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Mission Malfoy by dramionefan_Rilla
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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A-N- Heyy all! I’m so sorry about the wait, I should’ve updated earlier!
Anywhoo, this chapter is for: Sarah_Bee; Get well soon, and Emzii; you rock gal pal!
Also I’ve uploaded a Dramione video on YouTube, please check it out.
Rilla :D

~`~`~`~`~`~`Chapter 7~`~`~`~`~`~`

She walked alongside Adrian who holding her hand and happily chatting about how he couldn't wait to meet Uncle Blaise and Aunt Pansy. Hermione smiled, though on the inside she was nervous at the prospect of meeting them, she hadn't met them in about four years.

She held Adrian’s hand tighter as they ascended down the stairs to where Draco stood below waiting for them; dressed in a checkered long sleeved polo shirt with black slacks.

He took Hermione’s hand as she stepped off the last step and together they walked to the foyer with Adrian at there heels; where they would await Blaise and Pansy’s arrival.

She looked at Draco who was looking at her so intensely that she blushed. "What is it?' she whispered softly

Draco looked startled as though she had just roused him from a deep sleep, "Nothing" he replied his voice husky.

Hermione gave him an odd look and was about to speak when the floo activated and the familiar green fire appeared and then Blaise and Pansy stepped out of the fireplace.

Draco lightly took Hermione's hand of his arm and went forward to greet them. He and Blaise smiled and shook hands and gave each other manly hugs laughing.

She watched as Adrian tackled Blaise in a huge hug yelling "Hi Uncle Blaise!" And as Draco turned towards Pansy and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek which Pansy returned with an affectionate smile.

Hermione was startled to find that her hands were clenched together in tight fists. She loosened them as Pansy and Blaise turned towards her.

She managed to produce a small smile and stepped forward to shake hands with Blaise who smiled warmly at her. She never had a problem with Blaise; he was always nice to her at Hogwarts. “Welcome to the family Hermione; Draco just told us this morning about your recent engagement.”

Hermione smiled, “Thanks Blaise.”

But on the inside her mind was whirling one of the first things she had been thought as an Auror was; “To look for small clues that could prove to be of importance.” It seemed as though Draco kept Blaise and Pansy well informed about whatever was happening to him, so it could be possible that they were in on this together. But on “What?” was the question.

She turned towards Pansy who surprised her by giving her a warm hug and a kiss on both cheeks.

“It’s so wonderful that you and Draco are getting married, but also unbelievable! I mean who would have thought you two would ever get together?” Pansy asked her gray eyes sparkling with excitement.

Hermione felt a pang of envy, Pansy was beautiful, even a fool could see that; with her raven locks and lovely smile and the type of body that guys drool over.

And with her long pale blue off the shoulder silk dress she looked even more radiant. She was a perfect match for Blaise who was wearing a dark blue shirt with long sleeves and black pants.

His black hair was a bit curly at the top and he had a dimple on his left cheek which set off his handsome face.

Draco gave a stiff chuckle. “Yes it does seem unreal doesn’t it?” he looked over at Hermione nodded in agreement.

Adrian who had been very quite up to this time spoke up; “I’m hungry, can we eat now please?”

Pansy smiled and went over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “course we can darling.” She held his hand and Blaise held the other and they walked to the dining hall with Draco and Hermione following behind them.

There was a very comfortable silence in the dining hall as all sat enjoying their meal, each person thinking of his or her own thoughts. It was only broken by the scraping of metal on china.

Pansy and Blaise sat opposite to the opposite of Draco and Hermione while Adrian sat in the middle of them all, Pansy on his right and Hermione on his left.

After they had all finished their meal, Draco and Blaise went to Draco’s study to talk, while Hermione, Pansy and Adrian sat in one of the manor’s beautiful parlors.

It was a beautiful room with beige coloured walls and a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room; it also had one huge window that oversaw the Quidditch Pitch.

Adrian was busy in the corner playing with his new Hogwarts train set that Blaise had bought him from Germany.

Hermione and Pansy were sitting on one of the large dark brown leather sofas talking

“Um… Hermione” Pansy said suddenly looking nervous

“Yes Pansy” asked Hermione surprised

“I know that we haven’t been the best of friends, and well I just want to say that I’m sorry for all those years.”

