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Forbidden Thoughts by frobz91
Chapter 3 : That's What Friends Are For
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Chapter 3 – That’s What Friends Are For 

Disclaimer- Harry Potter is not mine, he belongs to J.K. Rowling.

“If something’s wrong Scorpius, you should tell me.”

                Scorpius sighed heavily as he turned his head to look at his mother.  His mother, even for a woman in her 40’s, looked the same way she had when he was only a child.  She was regal, proud and not afraid to speak her mind when it was necessary.  All the markers of a pureblood woman who was raised by a family who did not obsess about what type of blood a person had, unlike his father’s side of the family.  “Nothing is wrong mother,” he replied irritably.

                Scorpius’ mother frowned.  “You have had your mind in the clouds all summer Scorpius.  Now, to cap it all off, instead of being excited about becoming head boy, you seem to not be looking forward to your new position at all.  Now, tell me if there is something wrong before your father drags it out of you.”

                “Once again mother, nothing is wrong,” Scorpius insisted, even though they both knew he was lying.  “I’m just surprised that I was chosen.”

                Scorpius’ mother sighed in defeat when she realized that he was not about to tell her what was bothering him.  After all, all the things that were troubling him, were things he wasn’t supposed to care less about.  “Fine,” Scorpius’ mother replied and she walked towards him before putting both of her hands on his face and looking him in the eyes.  “But I am proud of you my dear.  You’ve worked hard all of your life at more than just school and now it’s paying off.”

                “Thank you, mother.”

                Scorpius’ mother smiled at him and patted him affectionately on the face before stepping away from him.  “You’re welcome, dear.  Are you going to be joining us for dinner tonight?”

                “Is grandfather going to be there?”

                Scorpius’ mother hesitated before responding.  “Yes.”

                “Then probably not,” Scorpius replied resentfully.

                “Scorpius,” his mother said warningly.  “Why must you always try to make your grandfather upset?”

                “I’m not trying to do anything mother,” Scorpius shot back.  “I’m just not in the right kind of mood to listen to grandfather rant about how superior he thinks he is compared to everyone else.”

                “I understand that the two of you do not see eye to eye on a lot of things these days, but you should at least try to be civil to one another, especially for your father’s sake,” Scorpius’ mother suggested.

                Scorpius just stared down at his mother.  How could anyone be civil a person who thought he was better than everyone else because his blood was considered ‘pure’?  No one in their right minds would be able to.  But Scorpius still followed orders none the less.  He liked that his parents were proud of him and they had given him a good life, and if being with another pure blood made them happy, then so be it.  He would do what they wished.  However, that didn’t mean he would respect a man who constantly belittled people he believed to be beneath him.

                Scorpius wanted to tell his mother these things, he really did, but he also wanted his family to be happy.  Something that was very hard in modern day society when your last name was Malfoy.  Scorpius sagged slightly.  “I’ll be in my room,” he replied in a low voice while ignoring his mother’s suggestion.

                Scorpius turned away from his mother and hurried through the upstairs hallway of Malfoy Manor to his room.  It had been entirely remodelled after the war, since it had been damaged in more than just a physical sense by Voldemort.

                While Scorpius would never be haunted by the images from the past, he knew for a fact that his father still had nightmares about the things that he had seen when Voldemort and the rest of the death eaters had set up camp inside the grand estate during the second war.  Scorpius strolled into his room, closing the door behind him and collapsed on his sofa.  Scorpius sighed dejectedly and stared up at the high ceiling’s of his room.

                Scorpius had been dating Tatiana for years now.  When he was younger, Tatiana’s parents would always bring her over to his house, which led to them becoming friends.  As the years had passed by, Scorpius had begun to like Tatiana as more than a friend and his crush on her had led to him asking her out when he was 14. 

                In all honestly, Scorpius really had liked Tatiana when they were younger and he had truly believed that they were going to end up together.  After all they were both purebloods, they had both liked each other, they both had a lot of money and at the time, Scorpius believed that no one else was worth his time.  It had been a match made in heaven. 

