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My Rulebook To Rea-Living In Harry Potter? by inlovewithpadfoot
Chapter 7 : Rule #6: Violence Always Helps.
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“You have twenty minutes to complete this test. It is a fairly simple one and is mostly to test your knowledge about what we have been talking about in class for the past week.” McGonagall turned over the larger than average hourglass on her desk and so we began.


It was Monday and the Transfiguration professor had decided nothing would be a better way to start the week than to give us a pop-quiz.


No she did not call it that.


She called it a 'fairly simple test”


Simple my arse!


I mean ass. Ass.


I have got to stop hanging around British people!


Too bad I am in Britain.


Right, test. I know!


Q1: What are the three rules to transfiguring a inanimate object into a living animal?


Q2: Clearly describe the process of becoming an Animagi.


I bet Sirius, James and Peter got that one.


Q3: What are the basic indicators of a transfigured object? Is there a difference between the before and after state?


Q4: What do you tell a group of people who you have consistently lied to about your mere existence in their world?


Um...what? That must be wrong.


I read it again.


Q4: What-


Ugh, this was impossible! Even the test wanted me to tell the truth and it didn't even know what I was thinking.


I had been conveniently avoiding everyone since Friday night when I came back to Hogwarts with Sirius.


I had immediately declared that I was tired and went to bed and the next morning I had woken up earlier than anyone because I had work.


And yes I admit it, also to avoid anyone who might question me about my meeting on Thursday. I stayed in Rosa's place Saturday night after working till she had to close the place down and would not let me walk back by myself.


Sunday after my shift I went out and hid in the Shrieking Shack not wanting to go back just yet.


Surprsingly, or unsurprisingly rather, the shack was a very peaceful change from the hustle and bustle of Hogwarts and TB.


Believe it or not, I actually finished all my homework due the next day on a broken and tattered table, no doubt Remus' doing until I finally, finally had to leave at one in the morning taking the tunnel from the Shrieking Shack to the base of the Whomping Willow.


Basically I was a coward and did not deserve to be in Gryffindor.


Maybe Dumbledore was right. Maybe we do sort too early.


Here I was Monday morning sitting in Transfiguration taking a quiz I was obviously going to fail because I had been working the entire weekend and had only six hours to finish my homework due for the next two days.


I had done no extra reading as Dumbledore had told me I would have to do if I wanted to keep up in class because even though he had tried to teach me everything in one summer, it just was not enough.


Which would explain why I was going to fail and be a useless bum my entire life if I was stuck here.


Somehow at the end of the twenty minutes I was surprised to find that I had answered all six questions and even given correct answers as opposed to the useless shit I was convinced I was going to write.


It was as I was copying notes from the board that a piece of parchment found its way onto my desk.


I folded it open but it was blank. I looked around confused but saw everyone bent over their desks furiously taking notes.


I looked back at the paper in my hands, frowning when writing suddenly appeared on it.


My surprise at seeing an invisible hand write was so great that I let out a small yelp.


Don't give me that look! You know what Mr. Weasley said about not trusting something if you can't see where it keeps it's brain and what not.


I was just being cautious.


Yes, by yelping.


The entire class's eyes were on me, including McGonagall who had been in the process of explaining a very complex concept and did not like being interrupted.


“Ms. Nichols, is there a problem?” She looked at me severely.


“No professor. Not at all, I just thought I saw a spider crawl up my arm.”


Some of the Slytherins tittered. Bitches.


McGonagall went on teaching as if nothing was wrong.


I read the paper.


So, are you going to keep ignoring us and keep deluding yourself that by some miracle we are going to forget about last week or are you going to actually talk?


I recognized the gently rolling writing immediately.


I wrote back.


Is there no beating around the bush for you Remus?

No, but apparently for you there is.


I smirked. He was right, I was beating around the bush, but I still didn't know what to say to him.


Or anyone for that matter.


So I told him that.


