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A Witch Named Bellatrix by nitenel
Chapter 6 : Game Plan
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Author’s Note: The Death Eaters have already apparated into the Ministry and are taking their positions. The Dark Lord has disappeared to God knows what dimension. Chap image by Carnal Spiral.

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Bella waited patiently as her fellow Death Eaters filed into the chamber. She remarked to Rodolphus, “Department of Mysteries. When they find Potter’s dead body, it will be a mystery.”

Rodolphus smiled, “Yes, dear Bella. A mystery.”

Lucius came over to them and hissed to Bella, “Where’s Rookwood? We can’t open the door without him. He’s the only one who knows where to go.”

Rookwood stepped out of the assembled group of Death Eaters. He asked, “Ready, Lucius?”

Lucius nodded impatiently and motioned for Rookwood to come forward. Rookwood did as he was told and walked over to the door.

Rookwood examined the door and pulled out his wand. He mumbled something inaudible and the door flew open. He smiled triumphantly and motioned for Lucius to walk through.

One by one the Death Eaters walked into the room. Bella looked around curiously. The room was a perfect circle with about ten doors. When all the Death Eaters were in the room, Bella made to close the door behind them.

Rookwood lunged forward and snapped, “No! Walk only where I walk! Touch only what I touch!”

Bella glared at Rookwood. Rookwood glared back and growled, “Do you want to be responsible for the deaths of us?”

Bella shook her head but continued to glare at Rookwood. With a roll of his eyes he stepped to one of the doors in the room.

Rookwood examined one of the doors and shook his head. He went over to one of the other doors, examined it, and nodded.

He waved his wand and the door flew open. Bella walked over to the door and walked through. The room was filled with crystal balls. They were stacked to the ceiling, which Bella couldn’t even see. The room seemed to last forever. Bella could not see the walls.

Bella walked over to one of the shelves and examined one of the balls. She reached out for one. Rookwood’s hand flew out and he hissed, “Do you want to go insane? Touch only what I touch.”

He raised his voice so all the Death Eaters could here him, “Do not touch anything, on pain of insanity.”

Bella raised her eyebrows and walked over to Lucius. She asked, “Game plan?”

Lucius glanced at her briefly before turning to look at one of the shelves. He said, “Disillusionment Charms. We avoid Potter. He gets the prophecy. We reveal ourselves. We, ahh, ask politely for the prophecy. We must not break into hostilities. We must get the prophecy.”

Bella looked thoughtfully at Lucius and asked, “And what’s the prophecy, oh brother-in-law of mine?”

Lucius looked startled at the question. Bella smirked and said, “You don’t know, do you?”

Lucius sighed, “But, dearest Bella, neither do you.”

Bella just continued to smile. Lucius looked taken aback and he inquired, “Ummm, do you know?”

Bella smirked at him. “Ohhh, if only you knew, Lucius. He trusts me with his…”

She broke off what she was saying looking nervous. Seeing a weak spot, Lucius jumped at the opportunity, “What! What does he trust you with?”

Bella shook her head as an owl flew into the room. It landed next to Lucius, and he pulled off the letter.

Lucius scanned it quickly and said to the Death Eaters, “It’s from the Dark Lord. Potter has brought some friends with him. They have arrived. Take your positions. Bellatrix, with me.”

Bella nodded and said to the Death Eaters, “Disillusionment Charms.”

The Death Eaters nodded and tapped themselves with their wands. They disappeared from view. Bella nodded, satisfied. She tapped herself with her wand. She too disappeared. Bella whispered, “Now come… too… me…”

Bella walked over to the edge of the hallway and pressed herself against the shelves. She was careful not to touch any of the prophecies, though. Soon, she heard a door open in the distance.

Footsteps walked over to her location. They stopped at Row 97. A group of teenagers were crowding around the shelf. There were six of them.

The brown haired girl spoke up, “Harry?”

Potter snarled back, “What Hermione?”

Hermione frowned, “I… I don’t think Sirius is here.”

Bella could barely hold back a laugh. It was obvious; the Dark Lord had outsmarted Potter into coming into the Ministry.

Potter continued pacing the aisle, hoping to find Sirius. He only stopped when the red headed male called, “Harry!”

Potter answered, “What Ron?”

Ron… Ron… the name triggered something in Bella’s mind. Suddenly she remembered what Draco had told her. It was a Weasley. Bella smirked and noticed the red headed female. Another Weasley, she thought.

Ron said, “Have you seen this?”

Potter shook his head and ran over to the shelf where Ron was. He asked, “What?”

Ron answered, “It’s – It’s got your name on.”

Potter moved closer to Ron and frowned, “My name?”

Potter moved closer to the shelf and looked at one of the orbs. Ron nervously said, “What is it? What’s your name doing on it?”

Ron spoke again, perplexed, “I’m not here. None of the rest of us are here…”

Potter’s hand drew closer to the orb. Hermione said sharply, “Harry, I don’t think you should touch it!”

The fat boy spoke for the first time, “Don’t Harry.”

Potter glanced briefly at him before saying; “It’s got my name on it.”

Potter reached out and grabbed the prophecy. Lucius tapped himself with his wand and stepped forward. He drawled, “Very good, Potter. Now turn around, nice and slowly, and give that to me.”

Author’s Note: Ahhhhh! Almost exactly like OOTP! The next chapters will be like OOTP. Remember two things: 1) Bella is better than Sirius and 2) Live long and prosper.

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