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Ronald's Box by Akussa
Chapter 1 : Finding the box
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For every normal teenager, summer is the best season of the year. Summer means warmth, pleasure, free time and no school. But when you’re a student at Hogwarts, summer also means that you are not allowed to perform magic and it can get a bit boring when you are a wizard. That is the case of the four teenagers currently slumped on the couches, in the living room.

“I wish I could cast a spell to make a cool breeze,” Al mumbles, as if having a good pronunciation asked for too much energy, “I even know how to do it!”

“I wish I could transfigure this lamp into a fan,” Rose says with a drawling voice, pointing lazily at the lamp standing in the corner of the room.

“I wish I could dry myself; it is SO hot, my skin is melting,” Hugo says as he wipes the sweats from his brow.

“Smells like your glands are melting too Hugh,” Lily replies, his cousin sitting right next to him. Hugo looks at her in a questioning way, wondering if she is telling the truth or just joking.

“Yeah, you smell like rotten cheese,” his sister Rose adds as she leans toward him to take a sniff.

“Fine, I’ll change.”

The thirteen year old slowly gets up and before walking to his father’s old room, gives a strong hug to his sister who screams, trying not to breath in too much of her brother’s perspiration. Hugo makes a stop in the washroom for a quick wash before changing into a fresh shirt, chosen from the pile of clothes left there for all the visiting cousins’ needs. As he goes back down, his grandmother calls him into the kitchen.

“Are you kids doing anything today?” Molly Weasley asks her grandson.

“Dying from heat,” Hugo answers promptly.

“It’s not that bad,” his grandmother answers with a laugh. Looking in the boy’s desperate face, she can’t help but be nostalgic; he’s just so much like how his father was at his age, she thinks before she adds, “You kids can go down to the cool room in the basement, your grandfather re-casted the spells just this morning. There isn’t much to do, but at least the heat won’t reach you.”

“Good idea, thanks G-Mum!” Hugo says as he gets up, a hopeful smile illuminating his sweaty face. Molly can’t help but frown at the nickname. G-Mum. Of course it had been George who had given the kids the idea to call her that, and of course the name had stuck. Then again, as much as she disliked it, Molly didn’t even try to discourage the kids from using it. She would never admit it but she was quite happy to have a special nickname; no other grandmother in the world had such a hip name.

Back in the living room, the three others were quick to agree on going downstairs. They even enjoyed the coolness of the air for a good ten minutes before Lily got bored. Lily was always the first one to get bored. The others were well used to that but due to the heat that had previously melted their brains; none of them could come up with an idea to fill the boredom.

Lily had started looking around the room, in the closets and on the shelves, trying to find something to do. Apparently she did because at one point, she chuckled before dropping a large box in the middle of the room.

“Look at this,” she says with a smile, “‘Ronald – School Memories’ I wonder what G-Mum kept from your dad’s time at Hogwarts.”

“Cool, do you think they would mind if we took a look?” Al asks, always being the good boy.

“If they really wanted to keep it from us, they would have hidden it with a spell, don’t you think?” Rose replies, already ripping off the tape that held the box closed.

“And G-Mum wouldn’t have sent us into this room,” Lily adds, looking expectantly at the box.

“In her defence, she probably didn’t remember she left this box in this particular room. Judging from the amount of dust covering it, it hasn’t been touched for a while,” Hugo points out.

Nonetheless, the four teenagers started to sort through the box, taking out one weird object after the other until the empty box could be tossed aside. Rose puts a pile of letters on the side, stating that it will be the last thing they will read through and she, along with Hugo, laugh when they find a badge with the inscription SPEW on it. Al looks through a box of chocolate frog cards while Lily examines a small one-armed quidditch figurine.

“That wand had been through the mill,” Al says, holding up a broken wand.

“It had belonged to Uncle Charlie I think,” Rose answers, “Dad broke it in his second year.”


“Dunno, he never said, but I know he had to go through the entire year with it being broken, and a couple of spells backfired because of it.”

“Most of this stuff really isn’t surprising,” Rose states, looking a bit putout, “I mean this really is dad. A Chudley Cannon hat, a chessman, chocolate frog cards.”

“Right but will you look at this,” Hugo says, his voice full of glee as he held up a necklace, “‘My Sweetheart’; this is the most awful thing in the world! I wonder who gave it to him! But mostly, I wonder if he ever wore it!”

“That is absolutely horrible!” Rose and Lily shout at the same time while Al and Hugo roll on the floor with laughter. “If mum gave it to him, there is no way I'm ever going to let her choose jewellery for me!”

“What about this rock?” Al asks when he finally stops laughing at the necklace.

“I don’t think this is a rock,” Hugo says, holding it up, “It looks like a bezoar. But why would there be a bezoar in dad’s memory stuff?”

“I think we’re going to have to read the letters, we might find some answers in them,” Lily suggests. The other three agree and as Rose reaches out to grab the pile of letters, Al suddenly jumps up and tells her to wait.

“I remember mum saying that Uncle Ron wrote her private letters during school. I’m pretty sure we would find the real information in her letters rather than the ones he wrote to his parents,” Al says as he looks through the shelves, trying to find Ginny’s box. His victorious shout informs the three others that he actually found what he was looking for. Dropping the new box on the floor, he searches through and takes out a much bigger pile of letters, already placed in chronological order.

“We ready now?” Lily asks in a bored voice.

“Yeah,” Hugo answers, “I’ll read the letters addressed to G-Mum and Al reads those that were sent to aunt Ginny?” The others silently agree and, clearing his throat, Hugo begins to read the letter dating back to September 1st 1991.

Author's note :  So, what did you think ?  If you would be kind enough to leave a review, I'll answer back and gladly take your constructive comments because I'm a beginning author and not the wonderful Rowling we all love and... worship?

Edited 27/01/10 : thanks to my great Beta Melissa aka Padfoot28!

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Ronald's Box: Finding the box


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