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Lonely Lily by life_writtendown
Chapter 7 : Just a Song
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“Don’t play stupid mind games with me Levi.” I guess the harsh response was a sad attempt to cover up the emotions bubbling up within me.

“I just- well you told me to get out of your life, and if you want to be friends with Sarah, then you are stuck with me.” Levi grinned and stood up, he reached his hand down and I stared at it like an idiot.

“I’m trying to help you up Lily.” My cheeks flushed and I let him take my hand and pull me up. His hand felt strange in mine. No romantic magical spark or anything, it just felt different. I can’t really place the emotion, but it seemed like an okay thing to feel.

“So, are you going to at least attempt to have fun?” Levi looked back over at his giggling friends.

“Go ahead; I really just want to go back inside.” I stared at him, just waiting for him to mutter goodbye.

“I can stay with you if you want, Charity can do without me for a bit.”

He tugged my plastic jacket and I stumbled after him as he started to walk down the beach away from the group. He slowed down and we fell into an easy walking pace.

We walked for awhile without speaking. I consciously left a small space between our swinging arms to avoid any awkward contact. About 5 minutes in, Levi started humming. The song was strangely familiar and I kept glancing over, wondering if I should interrupt. Levi kept his gaze forward, his eyes focused on the bleak horizon.

“Is that a Muggle song?” I asked softly, not wanting to disturb his peace. He stopped walking in shock.

“Did you just initiate a conversation?” I kept walking, expecting him to follow but Levi still wasn’t moving, and I finally stopped too and crossed my arms.

“I just wanted to know the name of the song, that’s all.” He laughed a little and then suddenly started jogging down the beach. What? This guy is insane. How dare he run away without answering me? I let a frustrated huff and ran after the nutter. Finally I catch up and by the time I reach him, I realize how out of shape I am. My breaths are deep and ragged and my lungs feel like they are on fire.

“You have really got to work out Potter.”

“No – I do – not!”

“I ran for about 15 seconds and you are still out of breath.”

“You have long strides!” He smiled and slowed his jog back down into a walk.

“That doesn’t even explain why you are panting like a dog.” I gave him sharp push on the shoulder, and refuse to look over at him for the rest of the walk.

“Lily, we should probably head back.” I won’t give him the satisfaction of hearing my voice, so I decided that it was my turn to stare at the sky like an angry toddler.

“We really should turn back.” Levi stopped and I kept on going. I guess I was feeling a little playful today. Levi called after me.

“I’ll tell you the name of the song if you come back!” His remark made me giggled. I decided that it would be best in both of our interests to go back to the others, so I walked slowly back to Levi. A small smirk graced his lips.

“Okay, I’m back now, tell me the name of the song.” His smirk widened into a mischievous grin.

“We are not back to where we started, I’ll tell you then, I promise.” I let it go and we started to walk.

The look on Sarah’s face when we returned made my insides churn. But, she didn’t say anything. It didn’t make it any better though. Her smile was so wide and her eyes so twinkly, she just looked like she thought she knew exactly what had happened. I step sideways, distancing myself from Levi, in my last attempt at sparing myself from Sarah’s teasing.

“So, how was your little walk around the lake?”

“Good.” Sarah scoffed and looked at Levi, expecting a better answer.

“We snogged Sarah; we pounced on each other like wild hippogriffs and snogged.”

“No way!” Sarah’s pupils grew. I quickly rushed in to stop her from coming to the wrong conclusions.

“Exactly Sarah, no way, we did not do that.” Sarah’s eyes narrowed.

“Don’t get me excited and let me down like that guys.”

“I didn’t realize you had your expectations set so high Sarah.” Levi said blankly, looking over at me as if I was somehow supposed to ward her off.

“Well, you see I have to go back inside and use the loo and then do some work so see you later!”

Sarah just stared and I took this silence as an opportunity to run. So I struggled back up the hill and across the dangerous bridge and back into the Gryffindor common room, all the while ignoring Sarah’s hysterical shrieks for me to come back.

When I reached my room I hung my jacket on the rack and sat down on the down fluffy mattress. I fell back and breathed in the smell of the oak from the bedpost and the ash from the dying fire. I loved it more than anything. I finally had some time to myself. Some time to think over everything that had just happened. I wish I could just move on and live another day, but I always feel like I have to run through it all in my head again. Levi stayed with me, probably because of whatever Sarah said to him, but he didn’t have to walk with me like that. Everything he said was so nice. Nothing like what he said to me about David. He also didn’t tell me the name of the song. For some reason, that song meant something special. I had either heard my mum singing it, or dad. Oh, well, I guess I’ll force him to tell me tomorrow. That’s strange; I actually have someone to talk to tomorrow. That feels nice.

Please Review! This has been 3 chapters in 2 weeks! I think thats pretty good :)

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