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Blue Jeans are like Memories, They Never Fade by lilylunapotter26
Chapter 1 : A Million Shattered Pieces
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Made by the brilliant Camila @TDA
Albus Potter



Well as you all know, I own none of this stuff...well accept for Josie, Adrianne, and Logan. Unfortunately that's all :( I do own a Gryffindor blanket though....




I dropped my trunk onto my big toe, for what was about the fifteenth time in five minutes; yes I have been counting. I cursed quietly to myself as my toe throbbed.


Seriously I’m going to have a broken foot by the time I have finished walking the short distance between the entrance of the crowded train station and Platform 9 and 3/4.


I glanced up quickly at the clock. 10:50. 


Damn, I only had ten minutes. 


I had been running on time until realizing that I forgotten my trunk on the front lawn and we had to turn back around. Well that added to the fact that I got stuck with a pair disfunctioning feet.


God must love me a lot. 


I love you too God!


Bending down pick up my trunk I noticed that the strings on one of my silver ballet flats was untied. I carefully knotted it tight enough so that I would not trip over it, which seeing as how today was going, seemed like a safe move.


From behind someone’s trolley smashed into my back; it sent me straight through the brick wall directly in front of me. 


I scrunched up my face, bracing for the impact that would surely crush all bones and other bodily features in my face.


The impact of the wall never came, only the collision of me and my owl hitting the ground on the other side of the barrier. My trunk came sliding after me, this time hitting my heels sending me farther foreword.


“Oh sweet mother of pearl.” I groaned, my back and heels aching.


I picked up my screeching owl, Mena, and what was left of my pride, dusted myself off and stood up. Lord knows what kind of stuff litters the floors around here.

This is going to sound awful, but I think thats the best luck I’ve had all day. I fell through the wall that I had spent over ten minutes looking for. Sounds like good luck to me.


Straightening myself up after picking up my banged up trunk I was greeted with the famous smirk of Scorpius Malfoy.


“Always need to make an entrance don’t you Josie.” Scorpius chuckled ruffling my already crazy brown curls.


I pouted at him. “It’s not like I intentionally tripped over my feet and got ran over by a trolley.” I insisted as I tried to flatten my hair down.


“It’s always entertaining to see how your going to come onto the platform; extremely graceful and tactful this year.” He teased.


I tried hitting him in the head with the heel of my hand, but he dodged it. Damn those Quidditch reflexes.


Laughing he walked away disappearing into a swarm of people, leaving me all by myself with sore bones and a bunch of stuff to carry.


What a gentleman.


I searched the overcrowded platform until I spotted Harry and Ginny Potter. With a smile etched on my face I dragged my trunk and owl over to where they were standing.


I only ran over three peoples toes with my trunk on my way over, one of which was mine. Personal best.


“Top of the morning.” I greeted happily, setting my stuff down next to the Potter’s trunks.


The Potter’s treated me like I was one of their own children, from sharing their love with not only their three children, but with me also. I also seem to get a tad of the punishment too, somehow trouble ends up finding me once in a while.


I have practically lived at the Potter’s house since I was eleven. Let’s just say I’m a house guest that never leaves. Kinda like on Christmas and you have a huge family, but no one wants to leave. Yeah thats me. 


Except I don’t know what it’s like to have a huge family. I’ve been in foster care since I was six and a half, switching foster families every few months. I was treated like some disgusting creature, probably because of my habit to make things explode when I got mad.


Embarrassed and ashamed about the way I had been brought up, I never told anyone my story. Except for Ginny, but of course she found out by accident.


It was a cold December night and the winter wind howled outside my window. The snowflakes falling steadily from the swirling sky. I was gratified that I was inside a nice warm bed instead of out there in the blustery cold.


It was my first night at the Potter’s house, I had arrived just hours before. I was required to go back ‘home’ before I came here.


Not that I would ever classify that awful place as home. I had no where to call home. 


So far this is the only house that has felt even a little like home, even though it was only my first day here.


The silvery blue duvet was pulled up so far that only my ocean colored eyes and wild curls could be seen. There were so many layers of blankets stacked on top of me that I could barely move. 


My eyelids felt like they had weights attached to them. I struggled to keep them open for just a few minutes longer so that I could examine the room around me.


Within seconds my eyelids fluttered closed, throwing me into my nightly dreams.