Hermione blinked in surprise. “It’s alright Pansy, I’m just glad that it’s over and you’re my friend now.”

Pansy smiled at Hermione. Thank you, so are you excited for the engagement party next Saturday?”

Hermione shook her head, “Not exactly I’m a bit worried about what’s going to happen, they’ll probably hate me because of who I am, and who I’m friends with.”

Pansy smiled empathically, “I can imagine how you feel, but don’t worry I’m here and I’ll come over every day to teach you how to fit in, and besides it’s an excuse for me to come over and gossip.”

Hermione giggled, It was surprising how alike Ginny and Pansy thought, “Thanks Pansy, I appreciate this.’

Pansy shook her head, “No problem, It’s the least I could do, so don’t worry to much about next Saturday okay.”

Hermione nodded, “Alright”

Pansy smiled then sobered up a bit, “Hermione, I wanted to talk to you about Draco.”

Hermione sat up her Auror training kicking in.

“What about Draco?” she asked trying to sound neutral.

Pansy took a deep breath and faced Hermione, “I know at times Draco can be a bit difficult, but he really is a nice guy. It’s just that it’s hard for him to express what he’s feeling and that tends to make him cold and reserved… ”

Hermione nodded, “So that explains he’s attitude.”

Pansy nodded, “I guess what I’m asking you is, well to give Draco a chance. He’s lost too many people that mean so much to him, it will be hard for him to show love to anyone else for the fear of losing them too. I know you probably don’t believe it but its true, Draco’s like my brother and I know how he feels he’s really misunderstood… and he truly deserves a life of love, laughter and happiness not sorrow and hurt.”

Hermione gaped, "that’s what Astoria said".

Pansy looked at her, her eyes suddenly sharp. “How do you know Astoria? Her voice dropped into a whisper as she said Astoria.

Hermione flushed in embarrassment. She was totally screwed; she had to tell Pansy now. She took a deep breath and crossed her toes. “I met Astoria almost four years ago two weeks after the war… I was dress shopping and we happened to stumble upon each other. We talked and she said that line as she was leaving.”

Hermione sighed relived she had gotten off her chest. She turned towards Pansy and was surprised to see that Pansy’s eyes had turned a darker shade of blue; it took her a second to realize that she had tears in her eyes.

Pansy however shook her head and spoke up with a small smile, “Thanks for telling me”

Hermione nodded, “It’s no problem, and after all we are friends aren’t we?” She bit her lower lip waiting for an answer.

Pansy smiled “Of course we are, Astoria was a really close friend of mine and now I hope you will be too.”

She reached over and hugged Hermione and Hermione hugged her back realizing that right now, they weren’t former enemies turned friends, they were both people that had been thrown into a situation neither of them like and yet they remained strong.

She then continued listening to Pansy as she went about the latest gossip in the Wizarding world. - Bernadette Murphy eloped with one of the weird sisters, Hugh Cook..-

After awhile Draco and Blaise came in the room. Hermione looked at them suspiciously, they both seemed frustrated about something, she turned towards Pansy; but she was staring at Blaise looking worried. Hermione frowned,What was going on.

The guys sat down opposite of Hermione and Pansy on the other couch.

“There you guys are, took you long enough I was beginning to think that we were going to have to spend the night here.” Pansy spoke up smiling.

But to Hermione it seemed forced; her clue was Pansy’s eyes they were still worried looking though it looked like she was making an effort to calm herself.

Blaise gave Pansy a half-hearted grin, “Sorry love not tonight, Draco has a lot on his plate right now.”

Hermione frowned, That’s what Draco said this morning to her as well, she had a small impression that Blaise and Draco were more in on this “What” than Pansy; for even Pansy looked at Draco confusedly.

Draco looked as if he were about to speak but was interrupted by Adrian who had walked up to them.

“Daddy I’m tired and I want to go to sleep.”

Hermione smiled at him, “Alright sweetheart.” She looked at Draco.

“I’ll put him to bed if you want and you can talk to Blaise and Pansy.”

