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Draco and Hermione: Star Crossed Enemies by benny08jenson
Chapter 24 : Surprises Continue
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Disclaimer: All characters from Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling. All scenes from the play Romeo and Juliet belong to William Shakespeare. I only own characters that are not from Harry Potter or Romeo and Juliet!

(Recap from last chapter!)

“What is it Madam Pomfrey?” Draco asked looking back and forth between Hermione and the elderly woman.

“Miss Granger is pregnant.” the motherly nurse said looking between the two teens knowingly.


“What do you mean I’m pregnant?!” Hermione said her breathing picking up speed.

“Miss Granger please calm down.” Madame Pomfrey said looking concerned.

“What do you mean calm down. I just find out that I’m a teenager who is going to have a baby and you’re telling me to calm down!” Hermione said letting some accidental magic slip through her restraints.

“Please Miss Granger relax or you will put too much strain on the baby! Mr. Malfoy please help me calm her down.” Madame Pomfrey said almost becoming hysterical. However, when she looked at the blond boy she found that he was in a daze and not listening to what she had just said.

“Mr. Malfoy please help me calm Miss Granger or your child’s life will be in danger!” she elderly woman said again trying to bring Draco out of his thoughts.

“NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN! I’m a child and children DO NOT have babies!” Hermione said getting closer and closer to tears, though sobs had already broken out.

“’Mi please do as she says.” Draco says looking at the girl, no woman that he loved more than anything else in the world.

“Draco what are we going to do? When your Father finds out about this he won’t be happy at all I mean he has already threatened my life and yours.” Hermione said looking at Draco and realizing that he already knew all of this.

“I don’t care what my Father says he’s not getting anywhere near you love, I promise you that.” Draco said his tone showing his defiance and his hatred for the man who called himself his Father.

“Madame Pomfrey I received your notice what may I ask is the problem?” Professor Dumbledore said upon his entrance into the Hospital Wing, looking around he then asked “Miss Granger and Mr. Malfoy is everything alright?”

“Well Professor I…well…I…Madame Pomfrey will you tell him please I can’t?” Hermione said looking at the part of the floor that she could see from her bed.

“Of course Miss Granger you need to get some rest now. Professor Dumbledore and Mr. Malfoy can we please talk in my office so that Miss Granger can get some rest?” Madame Pomfrey asked the Headmaster not daring to order him around as she would a student.

Once the Headmaster had gotten comfortable in the Healers Office, Madame Pomfrey began telling him about all that had transpired in the last half hour. “I see well then I will let all of Miss Granger’s and Mr. Malfoy’s Professors know of the situation. Do not worry Mr. Malfoy we will not let anything happen to Miss Granger or the child she now carries.” Professor Dumbledore said simply after the Healers story.

“Thank you Professor.” Was all that Draco could say to the Headmaster as he stared at the floor. ’Dumbledore would do anything to protect one of his students wouldn’t he? Why is he doing all of this for me the son of a Death Eater?’ Draco thought.

A few minutes later voices were heard in the Hospital Wing and Madame Pomfrey followed by Draco went out to see who was there, hoping that Hermione was okay. “What is going on out here, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, and Miss Weasley?” Madame Pomfrey asked in her demanding tone.

“We just came by to see Hermione since we heard that she had been hurt and we wanted to know if it was Malfoy.” Harry said simply wondering exactly why Hermione was in the Hospital Wing.

An hour later Hermione was released from the Hospital Wing and she, Draco, Harry, Ron, and Ginny all went back to the Head’s Dorm so that Hermione could tell them the reason for her visit to the Hospital Wing.

Looking to Draco for support she began telling them what had gone on to bring her to the Hospital. “Pregnant God Hermione, when did this happen?” Harry asked hoping that Ron would not be to angry and cause a fight among them.

“Well Madame Pomfrey said I was about 4 weeks along so it happened about 4 weeks ago.” Hermione stated simply looking at the ground knowing that they were ashamed of her.

“Bloody hell ‘Mione are you going to get an abortion or give the kid up for adoption?” Ron asked, his ears going red because he should be the one sitting holding her hand and telling their friends that she was pregnant not Malfoy.

“RONALD WEASLEY HOW COULD YOU EVEN ASK THAT QUESTION?!” Hermione yelled jumping to her feet and ran to her room where she promptly locked the door behind her.

“Way to go Ronald! If there’s one thing I know about my best friend is that she would chose neither of those things!” Ginny said as Draco glared at Ron for even suggesting that Hermione get an abortion for their child.

A few minutes later Hermione heard a knock on her door. “Go away I don’t want to talk to anyone so just leave me be!” she said her voice muffled by the pillow that her face was buried in at the moment.

“’Mi please let us in. It’s only me and Gin I promise.” Draco said hoping that she would open the door so they could talk.

“Okay fine.” Hermione said opening the door from her place on her bed.

“’Mi are you okay? Stupid question Malfoy of course she’s not okay!” Draco said hitting himself on the head as he moved over to the bed in order to sit next to the girl he loved with all of his heart.

“I’m fine Draco honestly, it’s just the Ronald made me so mad. How could he ask me that question? I thought he knew me better than that.” Hermione said sniffling a little from her recent crying spell.

“’Mione you know what kind of an idiot my brother is so don’t worry about him. He’ll come around eventually, believe me.” Ginny said looking at Draco who was watching Hermione.

“I guess so. Thank you Ginny and you Draco, I feel better now.” Hermione said wiping away the last of her tears. Hermione sat with Draco and Ginny for awhile longer during which time they talked about what names they could use for the baby when he or she came.

Authors Note: Well here is another chapter to my story although I’ve noticed it may be awhile before it’s done because it keeps growing on me. Which is good news for you, my wonderful readers, okay on to other more pressing business. I would like to say a huge Thank You to all of you who left reviews for the last chapter it is greatly appreciated.

Will Hermione to carry the baby full term, or will Lucius attack Hermione when she is alone and cause her to lose the baby? Or will she have a miscarriage?

Read to find out in the next chapters.


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