I tossed and turned my memories from the past haunting me through my dreams. I wanted to escape from it all.


My own bloodcurdling screams woke me up from the long line of nightmares. Tears were streaming down my sweaty cheeks and dripping onto my skin. 


The pile of blankets were now twisted all over the bed while some fell to the floor. My skin was hot and sticky with sweat.


The thud of feat could be heard outside my door before it was flung open, light flooding in from the hallway breaking the thick blanket of darkness.


Standing there wands raised were Harry and Ginny, ready to protect me from harm. It was then that I realized what it must feel like to have a family that cares about you. 


“Josie?” Harry’s voice called out through the shadows.


My only response was a half sob half scream. Tears spilled from my puffy red eyes so fast that they probably could have filled a bucket.


My thin pajamas were glued to my skin, my curls piled on top of my head in a messy knot.


Three faces peeked out from around their parents. Each looking petrified, their faces as white as a sheet.


Ginny turned to the rest of the family and motioned for them to go back to bed. Closing the door behind her, Ginny navigated her way through the blackness over to where I sat sobbing on the bed.


She scooped me up in her arms like I was her child and she cradled me until my the only remains of my tears were their tracks on my thin cheeks.


Ginny’s tender fingers stroked my back, I flinched when she touched a spot near the center.


She turned her warm chocolate eyes to my face. She raised the back of my t-shirt just enough to see the beginning of a long gash that ran the entire length of my back.


It happen to be from earlier that day when I had returned from the Hogwarts Express. I shuddered at the memory trying to erase it from my thoughts.


A look of concern, something I had never seen towards me, rose on Ginny’s face.  “Josie...what’s this?” 


Swallowing thickly I let the words slip from my mouth.


I ended up telling her my story, well most of it anyway. We could have been there for centuries before I finished.


After finishing I looked down at my lap and played with the edge of one of one of the multi-colored quilts waiting for Ginny’s response.


Ginny’s face was flushed with a mixture of anger and concern splashed all over it. The feelings that I felt were overwhelming, I had never had anyone angry for what they have done to me. 


People have only been angry at me. 


Ginny’s fists clenched the duvet so tight that her knuckles were turning white. “How could anyone do that to you?” Her voice shook as she spoke.


Silence was her only response. “You promise me that if anyone ever touches you again, you come straight to Harry or I.” 


I nodded my head slowly; letting my curly knot topple from one side of my head to the other.


We sat in silence before she picked up all the blankets on the floor and tucked me back into bed. The sheets and duvet were wrapped around me once more.


As she got up to leave she placed a kiss on my forehead. Not knowing what to do I threw my arms around her neck in a hug.


“Thank you.” I whispered into her.


“For what love?” Ginny inquired, settling me back into bed.


“For listening to me.” 


With a smile she headed for the door. “Ginny?” I spoked softly.


“Yes dear.”


“Can you promise me that you won’t tell anyone except for Harry. I’m not ready for anyone to know yet.” 


“Of course.” She replied, shutting the door quietly behind her as she left.


For the second time that night I fell asleep to howling of the wind, but this time my dreams were filled with sweet thoughts.


That night is still a secret to everyone, aside from Ginny, Harry, and I. There were questions the next morning when I woke up, but the only answer was ‘She heard a noise’


Whether or not they believed that lie is still a mystery to me.


“Good morning Josie.” Ginny laughed as I plopped myself down onto my trunk, massaging my heels.


“How was your summer?” I asked politely. 

“Eh, pretty dull without you there. Lily kept complaining that she was bored without you.”


A small blush crept onto my cheeks. “I missed you guys too, but this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime.” 


“Oh don’t worry I completely understand, it’s just next year I think you should come back and stay with us again. Lily can be so bipolar sometimes.” Ginny waved it off.


Only Ginny could call her own daughter bipolar without being thought of as a inconsiderate mother because we all know, she’s right.


“Very nice. I give you a ten.” Harry clapped coming up from behind his wife. Praising my fall through the barrier. 10 was pretty good, I got an 8 and a half last year when I leaned up against the wall and ended up taking Albus with me.


I let out an attractive snort and took a bow from where I was sitting.”Why thank you. That is so far the best luck I’ve had all day.”


Harry wrapped his arm around Ginny’s waist, placing a light kiss on her nose as he did so.


Harry raised his eyebrows. “Let me guess, bad day.”


