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There Will Be Time by gabyvillanew
Chapter 13 : The Yule Ball
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Chapter 13: The Yule Ball

Must say, the whole friendship thing? Yeah, it really kind of sucked. We both tried as hard as we could to keep our distance, which meant that he always walked with his hands in his pockets while I was always with my arms tightly wrapped around myself. He never offered me his coat anymore whenever I felt cold and our little meetings were completely cut off. We began to have breakfast not alone, but with the other hundreds of students at normal hours. While he had often wanted to help me carry my books around, he suddenly let me do it all by myself. He never played with my hair anymore, and I prayed that someday I would stop longing for his now inexistent touch.

My birthday had been pure hell. For me, at least. He certainly seemed to have been enjoying it. It came around the middle of November and Luna had decided from one day to the next to throw me a party. Then he had decided from one day to the next to bring along a date. To my birthday party. And then, of course, I couldn’t confront him, since I had been the idiot that had wanted to be just friends. Luna, and all the other girls in the dorm had repeated all through the night that he had not kissed whatsername at all. That he had barely spoken to her, really. Still, all my sobbing and desperate whimpering had done little to cover up my feelings and soon all Ravenclaw was well aware that I was in love with Cedric Diggory, and that there was a chance, no matter how little or big, that he did not love me back. Happy birthday my ass.

November, fortunately, soon came to an end. On the first weekend in December Professor Flitwick swiftly switched me into Professor Sprout’s care and I got to buy my Ball dress. I was sure to pick a blue one, since I knew he liked the way the colour looked on me. It was a simple gown, since I did not have that much money, but a beautiful one nevertheless. It had a huge cleavage in the back that left it practically uncovered were it not for the long straps that connected to the front. The cleavage was less pronounced in the front of the gown and was adorned with transparent jewels that made actual jewellery unnecessary. The top hung loosely to my body and the skirt puffed a little and stopped a little below my knees. It made me feel like a princess, though the dark navy blue made me look more like a corpse. Professor Sprout was particularly concerned by the inexistent back of the dress.

“It’s fine professor,” I told her as I chose the dress, tried the dress on, looked at myself with the dress on, took the dress off and paid for the dress. I supposed she didn’t want me to corrupt her Champion… or her Champion to corrupt me, anyway. We used the Floo Network to get to Dumbledore’s office, where I handed him the money I had not used, sort of mumbled a “Thank you” and left without so much as a glance towards him.

December advanced very fast. A week before the Ball the holiday break officially started and most of the student body left to spend Christmas with their families. I wrote my mum a letter to explain her my precarious situation and she wrote back that I was allowed to stay at Hogwarts. I missed her so much I considered going to Cedric and telling him that he needed another date; that I was going home. Something, I didn’t quite know what, prevented me from doing so. Since we did not have classes anymore, and since Luna had gone home to his father for the holidays, he and I soon found ourselves spending more time together. Sure, it was full of awkward silences and we occasionally had to stop ourselves from staring too much into the other’s eyes, but still our friendship sort of thing post-superskank at my birthday was pretty good. It was, at least, until the Yule Ball.


Since I couldn’t really sleep I woke up earlier than any other day and went to the library to read any random book. When I went to breakfast I saw an unnatural amount of girls giggling and running around in their pyjamas. Some even had curling rolls in their hair. I laughed out loud when I noticed that all the girls comprised three of the tables in the Hall, while all the boys were hunched together in a single table. I sat down next to my dorm mates, who were speaking obsessively of the Ball and paid as much attention as I could to them. I had a cinnamon roll for breakfast and left quietly without anyone noticing. I waved at some of the boys on the boys’ table I was acquainted with and noticed that Cedric was not among them. I was leaving the Hall looking down at my feet when I bumped against someone’s chest. I stumbled back and almost fell, but was stopped by his strong arms.

“Watch it Georgie,” Cedric said, helping me to recover my equilibrium, “I kind of need you to stay alive for tonight.”

“Hah,” I laughed, “Right.”

He smiled down at me and I felt the need to say something.

“I was just going for a walk,” I said.

“Right,” he said.