Draco gave her look that was almost close to a grateful smile. However Blaise smiled good-naturally. “That’s nice of you Hermione but I think Pansy and I will leave now it’s getting late.”

Hermione looked at the huge grandfather clock and saw that it was 10:45. She smiled timidly back “Oh alright then.”

She shook his hand and went over to Pansy and gave her a hug, “Bye it was so lovely having you over tonight, do come again soon.”

Pansy grinned, “Sure I will, though next time you might not want to say “lovely” and try not to say “soon” you don’t want them to wear out there welcome.”

Hermione pulled back surprised then seeing Pansy’s grin she giggled. “I’ll remember that for next time.”

She waved at Pansy and Blaise as the fire enclosed them.

She turned around, shocked to see that Draco was already out the door and walking down the corridor with Adrian in his arms sleeping. Shaking her head she rushed after them; up the long marble stairs and almost colliding with Draco as he stopped at Adrian’s room.

He softly opened the door and motioned Hermione (who looked amazed to realize he had known she was following her) to switch on the light. She flicked it on and looked over as Draco laid Adrian on the bed and softly took of his shoes and socks and changed his clothes back to his blue pajamas. She smiled softly when she saw Draco kiss Adrian’s head tenderly. Draco then turned to her.

“Let’s go he’s had a long day.”

She nodded and switched off the light and left the room Draco right behind her. They just stood there for a couple of minutes taking in the awkward silence.

Hermione decided she was going to go retire to her room when Draco spoke up; “Well I take it you enjoyed talking with Pansy.”

“Yes it was unexpectedly nice. She sure as changed since the wa… Hogwarts.” She stated catching herself just in time.”

Although she did notice that Draco’s eyes had dimmed a bit. His face remained impassive; he faced her, his eyes holding hers.

He spoke softly his voice was like a small breath of wind “A lot of people have changed since then.” He moved closer to her she could feel the vibrations coming out of his voice.

She nodded and spoke her tone matching his, just a soft whisper.
“But is it for the better?” She looked at him almost doe eyed daring him to answer.

He looked at her so much more intensely his eyes were stormy gray and smoldering. She flushed.

But his response puzzled her; “Only time will tell.” He looked at her for a moment longer. She couldn’t bring herself to look away. Then with a soft smile he turned abruptly and walked away, leaving Hermione standing in the dimly lit hallway, staring after him completely bewildered.

Shaking her head with puzzlement she turned and walked back to her room; She didn’t understand Draco at all; one minute he was so nice and friendly, the next he was rude and terrifying. She groaned as she threw herself on her bed, Draco Malfoy was just so complicated.

A minute later Hermione leaped straight up off the bed when she heard a tapping noise coming from her study, she went over to the window. She grinned broadly when she saw that it was Hedwig with a letter.

She hurriedly threw open the window and Hedwig gratefully flew in. She landed on Hermione’s desk tumbling some quills and parchment to the ground. Then with a small hoot she flew off into the night.

Hermione eagerly opened the letter and started to read.

Dear Hermione,

I’m glad that you like the manor and that your safe and happy but please don’t get lost in there, Merlin knows what we’ll do if you end up dying in the dungeons or somewhere because you lost your way back to your room or something.

Also I absolutely cannot wait to meet Adrian! Of course he and Teddy will get along perfectly, how could they not? Malfoy or “Draco” better agree or else. AND how can we not visit you! Harry was thinking maybe we could come visit you on Monday along with Teddy of course, he misses you like crazy and it’s driving poor Remus and Tonks nuts.

By the way Ron still doesn’t know about this arrangement and he’s coming back to England the next week after this one; with Sasha (obviously). I know I shouldn’t have mentioned it but hey you have the right to know. We’ll chat more on Monday.

Love Ginny

P.S- Harry says “Hi” and hang in there.

Hermione groaned, “That’s just great.” Now she had to figure out how to tell Ron that she was bethored to Draco Malfoy without telling him about the mission, and tell Draco that; Harry and Ginny along with Teddy were going to visit on Monday.

A slow frown spread across her face as she imagined what type of story she would tell Ron about her bethorel to Draco. She fell asleep with a frown on her face.

A-N- well what do you think?

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