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The Woes of Pregnancy by MaskedFire
Chapter 1 : Pregnant... Joy
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                “You want what?” Ron asked tiredly. This was the third time this week that Hermione had randomly decided she needed some muggle food that for the life of him he did not understand what he was looking for.

                “They’re called Gushers Ronald, Gushers. The come in a yellow box, and I need them. Please?” She gave him a sad look. She knew it was the middle of the night, and this being the third time this week that she had begged him to go out for her. She tried to be good, really, but this was her first pregnancy, she was tired all of the time, and…… she really just needed these Gushers!

                “Ok. And you said I can get them at that place around the corner, the uh…” the exhausted Ron had already forgotten the name of the store Hermione had told him only moments before.

                “Barney’s. The store’s name is Barney’s.”

                “Okay, I’ll be back shortly,” He sighed and pulled on his coat. Hermione was left alone, sitting up in bed with her hands clasped around her bulging belly. Hermione was a lucky woman, she knew, the luckiest in the world really. What other man would be willing to go out for foods that are completely foreign to him in the middle of the night?

                No sooner than the thought had crossed her mind than there was a crack in the room. Hermione immediately grabbed her wand, jumped to her feet, and pointed at the spot in the dark from which the sound had come.

                “Lumos,” A female voice muttered. Standing before her was Ginny.

                “Hermione, lower you wand, it’s me,” Ginny commanded. Hermione was quick to do so. The war was long gone, and yet the instinct never died. “Some things never change, do the Mi?” Ginny smiled a small, sad smile.

                “No, but other do,” Hermione brightened the tone of the two by gesturing at belly then Ginny’s.

                “Where’s Ron?” Ginny asked.

                “Getting me something from the store.”

                “Again? I think Harry must be going crazy too though, I can’t talk. I’ve sent him out more than you have for food,” Ginny commented.

                “Well…. Ginny, if you don’t mind my asking, why are you here?” Hermione asked.

                “I woke up and asked Harry to bring me some watermelon and ice cream, and he wouldn’t. I tried to be good and go back to sleep, but I kept tossing and turning. Harry was irritated and started yelling at me and then I got angry and started yelling at him, and then I left. I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to go to the burrow because Mom would have been extremely mad at Harry, and really, I’m mad at him now, but he’s just tired because this is the fifth time this week that I’ve asked him to go out for food, and James has woken both of us up several times this week and because of this new promotion he got its made him have to go into work earlier and he’s just so tired, and so am I and I didn’t think you would mind and I’m sorry and-“Hermione wrapped her friend in a huge and let her cry. She began this tangent sarcastic, and then began screaming and then crying. Her hormones were going nuts, and she was having all the problems that come with pregnancy.

                “It’ll be okay. Believe it or not, I have watermelon and ice cream, so you can have that, and stay here for the night. Did you tell Harry were you going?”

                “Yeah,” Ginny acknowledged.

                “Okay, let’s just get you settled then,” Hermione went through the motions of getting her settled on their couch, gave her the requested food. Hermione settled herself back into bed to wait for Ron.

                “Mia, they had three different kinds, and I couldn’t figure out which one you wanted, and the guy at the counter thought I was totally crazy, and I accidentally tried to pay him with sickles, and then I think he gave me the wrong change but I’m really not sure, and the bottom line is that I bought you all three,” Ron explained tiredly.

                “Thank you. You’re wonderful. You want some?” Hermione smiled gently. Ron climbed into bed and pulled Hermione close to him.

                “Have I ever turned down food?” Ron grinned. Hermione took that for the necessary permission. She opened a pack of Gushers and popped one into Ron’s mouth.

                “Blimey, those are good. But you do know they are pure sugar?” Ron smiled against the back of Hermione’s neck.

                “Yeah, I know. Thanks again love.”

                “Of course.”

                “Don’t get angry, but your sister is here. She and Harry had a little spat. They are both just tired, that’s all, okay?”

                “I’ll take your word for it, but he owes her,” Ron muttered sleepily. Hermione cut the light and fell quickly back to sleep.

                The Next Morning

                “Ginny I’m so sorry, please forgive me? I was just so exhausted and James and-“

                The scarlet haired woman wrapped her arms around her husband and kissed him. “It’s okay. Let’s just go home, ok? Where’s James right now anyway?”

                “With Molly,” Harry answered.

                “I think he’s fine there for now,” Ginny smiled.

                The couple left leaving Ron and Hermione alone in their home.

                “Hermione, what will we name it?” Ron murmured as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his hands to her stomach.

