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Ivy in Wonderland by emerald_princess
Chapter 7 : I never thought I'd say It
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James bloody Sirius Potter and Delilah Chantal must have had a pretty big death wish, although it seemed they had wished for me to die and not them.  What the hell were the mini psychopaths playing at?  They set fire to the Hospital Wing while it had people in it!  They had obviously gone completely crazy and would have to be brutally and painfully murdered.  For the safety of others of course.  I would take the task into my own hands although I would get very little joy out of it.  I had been sitting in the hospital wing when suddenly there was a huge boom and I swore I could smell smoke.  I breathed it in just to check and began to cough.  I looked around to see what had happened.  A huge fire had started where the supply closet was supposed to be and the air was filled with smoke and ash flying everywhere.  I was in complete shock when Madam Ponphrey jnr. grabbed my arm and we both ran out of the room.  Coughing and spluttering Madam Pomphrey began to start casting aguamenti and even though I knew that it was useless I decided to help.  That was until I caught sight of them.  They were hiding in a corner but Potter was so tall that he wasn’t covered very well.  They seemed to be having an argument but I didn’t care much for the troubles of mental killers.  At that point I myself was turning into a mental killer.  I needed Michelle there to restrain me but she wasn’t so without any protests or struggles I made my way over to where they were hiding.  Potter had seen me coming and he was stepping back a bit his face a bit worried, Delilah hadn’t so I decided that I would sneak up on her first.  I was surprised that Potter didn’t warn her, but I was also glad.  Lunging at her and toppling down the staircase trying to pull her hair out would not have been the same if it didn’t have that element of surprise.  She screamed as I silently tackled her and then as we rolled over stair after stair I screamed to but while hers was a scream of fear mine was one of fury.  Sharp pain went through my head each time it hit the steps but I didn’t care I was set on my revenge.  Potter would be next.  He saves my life once gets annoyed because I won’t thank him and then decides to get revenge by killing me but neither him nor Delilah knew who they were messing with.  I had never been good at planning revenge schemes and pranks; I was more the type who would just resort to violence, even if I couldn’t throw punches if my life depended on it.  We must have screamed pretty loudly because I never got my chance to kill Potter as a crowd of teachers and students reached us. 

“Girls!” Minnie exclaimed.  I got up and brushed myself off blowing a few stray hairs out of my face.  Delilah reached out a hand for me to help her up I grabbed it and as she was just about up I let go and let her fall.  What an idiot she was falling for the oldest trick in the book so easily.  Actually usually in that trick the person playing the trick put their hand out.  What the hell?  How could she have possibly gotten into Ravenclaw?  They were questions that I was going to have to ponder later though because Minnie had begun to speak again.

“What is the meaning of this?”

I put on an innocent face and tried to straighten my uniform.  Before telling her the absolute truth.

“This Professor is revenge,” I was about to stop speaking when I added as an afterthought, “and murder.”

Some people in the crowd began to laugh quietly and I could see Michelle roll her eyes at my stupidity. 

“Miss Hardwick I hardly think that whatever Miss Chantal did was cause for that horrid display.” 

Delilah looked down at her feet and shuffled around a bit and James trotted down the stairs a fake mask of guilt plastered to his face.  Idiot.  Even I could see through the fake guilt.  I could see that he was pleased with himself.  Minnie didn’t seem to though.  She must have been going blind from old age.  Yes that was it.  Definitely. 

Instead of letting him talk first and wheedle his way out of punishment like the kiss-ass he was I began to speak again.

“They tried to kill me!” I exclaimed. 

Everyone began to laugh.  I glared at the crowd and it became a little quieter although there were still some who seemed to think that the idea of my death was hilarious. 

“It’s true,” I continued, “Even ask Madam Pomphrey.  They set fire to the hospital wing!”

As if on cue Madam Pomphrey trudged down stairs her face streaked with tears.

“It is true Minerva they did.” She said her voice catching. 

Potter opened his mouth to speak but didn’t get the chance.  Minnie looked very stressed and just beckoned for all of us to follow her.  The crowd dispersed as we made our way through and I kept ahead of Potter so that I could occasionally look back at him and glare at him threateningly.  He didn’t look at me just kept his eyes straight ahead.  I desperately needed to find something to throw at his head. 


We walked at a brisk pace through the castle until we found ourselves at two particularly ugly and horribly familiar gargoyles.  I was sent down to Minnie’s office a lot.  Minnie told it the password (Sandra Goodwin- some famous witch who did something important) and led us up the staircase she then walked in and sat down behind her desk not asking us to do the same.  We were left standing, fidgeting and shuffling as she gazed at us.  I looked up at the picture of Albus Dumbledore who smiled knowingly and winked at me.  I grinned back.  Then Minnie cleared her throat and all eyes turned to her. 

“Mr. Potter and Miss Chantal you are lucky that the hospital wing can be fixed what were you thinking?!  You could have killed someone!”

I opened my mouth to speak but Potter got there first.

“Professor, we weren’t… well at least I wasn’t planning to set fire to the hospital wing or kill anyone.  Delilah insisted on doing the spell- that would have just made Hardwick a bit pimply- for me and then she said the spell wrong.  It was an innocent prank I didn’t want any of that to happen.”

I snorted, he was obviously lying.  Minnie glared at me and I immediately settled back into silence. 

