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Sparks of Beginning by liza_potter
Chapter 1 : A Vow
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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was my sanctuary. It was my escape from the crazy doings of my life, from my persistent admirers and my mother.

Hogwarts was quite young, yet the magic was deep and the secrets plentiful. I knew most of these secrets, discovered during late night adventures. I prided myself on this; it was an accomplishment my mother was not associated with.

Yet there was a location I could not refrain from visiting ever so often. After quarrels with my mother, or dealing with pesky suitors, I found my feet walking along a path familiar to me.

I would find myself inside a classroom, gazing at a large mirror and its contents. The Mirror of Erised. The Mirror of Desire.

My memory could recall the very first time I discovered the mirror.

My feet ran swiftly yet silently. My eyes were hot, holding back tears my pride refused to fall. My vision blurred, I could not see where I was going nor did I want to.

If I were logical, I would be heading towards Ravanclaw Tower, to my bed which held the comforts of a soft pillow and warm blankets. If I were patient, I would wait for my mother to call me to her personal chambers and calmly discuss the horrible quarrel we had. Alas, my temper held dominance to my logic and patience.

I slowed, halting at a classroom door. I knew this room was not used to hold classes. The dusty desks and gloomy lighting proved true. The room held no purpose, simply another room in this glorious castle.

My eyes searched the room, resting upon an elegant mirror. It looked out of place. The mirror belonged in a charming room of a wealthy warlock, not in a bare room with no purpose.

My eyes shut as I approached the mirror. I did not want to see my reflection. For it would show a young woman with angry tears pooling in her eyes and quivering lips, I was sure. I did not want to seem weak and pathetic to my own eyes.

Yet as they fluttered open of their own accord, a gasp left my lips. The woman staring back at me was…me.

But I was different. I seemed happier, brighter. A gown of vivid green fit my form flatteringly, flaring gracefully upon hitting the floor. And sparking from the crown of my head was my mother’s most prized possession- her diadem of wisdom.

My mother appeared beside me. She wore a fine blue gown and her sparkling smile, onyx curls pined up. She looked wonderful yet she couldn’t compare to me.

For the first time in my life, I was better than my mother. Better than the great and wise Rowena Ravanclaw! I glowed in my gown, a true vision of beauty and grace. Intellect and cleverness seemed to radiate off me. My mother, though gorgeous and sharp, simply couldn’t compare.

I slowly sank to the floor in front of the mirror. My gaze never left, afraid the image would disappear, never to be seen.

I knew the image was not real nor would it ever come true. It was my heart’s desire yet this desire would not come to be.

Yet when I looked into the mirror, my wish came true. I could spend my entire life in front of the mirror, lost in the image it showed and the dreams my mind provided.

I did not, of course. I refused to rot away before a mere mirror. I was much more than that.

I am Helena Ravanclaw and I am to be remembered. As more than Rowena Ravanclaw’s daughter, much more. I will not leave behind a legacy, as my mother, but a mystery.

My mother’s story is well-known yet my story will be known better. My story will intrigue people, fascinate them. My story will leave wizards and Muggles alike curious.

I will leave the Earth with grace, surrounded by mystery and perplexity. I will leave the Earth better than my mother.

That is neither a promise nor threat.

It is a vow. A vow I intend to keep. No matter the circumstances.

Author’s Note: I own nothing you recognize! I’ve been working on a Founder’s era story for such a long time!! I really wanted to get their way of speaking right. I still feel its bad, though. Anyways, read ‘Fire and Ice’ by Ginny_RED_Potter, if you want a good story in the Founder’s era. Tell me what you think! Leave a review!


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