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Losing Innocence by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 7 : Storm
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 Days with Nina passed in a gentle rhythm. Nina was kind and gentle; she was very active for a woman of that age. She liked to bring Rose out to the garden, she taught Rose how to prepare the plants and soil for the winter. During colder days Nina taught Rose how to sew and knit (neither in which she was very good at), she also helped Rose read, something Rose had been able to do for a while, but wasn’t overly good at. It was comfortable, but Rose still missed her family terribly.

One Sunday night, Rose was sitting on Nina’s lap reading from The Tales of Beedle the Bard, as rain pounded the outside of the house, it had been raining for a few hours, though the flashing lightning from the windows and the roaring thunder once scared Rose, she now found it comforting,“’As the drops fell glittering on the earth’” Rose read, “'the in-inscript-i-inscrep…’”

“Inscription.” Nina said.

“What’s that?” Rose asked.

“It’s something written on something.” Explained Nina.

“Then why didn’t they just say that?” Rose asked.

Nina laughed, “Because they like to confuse you.”


Rose smiled in spite of herself and continued reading. “'The inscription blocking their path vanished, and they were able to move once more...'”


Rose broke off as she heard a loud crack from outside.


“What the...?” Nina asked, she lifted Rose off her lap and walked over to the window, Rose at her heels, she pulled back the flowery curtain just in time to see the large oak tree in the yard, which was now ablaze with fire tipping, tipping, tipping, falling over the house, before Rose could think Nina shoved her hard in the other direction.


CRASH The tree fell right on top of the house, burning limbs were everywhere, fire once again consumed Rose's sight, she was right back in her nightmares. She couldn't she Nina, she could see anything other then the flames. She screamed, all she wanted to do was get as far from the fire as possible. She ran from the living room as fire quickly caught the flowery curtains and the plushy carpets and spread, she ran into her bedroom and grabbed her bear, holding it tight. She opened her window and kicked out the screen, she ran into the woods again, not knowing where else to go. But at least this time she was wearing long sleeves and socks. The icy cold rain pelted her like little bullets, the thunder was louder now that she was outside, pressing on her ears as she ran. She ran and ran until she couldn't run anymore, she hated that she was in the woods again, she was comfortable in Nina's house, it wasn't home, but it was still a warm, friendly place to be, it could have become her home. Now she was back in the woods, cold and alone.


“Mummy,” she whispered, “Help me.”




Nina fought her way threw the burning tree, “Rose!” She called, “Rosie!” She tried to get around to the other side of the living room but she couldn't, it was impossible, she turned and ran out her door, She coughed, trying to get the smoke out of her lungs, when she regained her composure she started looking around the house, hoping to find some way back in so she could help Rose.


She saw that the bedroom window was open and broke, a torn piece of cloth stuck on a nail. Nina's heartbeat slowed a bit, the little girl made it out. Nina turned to the woods to search, “ROSE!” She yelled, “Rose!” it was dark, to dark to see, Nina knew she couldn't find the girl alone, she knew she would need help, preferably magical help.


She hurried back into the burning house, she kicked the branches out of her path, and fought her way into the kitchen, in the cabinet she had a small amount of Floo Powder. She made her way to the fireplace, and threw the whole bag in. The flames turned green. “Crystal Hollows' Town Hall,” She yelled, “Magic Department.” Not only was Crystal Hollows the closest town to where she lived, but it also was a town that consisted of mostly witches and wizards.


No one even looked up when Nina appeared in the fire place. A man was standing at the counter, he had red hair and a large burn scar covering half of his face.


“I'm sorry, sir,” said the receptionist, “There is still no news about her.”


The man took a breath nodding, “Alright,” He said, “Thanks, anyways.”


“Don't lose hope,” The receptionist told him, “She could still be out there.”


“Thanks, Ann.” The man said, “But it's been almost a month, I don't know how much hope I can keep.”


Ann looked sympathetic, “We'll find her.”


The man nodded and moved to the end of the counter looking through papers. Ann turned her attention to Nina.


“May, I help you?” she asked.


“I'm looking for a little girl that has been staying with me, um... she's about five-years-old...I'm not sure when her birthday is, um... she has wavy brown hair and big brown eyes, her name is Rose, but she likes Rosie...” The red head man at the end of the counter looked up, amazement and disbelief in his eyes.


“Excuse me,” He said, “But this girl, does she have a rose shaped birth-mark on her right arm?”


“Yes.” Nina told him, “Yes, she does.”


The man's blue eyes lit up, “I think we might be looking for the same girl.”

Author's Note- Sorry for my lack of updates, I want to say that now schools done I'll update more, but that's probably a lie because I had to give up my school labtop and am now stuck with my sucky desktop, plus I have to start working full time until september, so I'll try to update when I can. 

So what did you think of this chapter, I know it was short and I could have explained stuff more, but...okay, I have no excuse, please review anyways

Italicised words are from "The Tales Of Beedle The Bard" (pg, 29) like everything in the Potter world they belong to the amazing Mrs. JK Rowling not me

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Losing Innocence: Storm


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