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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 15 : Chapter 14: Will He wake?
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Hermione stood nervously as the healers came in to help Harry, one of them held his head steady, whilst the other, magically extracted a tube from his throat. Hermione noticed that once the tube had been extracted Harry began breathing normally and the choking stopped. After they were done a healer came over to talk to Hermione, whilst the other made Harry more comfortable.

“Mrs Potter” She said when she approached, Hermione gave a small nod of her head and the healer continued. “We’ve assessed your husband’s condition and it seems that he had made an almost full recovery. What you seen there was him choking on a tube that was being used to assist with his breathing, it has now been removed and he’s slowly adjusting to breathing on his own. As long as he continues to improve the way he’s doing he can go home with in the next two weeks.” Hermione nodded with a huge smile on her face, she said thanks to the two healers, and then made her way to Harry’s bed.

“Nice to see you again” Harry croaked, his voice sounding scratchy. Hermione smiled and brought over a glass of water for him to sip on.

“I’ve missed you so much” Hermione wept. “A lot has gone on since the accident”.

“I know, I heard you sobbing, but we can sort that out later, first of all I want a kiss from you” He grinned and gave a cheeky wink. Smiling Hermione reached over and placed her lips on top of his. Their kiss was short and tender; it was just like their first kiss, full of passion and love. “How are the kids?” He asked when they broke apart.

“They’re missing you so much. James doesn’t know what to do with himself, and rarely sleeps. Riley and Celeste know that you’re not there. They are always looking for you, but apart from me and the kids, I think James is the one who has missed you the most.”

“How are mum and dad coping?” He asked.

“Not great, things have been really bad for them at the minute”

“What about Isobella?” Harry asked, Hermione’s throat tightened, she didn’t know how to tell him that she was dead.

“I have something to tell you about Isobella, but first I have to inform everyone that you’re finally awake.” Hermione squeaked and dashed out of the room, leaving Harry with a very uneasy feeling in his stomach.

Hermione rushed into the family room and breathed a heavy sigh. She almost had a panic attack, the thought of explaining to Harry about Isobella seemed daunting to her, but she had to do it, she had no choice. She took a few minutes to compose herself before taking her wand out of her pocket and sending her patronus to seven different people. She sat there for another five minutes before she went back to Harry

James was sitting in one of the spare bedrooms of the Potter household, he had been looking after the kids most of the day, but he needed a break so he got Remus and Tonks to take them out for Ice-cream, Sirius went also, since Harry had been in a coma he was rarely apart from little James, James himself understood why. Little James was so like his father it was uncanny.

James once again found himself crying as he thought of Harry, over the past few weeks he has lost his daughter and the love of his life, and he clung tight to the hope that Harry was going to survive. Being apart from Lily was killing him, he hated the fact that she no longer lay on his chest at night, he could no longer smell the sweet scent of strawberry from her hair, she no longer said I love you followed by a kiss at night, and she no longer woke him up with a kiss and an I love you. He never stopped feeling nervous around her, nor did his heart ever stop skipping a beat every time he saw her, and never even now, never will he stop loving her.

Feeling depressed and in a bad way, he decided to go for a shower and then head up to the hospital, since the accident James and Hermione became close. He enjoyed having conversations of when they were both in school; it was easy to tell that Hermione really loved Harry, and that they were made for each other, he was also comforted by the advice she gave him. Harry had married a really smart, beautiful, girl and was very lucky.

James had just got up to undress when a silver otter appeared in front of him. His heart constricted in his chest and he felt he couldn’t breathe, he knew who it was from. Something was wrong with Harry.

“James you must come to the hospital immediately, its Harry he has woken”

James felt lightheaded and dizzy. Harry is awake; he’s back his son is back. James rushed to put on his shoes and coat, and he ran out the door, eager to see his son.

Lily lay on the bed that she once shared with James; she had been crying non-stop since Isobella’s funeral. She was absolutely heartbroken about losing James, not matter how hard she had tried to deny it, she knew James was the one for her, he was the love of her life… but the fact that he had hid the fact that he couldn’t love Isobella hurt her almost as much as losing Isobella did.

Even though he had suffered an illness and it wasn’t his fault, he still hid it from her, and it hurt. Lily was hoping that when, or if Harry woke then maybe when the stress of it all wore of, they may still have a chance. It was a thing Lily longed for, but at the minute she needed time on her own.

She looked at a photo that hung on their bedroom wall, it was of Harry and Isobella at Christmas, and they were playing in the snow. Throwing snowballs at each other, and making snow angels, they each had huge grins on their faces, and looked very happy.

Lily sat up and wiped the tears away with her hand, she wished things were back to normal, and would do anything for a simpler time. She had also realised over the last few weeks, just how important Harry was, he held everything together, and without him the family would fall apart completely.

She was just about to go and speak to James, when a silver otter appeared, she knew it was Hermione’s and panic flooded her, something had happened to Harry, she just knew it.

“Lily you must come to the hospital immediately, its Harry he has woken” Hermione’s voice said in an excited tone.