We nodded awkwardly at each other and I tried to walk away. I found, however, that I couldn’t move. I turned around to stare at Cedric and saw him trying to hide a smile.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he smirked and pointed to the ceiling with a finger. I followed the line of his finger and saw a blurry splash of red and green. Mistletoe.

“Oh, God,” I said and he laughed.

“It’ll be painless,” he said pulling me closer to him.

In less than a second his lips were pressed to mine. It was the first time he had kissed me since the day of the First Task inside the tent. Furthermore, it was the first time he ever kissed me in public. He kissed me once really soft and when I tried to pull away he stopped me by forcing his lips back to cover mine. Slowly, so that no one surrounding us could see, he reached for my waist and pulled me closer to him. I kissed back and his lips formed a smile on top of mine. The electricity flowed and I felt like my whole face was quietly bursting into flames. I moved my hands to his chest and somehow felt the goose bumps form on his skin. I opened my mouth for him to enter it with his tongue. He ran his tongue over my lower lip before entering and I felt like dying right there in his arms. His tongue touched mine and I gasped. I pulled away realizing suddenly what we were doing. He stared at me with an amused grin and I grinned back. It was then that we realized the room had gone completely quiet. We turned to face our audience and I felt my cheeks reddening. I let my hands drop from his chest and he let go of my waist.

“Yeah,” I said to break the silence, “So. Yeah.”

“Yeah,” he said too and everyone else in the room resumed their conversations.

“See you tonight, then,” I said.

“See you tonight,” he said.

I smiled at him and turned to leave. I walked all the way to the staircase and then turned around. He was still standing underneath the mistletoe, though a little away from it so that he wouldn’t have to kiss anyone else. With his eyes lost towards the red and green plant he raised his hand and pressed it to his lips. He ran his fingers over his lower lip and smiled. I smiled, opened the main door and walked out into the white fields.


I had to admit that Cho Chang looked beautiful. Bastard. Harry had invited her to the Ball, just as he had done in the version of this story I had read, and since there was no Cedric to take her she had said yes. Now she was prancing around the common room causing all the girls to admire her flowered cream coloured dress and the boys to wolf whistle at her from time to time. I, on the other hand, still looked like I had just got up from bed. I was wrapped tightly in a blue hooded jacket and old jeans that were torn at the bottom of the legs, half sitting and half lying on a couch. While the boys whistled at Cho, they would turn to me and sort of stare, as if they were wondering how in hell could Cedric choose me over the obvious beauty of the goddess-like Cho.

“So when are you getting ready?” she asked me from her standing position. She talked to me as if I was merely a bug.

“I have time,” I said, closing my book to grant her my whole attention.

“For hair and make-up even?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said.

She beamed at me and I suspected it had nothing to do with being satisfied with me or some kind of silent girly secret passed between us. Cho was satisfied by the fact that in less than an hour and a half I had before I needed to be outside the Hall with Cedric I would never be able to get ready. Oh, how wrong she was.

“I suppose I’ll go get ready,” I said standing up. She seemed taller than I with the huge heels she had bought. They had a good purpose, though, for they did manage to intimidate me.

Padma was going with Ron and Parvati had got some other date with a Drumstrang boy. They were both very busy tying jewelled saris around each other’s bodies. I smiled when I saw them and offered to give them a hand. Then I helped Mandy with her make-up and Lisa to stand up with her enormous heels. When I was done with all of them I had but an hour left to get ready.

“We’ll wait for you downstairs and we’ll go together, shall we?” Parvati asked me.

I nodded kindly at her and was left alone in the dorm, where I then started to freak out. I undressed quickly and put on the dress. I inspected myself in the mirror before turning to my hair and make-up. Though I had recovered some weight I still looked like a dead body and I wished for a second that I had at least suntanned a little bit before buying such a dark gown. Maybe that would cover my obvious lack of body mass. I curled my hair, tousled it and tied it on a loose bun. Make-up was even easier and I was ready just in time, some ten minutes before I had to join the champions and their dates before the Hall’s doors.

“Has everyone left?” I called out before opening the door to our dorm and stepping out.

“Just Cho,” someone answered me.

