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Playground Nut by WhatAboutRegulus
Chapter 2 : Diagon Alley
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Chapter two

I looked back down at the letter, in disbelief. I couldn’t believe that I was a wizard! Wait excuse me I stand corrected, I can’t believe I was a witch! I jumped with excitement. I picked up the letter and read it again.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Evans,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours Sincerely.

Minerva McGonagall,
Deputy Headmistress

As soon as I got the letter, I had my parents sign it. That letter would soon send me into a new world of magical studies, and eventually a magical life. I was super excited. All that was left to do right now was send my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. The only problem was, was that I had to send the letter in using an owl. Not that I had anything against that but it still was my first time using an owl to send a letter, and it didn’t make it any easier that the owl was trying to bite my finger every time I got close. I attempted several times to send the letter, but the owl would look at my hand and take a swipe at it with its beak. I slowly started moving my hand that contained the acceptance letter, towards the owl, but before I could shove the letter into the owl’s mouth, it moved its head forward and took a nice chunk of my finger.

“Ouch!” I shrieked while jumping up in down in a desperate attempt to lessen the pain in my finger. I glared into the owl’s dark brown eyes hoping that the intensity gave me a chance to cram the letter into its mouth. I was dead wrong, when I started to move my hand closer it started hissing and making loud shrieking sounds. It threw its wings up in defense and knocked over a vase.

“Bloody bird!” I said. It shrieked again, but all I did this time was screaming just as loud as it. The owl then hissed at me and we started back and forth. After a while I got frustrated.

“I don’t have time for your pestering games! Just take the bloody letter!” I screamed once more getting annoyed. The owl hissed at me, and I shoved the letter into its mouth. The owl made a chocking sound followed by a weird “kaaa!” sound. But that was it, the owl flew out the window, and I hoped that that was the last time I had to ever see the owl. I screamed after the owl through the window,

“Take that you over sized….. ummm, parrot!” Wow, I need to start coming up with better comebacks.

I sat down on the couch trying to get the owl out of my head. If I ever found out who owned that owl, I would give them a piece of my mind. My min drifted away from the owl and to thoughts about my new school. It was only a week away, and I still had to get my school supplies. It said I could purchase all of my school supplies at a place called Diagon Alley, but the problem was that neither my parents nor I have ever heard of it. They said that someone would be over sometime this week to take me there, so I guess I shouldn’t be too worried. Everyone in my family was really excited about me being a witch, except for Petunia. She has been ignoring me ever since I got my letter. It’s like she doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. We used to tell each other everything, but now she is never home and every time I ask her a question, she ignores me. Just then Petunia walked in.

"Hey! Petunia do you want to play cards?" I asked, but all she did was glare at me.

"What?" I asked. She rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs. I sighed while throwing myself on the couch. What did I do to make her so mad at me? I don't recall putting tooth paste on her pillow case which I usually do when I get mad at her.

“Lily can you come and set the table!” my mum yelled from the kitchen.

“Yea coming,” I sighed while getting up and making my way towards the kitchen.

____________________________~The Next Day~_____________________________

I had just got dressed in a blue tang top with light brown shorts when I heard the door bell ring.


“I got it!” I screamed sprinting down the staircase past my mum and dad.

 I opened the door a little surprised to see and old woman standing there. The woman had grey and white hair and a funny purple robe on. She was standing in the doorway while saying.

“Hello dear. My name is Irene Mann,” she introduced while holding out her right hand.

“Hello,” I said while shaking her hand “My name is Lily Evans.”

“Well aren’t you just the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!” she said ecstatically while pinching my right cheek. I laughed a little awkwardly; I didn’t like it when strangers touched me.

"May I come in?" she asked, but before I could answer she walked right in and down the hall to my parents.

“These must be your parents,” She said while making her way over to them.

“Yes I’m Rachael Evans Lily’s mother and this is my husband Jeremy Evans,” my mum introduced while shaking her hand.

“Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!” Irene said ecstatically.

“Are you the person who is taking us school shopping?” my mum asked curiously.