I nodded in response. “Yup, thats pretty much how it goes down.”


Harry threw back his head and laughed as Ginny half attempted to stop him, but she too was on the verge of laughing.


“Ay-o.” Lily greeted me, nodding her head like a gangster.


“Sup dude?” I returned her head nod.


Oh, Lily Potter. Where do I even start with her. Two years younger than me sweet as can be, but when she feels like it she can have a mouth dirtier than a truck driver’s. 


We hit it off the first Christmas I stayed at their house. Being me I tripped down the stairs, taking her down with me. I half expected her to reach out and slap me, but instead she poked me in the cheek and laughed.


Lily was like an exact copy of Ginny; her long wavy red hair and deep brown eyes made them look like twins. She inherited her mother’s fiery attitude and the Weasley temper. Her mouth and laugh were all Harry, she was 100% a daddy’s girl, not that she would ever admit it.


“I missed you tripping down the stairs every five minutes this summer. Life’s so boring without you.” She frowned, twisting her deep red hair around her hand and letting it fall over her shoulder.


You can always tell when someone loves you when they miss you for tripping down the stairs.


“I heard you were quite bipolar this summer Bugsie.” I retorted, knocking her shoulder with mine.


“I am not bipolar.” She insisted stubbornly.


“You are too.”


“Am not.”


“Even ask your mum.” I kicked her leg with my foot.


“Some mother she is! I’m going to have a word with that woman.” She shouted, strutting over to where her mother and father were talking with some important looking wizard.


“Josie-posie-your so rosie-you little nosy Josie.” A deep voice sang from behind me.


I leaned my head backwards, there was Albus smiling like a turd with his hands shoved in the pockets of his jeans.


“I have to congratulate you on your arrival, that was really something.” He teased. I think that made my day.”


I scrunched up my nose as he placed himself next to me on my trunk. It wobbled a little under our weight. “I’m so glad it’s my pain that makes you happy.” I pouted, letting my lower lip stick out.


“It wasn’t just me! Scorpius laughed too!” Albus defended, pointing his finger towards Scorpius who was talking to some random brunette.


“So let me get this straight, if you found Scorpius shagging Voldemort, you would join too?” I asked cheekily.


Albus’s face twisted with disgust. “That’s utterly revolting.”


With one last grimace he hopped up and headed towards  Scorpius, his all time best guy friend.


“I’m going to take that as a yes!” I yelled after him.


“You caught me.” He laughed, sending me a wink that turned my legs into jelly.


I think I just almost barfed up my heart right then.


I watched as he threw his arm around Scorpius’s shoulder and he too talked to the random brunette. Whoever that little brunette is, I dislike her and her brunetteness.


The whistle of the train shrilled, giving the warning of five minutes before the train left the station.


I turned my head towards the train, but instead of seeing the Hogwarts Express I saw a flash of red and I was knocked off of my trunk and on to the dirty floors. 


What is this? I think someone up there wants me dead or severely injured.


I looked up at who ever had just decked me. Familiar blue eyes looked down at me.




“JOSIE!” We screamed together.


I gave her a huge hug as we pulled each other up off the ground. Our talking was all mixed together because we were both chattering as fast as we could at the exact same time.


Rose had dark red hair that curled like mine, but hers was much shorter. It fell only a little past her shoulder while mine was down my back. She inherited her father’s eyes and temper and her mother’s brains. Her blue eyes were almost the same as mine, but a few shades darker.


We stopped talking and realized that many people were staring. They just wish they could look as sophisticated as we do when we scream.


Hermione was smiling at the two of us. “Girls, now that we have all lost all hearing why don’t you get on the train so you can get a seat.” 


I waited as Rose quickly hugged her family. I waved to everyone and then we started off towards the train together; trunks dragging and owls hooting.


We boarded the overpopulated the train, squeezing our way through the throng of people so that we could find a compartment.


Everyone one was filled to the brim with people, as were the corridors of the train.


“Oh look! There’s Scorpius!” Rose twittered excitedly, pulling her trunk towards the compartment that Scorpius had stepped into moments before.


“Bonjour.” I greeted everyone as I entered the somewhat empty compartment. 


With the help of Albus my trunk landed safely onto the rack above the seats, as did Rose’s.


I took my seat as the train pulled away from the station, leaving behind the families of students.


“Where’s Fred-o?” I asked curiously, getting up from my seat and peering out the door.


