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New Moon by lerruh
Chapter 1 : New Moon
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It was silent. The school corridors, empty and unmoving, suddenly soft footsteps could be heard running swiftly through the brick floors.

“Who’s there?” Filch’s gruff voice echoed through the empty silence. “Come out, I –I know your there,” he tried again, hiding the stutter behind his words. There was no response, he turned around, his beady eyes searching through the shadows for any sign of movements, there were none. He decided there was no-one here, so he turned and walked away, mumbling incoherently to himself.

Ash-blonde curls fell as a dreamy faced girl poked her head from behind the brick walls, she giggled to herself. She looked around curiously, then looked up, searching the ceiling, biting her lip softly.

“I swear they were just here a minute ago,” she muttered to herself, playing with a stray lock of blonde hair. She came out from behind the wall, turning her head left and right to check if anyone was around. “Hmmm,”

She skipped quietly, half-hidden by the shadows, passing through the locked classrooms. She came to the courtyard, the star-filled sky, providing faint light, the moon was barely visible, a new moon.

Luna stopped, frowning, then tilting her head, she stared at the stone gargoyle in front of her, it was a part of a fountain, the water flowing softly from its mouth. Then a ghost of a smile appeared on her lips.

“Oh, there you are,” she smiled at the gargoyle, well, not the gargoyle exactly, something more than the naked eye can see. Something that only Luna can see.

A few minutes passed and she turned away from the gargoyle, smiling to herself. “Hmm, nugglepluffs are cute creatures,” she thought to herself. She’d been following the creature half the night, studying their fluffiness, well until that odd caretaker chased it away. They’re normally found in the dark corners of school, they’re like small circular puffs of smoke, like the fluffs in a dandelion, but a big ball of it. They just float around randomly, not bothering anyone, but only few people can see them. It was weird and funny to find one hidden behind the gargoyles mouth.

Luna decided to go back to her dorm, it was probably past midnight. She yawned, her skipping slowing down to a walk. The school was still silent; the only sound was the night creatures around Hogwarts.

Then a hand shot out from behind the shadows of a wall, another hand covering her mouth softly. She struggled, but the hand held her.

“Ssshh, or else we’ll get caught,” a voice hissed on her ear. She listened, there was a soft meow and footsteps could be heard, it was Filch and Mrs Norris.

“What is it Mrs Norris?” Filch looked at the cat. “Where did that student go?” his footsteps came closer to their hiding place, Luna felt the person behind her stiffen.

“Those bloody students!” Filch cursed to himself, turning away and looking for another place where students might be hiding.

Luna sighed; the hands had let her go. She turned around slowly, then made a face. “Oh, its you,”

“I’m not that thrilled to be here with you as well, Lovegood,” Draco Malfoy hissed, giving her his signature smirk. “Anyway, what are you doing out in the middle of the night?” he raised his eyebrows, coming out from behind the shadows.

“Doesn’t concern you,”

“Well, for your information I am a Prefect,” he sneered. “I could give you detention for this,”

“Well, does a Prefect have the right to walk around at 12 at night?” Luna shot back at him, walking along the dark corridor. He jumped back in surprise, he rarely sees this Ravenclaw weirdo getting so worked up.

“Well, um – hey, that’s beside the point,”

Luna smiled triumphantly. She glanced to her right, looking past the blonde Slytherin beside her. “It’s a beautiful night,” she mumbled softly.

“Yeah...” Draco smiled up the sky; he glanced at the girl walking beside him and was surprised to see her big blue eyes staring straight at him. “W-what?”

"You're eyes...they're like luminescent orbs." She whispered in awe, her eyes, he felt like they were staring straight through him.

He chuckled awkwardly. “Erm – thank you, I guess,” he smiled at her, looking at those big cerulean eyes, he felt –

“Hey! You two!” Draco turned and his ‘luminescent orbs’ went wide. “Stop right there!” Filch shouted again, running, well, limping quickly towards them.

Draco grabbed Luna’s hand and they dashed through the corridors, trying to get away from the fuming caretaker and his strange cat.


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New Moon: New Moon


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