“Yes I am from the Ministry of Magic and I have been assigned to take you to Diagon Alley for Lily’s school shopping,” Yes! Finally, I have been waiting many weeks to go school shopping. I couldn’t wait to start reading my schoolbooks; the thought of reading a magical book fascinated me.

After the grownups talked for what seemed like an eternity, my mum told me to get my jacket and I jumped for joy.

“Alright everyone in the car!” my mum yelled. When I got in, I realized we were missing someone.

“Mum?” I asked

“Yes Lily darling?”

“Where’s Petunia?”

“Oh umm, she went to her friend Eliza’s today,” she said. I sighed, my mum looked at me.

“Do you want me to have her come?” my mum asked.

“No its fine,” I replied.

“Are you sure?” she could see write through me, but I still answered.

“No it’s ok,”

“Ok,” my mum said and then went back to talking to Irene, who was quite fascinated with our car and asked many questions about it. I sighed, I really wanted Petunia too come, I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t talk to me. I laid my head on the side of the car door, and watched as all the trees passed.

_____________________________~ 1 hour later ~_____________________________

“Wake up Lily, we are here. Lil wake up!” I heard my mum call. I woke up a little confused, apparently I had fallen asleep. I got up immediately and attempted to jump out the car, but failed because I still had my seat belt on. I groaned and unclipped my belt. I got out of the car and walked over to an old shop that was covered in black chipped paint that was located on the corner of a busy street somewhere in London.

“Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron!” Irene said while heading through the door. Was she sure we were in the right place; this place looked like a dump, and looked like it had been abandoned years ago. I looked behind me to see if anyone was watching then made my way through the creaky door. It didn’t look as bad on the inside as it did on the outside. The floors were made out of a dark wood that were nice a clean, and there were all different shapes and sizes of tables spread throughout the room. It was actually a lot busier than I imagined. Irene started leading us towards the back entrance when all of the sudden a women yelled.

“Irene! What are you doing here?” The woman had dark gray hair and was dressed in a blue dress with an apron tied around it.

“Why hello Morgana, I’m just taking this first year school shopping. I’d love to stay and chat but I got a busy day,"

“That’s alright I’ll see you soon!” Morgana said.

“Yes most definitely,” Irene said while smiling at the lady.

“Good luck at your first year at Hogwarts,” Morgana said to me.

“Thank you,” I said while walking out through the back door. Irene stopped us as we came face to face with a brick wall. Irene took out her wand and tapped a few bricks on the wall. Soon the bricks started to move out of the way until they made a perfect arch doorway that lead into a busy street.

“Welcome to Diagon Alley,” Irene said.

My eyes filled with excitement as I took in the scene. I was going to like the magical world. With a smile I proceeded through the arch doorway.

_____________________________~4 hours later~_____________________________

The first stop on our trip through Diagon Alley was to the wizardry bank known as Gringotts. We had to exchange our muggle money for wizard money, which was very interesting, and shocking. I was even more shocked when I found out that goblins ran the bank! Irene told us that Gringotts was the safest bank in the world; if a robber ever got into the vaults he would never be able to find his way out. After Gringotts we set out on our search for school supplies. I first went to the bookstore; I couldn’t wait to dig my nose into a wizardry book and was fascinated by the thought of magical spells and casting them. I also convinced my mom to get me a book filled with prank spells, although I didn’t think I would ever use it, it was nice to have around just in case. Next we went to Ollivanders to get a wand. It took a few wands, before I got the right one, but it was worth it. I spent more time starring at my wand than using it, but my wand was absolutely stunning it was dark brown with beautifully inscribed artwork on the handle. After leaving Ollivanders we went and got a cauldron, which was definitely way heavier than I imagined. At one point I couldn't hold the cauldron anymore and dropped it on my mum's foot, but fortunately nothing broke. All that was left now were my robes, an owl so I could send my mum letters, and ink, quills, and parchment. My mom decided that I should get the robes out of the way. Even though I hated the fact of standing there while some man measured me I agreed and followed her into the robe shop. When we walked in the first thing I saw was an old elderly man sitting behind a dark brown desk. He was reading a book while sipping at some tea.

“Hello,” my mum said.

The man looked up from his book and said “Hello. May I help you?”

“Yes we need to get fitted for some robes,” my mother replied.