“That is not true Professor McGonagall; it was all James’ fault.  He is insane he has been planning it for ages.  I tried to stop him when I found out about it but didn’t listen!”

I glared at Delilah that was a complete lie.  McGonagall seemed to agree with me, thank god.  My dreams would come true and they would both be expelled.  I felt like it was time for an evil and victorious laugh but because I was in Minnie’s office I refrained from doing it. 

“I believe you Mr. Potter.” I choked on my own spit.

“What?!” I almost screamed.

“You heard me,” Minnie answered her voice surprisingly calm. 

“You are both lucky that I am not going to expel you but you will have a detention every Sunday for the next five weeks and 100 points off of both of your houses.”

They both nodded emphatically, relief spreading across their faces.

“You may go.” Minnie said and they both ran straight for the door and away from me.  I stayed where I stood.  I probably looked completely ridiculous.  My mouth was hanging open and my eye was twitching slightly but I did not care.  All I could think was, not expelled, not expelled, over and over and over again.  Minnie paid me no attention and started on some paper work with an audible sigh.  I waited for her to speak but she continued to work.  She seemed completely oblivious to my presence in her room but I knew that she knew I was there so I waited.  I waited for ages shuffling from foot to foot and playing with the sapphire ring that I had gotten the morning before I boarded the Hogwarts express for the first time in my life.  I hadn’t taken it off or replaced it since then.  It was strangely important to me; I couldn’t bare to let it go.  I thought back on memories of that day and I could feel a small smile lighting my features and that is when Minnie decided to speak.

“You can say what you want Ivy but I will not change my mind.”

“But Minnie this is completely unfair.  They should be expelled they could have killed someone and they did so much damage to the hospital wing.  They should at least be put in some sort of… I don’t know some sort of mental ward or something!” I exclaimed.  Minnie did not reply.  So I spent at least three hours in her office ranting and raving about the unfairness of it all.  My stomach began to rumble and I remembered that it was probably time for dinner.  Minnie looked up from her papers, peering at me and said, “Ivy I think that it is time you went and got some food in you.”

I went to protest but found myself nodding in agreement as my stomach rumbled once more.


I walked into the great hall and sat down beside Michelle who thankfully was not with Greg.  I sat down and began to wolf into my food some what guyishly.  When I noticed Michelle staring at me I immediately became self conscious and wiped at my mouth swallowing my mouthful and taking a sip of my juice.  I turned to Michelle who was struggling to contain laughter and I couldn’t help but grin back. 

“Where’s Mr. Perfect?” I asked cheerfully, the events of the day completely forgotten.

“He had to go for an emergency prefect meeting about the hospital wing.”

We sat in silence for a while as I took another bite out of my meal. 

“Speaking of the hospital wing,” she said, “You have to tell me everything.  Was it scary?” she asked her voice animated with excitement.  I smiled at her and as I ate I began to tell her all that had happened since I had left her soaked through with a rain cloud over my head.  She giggled the whole time for no apparent reason and she was beginning to remind me of one of my mother’s best friends who had the habit of laughing in situations that you should not laugh in.  Like at her great-nana Jessie’s funeral.  We sat in the hall for ages and after I had a full stomach I began to feel exhausted.  Nobody could blame me I had, had a very exhausting day.  Michelle and I stood up linked arms and began to skip out of the hall.  I was vaguely aware that I had promised myself that I would go back to Minnie’s office straight after dinner to complain some more but I was far to tired.  Maybe the house elves had slipped me a sleeping drug… and I thought they were my friends.  They were house elves though so they kind of had to do everything that they were ordered to do.  We were turning a corner when a voice called my name.  My last name.  Michelle and I turned to see Potter come to a stop in front of us. 

“Can we talk?” he asked.

I glared at him suspiciously but finally nodded my head in agreement and told Michelle I’d meet her in our dorm.  She would probably fall asleep while she was waiting but oh well.  After Michelle had rounded the corner and was out of sight I turned to Potter, who was fidgeting with his fingers and would not look at me.  I waited what ever he had to say (which was probably stupid) I would wait for him to say it.  I was much to tired to get angry or impatient.  Which is kind of weird because most people get that way because they are tired.  Well I know Michelle does anyway.

James finally looked up at me.  I noticed his face had gone a little red and he bit down on his lip hesitating before speaking.

“Listen Hardwick, I never thought I’d say this but… I’m sorry.”

I stared.  It took me a while to say something but I eventually got

what I wanted to say out.

“I forgive you,” I said, “and I’m sorry to.  I should have just said

thank you when you saved me.  So sorry for being a bit of an


James seemed very startled but before he could say anything I

hugged him.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his

arms gently around my waist and then we just stood there for a

while, swaying a little bit on the spot.  I breathed in his scent.  It

was woody and cinnamony and really nice.  His arms were big and

comfortable and I could feel his toned body up against mine then I

let go.  I gave him a small smile and then I skipped off back to my

common room where Michelle would definitely be asleep.  I

answered the question and walked up the stairs to my bed.  After I

was showered and in my warm pajamas I hopped into my bed and

nestled in.  Then just as I was about to drift off I started up

suddenly and opened my eyes.  Wide.







What the hell just happened?



Ok little note from me your darling author who you know you love!
 The little bit at the end where it is one little paragraph and doesn't spread across the whole page is not meant to be like that... my computer stuffed up!

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