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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 14 : Chapter 13: What Next?
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Over the next few weeks, the Potters were under a great deal of stress. Harry was still unconscious and Hermione had worn herself out running between Harry’s hospital bed and looking after James, Riley and Celeste. Sirius had taken to looking after the children most of the time, as he couldn’t bear to see Harry in the state that he was in. Remus, Dora and Teddy had temporarily moved into the Potter mansion to help out. Mrs Tonks also visited regularly… but Molly refused to see or speak to anyone, she still felt responsible for Isobella’s death. James and Lily were constantly at the hospital. They slept in the room next to Harry’s, and were by his bed side constantly. But things had become bad between the pair, Lily constantly talked about Isobella’s funeral, always asking James what they should do for her, but James never really knew his daughter, so he just told Lily to do whatever she wanted, much to Lily’s dismay.

“James, I would like your input, she was your daughter to you know” Lily snapped, she was once again trying to get her husband involved in Izzy’s funeral, but she was having no luck.

“I know, Lily, but you were closer to her, you know what she’d like.”

“What is the matter with you, your only daughter is dead. Don’t you care?!” She yelled

“I do care, but my only son is also lying in a coma, my mind is on other things. To be honest, I think we should wait until Harry wakes” He retorted.

“That could take months James, it… it may never even happen” She whispered.

“It will happen” James Yelled. “It’s going to happen soon, I can feel it” Lily had nothing left to say, and walked out the door.

“Have you two been fighting again?” Hermione asked when she walked in. As usual the first thing she done was gave Harry a kiss on the lips, and then she changed the three flower vases that were in the room before sitting down.

“Yeah, I asked her to postpone Isobella’s funeral because I think Harry, should be there.”

“Really, do you think he’s going to wake?” She asked hopefully.

“Of course”

“You know, when I give him I kiss, I swear I can feel his lips move, as if he’s trying to kiss me back”

“He’ll wake up. I’m positive about it”

Days had past, and Harry still hadn’t woken. Lily hadn’t spoken to James from their last fight, anything she had to say she spoke through Hermione. She had put off Isobella’s funeral by a week, but time was running out. Harry needed to wake up today, or he was going to miss it.

“Hello Hermione” She greeted as she entered the room. As usual she ignored James’ existence; she gave her son a kiss on the head, and Hermione a kiss on the cheek.

“Any sign of him wakening?” She asked.

“I don’t think he’ll wake today” Hermione answered. She had noticed a few days ago that when she kissed him, she didn’t get the feeling that he was kissing her back, it was worrying her.

“Really? I can’t hold off Isobella’s funeral any longer. It has to be done tomorrow. I wanted Harry to be there”

“I know, but if he doesn’t wake, then we can’t do anything about it.”

“Are you going to be there James?” Lily asked shyly.

“Of course I am” He answered back.

“How are the preparations going?” Hermione asked.

“Everything’s done. We have a pink coffin with white handles. James and Sirius are going at the front and Remus and Arthur are at the back. We have pick and white roses, as they were her favourite flowers, and a few Westlife songs, as they were her favourite muggle group.”

“Sounds lovely” She said. “How are you coping?” Hermione asked.

“Ok, you know. I miss her so much. I keep expecting her to walk in and ask if there was any change in Harry. I also keep expecting to find her playing with the kids” At this she broke down crying, instantly James jumped up and hugged her close. She stayed in his arms for a minute before she pulled away and ran out of the room.

“I think we’re over” James whispered, sitting back down, there was tears trickling down his face. Hermione could see the heart break in his eyes.

“No, don’t say that. I’m sure when the funeral is over she’ll start getting better” Hermione protested.

“No I’m positive. I know what Lily’s like. We’ve had bad arguments before but no matter what, she has never stopped speaking to me before, nor has she ever pulled away from me… It’s over”

“Maybe when Harry wakes, she’ll come around. It would break his heart to find out his sister is dead, and his parents have split.”

“He better wake Hermione. Because if Lily’s gone he’s all I have got. Without him I’ll die.”

“Don’t say that James” Hermione said sternly.

“It’s true though Hermione. Lily is the love of my life, and she’s gone” He whispered, and then he broke down in a fit of sobs.

The day of the funeral had arrived, the mood was sombre and there was tension between James and Lily. James had spent most of the night crying, and being comforted by his mates and grandchildren. Hermione had tried to talk to Lily, telling her that this is breaking James’ heart, and that it would break Harry’s, but she was adamant that she and James were over.

Everyone apparated to the church in silence, it was a small and quaint church with a maximum capacity of fifty people, along the pews were white and pink roses tied to the ends, and at the top there was a lovely floral display that read out ‘beloved daughter’, some of her friends from her old school had arrived and stood out with their tanned complexions. Everyone has found their seat when the music started playing, and Westlife’s Flying Without Wings. Played softly in the background and James, and Sirius emerged with the beautiful pale pink coffin, and Remus and Arthur at the end. Then came in Lily dressed in black and breaking her heart, Hermione desperately wanted to go and comfort her but at the minute she was pushing everyone away.

The service was short but emotional. James found he couldn’t cope and had rushed out half way through, leaving Ron to carry the coffin, after the graveside ceremony, everyone had apparated back to Hermione’s house for some tea and sandwiches. They found James in the living room, watching a home-made Christmas video, once he realised that he had company he paused it. It stopped on a part where Harry and Isobella were exchanging gifts; it was such a happy memory. Harry had a huge smile on his face, and looked exactly like James, and Isobella was looking at her brother with admiration. James quickly excused himself and walked out of the room, sobbing as he went.

As the day wore one Hermione grew more tired by the second. Slowly people were drifting out of her house. She had an increasing urge to see Harry, something was not right, and it was making her feel queasy.

“I’m going to the hospital for half an hour to say goodnight to Harry” she said to the small crowed, they all nodded their heads in understanding and went back to their conversation, she asked James to look after the kids and ran out of the house as fast as she could.

It took Hermione just ten short minutes to arrive at Harry’s side, and so far there had been no change, she was slightly disappointed. She had an uneasy feeling in her stomach all day; she had thought it was down to Harry. She had hoped Harry was on the verge of waking up, but now she thought about it, it was probably the stress of Isobella’s funeral.

Hermione was beginning to wonder if Harry would ever wake up. He had been unconscious for so long, and had made no sign of waking. His body must’ve needed a lot of recovery she thought. She then thought of her children. It was we James’ 1st Birthday in three weeks, it would want a party, and of course would want his dad there, and then there was Riley and Celeste they were only a few months old, and they barely had the time to get to know Harry.

Then there was Isobella, the poor we might, had been callously murdered, and Harry didn’t even know. Bellatrix had been held in a secure unit since then, and will continue to be held there until Harry could interview her; she has been sentenced to death by Dementors kiss. Then there was James and Lily, since Isobella died the strain had been too much for them to cope with, now they weren’t together anymore.  Everything seemed to be falling apart without him, and now the stress of it all was becoming too much for her.

“Oh Harry, you have to wake up. It’s all too much for me. I can’t cope without you” Hermione wailed, she gripped the bed sheets that covered him, and began sobbing her heart out. She got up and headed for the door when…

“Hermione” Came a faint voice; Hermione whirled round disbelievingly at saw that for the first time in weeks Harry had opened his eyes slightly. She stepped forward slightly, but at that moment Harry started choking and gasping for breath. Frightened she ran out of the room

“Someone help!” Hermione screamed to the healers in the hall way, and then she ran back into the room.

A.N So another chapter completed, there’s about six more before the whole story will be completed. I know this one is short, but please review.

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Living a Lie.: Chapter 13: What Next?


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