Remus, I know you want to talk, but I don't know what to tell you without sounding completely crazy.

I can deal with crazy. I have Sirius, James and Peter for best friends, don't I?


I had not response for that and luckily for me McGonagall dismissed the class.


However, if I had been hoping for a quick getaway, I could not have been more wrong because McGonagall had called me to the front of the room after everyone had left.


I hugged my books to my chest.


“Yes Professor?”


“Ms. Nichols I-” She glanced around the room to check for stragglers. There weren't any. “I just wanted to see how you were doing? After last Thursday. That must have been a lot to take in.”


“Fine, I s'pose. If you, you know, count working until one in the morning, rushing to do homework and avoiding your friends because you don't know what to tell them as fine.”


She looked at me sympathetically. “I understand how difficult this must be for you, not being able to talk freely. But you need your friends, Ms. Nichols. Don't lock them out because you are afraid of how they might react.”


Funny, Dumbledore says something similar to Harry later on. Maybe he jacked McGonagall's advice?


Dumbledore's a fraud!


Just kidding. He's awesome. Gayness and all.


I shook my head, “That isn't why I haven't told them. I just, don't know where to start. I've lied to them for so long. James, Sirius and Remus especially. They-”

“Will understand. Just like they did for Mr. Lupin.” She didn't try to pretend around me. She knew I knew much more than anyone here did, and that included Remus' “furry little problem” as James was fond of calling it.


I didn't say anything. Really, what could I say?


So I gave her a grateful look and walked out to find Remus and Lily waiting for me. How they had convinced the others to go ahead, I had no idea.


I didn't say anything to them and they said nothing to me. We walked in silence until we reached the Fat Lady's portrait when Lily stopped and looked at me.


“I have a Head's meeting with James right now. If you want to talk I can resche-”


I shook my head furiously. “No. Go have your meeting. And really, I- there's nothing we can't talk about later.”


She smiled at me and led us into the Gryffindor Common Room.


There were only a few people in the common room, majority of the first to fifth years were in class and some of the sixth years who had free periods were lolling around lazily.


James was waiting for Lily at a table near the hearth where he had laid out all the papers he would need for his meeting with Lily.


Organization was something Lily Evans was impressed by and James was trying to do just that.


Remus and I walked over to sit with Mary who was sitting with another one of her Astronomy charts spread out. Because she was not in very many of my classes except for Charms and Transfiguration and Defense we never talked much unless we were in Gryffindor Tower.


I took the seat next to her and Remus sat in the chair opposite hers.


When she glanced up and saw that it was Remus she blushed and looked back at her chart.


Remus noticed the red tinge in her cheeks and blushed as well. Meanwhile I was left sitting there rolling my eyes feeling much like the third wheel.


I ignored their awkward glances and looked around the room at the others.


James and Lily looked to be in deep conversation about something very important and for once, she was not scowling at him.


They were sitting with their heads close together and legs turned to each other. James was saying something with an amused look on his face and then-miracle of miracles!- Lily's ringing laugh bounced off the walls of the common room.


James looked pleased at having made Lily Evans laugh with him, instead of at him.


She had been warming up to him a lot more ever since she realized that he was serious about his job and responsibilities as Head Boy.


Her first hint had been his utter lack of participation in the Marauder's back to Hogwarts Prank.


Something Sirius was still very unhappy about.


They went on like that for some time; James saying something and Lily smiling while James gazed at her like the love sick puppy that he was.


I turned my attention back to Remus and Mary only to find them still awkwardly exchanging glances.


I had to do something about these two or with Mary's extreme shyness and Remus reserve, blushing was all they would ever do.


“Hey Remus, switch seats.”


He looked at me confused, “Why?”


Honestly, boys. Don't they get a hint?


Mary obviously getting the gist of what I was suggesting blushed even harder.


“Because I want to be closer to the fireplace, now move.” I pulled him out of the chair and sat in it myself.


