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10 Ways to Know Scoripus Malfoy by LovelyMioneWeasley
Chapter 1 : Only Chapter
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A/N:  I have been gone for a very, very long time and I apologize.  I have been writing quite a bit lately so please keep your eyes peeled for some next gen one-shots.  I love these new characters!
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Scorpius nearly knocked me over as he furiously sat down and slammed a plate down in front of him. He loaded it up with toast, eggs, bacon, and fruit, all the while grumbling to himself furiously. The look on his face was murderous and shocked me slightly. I’d only seen Scorpius this mad a hand full of times. I ignored him and turned back to my letter. We sat in tense silence as he chewed anxiously on toast before finally swallowing and muttering, “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

                “Well good morning to you too, sunshine,” I answered sarcastically. I furrowed my brow for a moment before nodding and adding a bit more to the parchment in front of me. 

                “Sorry, good morning and all that courtesy nonsense. Now, aren’t you going to ask- hang on, whatcha got there?”

                “What do you want to talk about? Make up your mind,” I snapped impatiently as I tried to divide my attention fairly. He took a bite of bacon before continuing.

                “Sorry,” he managed sheepishly before nodding. “Okay, what’s in front of you?  And secondly, can we please talk about my morning?” he asked.

                “Good choices,” I deadpanned before flourishing my signature on the letter and putting away my quill and parchment. “That was a letter to James who’s off in Spain now. I figure that he can manage to find some Spanish chick to console his absence from family, and the conversation has been open for you to discuss your morning.” He nodded, thinking about James for a moment, I surmised. 

                “Why are girls so stupid?” Scro asked, frustrated.   I frowned and quirked an eyebrow. “No, no, Rose- not you. If all girls were like you, the world would be a far better place,” he muttered. 

                “Thanks for the flattery,” I snorted. Scorpius managed a shadow of a smirk as I nudged him with my shoulder. “See there, I’ve already managed to make you smirk a bit. Now, cheer up, I’m sure you’ll find some other snogging buddy. What’d the new girl manage to do now?”

                “She’s psycho! We’ve gone on, maybe, two dates and only hung out a handful of times, but she was being bloody demanding already,” he grumbled.

                “What was the real issue?” I pressed. Scorpius finally turned to me and stared piercingly.

                “She wanted me to choose between you and her,” he growled as he poked me in the arm.

                “And the winner is. . .?”

                “Oh, come off it, o’ course I was gonna pick you,” he answered, his mouth half-full of eggs. Even though I knew his loyalty was uncommon, especially for a Slytherin, it still warmed my heart a bit to know that I meant something to Scorpius. “Now wipe off that confounded look on your face. You are my best friend, Rose- girl or not, and there is no way that I’m going to prick off and choose some slag over you,” he managed fiercely. 

                “Don’t go calling her some slag now, Scrop,” I chastised. “She’s probably just some insecure girl, desperately searching for self-assurance in the acceptance of some boy. How old was she anyway?”

                “Fourth year, Hufflepuff. Hannah Green maybe?” He shrugged, ignoring my nagging. I was thankful for it too ‘cause we didn’t need to ignite his foul mood much more. Girls never really understood where Scorpius came from even if he wasn’t the hardest boy to understand in the world. His popularity and physical appeal far exceeded any logical thoughts for most girls. And I couldn’t blame the attention he got. Scorpius was considerably far better looking than most of the guys in Sixth Year. His golden blonde hair was longer and streaked with natural white blonde highlights as it curled at the base of his neck and hung over his eyes in some fashionable nature. His blue eyes were kind and alluring because of Scorpius’s magnetic personality. He was lean and very conscious of his body, a health freak for the most part. He loved food but he balanced it out with exercise and usually enough sleep. He was tall, threatening to shoot up over 6’4” and his features were defined without being harsh or soft.   His jaw was strong, littered with stubble and he had an easy smile and strong stride. He was a leader, commanding respect and drawing people in effortlessly. He was quick and intelligent but not without effort; he was fiercely loyal and hopelessly handsome. He wasn’t perfect but Scorpius Malfoy was sure close especially for a near 17 year old.