“Thank Merlin!” Lily exclaimed happily, she hurriedly put on some shoes and her coat and excitedly rushed out the door. Harry was alive; everything was going to be alright.

Remus, Dora and Sirius sat in Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, Remus had Riley, Dora had Teddy, and Sirius had Celeste and James. Their mood, like everyone else’s was sombre; everyone was thinking the same, Harry seemed to be the glue that was holding this family together, and now that he’s not here, the whole family was falling apart. Isobella’s dead, James and Lily have separated, little James had lost his bubbly side, and has stopped talking and sleeping, and because of Harry’s state Hermione spent most of her time at the hospital, so Riley and Celeste were missing both their mum and dad.

“James do you want more chocolate sprinkles on you Ice-cream?” Remus asked, him in a bid to make him say something, but they got nothing.

They sat in silence for a while wondering what else to do, they were at a loss as to what to do, nothing they have done or can do seems to help. Suddenly out of nowhere a silver otter appeared, immediately Remus put up a silencing charm, so no one else could hear what Hermione’s patronus was saying.

“Guys you must come to the hospital immediately, its Harry he has woken”

They sat there stunned for a few seconds, other people in the parlour were wondering what it was all about, and they had gained a few stares. They jumped up a few seconds later, as if they had been hit by a lightning bolt. As quickly as they could they gathered the kids up and rushed out of the parlour leaving nothing but a few galleons on the table. All of them excited, that Harry was finally awake.

“Molly, you’re going to have to speak to them soon. Isobella’s death wasn’t your fault.” Arthur said, he and the rest of the family had been trying to get her to forgive herself, and talk to the Potters, but she only sobbed. Today Ron and Luna had come over for a family dinner; they brought their son Emmet along to try and cheer her up, but it wasn’t working, she still cried.

“I can’t wait until Harry wakes up, he’d talk some sense into mum” Ron said. At the mention of Harry’s name Molly howled even louder.

“Harry may never even wake, he may never even…” the rest of the sentence was drowned out by her wailing.

“Harry will wake.” Ron shouted, stunning everyone, including Molly.

“Ron are you ok?” His dad asked cautiously.

“I guess.” He sighed. “I guess I’m just sick of people always saying he may never wake. He will” Ron explained.

“We just don’t want you do be disappointed, if he doesn’t wake” Arthur explained.

“He will wake!” Ron yelled, ending up waking his sleeping son. He stormed out of the room and headed for the stairs, when he saw Hermione’s otter. It swam around him then entered the kitchen. He ran after it.

“Guys you must come to the hospital immediately, its Harry he has woken”

Everyone sat there for thirty seconds, stunned. They looked at each other then quickly grabbed their coats, and Luna grabbed the baby, and they rushed out the door. All for once excited to be going to the hospital.  

As Hermione waited on everyone coming to the hospital, she thought it would be better to tell Harry everything now rather than leave it until it became to unbearable. She slowly crept into the room, hoping that Harry had fallen asleep. Instead he was sitting upright and had panic and worry on his face.

“What’s going on?” He asked her when she’d shut the door. “What’s wrong with Isobella?”

“There’s no easy way to say this Harry, and I’m finding it hard to think of a way to tell you” She explained.

“Just tell me Hermione”

“Ok, whilst Molly and Mrs Tonks were looking after James and Isobella, well Isobella managed to sneak out, and somehow she found out where we were. She arrived just as the building collapsed on you and out of rage she ran at Bella” She explained she paused, because she knew that Harry would know what happened to her next.

“No, no, No!” He howled.

“Bellatrix, turned her wand on her, and performed the Avada Kedavra curse” She continued. She didn’t need to say anything else because Harry understood; he broke down crying, and kept saying no, over and over.

“She’s going to pay” He growled, he jumped out of his hospital bed, and ran for the door, he got to the hall before running into his father. He collapsed onto the floor in agony.

“Harry, what happened?” He asked him panicked.

“I just told him about Izzy, he said he was going to make Bella pay” Hermione explained

James sighed and picked Harry up, he carried him back to his bed, just as everyone else turned up.

“What’s wrong?” Lily asked concerned

“He’s just found out about Isobella” James said simply and sat cradling his crying son.

A few hours later, everyone had left them in peace, James and Lily were in the family room, and Hermione was in Harry’s room with the kids. James was sitting cuddling his dad and looked the happiest he’d been in ages, and each of the twins were sitting on the bed playing.

“I’m afraid I’ve got more bad news” Hermione said quietly.

“What is it?” Harry asked, he cuddled his son closer.

“Well the strain of Izzy’s death became too much for your parents to handle and they split.”

“What, How?”

“Well due to post-natal depression, James never managed to love Isobella, and Lily found out and left him.”

“I can’t believe that, I had no idea, Dad must be crushed”

“He is, when you were in a coma if James wasn’t here, then he was crying in his room.”

“I’ll have to talk to them both, there must be some way I can get them back together” Harry mused. He looked at each of his kids, not being able to imagine the pain his parents were going through.

A.N. So Harry’s awake. Tell me what you think of this chapter, by leaving a review in the little box below V.

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