“So, Mary, watcha doin'?” I said loudly to ease the tension.


Aware that Remus' eyes were on her, she replied softly, “Nothing, just tracking the Lunar Cycle of this year.”


What a perfect thing to say while Remus Lupin was sitting right next to her. Not.


Remus paled visibly, all hints of blush gone.


“I- I have to get a book from the library,” He mumbled suddenly and walked out the Common Room.


Mary looked shocked at his sudden departure.


“I think I'll go help him find that book. You know, two pairs of eyes better than one and all that shebang.” I quickly jumped up and followed Remus.


Um..shebang? What?


“Remus! Remus wait!” I latched onto his arm and forced him to a halt.


I looked at him carefully. He looked ashen and his arms were trembling and he was staring with a faraway look in his eyes.


“I..she...” He trailed off.


“Look at me. Remus, nothing is going to happen. Just because she is tracking the Lunar Cycle doesn't necessarily mean she is going to suddenly wake up one morning and connect the dots.”


Too late I realized what I had revealed.


This was probably the wrong thing to say because he had now surpassed ashen and progressed to green.


“You know?” he whispered hoarsely.


I nodded. Stupid stupid stupid big mouthed me. There was no turning back now.


“H-how? Did Siri-”


“NO!” I looked at him with wide eyes. “Why would you even think that? Sirius would never betray you, you know that.”


“Then how did you...I was so careful. You never even saw me during full moons. At least you haven't yet.” He said with a bitter expression.


“Remus, I've always known about you. And not because you weren't careful, but because of something entirely different. Remember how I was telling you about how everyone has secrets?” He nodded. “Well, I know lot of your secrets.” I looked around. “Look, let's go somewhere else okay? I don't want anyone over hearing us.”


And so we found ourselves in a small but comfortable room, courtesy of the Room of Requirement, all set with comfortable couches and pillows. I patted the chaise across from me and motioned Remus to sit down.


Remus looked at me expectantly.


“I don't know where to start.” I sighed picking at my fingernails.


“How about you start with the secrets you know.” Remus said gently.


“Okay. But I'm warning you, you can't interrupt me.”


He nodded in understanding.


“I know that you're a werewolf, and that you've been one since you were four when your father offended Fenrir Greyback and he chose to punish your father by turning you. I know how terrified you were that you wouldn't be able to come to Hogwarts's because of your condition and how grateful to are to Dumbledore for giving you this opportunity. I know that you used to go to the Shrieking Shack for your transformations and that you give lame excuses about visiting your sick mother every month. I know that when James Sirius and Peter found out, they tried to help you, help make your nights as a werewolf easier.” Her I paused and looked at him. His eyes were wide surprise and I could tell he was itching to ask me how I knew, but wouldn't interrupt me. “ Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. A rat, a big black dog and a white stag. They all became unregistered Animagi to help you during your- um- that time of the month. I know about how you roam the castle grounds and Hogsmead and how James and Sirius try to keep you in check. You feel guilty for betraying Dumbledore's trust but you enjoy those nights with your friends too much to put an end to it and the injuries are a lot less severe than how they used to be when you were a kid. I know that your adventures made you discover new places and that was how you created the Marauder's Map. And-”


“How?” He blurted out. “This, these things you've just told me, we've never told them to anyone. Never. How could you possibly know any of that?”


He looked at me, waiting for me to answer his questions.


I didn't know any other way to answer his question other than telling him the truth.


So I did.


I told him about the alternate universes and the curse the Matron put on me and how I ended up falling through the tunnel into Hogwarts's looking for my book. I told him about the Harry Potter series, but didn't tell him who Harry's parents were. Although the last name was a dead giveaway.


“So, what you are saying is that in another universe, I-we- all this is just a story book?”


I nodded. “Dumbledore says parallel.”


“And you aren't a witch there.”


I nodded again. “Told you it sounded crazy.”


He rubbed his temples, “I don't believe this. I don't fucking believe this.”