                Unfortunately, reality had gotten in the way and during his fifth year, Scorpius had been unceremoniously jerked from the world he thought he had completely mapped out.  Before his fifth year, most Slytherin’s just avoided all the other houses.  It was like some kind of unsigned peace treaty.  Slytherin’s wouldn’t bother anyone else, as long as no one bothered them and everyone had liked that arrangement.  And so, without even planning it, Scorpius never had a meaningful conversation with someone who wasn’t from Slytherin until his fifth year, the year he had become a prefect. 

                He remembered feeling so good about becoming a prefect.  How it was the first step to becoming head boy and showing the world that the Malfoy family was still a force to be reckoned with.

                Then he had met Rose.

                It wasn’t like he hadn’t known about her before his fifth year.  Everyone in the wizarding world knew about the Weasley and the Potter families.  They had become royalty in the wizarding world after the second war and Scorpius knew from the day that he started school that messing with the Weasley family would only lead to unwanted problems.  So, the only contact Scorpius had ever had with Rose was when she was with her friends and family as they traded insults on which quidditch team was better or who had a bigger ego.  Rose had never said a thing.  She had only just rolled her eyes and talked to her friend Alice Longbottom, always completely uninterested in the arguments that unfolded in front of her.  He hadn’t understood why she acted the way she did.  The rest of her family jumped at the chance to insult him and he had as well, but she had acted as if the entire ordeal was boring.   His confusion had grown even more when he had tried to make fun of her frizzy red hair or her boyish looks and instead of getting teary eyed, she just shot him an exasperated look and told him to go jump in the lake.  So, Scorpius had decided that she was just like the rest of her family; a group of stuck up gits who thought they were better than everyone else because their parents helped defeat Voldemort.

                But it didn’t matter.  Scorpius had been taught to keep his distance from her family and he had, until the day when he could no longer ignore her existence.  He remembered walking into the prefect car, his head held high, a triumphant smirk on his face and his very attractive girlfriend trailing behind him, only to run straight into a very different looking Rose Weasley.

                Scorpius had never thought much about Rose.  He had always thought she was plain looking, nothing special enough to tempt him, but when he had seen her for the first time since the end of their fourth year, she had changed in many ways.

                Her hair had still been uncontrollably frizzy, even when pulled back in a neat bun on the back of her head.  Her skin was still covered in a shocking amount of freckles and her two front teeth were still larger than the rest of the teeth in her mouth.  But puberty, instead of making her flaws stand out, had refined them. 

                She had probably grown about 3 inches in only 2 months and the excess weight that she had had on her body in their fourth year had spread out, giving her the right amount of curves in all the right places.  Her hair had even changed.  Instead of turning a lighter orange over the summer, it had gotten darker, making her ginger hair more of a dark red colour.  But the thing that had made him stop dead had been her eyes, which he had never noticed before in his entire life.  The dark blue of her eyes resembled greatly the sapphires that made up his mother’s favourite necklace, but he found that Rose’s eyes were far more dazzling than a few precious gem stones.  After all, he had never been able to become lost for words by just staring at a giant shiny rock.

                And that had been when everything had changed.

                He wasn’t sure why, but actually seeing Rose for the first seemed to flip a switch inside him and suddenly everything other people had been saying about him and his friends started to make sense.  That night Scorpius had listened to his friends talk about other people for the first time in his life and he decided that he hadn’t like what they were saying.  Now, Scorpius knew that he had never really liked or agreed with what they talked about and, in order to avoid any unnecessary confrontations, Scorpius ignored the self-doubt that had begun to churn away in the back of his mind.

                However, he found that he had been unable to ignore Rose Weasley and the only way he could think of to get closer to her was to increase how much he taunted her.  He had even hoped that as he scrutinized her looks, he could pick out something that would repulse him, and allow him to stop thinking about her, to stop dreaming about her.  Instead, he only began to notice even more things about her that he began to lust after every day.  He became entranced by the fire that he could bring out of her when he pushed the right buttons and instead of seeing her as plain and boring like he had less than a year before, he saw her as a fiery young woman who would never back down from a fight willingly. 