I smiled with relief and opened the door. The girls declared that my dress was gorgeous and one of the boys that were left in the common room tying on his shoes let his mouth fall open.

“Do you think he’ll like it?” I asked them.

“He would be an idiot if he didn’t,” said the boy and I smiled down at him.

We left the common room in a small group. Parvati and Padma were entwined by the arms and behind them Lisa and Mandy were gossiping. I was left as a fifth wheel guarding the back, blushing every time a boy saw me and stared. It felt good to have this kind of power. I only hoped that I would be able to exert it upon Cedric too. When we were but a corner away from the main staircase and, therefore, Cedric, I told the girls to go ahead and staid a little behind. I plucked up my courage, checked my make-up, took about a hundred deep breaths and proceeded. I turned the corner and started down the stairs.

Cedric was turned with his back to me, chattering with Harry, Cho, Krum and Fleur.

“Mon Dieu,” I heard Fleur say. I looked up to see her face and noticed that she was staring at me. Krum and Cho were in a similar position with identical faces of surprise.

“Bloody hell,” Cho said and I smiled in triumph.

Harry and Cedric seemed then to notice that all of the others were looking at something beyond their heads. Harry turned around first.

“Bloody hell, alright,” he said and Cho slapped him in the arm.

I stood very still by the middle of the staircase and waited for Cedric to turn around. He took a very deep breath and turned. I smiled at him through my pink lips and he let out a heavy sigh. Without another word he stepped away from the other champions and Cho and walked slowly to where I was standing. I came down another couple of steps and came to the end of the staircase. He got to where I was and stopped suddenly.

“You,” he stuttered, “you look – you – you look,”

“Thank you,” I said to put him out of his misery.

“I just,” he insisted, “I – words fail me,”

“Sometimes they aren’t necessary,” I said blushing and looking down, “You look amazing,”

“Please,” he said dismissing my comment. He moved away to let me pass before him and I happily did.

I had taken but a couple of steps when I heard him sigh again.

“Bloody hell,” he said through his sigh and I knew he had noticed the cleavage at the back.

“Shut up, you dork,” I said turning only my head to him, so that he might still enjoy the panoramic view of my nearly naked back, “You’re making me blush.”

He caught up with me and put his arm around my waist. It had been a long time since he had done that the last time.

“I don’t know if I want other boys to see that,” he whispered playfully in my ear.

I stopped short and took his hand away from my waist. He stopped in surprise and I turned to face him. I took a step closer, leaned into his ear, stood on tiptoes and whispered:

“Maybe I didn’t do this for any other boy,”

I stepped away from him, smiled innocently and kept walking.

I got to the other champions before he did and quickly incorporated myself into the conversation. He arrived behind me and placed a hand at the bottom of my back. Without interrupting the conversation and acting completely naturally I bent my right arm behind me and touched his hand with mine. Beside me I felt him start with surprise. The dress was making me feel fearless. I entwined my fingers between his and felt his skin crawl with pleasure. Fuck the friendship, for tonight, at least.

Professor McGonagall arrived less than five minutes after I had. She looked disapprovingly at the back of my dress and ordered all the champions to form a line. Fleur was first with her date, Krum and Hermione, attired in the lilac dress I had read about, were second. I smiled at Hermione and gave her the thumbs up when se turned to say hello to Cedric and me, who were in third place. She was looking at Krum dreamily and he was staring at her as if he had eyes for nothing else in life. Behind us Harry was beaming with happiness at having Cho beside him. Cho was also smiling at him and occasionally throwing hatred glances at me. I couldn’t care less. I was standing next to the one man in the world that made my body feel alive, and he was staring at me so intently my heart started beating at times slower and at times faster. I wondered if I was going into cardiac arrest.

When the doors were about to burst open to let us in he stooped down a little and kissed my earlobe.

“‘And indeed there will be time, to wonder ‘Do I dare?’ and ‘Do I dare?’,” he whispered.

“Prufrock?” I asked him completely amused. His face still adhered to the side of mine.

“I have been doing my research,” he said into my neck.

“Twenty seconds!” McGonagall screamed.

