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A Time For Us by drlove
Chapter 1 : The Years Have Been Kind
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A/N: Hello, hello!! I'm back with a brand new, though not entirely unfamiliar, story! I'm so sorry about the delay with this sequel but let's just say that things came up. But, hopefully, I'll now fall back into my old routine and we can move this along, eh?

So, this is the sequel to Deja Vu as you lot probably already know! A few clarifications before we start: The current year is the year 2031. So it's been 8 years since James and Prentice graduated, 7 years since Mona, Al, Rose and Aidan graduated, and 5 years since Lily and Hugo graduated.

I know I've given it quite a gap but I have my reasons. Don't worry; I'll fill you guys in on what you've missed :D

Go on and read! Please do let me know what you think with a review! And don't hesitate to drop by my Meet The Author page on the forums if you have any questions!! :D

The four of us stared into the mirror, tilting our heads slightly to the side. We surveyed the reflection closely, none of us wanting to be the first one to speak.


“I think it makes me look fat.” Stated Rose flatly.




“Of course not!”


“Nothing makes you look fat!”


We were lying, of course. It had been almost seven years since we graduated and Rose looked even better than she did back in school. Her hair had darkened to an auburn hue and now fell to her waist in loose, barrel curls. Her freckles had all but disappeared now that she didn’t spend hours in the sun for Quidditch practice, although there was still a sprinkling of them over the bridge of her nose. Her skin was still pale from winter, but that wouldn’t last long seeing as how spring was already here. Her eyes sparkled as they usually did, even when she wasn’t laughing.


But, as radiant as Rose was, she couldn’t make that dress work.


In no way was that Rose’s fault, though. It was all the fault of the dress that could make a twig look fat with its puffy sleeves and huge number of ruffles.


Mona and I turned to glare accusatorily at Lily who grinned sheepishly since she was the one who suggested that the dress should be more ‘busy’. I rolled my eyes at Lily but returned her grin before turning back to face Rose who huffily made her way to the changing room and slammed the door behind her.


I walked over to the door and knocked gently on the cherry wood.


“I’m not coming out!” called out Rose.


I hesitated for a second before I spoke. “Well, you kind of have to, love. Otherwise you won’t be able to pick out a wedding dress. And not only will you not be able to pick out a wedding dress, you’ll get none of the wedding organized and if you don’t get the wedding organized then you won’t get married and if you don’t get married you’ll be single forever while Scorpius will feel jilted and might go marry Silvia Finnegan. So how about you come out here, pick out another dress and try it on?” I suggested patiently.


There was silence before there was a small click and the door swung open, revealing a pouting Rose. I couldn’t help but start laughing as I hurried over to her, enveloping her in a huge hug. I kissed her cheek as I pulled away and stroked her hair soothingly.


“You really think he’ll marry Finnegan?” asked Rose, raising an eyebrow.


I laughed once more, rolling my eyes. “She couldn’t hold a candle to you! Scorpius would rather jump off a cliff than marry that wench and you bloody well know it so stop fishing for compliments and pick out another dress!” I finished in a stern tone, though wearing a broad grin.


Rose mirrored my grin as she answered. “Yeah, alright then. Let’s take a look.”


Rose made her way out of the changing rooms to the main boutique, still wearing the hideous gown as she looked through some other dresses, and I followed her.  I looked over my shoulder at Lily and Mona, both of whom were cheering me on silently while bowing down to me for calming Rose down in record time. I blew them both a kiss before turning back to face Rose and offer her any advice.


I couldn’t believe it. Rose was getting married! And to Scorpius at that! Although it had already been 2 and a half months since he had proposed, I was still having trouble getting my head around it. I supposed, despite seeing them grow into adults, a part of me still saw them as kids. But I knew they weren’t anymore. They’d both grown up to be even more amazing people than they had been at school and I was well and truly thrilled for them. It was hard to imagine either of them being happy without the other.


The wedding was going to be the biggest social event of the millennium. Rose and Scorpius’ wedding was going to bring together two of the oldest pureblood wizarding families in England. Not just any wizarding families, but the Malfoys and the Weasleys, two names that had been associated with mutual hatred for god knows how long. But that was all coming to an end. After Ron Weasley’s initial reaction of trying to kill Scorpius since he thought (wrongly) that the reason why Rose was getting married so quickly was because she was pregnant, everything had gone fairly smoothly. The two families had warmed up to each other a fair bit, although there was still some rivalry between Ron and Draco Malfoy but that was to be expected.


“How about this one?” suggested Mona, holding out a cream gown that looked pretty great on the hanger.