I had never heard Remus curse before and the fact that he even knew any such word was a shock to me.


“You aren't from this world and you have no family here. That's why you have to work so much, isn't it? Because you don't have anyone Who else knows? Dumbledore, of course?”


“Of course. And Professor McGonagall, and Hagrid and...Aaron.”


Remus looked up. “James' dad? He knows? And you never told us? Not once in the past month did it occur to you that we might like to know that our best girl friend is from another universe?”

I winced. It sounded worse when he said it like that.

“Remus, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to lie to you. But, I just, I didn't know how you would react. And I can't have it made public that I know things I shouldn't.”


“Like what?”


“What?” I looked at him not getting his question.


“What kind of things do you know?”


I looked at him skeptically, “Like who the future Death Eaters are,and how Lord Voldemort will be defeated and who is going to die.”


“You know that?”




He said nothing.


“Remus, you have to understand, I didn't choose this, nor can I change it. I'm here till the curse wears off and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”


“This Harry, is he going to be the one to defeat Voldemort?”




“Is he James' son?”


I nodded again.


“Who is his-”


“I'm not telling you. Trust me, Dumbledore has tried plenty times to find out.”


We sat in silence for a while until Remus had time to wrap his head around the information.


“Wow.” He said finally.


“I know.” I smiled.




I know.”


“Wow, so you're- you really are from... How did I not see it? All those times you side-stepped an issue whenever your mum or Salem or anything was concerned. Your fascination with the muggle junk in James' shed and how you had never ridden a broom before. Or why you stayed here at all this summer. How you never get any post from home and never mention your old life unless some one asks you and even then you're very vague or change the topic. And the meeting last week. That was when Dumbledore told you about the curse, wasn't it? When he told you that you won't be able to go home soon.”


“Yeah.” This time, I looked away from him. The idea that I may never see my family again still haunted me.


“Oh Kayla,” he reached over and enveloped me in a tight bear hug. That was when it happened.


That dry choked sob that is the precursor for the waterworks.


I never cry.


I hate crying.


I think people who cry are weak.


But here, and now, being hugged by Remus I realized just how much I missed it.




Being hugged by Remus was like being hugged by my own brother and he didn't flinch when I started crying.


“Kayla, don't cry, you'll be home soon. Back with your family. The curse is just temporary.”


“You don't know that.” I said, my voice muffled.


“Okay, maybe I don't, but I do know one thing,” I pulled back to look at him, “You have a new family, and granted we may not be as sane as your original one, we're still here for you. Even Peter, even though he isn't around much anymore. Say, do you know why that is? From your books?” He was trying to make a joke I realized when I saw that he was smiling at me playfully.


But there was nothing funny about where Peter might be going.


I nodded, “But I can't tell you because it might ruin everything.”


Remus scoffed,”I'm not sure Peter's odd behavior counts as something important Kayla. He's just Peter.”


If only he knew how much it counted for.


But I faked a laugh with him anyway.


“Feeling better?”


I nodded.


I swear, if I nodded anymore, my head was going to fall of.


“Good, because we've missed lunch and have Defense in ten minutes. And everyone is probably wondering where we are by now.”


We walked out the Room of Requirement and dashed to get our bags before class.


We were late and there was nothing that could have changed that, we practically had to run through the entire castle to get to the Defense class.


Right before we walked in Remus stopped me by the door, “You know you are going to have to tell them eventually, right?”


“Yeah, I know, but I can't right now.”


Remus nodded and loped an arm around for another hug and we walked into the class.


“Well well well, look who finally decided to show up. Ten points from Gryffindor. And don't be late again.” Professor Gibson drawled from the front of the class.


All eyes turned to us and I noticed everyone was looking from me to Remus curiously.


I didn't understand what was so interesting until I realized Remus still has his arm around me and I got how it must have looked to anyone else.


Remus seemed to realize at the same time I did and quickly dropped his hand from my side and we took the only remaining seats behind James and Sirius.


