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For Old Time's Sake by hail_rowena
Chapter 14 : Wait - Do We Like Anne?
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A/N: So I haven’t written in a while! Well, to me I haven’t. You’re just about finished with Mixed Messages in your time! It’s quite sad, that it will be definitely over soon! Oh well, the series is far from over!

And I graciously give you, a chapter in the third person!

The shifts of Fortune test the reliability of friends.
- Cicero

Bella sat on her bed, ready for her big scene. When Anne enters, she was going to get it. How could she have been so blind? He specifically sent an owl to Anne where all round at Bella’s; the fact that she was also there was purely coincidence.

I bet she just said that he said hi to keep me off the scent…

But that was stupid, wasn’t it? Because Anne was into George Weasley… or was it Oliver Wood again? OK, she changed her mind a lot, and she certainly was willing just to fling herself at Adrian Pucey, but surely she wouldn’t bdays. Which seemed to be ironic as she was acutally looking better these days.

Actually, though Bella hated to admit it, Anne looked fantastic these days. She was turning more heads than she ever had before. Bella was fine with Anne and her men last year. After all, she was still plainer than Bella, and she was obsessed with Harry Potter. But now she seemed to have a lot more going for her. And Bella couldn’t stand it. Especially not Anne.

Anne Walters was… frankly… someone who, if you didn’t end up liking so much, you wanted to slap. Hard. She seemed like the leader. She was the most confident, the most compassionate, and the wittiest. Now was she’s attractive - a position that had always been Bella’s? Anne was unbearable, being as perfect as she was, as wonderful as she was, as beautiful as –

“Shut up, Bella.”

But no. Anne wasn’t going to take Seamus. She consumed too much of her time, as it was. As soon as Anne stepped through those doors, Bella was going to make it perfectly clear. Seamus was not to be touched. And if that sad little ball of sarcasm didn’t understand, Bella would do anything to assure that she had. Bella was so consumed with her own fury and jealousy that she didn't even seem to notice the worst in her bubblying to the surface.

It was then that Bella heard footsteps from above, and she straightened herself.

“She’s gone mad!” exclaimed Magda as she walked in.

“You were out of line, Magda.”

“Yeah, but –” Her and Amy entered, saw Bella and froze. They had been so preoccupied with Anne’s sudden passion that they had completely forgotten about the Bella issue. Magda looked at Amy as an indication that something should be happening now, but Amy did nothing. All she did was stand in place, as if hoping that the tension wouldn't get a hold of her if she just stayed very still.

“Who’s mad?” asked Bella calmly.

“Anne,” said Amy.

“Quite clearly. Why are we surprised?”

“I’m going back to check on her,” Amy said quickly, rushing out of the door.


Amy slammed the door behind her, and it was just Magda and Bella left by the time the echoes had come to an end. This had to be the most awkward Magda had felt in a while, and she already had a fare share of those today alone. Like when she accused Anne like that, and brought up Oliver.

Pang. Magda remembered Anne’s face, and didn’t know where to look. Anne was so distraught, so in pain, so – so completely in love with the wrong man. No wonder Anne was now so set on hating her. That certainly was going to take a lot of time to fix. She clearly hadn't even completely mended the first time she had messed up.

“Where is Anne, exactly?”

“The owlry,” answered Magda quickly.

“Why is that, exactly?” Bella tried to keep her voice cool.

“She’s sending a letter home. She’s… she’s asking for the letter Oliver sent.”

That put Bella in her place. She was completely shaken. “What ex-”

“You don't have to say 'exactly' again. But yeah, that seems to be what Amy thinks. You see, me and Anne, we – well Oliver came up, and then she – she – I’m not sure, but Amy said she looked scary. And she – she –”


“She’s addressed it to Leslie.”

Bella steadied herself on the wall by her side. “You’re wrong.”

“No, I’m not. Amy saw her write the name. It’s all so confusing.”

“I don’t blame you. Considering.”

“Oh.” Magda paused and looked back. This really should have been Amy saying this. “Well… I talked to her about it, and…”

“Did she confess?”

“No. Actually… she said that she didn’t know why Seamus was waiting for her. Though she thinks…” Magda began, but she couldn't do it. “… that he’s going off Lavender.”

Bella contemplated this. “Really?”

“Yeah… She didn’t want to raise your hopes up too much. But she thinks that her mind tricks have started working. He’s even started complaining again.”

“Really?” For some reason, Bella was very willing to believe this, and Magda decided then and there just how awful everyone in this situation was.

“I can say in all honesty,” Magda smiled, remembering everything that Amy had just confessed to her, “that it’s as if he never liked her in the first place.”

