trip.  I’m sure you guys can refrain from fighting for a little while… I hope.”   

There was something about Fred.  He always seemed to have a way of calming everyone and making everyone feel confident.  He was always there for a laugh and in a matter of minutes he could get the shyest person laughing and talking to him as if they had known him forever and not just those few minutes.  Perhaps that is why I agreed to ‘hang’ with him and Potter, or maybe it was the fact that I was incredibly bored without anyone to talk to.  Either way I agreed and accompanied them back into the shop that I had just left. 


Fred and Potter spent ages in Zonkos.  When they finally made it to the counter their arms were overflowing with things.  They had gotten anything and everything.  Quite literally.  Pretty much half of the store was gone by the time they had finished.  We walked out of the shop and I made sure that Fred stayed between Potter and I because I did not want to get sent back early for murdering someone.  I have learnt that when it comes to Potter and I there is always violence involved.  We walked along, with Fred making all of the conversation and Potter just grunting his replies.  He sounded like some idiot cave man.  Seriously why do people grunt?  What is the point of grunting?  How the hell did I get to thinking about grunting? 


I really needed to start talking.  Me left alone with my thoughts was definitely not a good thing.  I zoned back into the conversation and found that Fred was now talking about some random chicks arse.  I really didn’t want to get into a conversation about that but I desperately needed to talk.  Thinking was boring. 

“You know Fred you really shouldn’t be talking about girls and their figures when there is another girl around.  You should know how much we love to gossip.”

He grinned down at me and lazily placed an arm around my shoulder. 

“You wouldn’t tell anyone would you?”


Here’s a fun fact for you Fred Weasley is a complete flirt. 


So I spent my Hogsmeade trip with a prat and a flirt. 


And surprisingly I had more fun then I had, had in weeks.


We soon found ourselves at the Honey Dukes which if it all possible was more crowded then Zonkos.  Fred shouted Potter and I a giant lollipop and got himself one as well.  He also got heaps of chocolate frogs which he refused to share with anyone else.  We then went to The Three Broomsticks where Fred went to shout us drinks.  He said it was because he was just a naturally nice and generous person but Potter and I knew that he had just wanted to flirt with Nelly Rosmerta, Madam Rosmerta daughter.  I had become completely absorbed in my own thoughts but was soon startled out of my reverie when I heard an excited squeal from the doorway.  It was a third year Hufflepuff girl.  When I first saw her I had immediately assumed that she was squealing with excitement because it was her first Hogsmeade trip and she was… well… excited.  But then I realized she was staring right at Potter.  She skipped over and sat right on top of my knee.  She then glared at me in an if you don’t move now you die way.  So I didn’t move.  She glared harder then turned back to Potter completely forgetting about my presence. 

“You’re James Potter!” she half shrieked, half sang.

I had no idea that was even possible. 

“I am.” Potter said a small smirk playing across his face.  She giggled hysterically.  I wanted to get away from them, I felt like I was going to be sick at any moment and I desperately wanted to punch the third year bimbo in the face.  She began to talk really fast and I don’t think she was breathing.  Potter stopped her by raising his hand which annoyed me immensely.  Why could he get people to do anything he wanted just by raising his stupid hand.  His rather large hand.  I have decided that I hate large hands. 

“It was nice meeting you but I’m sure my friend Fred would enjoy your company even more.”  He pointed to Fred who hadn’t even bothered to buy drinks yet.  He probably never would.  The girl pouted sulkily at Potter before getting up.  My knee was very red and it hurt.  She looked at Potter and obviously tried to make herself look older and sexier.

“I’ll see you around then.” She said.

She was surprisingly very composed as she walked over to Fred.  Fred looked shocked as she began to talk to him and then he shot an annoyed glare at Potter who to my great amusement shrank back a bit.  The third year leaned in to kiss Fred on the cheek and he immediately shrank away from her a disgusted look on his face.  He glared at Potter again and this time I shrunk back to.  Fred Weasley can be very scary at times.  He mouthed the word I will kill you.  James grabbed my arm and we began to run away.  We ran through the throng of people and out the door and then we ran all the way to the other end of Hogsmeade.  We then ran into Holly’s Hideaway.  How convenient that my favourite place in Hogsmeade was also the best place to hide from crazy people. 


Potter and I fell into the chairs furthest away from the window.  We couldn’t stop laughing.  Tears were streaming down my face and I was struggling for air.  Holly walked up to us a confused expression on her face.  She stared down at us as we struggled to get enough breath back to talk.  I was the first one who did.

“I’m sorry Holly. It’s just a psycho murderer is after us and we needed a place to hide.” I stated matter-of-factly. 

Holly looked at me and Potter.  She had a look on her face that clearly said what the hell???  I couldn’t help but laugh at her and that started Potter up again which made me laugh even more.

“I’ll just go get you two a drink.” She said and then sped off as quickly as she could. 

We sat laughing a little longer but stopped.  We sat there out of breath for a while and then Potter leaned back with a sigh putting his feet up on the table.  That is when I realized who I was with.  Who I was laughing with. 


What the hell was wrong with me lately?  I had gone mental.  I was seriously beginning to consider stopping off at Saint Mungo’s for a bit.  As the thoughts ran through my head I realized that I was still smiling.  Maybe I needed to go to St. Mungo’s for a very long bit.  I turned to Potter whose eyes were slightly closed.  He had his head resting on his arms in that way that guys seem to do a lot.  I stared at him for a little while and became very annoyed with the way he treated this place like a house.  Like he could do whatever he wanted here.  Like put his feet on the tables.  It was strange but I had almost forgotten how much I hated Potter until that point.  Almost.  I nudged his foot off, of the table and his eyes immediately flew open.  Seeing that his feet on the table had annoyed me he immediately put them back on smirking at me. 


God, I hated that smirk!


“Potter this isn’t your house or common room.  You can’t just go acting like you own the place.” I nudged his feet off again.

“Why not?” he said smugly, grinning and winking at some random across the room.  I felt a twinge of annoyance and my anger surged up.  I glared at him, my most threatening menacing glare.  He swallowed but did not remove his feet.  Idiot.  With a scream I tackled him to the floor and began to hit him.  Most of the people in the place left and a few came over to try and split us up but I was furious and nothing would stop me.  I fished my wand out from my pocket and pointed it directly at his face.  He struggled beneath me and managed to push me off of him.  I was now the one on the ground.  His wand was now pointed at my face and I felt him sit lightly on my body and hold my arms down with one hand.  His hands really were very large.  They fit around both of my wrists keeping them down.  My wrists tingled slightly but I ignored them and closed my eyes awaiting the curse that would come my way.

Ok another authors not from meee.
I am sooo SORRY for how long it took me to get this chapter up!  I promise the next one will be up much quicker.  I wrote a one-shot the other day called Those Eyes, it's Rose/Scorpius and like the wonderful, fantastic, AWESOME author that you know I am I will give you a preview... yeah I'm that cool.

They betrayed him.  Every emotion past and present seemed to be in them.  In them she saw the person he really was.  And he was amazing.  Someone she wanted to know.

Someone she needed to know.

Yes, yes, I know I am aware that I am AWESOME but you my readers are AWESOMER!  To prove your awesomness to me you must REVIEW!  I demand it!

Write anything, you hate it, you love it.  Cheese is yum and your favourite is chedder.  ANYTHING!!!
From emerald_princess :D

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