Sirius looked from me to Remus and I felt my face heat up.


“Where were you two?” he whispered to us.


“Nowhere.” Remus and I whispered back.


Then Remus added only for Sirius even though I could hear him too, “Sorry.”


“Alright, listen up people. Quiddtich team tryouts, tomorrow, that is Tuesday night five pm sharp. Sign up sheet's on the board.” James jumped down from his perch on a table in the middle of the room and moved off to the side as a mob of people ran to sign up.


When he noticed that I had not joined the others frantically rushing to put their names down for tryouts he came over and stared at me until I was forced to acknowledge his creepy presence.


“Yes James?” I said placing my quill carefully so as not to blot my parchment.


“Why aren't you signing up?” He tilted his head to the side as if he couldn't fathom why someone who could, according to him, 'play brilliantly if she just applied herself' wasn't signing up.

“Because I have enough going on between school work and working at Rosa's that I don't think I have time for Quidditch.”


His eyes went wide as saucers at my horrific suggestion that I didn't have time for something as sacred as Quidditch.


Truth was, I really really wanted to be on the team, only to be on a team again, because I used to play on my soccer team back home. But I was worried about making a fool of myself, on a broom no less.


One month of personalized Quidditch training from James Potter himself was not enough.


He seemed to think otherwise.


“Rubbish. You're a wonderful player and you have time. I'll make sure to schedule practices during the week so it doesn't conflict with your work.”


“James, I really don't think I can.”


“I don't want to hear it, you're trying out. And if you don't make the team, unlikely seeing as how I've seen how well you play, then you have nothing to worry about. But you are coming to the pitch tomorrow and trying out for Chaser.” He gave me a defiant look and strode over to the sign-up sheet pushing the others out of the way.


He scribbled something on the sheet and came back with a smug look. “There, you just signed up for tomorrow's tryouts.”


I rolled my eyes at him but said nothing.


Which was the wrong thing to do because James just sat there looking at me with a very smug look making me want to slap him.




Yes, I'm violent.


I was just as I was seriously contemplating reaching across and doing the deed that Lily came and plopped down next to me with her stack of books and laughed when she looked at me.


“What?” I asked her irritably.


“You have that look,” She said.


“What look?”


“The 'I want to punch James Potter because he's being an arrogant arse' look.”


James, clearly not expecting this statement looked shocked. “What? Why?”


“It's okay, it's a non-fan girl thing James.” She said mock sympathetically and lightly patted his hand.


This action seemed to shock James even more than her statement and he looked at her dainty fingers as if they were something else entirely.


Maybe to him they were. I smiled at their little exchange until, Lily suddenly realizing what was happening pulled her hand back, flushing red.


Hmm...progress? Me thinks yes.


“James just signed me up for tryouts without my express permission.” I told her to ease the awkwardness.


“Ah, I see. Of course, James Potter would do something like that. Anything to assemble the best team.”


“See, even Lily agrees that you would make a good addition to the team. And she hasn't even seen you play.”


I rolled my eyes before shooting a glare at Lily who shrugged with a apologetic look.


“You're forgetting that even if I do make the team, I don't have a broom and I can't play the entire season on a school broom. Nor can I afford a brand new one.”

James frowned. “We'll figure something out.”


I sighed knowing that nothing would dissuade him. I just went back to finishing my homework.


I half thought Lily would start questioning me about my meeting last week, but she silently pulled out her homework and worked in silence beside me.


Everyone, it seemed, had realized that whatever had happened in the meeting was not something I wanted everyone to know just yet.


They were all satisfied that I had talked to Remus about it and no one pressed me for details.


Except Sirius.


Who couldn't understand why I would tell only Remus.


I had no answer for him, so I just deflected his questions with vague answers until James told him to drop it.


Seriously, I love that boy so much sometimes it's ridiculous.


But don't tell him that, it might inflate his slowly deflating ego.


