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Lonely Lily by life_writtendown
Chapter 6 : Rainy Days
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Begrudgingly, I slipped on some flattering jeans, a tank top and most importantly, a rain slicker. I may tolerate Sarah’s demanding tone, but I sure don’t tolerate coming down with a cold in the beginning of the term while all the work was just starting to be assigned. I may be socially inept, but I do pride myself in having an awesome chance at being 1st in the class, otherwise known as Head Girl. That’s one of my more secret goals. Honestly, my mom won’t let me look beyond speaking in paragraphs let alone life goals.

I stumble out of the wet common room (the rain made the old cobblestones terribly slippery) and sneak out past the ancient Mr. Filch. It’s dark and windy. The old rickety bridge connecting the castle to the lake swung back and forth like a horizontal pendulum. I cling desperately to the wooden floor and crawl and hope to Merlin that I will somehow reach the other side.

When I finally reach safe ground, I squint my eyes and peer down at the lake, which looked pretty dangerous with its gigantic waves. Believe it or not, I could see a small gathering of careless teens laughing joyously in the violent weather. Again, I stumble and fall, this time down the slick grass which now has magically transformed into the Muggle slip’n slide. Basically by the time I reach the bottom I am flat on my ass looking up at some of the most popular kids currently attending Hogwarts ( minus Emma Wilson ) .

My eyes are covered with dirt and all I can see is a hand coming out of the fog, grab my hand and pull me upright. Still practically blind, I could make out a male voice muttering the “scourgify” spell and immediately I could see. How did I know who they were even when I was blind? It’s just a feeling you get when you are in presence of confidence. And these lucky ones just oozed confidence. Levi Wood, Sarah Jordan, Charity Lovegood, Marissa Waltz, and William Vesan laughed at me like I was wearing nothing but my knickers.

I’ll tell you a little bit about the others. Charity Lovegood is the only daughter of the famously loopy Luna Lovegood. You see, her existence kind of puzzles the wizarding world because Luna Lovegood never married, let alone dated anyone. So, let’s say when Luna was seen wandering Diagon Alley with a newborn baby, people started to talk. And let’s also say that Charity loves this talk and attention. Actually, she feeds off it like a gossip sucking vampire. Despite her questionable background, Charity managed to create a legacy of her own. She looks exactly like her mother, but more developed, if you know what I mean. She certainly isn’t the sex goddess of Hogwarts or anything, but if you accuse her of anything dirty, she won’t say yes or no. This, apparently, makes her the most desirable girl- I mean “woman”- at our school. Charity waltzes through the hallways. She doesn’t wear clingy clothes or pounds of makeup and she smiles a lot, but still manages to snatch all the hot womanizers. So basically she’s the perfect girl.

Her accomplice, Marissa Waltz definitely does not live up to her last name. She rules the Slytherin House with an icy glare. Marissa stomps around the school like it’s her bitch. I’m absolutely serious; her knee high leather boots permanently scar the poor old stone. Marissa also likes to play games, tricky mind games that keep you on your toes and make you watch before turning every corner. She once manipulated a guy into thinking that she could see him at all times and if he dared to look at another girl he would no longer possess the abilities to reproduce. He goes to Durmstrang now.

William Vesan actually isn’t too bad. He belongs to Ravenclaw and talks to pretty much everyone. One time he even talked to me. I definitely applaud him for that. William and Marissa have an on and off relationship. He doesn’t take any of her bullshit, so that’s when they are “off”. They are “on” when they are lip locked in a random broom closet. William Vesan transferred from Beauxbatons 3rd year and after just the small rumor of “French hot new guy”, he took the puberty crazy Hogwarts by storm. The girls went absolutely batshit crazy and at one point stampeded over the real William to see the supposed “William”, who was rumored to be bathing nude in the lake. He looks like a typical French boy with the short; side swept brown hair and paled skin with reddish lips. And I must say he looks downright handsome in his school robes.

For some reason, they are all completely dry amidst the torrential downpour.

“Lily, have a hard time getting here?” Marissa offered a saccharine smile and flipped her glossy brunette locks across her bronze shoulders.

“Give her a break Ris, its bloody awful out here.” William put in a word only to be shot down immediately by her burning glare.

“I don’t understand why she’s here in the first place.” Marissa pointed out blankly.

Marissa looked expectantly at Sarah who merely shrugged and reached out and grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into a hug. I was caught off guard and let out an embarrassing yelp. Levi laughed and grabbed Charity by the waist and started to drag her toward the water. She laughed like an angel and made my petty yelp sound like a strangled puppy.

Sarah released me from her death grip and hooked her arm around my shoulder and pulled me down to the beach. Everyone just looked so unbelievably happy with their lives. It kind of makes me sick and not in a good way. I sit down on the soaked sand and watch them all frolic in the rain without getting wet. Levi looks like a dream and all, but not my kind of dream. I have to smile at him lifting Charity in the air and threatening to drop her into the murky depths, because it’s adorable and saccharine, just like Marissa’s smile. Sarah turns back and gives me thumbs up and I give her a small smile in return. She jogs over to Levi and whispers in his ear. He frowns and looks over in my direction, puts down Charity and walks slowly over to where I sit.

“Having a good time?” Levi sits down inches in front of me, blocking the happy group of friends from my view.

“I guess so, I’m a bit tired.” What a stupid excuse.

“Why’d you come down here then?”

“I don’t know Sarah made me I guess...” Levi chuckled and started to draw circles in the sand. I watched him in awe, perplexed by how relaxed he was with this closeness.

“Sarah gets what she wants most of the time” I shift a centimeter back so he wouldn’t here my ragged breath. “She practically ordered me to come over and cheer you up.”

“You don’t have to sit here.” I release a small sigh. “In fact, it’s better if you don’t.”

“Are you still angry about the conversation about David?”

“I don’t mind not talking to him anymore.” This time Levi sighed and grabbed my hand out of my lap. My heart stopped.

“I didn’t mean that, I mean it’s horrible that you aren’t speaking, but what I meant to say is; are you okay with you having me in your life?”

It sounded like a bloody marriage proposal and it set my heart in a wild frenzy.

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