With his nose he traced a line from my neck to my nose and when our eyes were levelled he kissed me ardently on the lips. I felt it much more than I had felt our kiss inside the tent. His skin burnt mine so badly I withdrew my mouth from his but he stopped me by placing his hand on my neck. I gasped again because of the heat it irradiated and found myself crashing into his lips. He didn’t try to slip his tongue into my mouth but limited to running it over my lower lip. I trembled under his touch, though we were careful enough to not let anyone surrounding us notice our intensity. He pulled away from me.

“Thank you for doing this,” he said with a friendly smile.

“‘Time to turn back and descend the stair’,” I said with my own friendly smile.

“Nice,” he said with laughter in his voice. He turned back to his position and I to mine. He offered me his hand and I gave him mine. The doors opened and we walked in.


We had been received by roars of excitement and incessant clapping. Now, however, all sound had died down and we were all standing with our couples in a circle.

“I should have told you before,” I said hiding a smile.

“What?” he asked assuming his dancing position. He took my hand in his and put the other at the bottom of my back.

“I don’t know how to dance,” I said smiling when the music began.

“I knew that,” he said concentrating harder than I was in what we were doing.

“What?” I asked laughing at a moment in which he took me by the waist and lifted me up, “How?”

“Please Georgie,” he smiled at me, reassuming our position, “You can hardly walk without tripping. Of course you can’t dance.”

I giggled at him and realized that I wasn’t really dancing all that bad. We kept dancing smiling at each other and at every other person in the room.

“Almost done,” he whispered when we were near the end of the dance.

“‘Do you talk as a rule while dancing?’” I asked him

“Yes,” he said, “Do you?”


The music ended and I stopped to clap and turned to see all of those who had been dancing with us but I hadn’t bothered to look at.

“How do you feel?” he asked taking me by the hand and guiding me to the champions’ table.

“I feel like I’m in Netherfield,” I told him with a huge smile plastered on my face.

“Muggle thing?” he asked me when he didn’t understand what Netherfield was.

“Yes,” I told him, “Probably the best muggle thing around.”

The band played slow music while the rest of us had dinner. Eating at the champions’ table had been better than I had expected. Krum amused us with various Drumstrang stories while Fleur and her date ate each other’s faces. It surprised me to think that in three years she would be getting married to Bill Weasley. Hermione, who was a little more versed in muggle literature than the others, and I, happily talked for about half an hour about everything regarding Pride & Prejudice. Cedric ate half of my cake. I had about four bites and then Harry ate the rest. My cheeks hurt from laughing. After dinner Cedric and I danced three more times, during which I didn’t really dance but he held me close enough that my feet didn’t even touch the ground. When we had finished our fourth dance of the night and we were walking back to our table for drinks a song that I actually knew started playing.

“Oh God,” I said stopping suddenly. Since my hand was in his he also stopped and turned back to me in surprise.

“What?” he asked.

“I actually know this song!” I shrieked.

“What?” he asked again, even more amused.

“Yeah,” I said nodding slightly, “‘She’s got you high, and you don’t even know yet’ see?”

He smiled at me and led me by the hand back to the dance floor.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Come on,” he said, “You know you want to.”

I smiled and threw my arms around his neck. He picked me up by the waist and our faces were levelled. He started to swing us around in the same spot and I smiled down at him. We had been swinging in our spot completely lost in each other’s eyes when I saw a hand reaching for Cedric’s shoulder. We turned and discovered Draco Malfoy standing before us.

“May I?” he asked.

“Malfoy, what are you doing?” Cedric asked.

“She promised,” he said simply and smirked.

“You did?” Cedric asked turning to me.

“Yeah, I did,” I said.

Cedric lowered me back to ground level and handed me over to Malfoy.

“Wait,” I said before he left. I let go of Malfoy’s hand and walked over to him, “It’ll be painless,” I whispered and turned back to my current partner.

Malfoy was more of a stiff dancer than Cedric was, and I was happy that my previous song had ended, since I didn’t want to share it with him. The next song, however, happened to be a slow one, and he took the chance to wrap me tightly in his arms. Malfoy had a great body, there was no denying that, and yet his arms were not quite as comfortable as Cedric’s.