                Also during all of their arguments, Scorpius began to realize that Rose was in no way full of herself.  She was loyal to her family and friends but she still got on their case if they ever did anything stupid.  She was more serious about school than any other girl Scorpius knew and she had the grades to prove it.  There had even been times when Scorpius truly believed that she thought she wasn’t beautiful and he could never understand why. 

                And when he realized that his obsession with getting a rise out of her wasn’t because he wanted to hurt her, but because he wanted her, Scorpius panicked.  In an attempt to quell his feelings, Scorpius believed that if he took his relationship with Tatiana to the next level, then he would forget about wanting to be near Rose.

                 It hadn’t worked.

                After he had first had sex with Tatiana, Scorpius had found that his feelings for Rose had been elevated.  Every time Scorpius compared Tatiana to Rose, Rose always won.  And as Scorpius longed after Rose more, his views on the world began to change.  He began to realize that the prejudice views his grandfather had drilled into his head only made him sound arrogant and foolish.  Soon he was second guessing every little thing he had ever said, while trying to get Rose out of his mind and when he found he couldn’t, he began to lash out at her.

                The last half of his fifth year Scorpius had spent his time doing whatever he could with Tatiana to try and get Rose out of his mind and insulting Rose every chance he got.  He was furious with her for making him feel things he should never have felt in his entire life and he began to throw up emotional walls around his mind in an effort to keep his feelings for the red-head a secret.  He even managed to convince himself that he was only lusting after something he would never have and that it would eventually pass.

                And as his fifth year began to wind down he actually truly believed his theory... until Darren White had come along. 

                He remembered making fun of Rose for being a prude and not enjoying a party that was being thrown to celebrate her own house’s victory over his own.  Scorpius had been prepared for yet another exasperated sigh and a snappy retort to his insult but Rose had reacted much differently than he had planned.  Instead she hadn’t said a thing; she had only stared at him with unbridled rage before stalking off into the crowd that had been taking up the entire room.

                Scorpius remembered feeling triumphant over finally hurting Rose the way she was hurting him by just by existing and for the next hour of the party he had been on Cloud 9.  But all of that had come grinding to a halt when he had caught sight of Rose on a couch, straddling Darren White while snogging him ferociously.

                Scorpius’ next reaction had been pure unfiltered rage.  The monster inside of him, who had loved holding Rose’s attention for as long as possible, was now consumed by one very simple but dangerous emotion.  Jealousy.

                Scorpius sighed as he recalled that fateful night.  The monster inside of him had literally been screaming for White’s head on a stake and Scorpius had even thought about cursing the git to whatever hole he crawled out from, but he had been stopped by a sickening realization.  If he cared so much about the fact that White had his tongue down her throat, there was no way he just wanted her because he couldn’t have her.  No, he wanted her because he liked her and he never wanted any other bloke to have her.

                Scorpius had just stared at the two of them for one very long minute before storming out of the room.  For the last 2 months of his fifth year, Scorpius had avoided Rose like the plague.  He was now terrified of her.  Terrified of what she meant to him and terrified of what he would do if he ever so much as talked to her.

                And to make matters worse, Tatiana being around him didn’t seem to help him at all anymore.  He had never realized how catty, conceited and irritating she was and he had grown very bored of her.  Whatever he had liked about her when they had started dating in their fourth year was now gone and it was gone, not only because of Rose, but because he had changed completely.

                He knew for sure that he had changed when he had gone home for the summer and he was having yet another family dinner with his parents and his grandparents.  However, this dinner had been important in shaping how he now viewed his family.  For the first time, he was seeing things he had never seen before.  His grandmother talked very little about anything and his grandfather talked a lot and what had come out of his mouth had made Scorpius’ inside’s churn angrily.  He had gone on and on about how useless muggles were or about how much he hated that their family had been reduced to practically being exiles in the wizarding community.