And Lily will go back to hating him, and it will have been your fault.


And I have worked too hard to get this this far.


“Okay, so we're going to start out easy enough. Break into groups of five and fly around the pitch ten times in the shortest amount of time possible.”


Some older students scoffed in irritation.


But James was correct in starting out with flying exercises.


Most of the younger kids couldn't even fly five feet of the ground.


After the first round James had dismissed more than half the people. A few fifth, sixth and seventh years were left on the pitch and James asked us to split up according to year.


So it was Sirius, Marlene and me against four sixth years and two fifth years.


How I had passed the flying test was a surprise to me.


I probably would not have made it if Remus had not lent me his broom for today. I know for certain that the school broom would not have taken me very far.


Remus, Lily, Alice, Frank, Peter and Mary were sitting in the stands ready to cheer us on.


Although it didn't look as if Sirius and Marlene needed any cheering.


Sirius was standing off to the side flirting with a blushing blonde fifth year and Marlene was playing with her cuticles looking bored. She'd even yawned a few times.


I meanwhile, was a nervous wreck. This tryout could not get over sooner.


James split us in groups of five and had us play against each other.Since there were only nine people left who had tried out James joined us too.


Unfortunately he was on the opposing team and was a ruthless chaser. This did not make things any easier for me.


We had a Keeper, a Beater, a Seeker and two Chasers. It was the same for the other team. Marlene was my fellow Chaser making things slightly easier.


My only ally was my very competitive streak and the adrenaline rushing through my veins from being so high in the air.


I scooped the Quaffle from under another fifth year girl and flew to the hoops and threw the Quaffle in the left hoop. This was my seventh goal and together Marlene and I had totaled fifteen goals which was five more than the other team.


Soon after, our seeker, a sixth year caught the Snitch and we were called to the ground.


I shifted my weight from one foot to another in anticipation while James was looking something over on a clipboard.


“Relax. You played very well. I'm sure you'll make the team.” Someone whispered in my ear. I jumped at the closeness of the voice.


It was the Seeker who had caught the Snitch for our team.


“Thank you. And I'm sure you are obviously James's choice for Seeker. I'm sorry I don't know your name.” I told him.


He chuckled, “I'm Michel Thomas and thank you for the vote of confidence.”


“If you two are quite done flirting, you might want to pay attention to the names I call out.” James' voice rang out clearly.


Both of us were startled and turned to face James and I tried to avoid looking at Marlene who was smirking knowingly.


I stared straight ahead at James.


“Beaters are Sirius Black and Andrea Johnson.” Sirius strolled up to stand next to James and the blonde fifth year whooped and followed Sirius.


James went on, “Seeker, Michel Thomas.” I smiled warmly at him as he went to join Andrea, who he hugged and Sirius who gave him a stiff smile.


“Keeper, Rachel Underwood.” It was another sixth year.


“Chasers,” I clutched Marlene's hand instinctively for support, she didn't object. “Marlene McKinnon and...” He paused.


Why was he pausing?


Did he enjoy torturing me?


Yes. Yes he did.


“Kaleahni Nichols.” James smiled at me.


The ones who hadn't made the team strode away grumbling while I was jumping up and down hysterically with Marlene.


I rushed to hug James when he walked toward Marlene and me.


He laughed at my exuberance and hugged me back.


After he had pulled away from my death grip hug he turned to the team at large and announced that practice would take place same time next week.


All of us trekked back to the changing room and promised to meet with Lily and others in the Great Hall for dinner.


It was quiet.


For the first time in days I found myself alone walking through the hallways of Hogwarts in the middle of the night with no one to bother me with useless chatter.


Remus had left for the Shrieking Shack a couple of hours ago and his three best friends had dutifully followed.


Before he had left, I'd whispered a quiet “be careful” to him, so quite that I wasn't sure if he had heard it or not.