“Are you having fun?” he asked me.

“Yes, thank you,” I said, “How about you?”

“Lots,” he said.

We kept dancing in silence and I was getting really bored when I felt his hands slide from my back to my bottom.

“Hey,” I shrieked, “Hands on my back, Malfoy.”

He laughed heartily and returned his hands to their proper place.

“Well,” he said, “It’s very enjoyable, nevertheless.”

I shot him an annoyed look.

“Come on,” he said, “You had to know the effect that dress would have when you bought it.”

I shook my head at him and continued to dance. After what seemed like an eternity the song came to an end. We both stopped and clapped.

“Thank you,” I said and began to turn away.

He stopped me by grabbing my hand and turning me back to him. I opened my mouth to ask what the hell he was doing and before I knew it I had a tongue inside my mouth. My eyes closed automatically though I felt repulsed and I tried as hard as I could to push him away from me. He however, only insisted more and more. When I finally freed myself from his kiss and his arms he asked me:

“How did that work for you?” and complemented it with a lustful look.

“Fuck you Malfoy,” I said and turned around.

Cedric’s face was the first thing I saw. He had taken off his jacket and was standing in front of me with his tie hanging around his neck, his hands in his pockets, his eyes hurting me with their intensity.

“Bye Georgiana,” I saw him say but couldn’t hear anything.

He grabbed his jacket and swung it over his shoulder. And he left.

“No,” I said but he didn’t hear me. I knew what the kiss must have looked like to him.

I left Malfoy standing alone in the dance floor and ran towards the door. Even though I was running Cedric proved to be much faster than me so when I reached the entrance to the Hall I only caught a glance of him walking towards the darkness of the night. I ran behind him and stood very still once I was outside, stopping just in time when I remember the footwear I had on and the snow that covered the ground.

“Ced!” I yelled at him.

I saw him stop short and he slowly turn around. He had a very tired expression in his face. It crossed my mind that he was sick of me.

“What?” he asked in an annoyed tone.

Since he didn’t move I figured I should be the one to close the distance. I stepped into the snow and gasped.

“Cuss!” I said.

I managed to control myself and straightened my back. I walked very slowly towards him, my whole body freezing. Damn back cleavage! He watched as I got closer. By the time I was but two steps away I felt like I was turning purple.

“Ced, what’s going on?” I asked him.

“Oh, come on!” he said fiercely and took a few steps back, “Come on!”

“What?” I kept asking, “What?”

“You just – you,” he stammered, “You just snogged Draco-sodding-Malfoy!”

“What? No I didn’t!”

“Come the fuck on, Georgiana!” he yelled at me, “I was standing right there!”

“He kissed me, Ced! He kissed me!” I yelled back.

He paced back and forth in the snow. I was shivering out of control. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me thoughtfully. He took one step closer to me and stared directly into my eyes.

“How was he?”


“How was he?” he repeated, “Was he better than me? Come on! How did that make you feel? Because obviously I don’t make you feel anything!”

“That is not true!”

“My God!” he kept yelling. I wrapped my arms around myself as he started pacing again, “Do you even feel anything, Georgiana?”

“Wha – ”

“Because at least I know how I feel!” he started to lower his voice. There was some desperation in it and it made me want to reach for him. The snow around my feet and the fact that he was still pacing prevented me from doing so.

“I’m in love with you,” he said, “Do you seriously not see that?”

I stood in the middle of the snow with tears welling up in my eyes.

“How can you not see that? How can you not see that my skin comes to life whenever you are near? That my hands sort of have a life of their own every single time that damn strand of hair falls to your face? That I can’t control my mind, my body each single time I – ”

“What?” I asked in a shaky whisper.

“Do you not see it?” Cedric carried on in a defeated tone, “Do you not feel anything?”

I couldn’t speak. He turned around and started to walk away.

“Ced,” I called to him.

“No Georgie,” he said turning around, “I’m done.”

I stood watching as he walked away from me. Suddenly he stopped and turned one last time.