“Maybe.” Said Rose after contemplating the gown. “You know what, pick up whatever you think might work and I’ll try them all on. It’s less time consuming that way.” She glanced at her delicate gold watch. “We have to meet up with everyone for the cake tasting in just a few hours. We’ll just narrow it down to some favourites here.”


“Yes, ma’am.” Said Lily, Mona and I together, saluting the bride-to-be. Rose rolled her eyes but grinned good naturedly as we headed back into the changing rooms.


I grabbed a couple of gowns which I thought would suit Rose, as did Lily. Mona was carrying a whole bunch, her arms loaded down with them. Lily and I exchanged amused glances before we offered to help her carry some. She smiled gratefully at us as we transferred some of the gowns into our own arms. Poor Mona never did grow past my shoulder. Even Lily was a few inches taller! But, despite the height, Mona looked quite different.


Her hair was no longer in the bob that she had it in while we were in school. It now fell in loose curls until her shoulder blades. She was wearing skin tight jeans with a green halter shirt that left most of her back bare. Her oversized sunglasses kept her silky dark hair from falling into her eyes. She looked like she belonged in a fashion magazine... which wasn’t far from the truth. Mona now worked at Witch Weekly and had been working there for the past 7 years. She had slowly climbed up the ranks and was now one of the editors (though, when the mood took her, she still wrote the occasional, biting article about unfaithfulness in relationships and the like) of the magazine which she had transformed from a baseless gossip rag to a well backed up gossip rag; something that was a task in itself.


We all rushed back into the area of the store which we had reserved. Rose was already disappearing into the little changing room to try out another dress. Mona and I settled down on the comfortable sofa while Lily sat on one of those poufs that I never liked to sit on since they had no back support and, knowing me, I’d probably fall over if someone told a mildly amusing joke. Lily, however, just like her mother, sat with close to perfect posture with her legs crossed and flipped through a copy of Enchanting Bride.


Lily was the only one in her family who had followed daddy dearest’s footsteps and had become an Auror. She always was one to fight evil doers and, although there weren’t that many around anymore, there were still plenty to keep the Auror department busy. Guys found Lily intimidating because of her field of expertise and Lily loved that. She thought of it as a screening process since the only guys who were willing to date her after knowing her profession were secure enough to know that they’d have to match up to her speed. Lily had been on the fast lane since the day she left school and there were not many blokes who could keep up with her vivacious energy; one of the reasons why she and Ross Fenwick broke it off in the middle of her seventh year.


“You know, I’m still having a hard time believing it. Rosie’s getting married!” exclaimed Lily as she tossed the magazine back on top of the coffee table.


“I know exactly what you mean! It feels so surreal!” agreed Mona, shaking her head and smiling. “It just feels like yesterday when they started dating.”


“Seriously, your Uncle Ron was having problems just letting Rose go out with Scorpius and now he’s actually agreed to let her marry him! Things really have changed.” I mused.


“Yeah, they have. But not much. Mum was telling me that Uncle Ron shows up every now and then in the middle of the night yelling about how he’ll kill Scorpius if he hurts his ‘baby girl’.” Commented Lily as she rolled her eyes.

Mona and I laughed at the thought Ron behaving that way, mainly because it was entirely plausible.


“Well, that’s one thing Ron doesn’t have to worry about; there’s no guy who’ll make Rose happier than Scorpius, that’s for sure.” Remarked Mona and I nodded my agreement.


“I mean, come on! They’ve been together for 8 years almost! You’d think it would be enough to calm Ron down.” I said with a grin.


“Not my father, believe me! Mum told me that he once nailed every cupboard and drawer in the house shut and lined everything with pillows when I started crawling as a baby to keep me safe. I’m not looking forward to telling him that I’ll be changing my last name when I marry Scorpius.” Called Rose from the changing room. “Okay, everyone ready?”


“Yeah!” we yelled back, Mona clapping her hands excitedly.


“Okay. Here’s number 36!” said Rose loudly.


There was a click and the door swung open. Rose stepped out and put her hands on her hips in a ‘what do you think?’ kind of way. Lily, Mona and I exchanged glances before getting more comfortable in our seats.


Clearly, finding the right wedding dress was just as hard everyone said it was.


I felt that, as the maid of honour, I ought to say something.


“Um...” I started, trying to find the right words.


Rose rolled her eyes at me. “Number 37, then!” she said before she turned around and headed back into the changing room.


“This is going to be a long afternoon.” Muttered Lily as she reached for the magazine that she had abandoned just minutes ago.


I would have been a fool to disagree.




“Rose, hurry up, love! We’re already 20 minutes late!” I said, my breath coming in pants.


We had gotten a bit distracted at the dress shop because, luckily, a new shipment of dresses from Milan arrived. Rose couldn’t help but try on some more, bringing the list of potential dresses to a whopping 43. And we’d only been to 3 shops.