                “God, two years? No wonder she demanded that she be the center of attention. At best, she’s 15! Why can’t you find someone a bit older or a more mature Fourth Year?” I admonished.

                “Trust me, I’ve tried,” Scorpius sighed, swiping a hand through his bed head. “I’m ready to give up on girls.”

                “Try older then,” I suggested. “I’m sure there is someone you haven’t dated in the Seventh Years worth getting to know.”

                “Not that’s single,” grumbled Scorpius. I rolled my eyes and poked his arm. “Ow,” he whined as he finished his pumpkin juice.

                “I’m tired of moody Scorpius; I prefer my best friend who makes me laugh or who can at least hold a semi-pleasant conversation with me on a normal basis.”

                “Sorry, Rosie. I’ve just been stressed lately and, it’s not fair to you I know,” Scorpius sighed, again messing up his bed head. I gave him a side grin and rubbed my hand down his forearm. His arm slipped loosely around my side giving me a side-hug. I patted the hand on my waist before grabbing my bag to go. 

                “Come on, we have Transfiguration and Charms. We need to hurry up,” I murmured.   Scorpius grabbed his stuff and followed me to class. “You know what?” I said, breaking the comfortable silence as we climbed the stairs.


                “I’m going to write a list for the future girls who try to date you.  They clearly don’t have a good understanding of you.”

                “Oh really? Why do you care so much?” Scorpius asked with a curious look in his eye. I shrugged before gathering my thoughts.

                “Well besides the fact that I’m exhausted of awful conversations, I want you to meet nice girl that you can have fun with.”

                “Are you really that eager to get rid of me?” he teased.

                “No, of course not, but I know how much company means to you. You like that partnership and relationship.”

                “What if I’m happy with what I’ve got now?” he asked genuinely, turning to me. He had an unreadable expression on his face as we conversed.

                “Don’t be ridiculous, Scorp, what on Earth are you talking about?” I asked sincerely puzzled.

                “I mean, I’ve got Mom, Dad, and now, Ebony who’ll be five come Easter time. I have my mates and the Quidditch team and you. I’ve got plenty of people to keep me company,” he explained.

                “I know, but you like to make people feel special. You like giving people that attention and especially one-on-one. You’d be happier with a girl.”

                “Do you want somebody? Is that why you are so quick to find me somebody else?” he asked, his voice void of humor. “Is there somebody else? Do you like somebody, Rose?” he asked suspiciously.

                “Why does it matter?” I snapped. “And frankly no, there isn’t.” I huffed before walking ahead of him and muttering to myself unhappily. He really infuriated me sometimes; he just didn’t understand when to stop pushing something and just settle with an answer. Being a stubborn Granger-Weasley, I ignored him through class despite his obvious glances over at me, begging for attention.  I made it through Charms and had my free period away from Scorpius. I headed to the Room of Requirement for some peace and quiet while I figured out my list about Scorpius. 


I settled down at a comfortable chair and table to start my list. I entitled the top “Easy Ways to know Scorpius Malfoy” because I had no idea how many list items it’d take. 


Number one: Scorpius Malfoy is fiercely loyal especially when it comes to his family. Despite the Wizarding World’s attempts to villianize the Malfoy family, Astoria Malfoy has done plenty of good outreach with the Malfoy fortune. Draco Malfoy has established a nonprofit organization for educational opportunities for unfortunate witches and wizards.   Scorpius finds great pride in his humble parents that try to better the world, and now, he adores his younger sister. Ebony is a soft spot for one protective Scorpius.  His big brother moments are tender ones, and he will discuss Ebony at length with those who are willing to listen. His family isn’t perfect but he’d defend Draco and Astoria Malfoy’s decisions to the death.