                Scorpius frowned.  He remembered his mother looking slightly irritated by what his grandfather had said, while sending his dad furtive looks.  But his father was ignoring everything that was going on around him and had just continued eating.   That night had been the first time Scorpius had talked back to his grandfather.  He hadn’t yelled at him, he hadn’t threatened him, he just, in a quiet but serious voice, pointed out the obvious. 

                He explained to his grandfather exactly why they were outcasts and why they would remain that way if he continued to talk about other people they way he did.  His outburst had stunned his entire family into silence.   Even he had been shocked by his comment.  Never before in his entire life had he ever disagreed with his grandfather.  But that had been before Rose had called him a conceited git who was blind to the world around him, among other things, a couple dozen times in the span of a few months.  Everyone had remained silent for the rest of dinner and Scorpius had gone directly to his room after dinner had finished.  His parents, even to this day, had never once discussed that night with him.  Scorpius could even guess that his father thought he had imagined Scorpius talking back to his grandfather, so there was no need to talk to him about it.

                Scorpius had spent the rest of the summer constantly having reality thrown in his face and he had planned to ignore Rose like he had towards the end of his fifth year during their sixth year.  Unfortunately, things had not worked out they way he had hoped.  He found that he could not stay away from her and no matter how hard he tried to stay away; she unintentionally continued to pull him back.

                So he stopped trying and he had spent his entire sixth year engaging Rose in as many inadvertent conversations as possible, since he thought that was all he would ever have with her.

                But then Nora Wilson had come along.  A girl who was all about action, not standing on the side lines, and she had managed to make him believe that maybe, just maybe, the possibility of Rose Weasley dating him was not so farfetched. 

                A sudden pop and then a knock on his door startled Scorpius from his thoughts and he sat up in his seat to look at his door.

                “Who is it?” he asked curiously.

                “It’s me,” a shaky voice replied.

                Scorpius was up in a flash when he recognized the voice.  “Nora?” Scorpius questioned as he strode towards the door.  “I thought you were having dinner with your father.”  Scorpius pulled open his door and he only needed to look at Nora for a second before realizing that dinner had not gone well.  Nora’s eyes were red, puffy and glistening with tears that were threatening to spill over at any moment. 

                “Hey,” Nora said in an unsteady voice, her lip quivering.

                “What happened?” Scorpius asked worriedly.

                A tear escaped from Nora’s eye and streaked down her face.  “Exactly what I thought would happen,” Nora said with a shudder.  Before Scorpius could even comprehend what Nora meant, she had flung herself into his arms and had begun to cry.  Scorpius stared down in shock at Nora, who was clinging to him as a flood of tears flowed down her face, dampening the area of his shirt that her head was resting on.  Hesitantly, Scorpius wrapped both of his arms around Nora’s head and pulled her closer to him and she buried her head into his shoulder as a fresh wave of sobs wracked her body.

                “It’ll be okay,” Scorpius said reassuringly as one hand stroked the back of Nora’s head and the other reached out and closed his bedroom door to give them privacy.  “It’s over.”

                Nora began to cry even harder at Scorpius’ words and she sunk to the floor, dragging Scorpius down with her.  Scorpius gripped her closer.  Nora had to be the only person in the world that was actually his true friend, and he knew from experience that she only cried when the horrors from her past came back to haunt her, which meant that the only thing he could do right now was not ask questions and hope that she would open up to him later.

                “Everything’s going to be fine, Nora,” Scorpius said comfortingly.  “I promise.”


                “Sorry about your shirt,” Nora said as she tried to wipe off the makeup smears that were now staining the shoulder of Scorpius’ light grey shirt.

                “Don’t worry about it,” Scorpius replied.  “I can just use a cleaning charm on it later.”

                “Should we be lying in your bed right now?” Nora asked.  “I don’t think your family knows I’m here and if anyone but your mother sees us, they may take this the wrong way.”