“Talk to her.”


“Talk to her.”


“Talk to her.”

“Will you stop it?”

There was a long silence.

“Talk to her.”

George threw a pillow at his brother. “Stop it.”

“Now, brother. Me thinks that you are being a bit dramatic. Talk to her.”

“Maybe,” admitted George, “but – it sounds plausible.”

“Brother, it’s Pucey. Nothing he says is plausible. Talk to her.”

But George couldn’t just put it out of his mind. Pucey had been making comments for some time now. Getting under his skin, constantly reminding him of what Pucey and Anne had. He ignored it at first, but it all seemed to connect together. Anne may have claimed to hate him as much as she did, but surely there was something there? No one can just be with someone without any emotional attachment… or physical attraction, at least…

He had to stop himself before he made himself sick just at the thought of it.

“But –”

“Talk to her. When she thought you were ignoring her, she threw up. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. Talk to her.”

That was true. And the common room wasn’t pretty when he came out to see what the commotion was about. “But she ran away from me later.”

“Because-she-just-threw-up-in-the-common-room-over-you,” said Fred in one breath. “Now talk to her.”

“Stop that!”

“Not until you talk to her.”

This was going to take some time…

George stood up and picked up some of his merchandise, then throwing it to the side. “She’s odd, isn’t she?”

“That was the appeal, remember? She was... funny...” Fred’s mouth twisted. “Though I think we pretty much have enough comedy in our lives. Do we really need a funny girl in our lives?”

George rubbed his temples from the pain that this was all causing. “You were just telling me to talk to her!”

Fred looked in one of the cauldrons after it gave a sharp “bang”. He then lifted his head up. “I was just saying. I like Anne. She certainly has enough energy to put up with us.”

“You mean, me.”

“Oh, come on. We’re a package.”

“Yes, but you don’t snog her.”

“That’s what you think.”

George gave a sharp laugh, once again throwing a pillow at Fred. He then became far more pensive. Perhaps he should just cut his losses with Anne. The effect she had on him. Well… it just wasn’t healthy for a boy to feel this way about a girl at their age. But Anne was… well, funny. Funny, crazy and… perhaps he could say sexy, but he could almost feel her cringe if he ever said it.

“Talk to her.”

Her black hair was tied in an unneat ponytail as her feet bobbed to music that wasn't there to be heard. Within the stillness of the Common Room, Adele disturbed the ambiance with her violent gestures, her hand slapping against her thigh, her eyes tensing and relaxing over and over. Finally, the lids flew open and she shot up. Lips pursed, she was ready as Drew walked into the door.

Coming to a complete hault, he spotted her reaction and took a step back. "What have I done?"

"You were caught," she simply said. Her eyes scoured his reaction, trying to guage if there was any guilt behind those eyes, or if he was just incredibly stupid. From the blank expression she was receiving, Adele was forced to assume the latter. "Speaking to Amy."

"I wasn't speaking to her," immediately snapped Drew, making it clear that there was also a twinge of guilt behind his bravado. "I was talking to Anne."

Slightly taken aback, Adele sought sollace in packing her books, finding a point to focus on. "The bitch?"

"The very one. You know, she's not as evil as you made her out to be."

Adele huffed, fleetingly looking at Drew. It would be possible in some circumstances to agree that Anne Walters is not entirely evil. However, if Adele's fifth year was anything to go by, Anne was nothing but an overly confident and intimidating brat. Perhaps there was some prejudices hidden in there, but that was never something Adele would admit to. Clicking her tongue once, she then asked, "So this has nothing to do with Amy?"

Drew became silent, then unleashing a slight grin. "Well..."

"No," barked Adele, throwing all the books she had managed to pick up back to the ground. "You are leaving her alone."

"But I've got Anne. It'll work out this time."

"Cedric thought that the bitch was the ticket, but he turned out wrong."

"He did it all wrong."

"Not quite."

The snide comment dug deep into Drew, who winced at the very meaning of it. Turning away, he sharply said, "Perhaps not. But I saw her first, and I'm perfectly entitled to my chance -"

"She's your dead best friend's -"

"I know. But you can't make me stop." Adele's heart dropped as she saw Drew's grin begin to widen. "I don't care if I have to completely break Anne Walters in the process. I'm getting Amy.

A/N: A short, choppy chapter, I know, but I thought that they would be very interesting snippets, to get you reflecting on a few things. I couldn’t wait to hint these things to you anyway. But we all have these days!

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For Old Time's Sake: Wait - Do We Like Anne?


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