“He went to find Camden, he said something about it being urgent.” Scorpius replied. 


I knew Camden Hollow fairly well, he was well known for breaking girls hearts. Therefore I had never really had any interest in becoming acquainted with him.

I nodded my head. “It probably has something to do with how many girls they’ve snogged this summer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there was some sort of competition this summer.” I leaned up against the frame of the door, forgetting to close the slider.


Poor choice on my part because at the exact same moment Lily, James and James’s girlfriend/best friend Delia shuffled in, taking my seat.


“Hey Josie Posie.” Delia greeted, taking a seat next to James.


Delia and James have been dating since the beginning of last year when the realized that they both actually loved each other. It only took them five years.

Delia can be pretty much classified as the older sister I never had. She helps fill that empty spot that appeared when my whole family disappeared from my life. When I met Delia’s parents at the end of my second year she introduced me to her family as her younger sister. 


Her breathtaking gray eyes are always shining and happy. Her long light brown hair falls down a little past her shoulders. She knows how to calm me down when I get upset and she can always make me laugh. 


Rose’s brother Hugo straggled in sitting next to Lily which mean that all the seats except for two were taken.


I closed the compartment door, but it was immediately reopened when two more people joined us.


“Adrianne! Logan!” I squealed, enveloping them into a huge hug.


We exchanged our hellos before they took the last two seats. 


Hello bad luck, we meet again.


“Way to maul us.” Logan snorted rubbing is shoulder.


“Way to take the last two seats.” I retorted sticking out my tongue at him.


Adrianne was smiling, but something glinted in her eyes, telling me that she was different than I had thought. Or maybe that glint had always been there and I had just been too preoccupied to notice.


Her eyes were saying something that contrasted the smile on her face. A feeling in my stomach told me that this year was going to be different.


Lily shoved Hugo out of the seat next to her and patted it, gesturing for me to sit down. 


“Love you too Lily.” Hugo huffed, getting up off the floor he left the compartment.


I happily took the spot before anyone else could take it from me. “Thanks Bugsie.”

“No problemo.” She smirked, shifting her position so that her legs rested on my thighs.


Scorpius and Rose were sitting across from me deep in conversation about one of the latest Quidditch matches.


Scorpius Malfoy was not his father, though Draco had reformed his ways they are in no way alike. They share the same gray eyes and bleach blonde hair, but that’s all.


I have met Draco Malfoy and I have to say he is quite nice now a days. I think he was just brought up in the wrong family because he is actually quite funny. 


I think Scorpius got his mother’s warm personality and knack for trouble. Somehow he and Albus always managed to get themselves into at least two detentions in the first week.


Albus’s facade couldn’t be any different. With hair as black as night and eyes the color of emeralds he was gorgeous. Albus was a replica of Harry just as Lily was a replica of Ginny. 


I have been in love with Albus since my second year attending Hogwarts, not that he knows that. He is completely oblivious, I swear the child always has a girl friend. He is not without a girl glued to his side for more than a week. 


Understandable when you look that good, but a little heartbreaking for the girl on the sidelines.


Adrianne had squeezed herself in next to Albus, she was pretty much sitting on his lap. Her golden blonde hair was straightened to perfection, flawless just like the rest of her. 


Pretty blue eyes looked at Albus, I didn’t want to know the thoughts that were rushing through her head at the moment. Trust me we would all be scarred if we went on a trip through the thoughts of Adrianne Abercott. 


Definition of Adrianne: A guy magnet, the biggest in the entire school. She was flirting horribly with Albus at the moment. 


Lovely, now I’m going to have to puke up the yummy pumpkin pasty I just ate.


Ever since our first year she has been stealing guys from me, even if she didn’t like them. I always thought it was because we had the same taste in men, which maybe we do, but I think it might be a little deeper than that.


When we became friends I was always the awkward third wheel on dates. You know while they ate each others faces I got to sit around and nervously play with my fingers.


I was having trouble telling whether or not Albus was flirting back with Adrianne, he couldn’t be....


It was known that Scorpius and the Potter’s were pretty much the only males in our school that didn’t fall for her ‘charm’. 


*cough cough* Her overly large chest and junk in her trunk *cough cough*


Any who, she is the only person who knows that I’m in love with Albus. Probably the stupidest decision I have ever made in my entire life, telling her. Seriously I must have been high or something when I told her. 