                Nora and Scorpius were currently lying side by side on Scorpius’ king size bed, since the bed was much more appealing to lie on than Scorpius’ floor.  “We’re not even touching,” Scorpius replied, turning his head to look at his friend.  “So don’t worry about it.”

                Nora frowned slightly at Scorpius’ response.  “Thanks for letting me cry all over you.”

                “Once again,” Scorpius said with a chuckle.  “Don’t worry about it.  I’m just happy that you got all that crap out, instead of bottling it up like you usually do.”

                “Ya,” Nora replied in a distant voice.

                “Are you going to tell me what happened?” Scorpius asked gently.  “Or are we going to wait to have this conversation.”

                Nora was silent for a moment; her eyes glued to the ceiling.  “My father disowned me,” Nora said in a hollow voice.

                Scorpius’ eyes widened in shock but he kept his mouth shut.  He didn’t need to make this any harder for her by interrupting.

                “I’m not all that sure why I’m so upset,” Nora explained as she fiddled with the hem of her shirt.  “I really did hate living in that bloody mansion back in Canada.  I was literally imprisoned in that stone monstrosity for months, all because I was different, and I knew I would never forgive my father for making almost half a year of my life a living hell.”  Nora paused and took a deep shaky breath in as her finger twisted itself angrily in the hem of her shirt.  “I hate him,” Nora admitted.  “Not just because of what he’s done to me but because of what he’s become.  I hate that a man who was once strong and fearless, allowed himself to turn into a callous bitter shell, who abandoned me because he needed someone to blame for my mother’s death.”

                “You have every right to think that,” Scorpius said honestly.

                “So why do I care so much?” Nora exclaimed in frustration.  “I know I never want to see him again.  I’m actually embarrassed to call him my father and I practically threatened to kill him if he ever so much as sends me a birthday card.  So why is this bothering me so much?”

                Scorpius gave her a thoughtful look before responding.  “I think anyone would be upset over being disowned by their only parent.  The word ‘disowned’ is really just a fancy way of saying that a person is sick of you and you know that.  And since you knew that, you felt how much that insult was meant to hurt, no matter how much you hate your father.  While you may be happy about being free of your dad for good, you are still going to be unhappy about what you’ve lost.”

                “Ya,” Nora agreed in a distant voice.

                Scorpius stared sadly at Nora as they both fell silent.  Scorpius had problems with his family but he could never imagine his parents disowning him.  Guilt began to settle in the pit of Scorpius’ stomach when he realized that Nora had to have trusted him a lot in order to literally cry out all of her problems in front of him and he was afraid to tell her what was holding him back from going after Rose. 

                “Okay,” Nora said as she lifted and rearranged her body so that she was sitting cross-legged beside Scorpius.  “Let’s forget about my horrible life for a moment.  We have to talk about your game plan for this year.”

                “Oh come on, Nora,” Scorpius groaned.  “I don’t need a game plan.”

                “Are you sure?” Nora insisted.  “Because Rose really doesn’t seem like the type of girl who enters into a relationship with a guy who already has a girlfriend.”

                “I know that,” Scorpius replied irritably.

                “Then exactly what is your problem?”  Nora questioned.  “Because I really want to understand what is going on here.”

                Scorpius sighed.  “I don’t even understand what’s going on, so how am I supposed to explain it to you?”

                “Just try,” Nora encouraged gently.

                Scorpius turned his head to look at her.  He knew that he had to tell someone what was going through his head and while he wasn’t ready to tell his parents about what he was thinking, he was starting to believe that he was ready to tell a friend.  Nora understood exactly how it felt to be the odd man out and she struggled with it every day, but she still trusted him to keep her deepest and darkest secrets from the rest of the world, so maybe it was his turn to start trusting her completely.

                “I don’t want to disappoint anyone,” Scorpius said softly.

                “Disappoint who?” Nora asked with a frown.

                “My family,” Scorpius replied.  “All my life, I’ve been aware of the fact that my family is not very respected in the wizarding world and I fully accept that it is my families fault.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad when we go out to some event and we have to leave early because someone is insulting my dad, my grandparents or my family name.  So, ever since I was little I decided that I would do my best to make my family proud and make the Malfoy name respected once more.”

