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The Proposal by ronhermione4evr
Chapter 2 : Misunderstandings
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“Curse Hermione and her stupid plans.” Ginny muttered, waiting at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, which was the spot where she was supposed to meet Hermione. She tapped her foot impatiently and looked at her watch for the umpteenth time that day. Hermione was supposed to be there nearly fifteen minutes ago. Ginny had never known her to be late; in fact, Hermione was known to get places early.

The bells over the door rang as it signaled someone entering the store. Ginny craned her neck to get a better look. Sure enough, she could see that familiar mane of bushy, brown hair.

“Finally! Where were you?” Ginny exclaimed, as a panting Hermione dragged herself in front of her.

“I- was-getting all- the supplies- that- we- needed.” Hermione panted between gasps for air. She shoved maple syrup  and feathers into her hands.

“Naturally we go with the muggle plan.” Ginny muttered.

Hermione heard her and looked up angrily. “Okay, you think of a better plan, then. And not my entire plan is what a muggle could do. You know the only reason I’m suggesting a muggle plan is because I know all about it, and Ron won’t suspect it at all.”

Ginny quickly backed down from the argument they were starting. She knew that when Hermione got angry, bad things usually happened to the person she was angry at. She knew this just from looking at Ron after they argued.

Hermione quickly went over their plan one more time. Ginny’s sadness about Harry not telling her about the brochure quickly faded to be replaced by anger.

After making sure that their wands were firm and secure in their pockets, the two set off.

Ron and Harry were working, or at least pretending to. Their minds were too occupied to think of work.

They had each planned their own special evening. Harry was going to take Ginny to a restaurant, and Ron, the hopeless romantic, was planning to take Hermione on a walk in the moonlight.

Hours and hours had been spent on figuring out a good way to propose, and Ron figured that he had thought of a half-decent one. Harry had found his method much faster, so they both were prepared.

Ron carried the ring’s velvet box with him the whole day. He had been to nervous throughout the day to even respond when Perkins had greeted him in the morning.

Harry came into Ron’s cubicle. “Too nervous to work?” he guessed, looking at Ron’s wobbling knees.

“You guessed it.” He paused. “Is Kingsley angry that we aren’t focusing?” he asked nervously, referring to their Minister of Magic.

“No.” Harry said happily. “He told us we could have today off and wished us good luck.”

“Good. We’re going to need it.”

“It’s lunchtime. Do you want me to get you a sandwich in the cafeteria? I’ll meet you down, and then we can go back home.”

Ron nodded. “I’ll meet you there; I just have to sort out a file.”

Harry left the office, and Ron sifted through the file. After sorting it out correctly, he stood up. As he walked to the door, he hear glass crunch beneath his boot.

He bent down to find he had stepped on a picture. That was funny, that picture was usually on his desk. Ron was careful not to touch any of the sharp fragments, and carefully turned the picture so the top was facing up.

It was photo of Ginny, Harry, Hermione and him, now cracked. With a sickening feeling, he noticed a crack was running down the center, separating the boys from the girls. The picture had split right between Ron and Hermione.

Ron had never been too concerned about omens; as far as he could read tea leaves, they usually read of a horrible thing to happen to him. But this was different. Ron’s stomach dropped as he set the picture back on his desk and left to find Harry.


“Ginny! You’re stepping on my foot again!” Hermione hissed as Ginny once again crushed Hermione’s toes.

Ginny stepped back and watched Hermione rub her toes. They had been crouching near the Boys’ Apartment for nearly a half an hour, and there was no sign of them.

Hermione put her ear to the door. “They’re talking.” She murmured in a low voice. “They’re still talking, and now they are-“

Hermione jumped back suddenly, not even noticing that she had just trod on Ginny’s foot. “They’re coming!” she whispered loudly.

The girls took their places at either side of the door, mentally going over their plan again. The second the door opened and Ron and Harry came out laughing, Hermione nodded at Ginny. At the exact same moment, they thought of a time they were angry, and Hermione muttered a few quick spells.

Ron and Harry had no idea of what hit them. All that they knew was that one moment they were laughing just outside their apartment, and the next moment they were hanging upside down in the sitting room of the Girls’ Apartment.

“Oi!” Ron yelled. “What just happened?”

“This is what happened, Ronald.” A dangerously soft and silky voice seemed to come from nowhere as the speaker melted out of the shadows. A very angry Hermione Granger was standing in front of Ron.

Ron gulped. “Hello, love.” He started weakly, knowing he was in big trouble for some reason.

“Don’t you ‘love’ me, Ronald Weasley. I know all about what you’ve been doing.”

Ron exchanged a look with Harry, wondering how Hermione knew about him proposing to her.

“I’d help you with this, mate, but I don’t want to get in your girlfriend’s way when she’s angry.” Harry said, trying to get to the ground.

“Oh, don’t worry, Harry. Ginny’s coming for you too.” Hermione added darkly, as Ginny melted from the corner.

“Ginny,” Harry chided, holding up his hands to defend himself. “What did I do this time?”


Ron curled into a ball as Hermione shot him a poisonous glare that told him he was next.

Harry’s face was already red from hanging upside down, and it was getting redder as he realized that Ginny was talking about him proposing.

“We were going to tell you about it tonight.” He said, glancing at Ron.

Ron nodded quickly. “I swear that we were going to tell you about it.”

“And you thought we would agree to this? We would never say yes!” Hermione yelled.

Ron’s  heart dropped as he just realized that Hermione had rejected him. Where was all the love that she felt for him? Ron searched her face, and found just a hint of it as she shot him a sad expression, but that bit of love was gone just as fast as it came. His eyes started to water a tiny bit, and he wiped them with the back of his hand.

“Hermione,” he began in a thick voice. “You know I do love you. I thought you’d say yes. This would be an important milestone in our relationship.”

Hermione started to break down too. She looked at Ginny for help, and Ginny seemed to understand what she was feeling. She lifted her wand.

And suddenly there was a crash, and they were standing in a dark alley.

A/N:  So what did you think? There will be another chapter up soon, and I’m sorry for this long wait.


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The Proposal: Misunderstandings


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