My feet led me to the Astronomy Tower where I looked over the Forbidden Forest to Hogsmead where I could slightly make out the rough shape of the Shack.


Sadness filled me as I realized that this was the last year Remus would have his friends to accompany him during his transformations.


The last year they would all truly be the Marauders.


After June, they would just be Remus, Peter and James and Sirius.


Peter would join the Death Eaters.


Remus would struggle to live with his lycanthropy outside the protection of Albus Dumbledore.


And James and Sirius would be inseparable as ever.


Lily would be married to James.


Marlene would be working for the Order and die in the process.


Alice and Frank will suffer a fate worse than death.


Mary- how thankful I was that I didn't know her fate.


Dumbledore was going to fall to his death from this exact spot twenty years from now.


I, on the other hand, had no idea where I was going to to be at the end of this year.


It was sad knowing what was going to happen to people around me, and not being able to do anything to prevent it.


All of them were wonderful and kind people who didn't deserve an ounce of what was coming for them.


Maybe with the exception of Peter.


But he would live a lot longer than James, Lily or Marlene.


He would have a much better life than even Alice and Frank.


I closed my eyes, trying to blot out the image of a seventeen year old Alice, kind, sweet, mild Alice becoming nothing more than a woman who would have to resort to giving her own son nothing but Drooble's wrappers.


The wind picked up speed and in the distance I heard Remus howl.


It was almost dawn and he would be back soon in the Hospital Wing.


I turned and made my journey down there, surprised that I hadn't been caught already.


When I reached the Hospital Wing, Remus was already there with Madam Pomfrey administering multiple potions to him.


All four of them looked worse for the wear and I knew immediately that it had been a rough night.


So he hadn't heeded my “Be careful”.


After Madam Pomfrey had finished leaving the boys alone with Remus I walked around to Remus' other side where only Sirius sat.


They didn't see me at first, all of them engrossed in watching Remus' breathing return to normal.


I sat in the spare chair by his bed and held one of his hands asking softly, “How is he?”


All three of them looked up at me with wide eyed astonishment.


“I know.” I said, still holding Remus' hand with one of mine and reaching down to take Sirius' hand in my other.


“We-” Peter squeaked unable to finish.


“We almost lost control...He almost attacked someone.” James whispered hoarsely.


“Will he remember?” I asked.


“Not with the number of potions he's been given.” Sirius said.


“Then don't tell him. At least not about his almost attacking someone.” I said.


They looked at me as if such a thought had never occurred to them.


It probably hadn't. They cared about Remus, but would never lie to him.


I, on the other hand had no such qualms if it meant protecting Remus.


“You know Remus,” I told them. “He's never going to forgive himself. Just tell him that you lost him for a while in the Forest.”


“I don't know.” James muttered looking at Remus' pale form. The last remnants of moonlight making him appear even more ghostlike.


“She's right. If it means Remus won't be hurting...” Peter trailed off.


Just then I felt a rush of gratitude toward Peter, regardless of what he would turn into, right now, he was still a Marauder.


“Get some rest.” I told them knowing that the issue was settled. “I'll stay with him.”


I said the last part looking at Sirius who had yet to say anything and I squeezed his hand encouraging him to go sleep.


Sirius nodded and left with James and Peter.


As if sensing that his friends had left, Remus stirred slightly. I placed my both my hands on his and whispered close to his ear, “It's okay. I'm here. I'll always be here.”

Even as I said it, I knew was lying. I wouldn't be there for him. Not when it mattered most.


His stirring stopped just as dawn broke through completely.


A/N: So someone knows. I thought Remus would be the perfect first person to tell. Don't ask me why, I just did.
So yeah, there is that.
Does anyone here think Remus was the wrong choice? Is there anyone else you think Kayla should have told?

If so then let me know in the review!
Read and Review and make my day, thank you very much.
And feel free to ask any questions, comments or concerns.

Kayla is mine. Everyone else is not. Simple as that.
xoxo MJ

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