                Nora gave him a small smile.  “That’s completely understandable, but what does that have to do with how you feel about Rose?”

                “Everything,” Scorpius replied in frustration.  “All my family wants is for me to do well in school, get a good job at the ministry and marry another pureblood so I can add more purebloods to are quickly diminishing population.  There is no room in that plan for falling in love with Rose bloody Weasley.”  Scorpius paused and lifted himself so that he was leaning up against the headboard behind his bed.  “I just want to make them proud.  I don’t want to make their lives harder than they already are.”

                Scorpius turned his head and looked at Nora, who gave him a thoughtful look before responding.  “I think it’s amazing that you want to do all of this to make your family happy.  Most people are age just want to get away from their parents and do whatever the hell they want.  But that plan they made for you is not what you want.  You may have agreed with it when you were younger but you’ve changed.  We both know that.”

                “But now I don’t know what to do,” Scorpius said in a lost voice.  “I’ve always done what they’ve asked me and it’s only been recently that I’ve started to question a few things.  Now, the idea of marrying someone only to have pureblood kids sounds crazy to me, but it’s not crazy to them.”

                Nora ran a hand through her long, wavy, light brown hair, her expression serious.  “Scorpius.  Do you love Zabini?”

                “No,” Scorpius replied automatically.  Well that was depressing.  He didn’t even need to think about that question anymore.  It was so painfully obvious that she irritated him to no end.

                “Do you love Rose?”  Nora asked in a meaningful voice.

                Scorpius stared at Nora.  If he answered the question the way Nora wanted him to, which was truthfully, there would be no going back. 


                Scorpius hesitated before responding in a clear voice.  “Yes.”

                Nora’s face transformed from serious to thrilled in a second.  “Now that, that is out of the way, it’s time for you to grow a backbone.”

                “What?” Scorpius replied in surprise.

                “Oh, you know what I mean,” Nora replied with a snap.  “Are you really going to let your parents decide the rest of your life, or are you going to man up and start living it for yourself.  You and I both know that you would be miserable if you married Tatiana, or anyone like her, which means it’s time to make some changes.”

                “That’s a lot easier said than done,” Scorpius replied grimly.  “Tatiana’s not stupid and, to make matter worse, she’s also hopping mad, but she still thinks I won’t leave her because of my family.  And my family is a whole different story.”

                “Don’t you worry about your family, Scorpius,” Nora replied with a mischievous smile.  “If everything goes according to plan, they won’t know about you and Rose until you actually have her.”

                “But-?” Scorpius said in confusion but Nora cut him off with a hand. 

                “Scorpius,” Nora said in a firm voice.  “It’s time you started listening to your heart instead of other people.  I’m not saying that you have to agree with everything I’m about to tell you.  Hell, some of it may not even work, but I know for a fact that if Rose actually got to see the same guy that I call my best friend, she would get over her issues in an instant and be all over you.  But if that is going to happen, you need to stop being an idiot around her and start acting like yourself.”

                Scorpius stared at his friend.  Nora was awfully smart for someone who was constantly getting into trouble.  “You’re right,” Scorpius said with a sigh. 

                Nora smiled.  “I usually am.”

                He grinned.  “And modest to,” Scorpius replied cheekily, earning him a punch in the shoulder.

                “Shut it,” Nora said with a laugh.  “Or you won’t have access to the beautiful and omni-powerful brain that is currently residing inside my head.”

                Scorpius chuckled under his breath.  “Okay, okay.  What’s the plan?”

A/N- It took a bit longer than I thought to get chapter 3 up since I had to do a bit of planning for the long run, but here it is.  My first Scorpius POV chapter.  I love Nora and Scorpius interaction.  They really are quite good friends.  Let me know if I did a good job on him.  Anyway, I will have the next chapter up as soon as possible and please read and review as always.  Ciao!

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