                “Well, it depends on whether we have a boy or a girl,” Hermione leaned happily against Ron.

                “If it’s a boy, we could name him after my father,” Ron suggested quietly.

                “I like French names though,” Hermione commented aloud.

                “Do you remember the first gift I gave you once we began dating?” Ron asked

                “Of course I do. A rose,” Hermione answered quickly, giving Ron memories of their days in school.

                “If we have a girl, let’s name her that.”


                “Rose,” Ron affirmed. At that moment Ron felt a kick against his hand.

                “I think she likes it,” Hermione whispered.

                “Her?” Ron asked.

                “Yes. Somehow I just think it’s a her now,” Hermione asserted.

                “Well, you rarely are ever wrong,” Ron chuckled in a way barely audible, but Hermione felt the vibrations against her back.

                “We’ll see.”

                Hermione had decided when she first became pregnant that she would continue working until the healers told her to do otherwise. After all, she was the youngest junior deputy of department in her department. It was important that she continue to work hard… pregnancy or not. That didn’t mean that she didn’t make concessions for her comfort. One such comfort that she had arranged was for apparition. Flooing was not comfortable for her and had convinced her head of department of this.

                That was why it was not uncommon that despite the insanity of the previous night she and Ron, after their moment, got dressed and went to work. Luckily it appeared that there wasn’t going to be any morning sickness, so that at least was nice. That didn’t change the fact that she did not feel good that morning, much to the dismay of her assistant, an intern named Jared.

                “M-Ms. Wea-“ Jared stuttered. He was nervous person anyway, a good example of his old house, Hufflepuff. Hermione’s heightened emotional state didn’t help.

                “For the thousandth time Jared, I would prefer you call me Hermione. If, however, you feel you must be more formal, I am not a miss. I am married to Ronald Weasley of the magical law enforcement

department, aka he’s an auror. Furthermore, he has a jealous streak and loves hearing me called Mrs. Therefore you should probably do one of the two things I listed,” Hermione yelled.

                “Y-yes Mrs. Weasl-ley, of course M-mrs. Weasley,” Jared attempted to back out of her office.’

                “Jared,” Hermione groaned in an annoyed tone, “What did you need?”

                “Terry Boot of the Department of Illegal Charms has something he needs your assistance with,” Jared managed to get out with a stutter, for once.

                “Of course he does. Why such an incompetent charmer is in the charms department I’ll never understand…” Hermione trailed off as she left her office and the large stack of paperwork on her desk to deal with whatever Terry couldn’t deal with.

                Roughly fifteen minutes later Terry’s charm was completed however the entire office could hear the dressing down Hermione gave him. It was true, but not something, had she been in her normal state of mind, that she would have stated so loudly.

                “…I cannot believe this Terry! This is the fourth time this week! For Merlin’s sake it was a basic glamour charm! You should have learned it during 6th year! It was before the school was taken over! You have no excuse! I know that charm and I was helping Harry that whole year! This is ridiculous! Next time you need to know a charm why don’t you try cracking open a book!” Hermione stormed from the office since she could not apparate back to her office. The entire hall was empty. After hearing her outburst they had all ducked into their offices. Someone at least had the sense to message Ronald.

                Hermione put her head on her desk and sighed. She was seriously considering taking a nap, or going home. In working for the ministry these years she had never taken so much as a sick day.

                “Mia, honey?” Ron called softly as he entered the office. Hermione picked her head up and gave her husband a sleepy smile. “I was requested to come and see you. Apparently you scared the entire fourth floor into hiding.”              

                “Terry Boot didn’t know how to remove a simple glamour charm and felt he should as a very pregnant woman to walk to the elevator then to his office instead of simply cracking open a book,” Hermione offered for explanation.

                “Honey, you know that Ginny has started working from home for the prophet, perhaps you should-“

                “Ron, if I do that you know this office will fall to pieces. If I had a good assistant then maybe I could manage something but Jared can barely get my name right,” Hermione explained. Ron couldn’t help but look through the window at the mousy man, barely out of his teenage years, sitting at a desk just outside the door.

                “Okay, I can see that,” Ron pulled her into a hug and began to think. It was not exactly his forte, but problem solving was. “How about you take today off, and go to half days. You can get tomorrows work the day before, drop it off the next day and work at the office in the afternoon?”

                “That should work… Oh Ron I’ve been terrible to the entire ministry for the last nine months,” Hermione began to tear up and pressed her face to his chest.