She probably drugged me....yup let’s go with that.


“We should probably get changed.” Rose stated, looking down at the gold watch that she wore on her right wrist.


Wow, I just had a little conversation with myself for half of the train ride. I think thats one of the first signs of social rejection.


Adrianne and Logan left to go find there trunks and get changed. Thank the lord above us, I think I might have gone insane if Adrianne got changed in here.


Stepping on Albus’s legs I reached up into my trunk and grabbed out my robes, a pair of black tights and a dress. 


It was a requirement that we could wear whatever we wanted, school appropriate and not too casual, that it had to be black, white, or gray. 


In our second year, Rose and I came up with a spell that took the color out of your clothing so that there was no need to buy an entire wardrobe of dark clothing. 


Instead you could just swap out the colors and when the day was over bring the colors back to normal. 


Quite helpful if you ask me.


I wore the invisibility cloak while I got changed and than passed it off the Rosie who then handed it to Lily.


The boys just threw their roes over their clothes. 


Boys have it so easy.


Much to my delight Adrianne didn’t return for the rest of the train ride. Instead we played a few games of exploding snaps.




Breathing in the cold air around me I smiled up at the silhouette of Hogwarts that was looming off in the distance. The small dots of the boats that brought the first years across were already on their journey.


Grabbing Rose’s hand we skipped off to find an empty carriage. We found one with Albus, Scorpius, and Adrianne. 


I sat quietly for the entire ride, I feared that if I spoke something bad might come out of my mouth.


“You okay Josie?” Rose whispered as the carriages pulled up to the castle. I nodded my head, but I don’t think that fooled her.


Usually I can’t stop talking on the first day back, so its quite unusual that I’ve been dead silent.


“So Josie, how was your summer?” Adrianne asked, coming up beside me as we hopped out of the carriages.


I opened my mouth to answer. “My summer was fantastic! I met this sexy French guy who was AMAZING. God, I miss him. Though Albus pretty much makes up for that small problem.” Adrianne babbled, cool I’m glad she listened to my summer.


She laughed girlishly when Albus looked over at us. “Oh my God! I can’t wait until he’s mine!” She squealed like she always did when she talked about guys.


Oh, but this time I could read that obnoxious little laugh, there was something hidden and it was making me nervous. I managed a small smile.


She thinks that she has all men on a string and at the snap of her finger they’ll come running towards her. I have never ever had a boyfriend because of that little bimbo. She always has to get to the boy first; always.


I guess its only natural because she’s drop dead gorgeous and then there’s me. A total let down, its quite depressing actually.


I must have been making a weird face or something because Rose sent me a look that had what’s-wrong written all over it.


I shrugged, knowing that I should tell her, but it’s her cousin for Merlin’s sake. I’m not really sure how she’ll take that bit of information.


We entered the Great Hall, small candles glittered in mid air. The chatter of voices echoed throughout the room as people took their seats and reunited with their friends.


I dazed off, missing the entire sorting ceremony, my favorite part of the feast, thank you Adrianne and your manipulating ways.


The rest of my usually relaxing meal was spent with Adrianne talking and flirting with Albus. She’s not even in Gryffindor! Why is she here?


Finally when I thought that I might explode we were dismissed to our dormitories. Adrianne was in Hufflepuff, so at least  could have some non-Adrianne time.


The thought of going to bed thrilled me, exhaustion wrapped itself around my body as we climbed the many staircases up to the seventh floor.


“Have you guys seen Albus?” Scorpius asked, trotting up behind Rose and I.


“Nope not since dinner.” I answered dully.


“Where the hell could he be?” Scorpius sighed.

Oh well Scorpius you’re not going to have too look far. I stopped dead in my tracks, causing Scorpius to bump into me with an ‘oof’.


“What the hell?” He asked, when I didn’t  . 


My voice could not be trusted at the moment. Rose saw what I was looking at before Scorpius did.


Adrianne and Albus....oh my good effin God.


She was snaked around Albus sucking his face off like there was no tomorrow.


I was pretty sure my heart just broke. Yep, I felt it. It broke into a million shattered pieces.


Merlin, I didn’t even know at heart could break that much.











Alrighty, this is my first ever story and I'm kind of excited by it! How did you like it?? I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts, so don't be scared to drop a little review in the fuzzy little box below :P

Oh before I leave....What do you think of Josie???

Peace out <3






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