Number two: Scorpius Malfoy places a lot of importance upon his friendships. Scorpius is by no means -unfriendly, but he does not allow people to get close to him fruitlessly. Scorpius believes that it is important to give everyone equal chances, but he chooses those closest to him carefully. He is prudent with the hope that he can diversify his friend group. Scorpius, however, at heart is a teenager and just wants acceptance and he finds a good bit of that from his closest friends including Rose Weasley, Albus Potter, Edward Nott, and Ralph Zabini.  His friend group expands beyond that but to really know Scorpius know his closest friends. Also, his friends will almost always fall above you in importance in his mind long-term.


Number three: Scorpius has many interests. This means that there is a great array of interests that you and Scorpius can have in common. Scorpius enjoys being able to bond with those who like Qudditch or enjoy alternative music like him. However, that doesn’t mean you need to become obsessed with everything he likes; in fact, he’d find that so annoying that he’d become frustrated with the lack of individuality. 


Number four: Scorpius time manages well, which means he’ll make time for you. Scorpius is often revamping his schedule, trying to discover what the most effective and efficient use of time for him is. It is a consistently inconsistent characteristic of his that you will have to grow to tolerate. Sometimes that means he doesn’t get enough sleep and will be grumpy the next day. He is a health freak though, so, he will make time to work out and to get enough sleep to be functional. Without fail, every day will be allocated with time for you and for himself, however. His alone time is a very crucial part of his day for him; he always starts out by himself whether it be in front of the lake with a journal, writing or running laps around the Qudditch Pitch. Do not show up to run with him; you will leave in tears.


Number five: Scorpius is a natural born leader with fantastic leadership skills. Scorpius doesn’t lead the Slytherin Qudditch team because his dad bought off the Headmaster or because he loves Qudditch so much. His passion for Qudditch furthers his ability to delegate, to inspire, to lead, and to listen. Scorpius has earned the admiration of his teammates and gives a large amount of time to Qudditch. He will quickly fail others’ expectations for the sake of his team through sacrifice and tough choice. Scorpius is always looking out for the good of others, which attracts people to him. He is like a people magnet so be prepared to share his attention. He does, however, recognize and won’t completely ignore or leave you alone for too long.


Number six: Scorpius will be a good boyfriend. Scorpius makes time to spend with you and enjoys being romantic. He does cute things like write notes, bring you food, remember small details about you, and initiate random dates.  He will be supportive, humorous, romantic, reflective, and even, in some ways, sweet to you. His friendship with you matters just as much as romantic relationships so he’ll initiate many conversations and make sure to spend time simply having fun. He isn’t hugely into public displays of affection but he does enjoy cuddling and physical contact to extent so expect a hand-hold, an arm around your shoulder or waist, or sitting close to one another on the couch.


Number seven: Scorpius has really weird interests, too. The boy collects stamps for goodness sake-something started by his maternal grandfather. He also really enjoys German polkas and is attempting to learn to play the accordin. He watches sappy old black-and-white muggle movies in an attempt to connect to some deeper emotional current within him, and he would rather go to an opera or orchestra concert than a football game. This, however, does not mean you can mock him. *Snicker*


Number eight: Scorpius isn’t a perfect human being; his flaws are evident as well. Scorpius is fully capable of being sucked into his studies to the point of ignoring those who he loves. Scorpius can be very stubborn and jumps to conclusions very quickly. His incorrect conclusions sometimes result in jealousy and miscommunication. He is selfish from time to time, but never at the expense of those who serves as a leader. He will get frustrated very easily when someone cannot understand him, and he has a hard time finding all the positive attributes in a person. He needs to be reminded of minor assignments or commitments that he made on a whim. He is also a slob in his room yet organized with his schoolwork. He isn’t oblivious to his good looks either, he will use it to his advantage to gain the attention of girls or charm his way out of trouble. 


Number nine: Scorpius cannot be defined in a simple list. While it is easy to write off the characteristics of Scorpius to nature or nurture, the truth lies in the fact that my best friend has more stories and more observations than can be listed on parchment. He is a sum of all of his experiences and attributes; I cannot perfectly describe him, and cannot predict every move he’ll make. He is full of surprises from time to time, and he will do things that do not align with his normal behavior. The truth of the matter is that Scorpius is a good guy worth knowing and trying to fall in love with.