Since we were making up for lost time, we were literally sprinting from the dress shop to the nearest hidden alleyway to apparate into Hogsmeade. Unfortunately, the nearest hidden alleyway was at the end of the main road a couple of hundred meters away. Mona was cursing everything from the grass to the sky while she tried to keep up with me and Rose. Being short had its disadvantages, like having incredibly short legs which weren’t conducive to sprinting (and she was wearing a gorgeous pair of designer heels which must have been killing her feet). Lily made up for her lack of height with her speed, being rather more athletic than Mona.


“Move it!” yelled Rose to disperse a gaggle of girls that were blocking the sidewalk.


“Sorry!” I called over my shoulder at them as we passed them by.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” Chanted Mona as she jogged behind us.


“You think this is hard. Aidan used to make us run 15 laps before every practice.” Said Lily in between her even breathing.


“Yeah, well, Aidan’s a crazy old bint, isn’t she?” gasped Mona as we neared the end of the main road.


“See, I know you’re going through a traumatic experience right now so I won’t take that personally.” I granted as we rounded the corner and entered the alleyway.


“Oh, your generosity is so staggering.” Remarked Mona sarcastically as she bent over to try and catch her breath.


Rose grabbed Mona’s shoulders and yanked her to an upright position. “Sorry, love, but no time. We have to apparate now.” Said Rose apologetically.


“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” mumbled Mona while Lily and I exchanged amused glances.


“Brilliant. Hogsmeade high road, yeah?” said Rose, looking round at all of us.


We nodded our understanding. She nodded once before she apparated away. Lily and Mona followed suit. I closed my eyes and concentrated on getting to Hogsmeade as I turned on my heel. The familiar sensation of apparition enveloped me before falling away so the crisp, fresh air of Hogsmeade filled my nose. I opened my eyes and couldn’t help but smile.


It had been years since I’d come here, the last time being for Lily and Hugo’s graduation. I was standing at the beginning of the busy high road that I remembered so well. Not much had changed except for a few new shops that had opened up around Hogsmeade circle, one of them the bakery where we were going for the cake tasting. The late afternoon sunlight made the whole village glow beautifully. I sighed deeply and smiled a little wider. It was good to be back, I decided.


It was then that I noticed all the laughter and giggling that was filling the air. I turned to face the fountain and grinned.


Scorpius had lifted Rose into the air by the waist and was spinning her around as she laughed, her whole face lighting up with happiness. He was looking up at her and grinning, bright blonde hair thrown back and pale skin glowing with warmth for his future wife. He set Rose back on the ground and kissed her cheek softly as she giggled, much like the way she did when we were in school.


Prentice was settled by the edge of the fountain with Mona sitting on his lap while the two were making out for England. I rolled my eyes but I couldn’t help but grin. They really didn’t care that they were in plain sight of the world. Prentice caught my eye as he kissed Mona and gave me a small wave. I shook my head and waved back.




I grinned as I walked over to where Hugo, Al and Lily were standing. Al and Hugo were pulling drags from their cigarettes but tossed them to the ground with astonishing speed when I raised a disapproving eyebrow at them.


“That really is a disgusting habit.” I noted and both boys shrugged.


“Maybe. But you can’t deny it suits me.” replied Al with a broad grin and a wink.


I rolled my eyes but said nothing since I knew that he was right. The cigarette that he generally held between his index and middle fingers did give him a dangerous but desirable edge. He had come into his own,  Al had, growing an inch taller than he was at school but being just as tall as his father. His green eyes shined brighter than ever and Al had learned how to use them to his advantage at last. His black hair was quaffed to perfection; a stark contrast to how it was during his school days. Al now worked as a hit wizard for the Ministry of Magic, a job that only increased his appeal. He was wearing a white dress shirt with dark jeans and his red Converse shoes. I laughed when I saw that he was wearing his Gryffindor tie.


“What’s this for, then?” I asked, tugging at the tie in question.


“Sentimental value.” Supplied Hugo with a smile before he gave me a one armed hug. “How you doing, Ade?”


He pulled away from me and I saw that he too was wearing his school tie with his white t-shirt and jeans.   


“I’m alright. But you two are going a bit overboard with the tie thing, aren’t you?” I asked jokingly.


“We’re lucky they didn’t whip out their prefect and Head Boy badges.” Said Rose as she dragged Scorpius by his tie over to join us.


Lily and I started laughing when we realized that the tie that Rose was dragging Scorpius by was his school tie, striped in his house colours of silver and green. Scorpius was wearing a grey dress shirt with black pants, looking just as sleek and polished as he always did. I suppose he had to, considering all the public appearances he made as one of the governors of Hogwarts as well as the CEO every single company and brand that belonged to the Malfoy name (and believe me, that amounted to a lot). His smile was just as disarming and perfect as it had always been. The years had been kind to Scorpius Malfoy.