“You are the one thing in this entire world that makes me feel out of control. That’s how you make me feel. That’s why I love you, I guess,” he said, “You make me feel that there is something out there that the golden boy can’t handle.”

I waited until he was far away from me walking towards some unknown spot in the darkness before letting out a small sob that was caught by the night so that no one heard it.


I hid in the library. Upon entering the castle shivering and crying I had ran into Malfoy.

“So,” he said, “Since Diggory is out of the frame, how about we take it upstairs?”

I looked up at him, walked fiercely to where he was and slapped him hard on the face, leaving a neat impression of my hand across his cheek. I turned from him before I could hear the vast amount of insults he was sure to direct at me and ran. I ran without direction and tears in my eyes, which was really hard considering my attire, and only stopped when I reached the heavy wooden doors that led to my sanctuary. The door, however, was closed. What kind of idiot closed the library on Christmas? Well, what kind of idiot preferred to spend Christmas in the library? I didn’t think about it twice; I took out my wand and pointed it towards the lock.

Alohomora,” I whispered and the lock gave.

Thus, I hid in the library, warmly protected from the world in the very aisle in which Cedric and I had nearly kissed a few months ago. I sat myself by the window and stared out at where I knew our tree was, just in front of the Black Lake. I was sitting there, with my arms wrapped around my knees when I saw a flicker of light come alive close to the Lake. Some sort of instinct told me what it was and before I knew it I had already stood up and left the library. I ran as fast as I could to the Ravenclaw Tower. I shrieked the password at the portrait and burst into the common room. Harry and Cho were sitting in one of the armchairs kissing as if there was no tomorrow.

“Georgiana,” Cho shrieked when she saw me.

“As you were, Cho, it’s okay,” I said hurriedly and ran to my room.

I ransacked my trunk until I found my winter boots. I kicked off the flats I had worn for the Ball and put the boots on. In less than thirty seconds I was running through the hallways again, opening the door and stepping into the cold night. Somehow I hadn’t thought of bringing a coat. I walked as silently as I could until I reached the Black Lake.

Lumos,” I whispered and the tip of my wand illuminated. I walked by the edge of the Lake until I saw the light of his wand. I made mine turn off and kept walking. It must have been around one in the morning. Music was still bursting through the main doors. I reached in complete darkness the place where he was sitting. He had also extinguished the light of his wand and I had been guided only by his breathing. I stood next to him and turned my face towards the Lake.

“I feel,” I started.

He said nothing.

“I feel like I’m on fire. Every time. Every time you see me, every time you touch me, every time you – ”

“What?” he asked.

“Don’t you know?” I asked, my voice cracking, “Just standing here, and knowing you are next to me makes me feel like I’m… combusting. You – You are the one thing in this world that reminds me that I am alive.”

Lumos,” he said and the tip of his wand came to life. I looked down and saw him staring intently at me. So this was it. He reached for my hand. He had been sitting just like I had in the library, with his legs wrapped in his arms. Now he extended them, though he had no intention to stand. I took his hand in mine and circled him until I was standing right in front of him.

I lifted the skirt of my dress up to my knees and advanced towards him with his legs between my feet. When I got to the end of his legs I kneeled down, so that I was sitting right on top of him. He bent his knees and pulled forward, his face mere centimetres from mine. I felt his hands cup my face.

“Extinguish it,” I said.

He picked up his wand from the snow and whispered:


The second the light turned off he returned to my face and kissed me softly. I kissed him back and soon I felt him pushing his tongue against my lips. I parted them and let him push his tongue into my mouth. I moved my hands up and ran them across his chest and neck. Then, surprising even myself, I started to undo the buttons. His lips curled on top of mine and I proceeded with my work still kissing him. When I had reached the middle of his shirt he took his tongue out of me and gently pushed my head back with his hands. I let him do whatever he wanted. He started kissing my neck making me shiver and moved down until he found the soft spot. My hands stopped undressing him and fell limp at my sides. With his tongue he traced the soft spot and then started kissing it so ardently I thought I would have a bruise there the next day. He eventually abandoned it and moved towards my shoulders, kissing them at every spot he found with his lips. I resumed my work and freed him from his white shirt. I ran my hands across the cotton shirt he was wearing under the formal one and pulled at it so that it was freed from his pants. He smiled again and lifted up his arms so that I could take it off completely.