“Rose?” a voice behind me called as a door opened. I scratched out the title in favor of “9 Ways to Successfully Date Scorpius Malfoy.”   “I brought you food; you missed lunch so . . .” his voice trailed off.

                “Thanks,” I mumbled, rolling up the parchment. He settled in front of me his eyes pleading for mine to meet them. I ate a chip while I waited for him to talk.

                “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that- I just jumped to conclusions, and I hate the idea of being replaced,” he admitted, his cheeks slightly colored. I quirked my eyebrow at his sheepish admittance.

                “Why would you be replaced?”

                “Because some guy,” he spat, “would become more important than me. He’d have your attention more, and I, admittedly, don’t share well.”

                “Scor,” I murmured quietly, “you’ll always be my best friend. Yes, that’ll mean different levels of importance and attention, but you will more likely outlast any guy I date. Just like you’ve reassured me, I will outlast any girl that you’ll date. Here, take a look at the list.” I handed him the rolled parchment and observed him as he read the list. His eyes moved over paragraphs slowly as if to fully relish the meaning behind them. He paused at certain points, his breath intake a little bit sharper. I observed his eyes as they widen and crinkled at the edges with tenderness. A smile stayed on his face the entirety of the time.

                “Well, first off, nine is an odd number, don’t cha ya think?” he grinned goofily. I shrugged with a short chuckle. “Rose, you know me really well, clearly, but you’re missing an important point.” 

                “What’d I miss?” He took the quill lying next to my arm and blocked the parchment from view. I managed to scarf down lunch quickly as he added the last touches to the list. He smiled to me and handed back the parchment tome.


I read Number ten: Scorpius Malfoy is not on the market.  Scorpius Malfoy, while all the qualities listed above, is unfortunately no longer single. Scorpius has realized how deeply in love with his best friend, Rose Weasley, he is. He doesn’t need any other girls right now; he simply wants his best friend and hopeful girlfriend to be all he needs. 


I was afraid to raise my eyes from the parchment, but I felt the intense gaze of my best friend upon me. My pulse increased tenfold as I felt his penetrating gaze seemingly bore into the depths of me.


“I know that I’m selfish, stubborn, impatient, jealous, forgetful, lazy, manipulative, and sloppy, but I’m also kind, witty, intelligent, funny, romantic, and very much in love with you. I know that we are best friends, but that makes it that much easier for us. I love you,” he admitted sincerely, his eyes nervous and hesitant but his bravery strong. I leaned forward and took the quill from his hand. I scratched out the title again to put Ten Ways to Know Scorpius Malfoy and his girlfriend, Rose Weasley. Scor’s eyes caught mine, his eyes alight with happiness, mischief, and something else. “Can I kiss you?” Scorpius asked mischievously.   I leaned forward and blissfully caught his lips with my own. His hand grasped my arm and his other hand cradled my cheek. He kissed me, sweetly as if not to tempt us much further. He pulled away and gave me a heart-stopping grin. I gave an equally goofy grin back before my watch beeped.  I peered at quickly and groaned lightly.

               “Time for Transfiguration,” I sighed. I stood quickly and stretched and Scorpius lazily clambered to his feet after me. His hands, however, suddenly were tight on my waist and his breath was hot in my ear.

                “You did get one thing wrong though- I’m not particularly influenced one way or the other about public affection,” he whispered lowly, his voice sexy. He kissed down the side of my neck surprisingly as he took my bag from me. “Come one,” he demanded lightly. His hand entwined with mine as he carried both of our bags to Transfiguration. Scor, once again, proved me wrong as he dropped our bags onto a desk in the Transfiguration before dipping lowly into a passionate kiss. Wolf whistles and gasps erupted all around us before Scor pulled away grinning shyly at me. 

                “Show-off,” I managed to gaspingly tease. He certainly knew how to steal my breath away. 

                “I’m your show-off,” he cheekily replied before kissing me again.  He, indeed, was my show-off.

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