“Aidan, Lily.” Greeted Scorpius as he hugged each of us in turn, flashing us a cheerful smile


“Well, we would have worn our badges, sis, but then we thought Prentice would feel left out.” Called Hugo, loud enough for Prentice to hear where he was still deeply engaged in a make out session with Mona.


Hugo had perhaps changed the most out of all of us. Although he had always had a great sense of humour, he had been slightly awkward and insecure in school. That was all in the past because Hugo Weasley had become a regular Don Juan. He now stood just as tall as Albus and was very similar to his cousin with his lean, toned build. His hair had turned to a brownish copper shade that suited him immensely. Hugo had done his mum proud by joining the Beast Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Over the past few years he had been working very hard to get rid of the legislation that made it so hard for werewolves to get jobs in the magical world.


“I’ll have you know,” started Mona as she pulled away from Prentice and pulled him up to his feet. “That my boyfriend never needed a badge. He caused plenty of damage without one.” She said haughtily.


“Well...” said Hugo, looking to Al and Scorpius who exchanged grins.


“Excu-u-use me!” they all said together, saying it the same way Mona had said during a radio interview last year when the host had clarified a rather inane point. That clip had made her famous.


Mona huffed and Prentice kissed her temple to appease her before the two walked over to join us. Prentice looked just as handsome as always with his classic, blonde hair, blue eyes, look. He flashed us all a wicked grin and winked just like he used to back in school. He looked more mature but still retained all his boyish charm. He handled the Irish and British Quidditch Leagues at the Department of Magical Games and Sports. He loved the game so it was easy for him to love his job. He was wearing a black t-shirt with dark jeans and his Gryffindor tie completely undone and hanging around his neck, no doubt Mona’s handiwork.


“Andrews, you’re looking good.” Greeted Rose as Prentice leaned over to give her a hug.


“You say that as if it’s a new development!” said Prentice with a grin as he walked over to hug Lily and I.


“I see the ego hasn’t changed.” I noted with a smile. Prentice laughed as he kissed my cheek.


“There’s no reason for it to, is it? I actually think I look better than I did last week.” Defended Prentice, causing everyone to snort derisively.


“It doesn’t count if you just decide that yourself, Prentice.” Said Lily mockingly.


“Not my fault you lot are blinder than Flobberworms.” Shrugged Prentice.


“We’re the lucky ones; Mona’s the one I feel sorry for, waking up to your ugly mug every day.”


I could recognize his voice any time, whether it was lowered to a whisper or called out across Hogsmeade circle as it was now. I, along with the others, turned around to watch him walk over to us. The sight that greeted us made my jaw drop.


“Oh. My. God.” Said Rose, Mona and Lily together.

"And you said we were going overboard." said Hugo wryly.

I felt like I had travelled back in time a good eight years. James was wearing a white oxford shirt loosely tucked into grey slacks. His sleeves were rolled up to expose his toned forearms. His scarlet and gold striped tie was knotted loosely around his collar which was partially turned up. He reached up to run his fingers through his shaggy, dark brown hair that was growing a bit long, judging by the way it fell into his twinkling hazel eyes. He grinned at me, a corner of his mouth lifting higher than the other, and I nearly melted. I had only seen him in the morning and yet seeing him again made butterflies flutter around in my stomach.   


“Is that my gorgeous girlfriend down that end?” asked James as he got closer.


“It is indeed.” Grinned Rose as she stepped aside to let him through.


He walked right up to me and slipped his hands around my waist and I could do nothing but hope that my legs wouldn’t give out. He smiled softly as he looked down into my pale green eyes. One hand tucked away a lock of my hair behind my ear as the other pulled me closer to him. He leaned down and let his lips press against mine heatedly. It was like my limbs got jolted into life and my arms wrapped themselves around his neck. My body strained to get as close to him as possible as I stood on my tip toes to kiss him back. He smiled against my lips at my reaction to his touch and I tugged on the back of his hair to reproach him.

"Oy, get a room, you two!"

"Yeah, there are children about!"

"Prentice, shut up! God knows how many children you've scarred with your open displays of affection towards Mona!"

It was only after much cat calling from our friends that he pulled away from me. He kissed my forehead and I smiled happily as he looked down at me once more.


“Hey. Miss me?” I asked slyly.


James grinned. “You have no idea.” He replied before he let his lips graze against mine once more.

A/N: Are you lot happy I kept those two together? I know a bunch of you were scared they'd broken up :D Please do review and let me know what you liked/ didn't like, etc. :D

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A Time For Us: The Years Have Been Kind


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