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Magnetized by whysosirrius
Chapter 11 : Truce
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When Hermione woke up again Fred was gone. At first she wasn’t sure if it had all been a dream but she found a note on the coffee table.

I didn’t want to wake you. I received an owl from Ron. He wants to talk, I think its best I see him alone. I love you and I will be round to see you later.
Fred x

Fred knocked before walking through the kitchen door of The Burrow. No one else was around apart from Ron. At first he wasn’t sure if this was a good or bad thing. He was insistent that he would admit to Ron that he loved Hermione today and suffer the consequences.
Ron came over to greet him.

“Alright mate.” Nodded Ron.

Confused by his blasé attitude Fred shook his hand.

“Yeah, not too bad thanks. Look Ron I’m not here for another fight but...”

“Yeah, I know. I’m such a prat, I can’t believe I accused you of having an affair. It was stupid of me. This is what love does to you I guess, I really want to win her back. So no hard feelings? I understand if you hate me.”

He looked down, blushing the same awkward crimson as always.

The words Fred was longing to say were on the tip of his tongue. She doesn’t want you she wants me! But after his brother’s speech he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“If you want her back, then you should fight for her. True love only happens once.”

He looked down, his eyes began to sting.

“If that’s all Ron, I have to get going. You should go see her this evening.”

With that he turned to leave and apparated back to Hermione. He saw her in the garden before she saw him. He relished the one last time he would be able to want her. She looked up as if she had sensed his gaze. She smiled and rushed over to him, embracing him tightly.

“Well should I be happy or concerned that you aren’t dead?” She looked up at him suspiciously.

“You should be happy. You won’t be but you should.” He replied robotically.

“Oh no Fred. What do you mean?”

“He’s my brother and I love him. I know deep down you do as well. He is in love with you Hermione; he can give you a better life than I could. He’s coming to see you this evening; you should seriously consider listening to what he has to say.”

He held her face in his hands, brushed away the tears that had begun to trickle down her cheeks and kissed her on the lips one last time. He never wanted to break away but eventually he did. He looked at her and then disappeared from her arms with a crack.

Hermione had barely begun to console her grief, or so it had seemed, when there was a knock on the door. She rubbed her eyes and went to the door. Maybe it was Fred, after all Ron still had a key. However when she answered the door there stood Ron looking as red eyed as she was. He hugged her.

“I’m so sorry Hermione! Can you ever forgive me for what I did to you?”

He mistook her tears for heartache over his actions.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, but I do know that I love you Hermione, I’m in love with you and I don’t think that will ever change! Please, I beg you. Take me back?”

He looked into her deep brown eyes.

She nodded and he kissed her on the lips. She had to admit, she did still love Ron- it wasn’t unpleasant to kiss Ron. It was just that she had opened Pandora’s Box and knew there was someone she preferred to kiss.

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Magnetized: Truce


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