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Tears, Laughter and Paw Prints by Kay_Black
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Disclaimer: Everything Harry Potter belongs to the wonderful J.K.Rowling.
A/N: So this is the 2nd chapter...took me a long time, yes, but I tried hard. 3rd chapter should also be up soon since it is almost done! yay ;D
Any way, thank you for reading :]

Walburga Black was screaming at her oldest son. Just before they went through the brick wall, he had helped a small boy and his parents get through to the platform. They boy did not know how and it was obvious to her why this was. He was a muggle-born. A mudblood and a disgrace to Wizards and Witches all around.

“For Merlin’s sake Sirius!” she screamed at him, pulling her younger son, Regulus, by the hand. “How dare you go on and help a filthy mudblood?” she spat the last words out.

“He was not filthy mother. He was just a boy! He didn’t know what to do so I helped him. Get over it.” Sirius retorted back. He was angry at his mother. They were so different and his mother could never understand. He stopped and turned around to stare at her

“Your father and I taught you better, Sirius.” She hissed. “We taught you to never associate with mudbloods or blood-traitors!” Sirius had to admit that she actually looked scary. Her eyes were bloodshot, her face threatening to turn purple with the madness and her hiss was even worse than her scream.

“Did it ever occur to you mother, that I never listened to a word? Goodbye.” Sirius grabbed the handle of his trunk once more and dragged it away from his shock stricken mother. He was tired of always pretending to be like them, tired of being as horrible as them and tired of even belonging to their family. He lugged the heavy trunk all the way to the back. He tried to pull the trunk up the steps and onto the train, but it was too heavy. Sirius stood there in frustration staring at his trunk, a crease appearing on his forehead.

“Would you like some help?” A voice said. Sirius turned around to face it and saw a boy with coal black messy hair, hazel-brown eyes and round glasses standing in front of him, his trunk lying beside him. The boy had a friendly smile on his face.

“Yeah, thanks.” Sirius answered, grateful. “I’m Sirius Black.” He said holding out his hand.

“I’m James Potter.” The boy said, taking Sirius’ hand and shaking it. Together they lugged the heavy trunks on to the train and went off to look for a compartment together. Every compartment seemed to be filled, until they found one with only one boy sitting inside, his head buried in a book.

“Knock knock.” Sirius said after he had opened the door to the compartment. “Can we sit here? Everywhere else is full.”

“Yes, of course. I’m Remus. Remus Lupin.” Remus said putting his book down.

“Hello Remus. I’m James Potter and this here,” he said pointing at a panting Sirius who was trying to lift his trunk up to the compartment above the seats. “Is a very sweaty Sirius Black.” James said with a chuckle and took Remus’ hand.

“Yes that’s very funny. I wanna see you try to lift your bloody trunk.” Sirius said flopping down next to Remus.

“Well then watch me.” James said with a smile and took out his wand from his pocket and pointed it at his own trunk. “Wingardium Leviosa.” James’ trunk flew up into the air and James navigated it up next to Sirius’ trunk. James mentally thanked his parents for the pre-Hogwarts lessons he had received.

“Prat.” Sirius said crossing his arms. James and Remus laughed.
James sat down across from Remus and looked out the window. There were kids and their parents hurrying across the platform, trunks, owl cages and brooms in hand.

“I can’t believe first years aren’t allowed brooms. It’s unfair.” James said disgruntled.

“Can you fly then?” Sirius asked interested.

“Can I-- of course I can very bloody well fly! I can play Quidditch too. I am definitely trying out for the team next year.”

“You any good?” Remus asked.

“I’m great! My dad says that I would make a great Seeker, but I like being a Chaser more. Although I don’t really mind being a Seeker, I just see myself as a Chaser.” James said with a little arrogant tone to his voice. “What about you two?”

“Well I couldn’t really practice playing because I live in London with Muggles around, but whenever my family would go out to the holiday house outside of London, my brother and I would play. I always play Beater. I love it.” Sirius said with a smile. “What bout you Reems?”
Remus smiled to himself. Maybe he could actually make some friends. Will he take the risk? Yes.

“Well I don’t particularly enjoy playing Quidditch very much, but on the few times that I have played it wasn’t bad. I didn’t suck at it, but then again I didn’t have the natural talent.” It wasn’t that Remus didn’t want to play; it was just that he didn’t really have anyone to play with. His dad was an Auror and was usually never home until late in the evening, and his mother was not the type to play, so it was just him…

“I should be blowing my top at you right now Remus, but I will hold it.” James said grinning.

Just then the door to the compartment opened and a short boy was standing there looking at them.

“Oh hello.” The boy said. All three of the boys nodded their heads. “Do you guys mind if I join you? It’s terribly full everywhere else.”

“No prob mate. Come in, come in. We were just chatting ‘bout Quidditch.” Sirius said waiving him in.

“I’m James Potter.” James shook his hand. “And this is Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.”

“I’m Peter Pettigrew.” Peter said shaking Remus’ hand. “Oh I saw you earlier.” He said to Sirius while James levitated his trunk up next to Remus’.

“Oh?” Sirius blushed a little, knowing that the boy had probably overheard the argument between him and his mother. Damn…

“Yeah. You and your mother and brother. Don’t really get along do you?” Peter said sitting across from him.

“Not really, no…” Sirius frowned.

“Oh well. She did not seem like a nice lady any way.” All three of the boys stared at Peter. Did he just insult Sirius’ mother?

There was silence until Sirius burst out laughing and high-fived Peter.

“Got that one right mate.” He said with a smile to his newly found friend.

By now the train had started to move. The compartment was full of aimless chatter through the journy and every few minutes, loud rounds of laughter were heard from Sirius. The boy seemed to find everything funny.

“So what are you?” Peter had asked Remus when the laughter died down. Remus stiffened, but this went unnoticed by the boys.

“Wh-what do you mean?” he asked. Keep calm. He does not know anything, his mind was calming him.

“Pure-blood, half-blood or muggle-born?” Told you.

“Oh, I’m half-blood. My mother is muggle-born and my dad is a pure-blood. You?” Remus let out a breath of relief.

“Pure-blood.” Peter answered simply. “No need to ask James. Everyone knows his family.” The Potters were one of the oldest pure-blood families in the magical community. Rich as hell and living in a mansion, but still not letting the pure-bloodedness get to their heads.

“Yeah, yeah. What about you Sirius?” James said with a wave of his hand at Peter.

Sirius was looking out the window, staring at the moving country side.

“My whole family has been in Slytherin, so I think that answers your question.” He turned his head away from the window and lowered his eyes to stare at his hands.

“That bad?” James said sympathetically.

“Yup… If I’m not sorted into Slytherin they will probably disown me. Wouldn’t matter if they did since I never felt like a part of the family. There is only about two of my relatives that I genuinely like.” He said.

“All the others are like blood thirsty leaches. Hate the lot of them, I do. Trying to make everyone see how... filthy muggle-borns are.” He looked around to see his friend’s faces. It was now undeniable; they were friends.

“I’m not like them, just so you know.” He added.

“Mate, we already figured that out. You’re better than them.” James smiled at him.

“Thanks.” Sirius said, returning the smile.

“You guys done sending googly eyes to each other yet?” Remus asked with a laugh, and they all laughed.

The conversation then returned to being aimless for another hour.

A/N: Thank you for reading :] and if you review :]
So you didn't think that I would leave Sirius out did you? ;o How could I? Absolutely LOVE him ^.^

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