I opened my eyes in the darkness and let my hands run free across his naked chest. He let out a groan of pleasure and I moved with my lips down to his chest. He sighed and fell back on the coat he had spread on the snow. I traced his torso with my lips and tongue until I could feel the excitement in his skin. When I moved back to his lips he incorporated and pulled me closer to him. He started to kiss my neck again but instead of moving towards the right or the left, towards my shoulders, he moved down. It was my turn to moan and he smiled into my skin. With my hands attached to his chest I felt as he reached towards the thin straps of my gown and pulled them down. I felt the top of my gown fall down, the long straps caught at the crease of my elbows. I opened my eyes again and could see his profile illuminated by the moon, which had just come out from behind a cloud. I hoped that it was still dark enough so that no one would see us. I saw as he opened his eyes and traced them across my body. I felt his excitement against my thighs. Quite unexpectedly he wrapped me tighter in his arms and kissed me as if that would be the last time. I pressed my body against his and he gasped for breath. Suddenly we were not on a sitting position anymore, but I was lying on top of him and he was lying on top of his coat. I extended my legs and ran my foot up and down his leg. He grasped at my back and traced it with his fingertips, wildly covering me with goose bumps. He wrapped me again in his arms and suddenly turned around so that he could be on top. He did not consider, however, that if he turned around I would be lying directly on the snow.

“Freaking cold!” I shrieked and he gasped. I arched my body into his to keep my skin from touching the snow. He reacted by wrapping an arm even tighter around my waist. He rolled around again and I was once again on top of him.

“Lord, are you alright?” he asked me very concerned.

“Yeah,” I said, “It’s just – well, I’m pretty much naked.”

“Yeah, I’m aware of it,” he said. Even through the darkness I knew he was smiling.

I laughed a little and let my head fall to his chest. I kissed him softly.

“Quite a way to ruin the moment, huh?” he said rubbing my arm with his hand to heat it up again.

“Yes well, we’re pretty good at doing that,” I answered him.

I rested my chin on top of his chest and he let his head fall back on his coat.

“Ced?” I called.

“What?” he called back.

“I’m afraid I’m in love with you,” I said.

“Well, that’s good,” he said.

“It is?”

“Yeah. You know, since I’m afraid I’m in love with you too.”

I pushed myself up and kissed him on the lips, then pulled away.

“Are you cold?” he asked me.

“Far from it, actually,” I answered.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

He incorporated with me in his arms and stared at my naked torso one last time. Then he ran his fingers down my arms and took each of the straps between his fingers. He pulled them up and I was fully clothed once again. I smiled and reached to my left to the place where I had dropped his clothes. I helped him pull on his cotton shirt and then carefully buttoned up his formal one.

“So this is it,” he said taking my rebel strand of hair away from my face and smiling.

“I guess,” I said, absolutely beaming.

We kissed once more and sat very quietly in the dark, with me still on top of him.

“I think the dance is still going on,” he said.

“I believe so,” I said back.

I stood up and reached my hand out to him. He took it and stood up.

“Come on,” I said, “Let’s give them something to talk about.”

We walked hand in hand to the castle. I took off my boots at the entrance and we walked together towards the dance floor. The Wicked Sisters were playing a slow song now. He pulled me close to him and let me stand on his feet, taking my hand in his. I put my other hand on his chest and he took it with his free one. I leaned my head on our entwined hands and danced to the song even after it was over.

So this was it.

Hey everyone! Alright, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm sorry it's taking me so long to update, I'm just feeling a little discouraged about the story. I'm not sure as to how to keep it going. Let's see, the poem that Cedric and Georgie recite is The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S Eliot. The title of the story also comes from that. There are several references to Pride & Prejudice, which I love; and, lastly, the song is 'She's Got You High' by Mumm-Ra (which I just loooooove). And I do not own anything. So, thank you very much for reading, please write some reviews so I know this is going somewhere, and have a great time. Love you all.

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There Will Be Time: The Yule Ball


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