                “Sshh. It will be okay. I’ll make apologies for you okay? The entire office understands. It’s your first pregnancy, you didn’t know what to expect,” Ron soothed. Hermione gathered a few things and pecked her husband on the cheek. With that she apparated.

                Hermione and Ginny had a fitness class at a local gym that morning. Hermione had to convince Ginny to take it with her, but she found herself enjoying the class. During the class Hermione recounted the story to her friend.

                “It’s really not that bad Hermione,” Ginny replied as she stretched, “I had interview with Lynch the other day, you know how does it feel to be preparing for your final quidditch season and all that rot,” Ginny paused to stretch again before continuing, “and I began crying on him at one point for no apparent reason. When I was pregnant with James it was even worse though. I literally would yell at Harry while crying for yelling at him.”

                This at least got Hermione laughing and they finished the class in relative peace.


                Several Months Later


                Since the incident months before relative peace had fallen over the Weasley household. At least, Ron’s household, anyway. Ginny Potter’s pregnancy remained tumultuous, but at least there were fewer people affected by this insanity. Both husbands continued making midnight craving runs and aiding with morning sickness, but the mood swings at least became manageable. Harry was definitely thankful for the assistance of Molly with James though, since he still didn’t sleep through the night often.

                This peace however was about to be shattered.              

                “Ron,” Hermione said firmly, though it still did not wake her husband. She gave him a firm shake and repeated, “Ron!” This finally awoke the sleeping giant.

                “Hermione? What should I go get?” He asked, still half asleep as he swung himself out of bed.

                “Nothing Ron. It’s time to go,” Hermione stated as she managed to push herself to standing.

                “Time to go? Where?” Ron yawned, still not completely awake.

                “To St. Mungo’s. Ron, my water broke,” Hermione replied patiently.

                “What? Okay, grab my arm. Wait, where’s the bag?” Ron began scrambling like any normal father to be would.

                “Accio bag!” Hermione flicked her wand and grabbed the overnight back that flew to her hand.

                “Right, let’s go,” Ron grabbed Hermione and apparated to the pregnancy ward of St. Mungo’s.

                They admitted her immediately, and the waiting process began. First off Ron sent owls to Harry and Ginny, his parents, and his brothers. As for Hermione’s parents, Ron attempted to use a phone to call them, but eventually had to give up and ask Hermione to do it. Molly and Arthur agreed to come and pick them up shortly.

                “Ron, we never decided on what to name a boy! Ron what are we going to do if it’s a boy?” Hermione groaned.

                “We’ll name him whatever you want to name him. You said you like French names right? We’ll name him Pierre or Jacque. Okay?” Ron pleaded jokingly. That at least got a smile across Hermione’s face. Then, a contraction ripped through her.

                “Ugh! This all your fault Ron!” Hermione yelled.

                Just two hours later, through some serious pain, Rose Weasley was welcomed into the world. Not just by her parents, but also by her Godparents, Ginny and Harry, and her grandparents. Several uncles made it in, however Bill and Fleur were absent, thought this was because they had agreed to keep James for the night.

                Everyone greeted the little girls with quiet cooing, then decided to leave the new family alone.

                “Rose, my little Rose,” Hermione held her tiny hands. “Do you want to hold her Ron?”

                “Well, I wasn’t ever even good with James, and-“

                “Hush, come here,” Hermione murmured. She made a cradle with his arms and placed Rose inside.

                “My beautiful girl,” Ron whispered and began humming quietly. Ron sat down as he held his little girl, and glanced at his wife only to find her asleep.  


                One Year Later

                A small girl with curly red hair sat giggling in the floor with a small puppy playing at her feet. Hermione lay on the couch, smiling at her little girl. Ron would be home soon, and Hermione was glad that Rose would be in a good mood when he arrived.

                “Hermione?” He called through the house. Today Hermione had taken the day off to take Rose to the healers, despite Molly’s offer to do so.

                “In here Ron!” She called and stood up. Rose smiled as she saw her dad enter the room. Hermione scooped her up and met Ron with a kiss as he came around the corner.

                “How was Rose today?” Ron asked.

                “Excellent. Not a problem in the world,” Hermione smiled easily.

                “How about we go out for dinner tonight?” Ron offered.

                “Sure, but there’s something I need to tell you first Ron,” Hermione stated.

                Ron went about loosening his tie and removing his coat, “What love?”

                “Ron, pay attention, this is important,” She pulled his attention to herself and away from the distractions. He locked eyes with her. “Ron, I’m pregnant.” 

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The Woes of Pregnancy: Pregnant... Joy


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