“Of course come this way,” he motioned us to follow. The man was very short and had small square glasses, my guess was for reading and he also had a mole on his cheek that looked like it could grow into a second head. The man caught me starring at it and I quickly shifted my gaze the other way.

We walked down a small cramped hallway until we got to a large room that contained a three-way mirror and a stool set up in the middle of the room, all around the edges of the room were boxes that made the room look very cluttered. I walked a little closer to my mum when I saw a box move. The man walked over to the stool.

“Come on up don’t be shy,” the man said while motioning me to climb up onto the stool. I hopped up without a word, and watched as the man got his wand out and motioned the measuring tape to start measuring me. I was totally fascinated by this one little swish of the wand. It was only the second time I saw magic up close and it was truly amazing.

“Lily I’m going to go get you some parchment, ink, and quills from across the street. I will only be a minute,” She said while heading towards the door.

“Ok, but hurry back!” I yelled after her. I sighed; I didn’t like it when my mom left me alone in a store to go get something that was “just across the street”. It always took her longer than a minute.

“Are you excited for your first year at Hogwarts?” the man asked in an old shaky voice.

“Yes, I’m very excited,” I responded.

"That's good," was all he said and that dropped the rest of the conversation because I didn't know how to respond to that. We both just stayed quiet as the man measured me. A few minutes passed, and my mum was still not back yet, and the man was almost done measuring me for my robes. Just as I started to get paranoid about my mum not being here a boy with black messy hair and round dorky glasses came in. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but this boy looked very familiar. He was reading one of his schoolbooks which I recognized from my supplies list. He took out his wand ad whispered a few words. All of the sudden a cloud of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, came swishing out of his wand. It hit me directly in the face and exploded all over my clothes.

"What the hell was that for?" I shrieked. While whipping purple off my face. The boy reappeared from behind a cloud of yellow.

But all I heard the boy say was, “Oops,"

“Young man, I told you no magic until you got to school!” a woman said while storming into the room. She snatched his wand away and gave him a stern look.

“But mom,” the boy whined, “I read about a spell that made rainbows, and I wanted to try it out!”

“You are not ready for that magic yet,” She said while looking at the boy, “look at the mess you made!” she said while pointing around the room. The boy looked up and took in the room, his eyes then rested on me, and I saw a smile tugging at his lips. My face was covered in all the colors of the rainbow, and I could feel the heat on my cheeks, but it wasn’t from embarrassment. No absolutely not, it was because I was getting angry. I gave the boy a death glare, and it only made smile grown wider.

“Young man! That is not polite at all, you go apologies to her immediately,” the boy walked over to me while holding back a grin.

“I’m very sorry for shooting colors at you,” he said while holding back another smile.

I glared at him for a moment then said, “Apology accepted," In a cold voice. I only accepted it because his mum was right there otherwise I would have denied it and got even. The boy walked back over to his mum, and sat down on a chair with a huge smile on his face. I was getting even angrier.

The woman started walking towards me while saying, “You poor dear, I’m very sorry for my son’s rudeness. I know a cleaning spell that will clean that right up,” she took out her want and chanted a spell at me. All of the sudden all the colors came off my face, hair and clothes and disappeared in mid air.

“Thank you very much,” I said. The boy then started looking at me very carefully. A few seconds later his eyebrows shot up in realization.

“I know you!” he said while getting all excited. He started to walk over to me but my mum walked in.

“Ready to go Lily? I got your ink, quills, and parchment,”

“Yes,” I said.

The old man then said, “Splendid, come to the front so you can pay,” My mum nodded and followed him through the door. I was about to follow but the boy grabbed my arm.

“Don’t you remember me?” he asked with pleading eyes. I looked him over once and shook his hand off my arm.

“No,” I said coldly while walking down the hallway to my mum.

"You’re still just as stubborn," he said smugly.

"I am not stubborn," I said while my cheeks got red with anger.

"You mean you seriously don't recognize me?" he said again.


I started down the hallway. He did look familiar, but I didn't really care if I knew him. Right now I just wanted to shoot seven different colors at his face like he did to me.

"Don't worry you will remember soon," he said.

"Perhaps I said while turning to face him. But I don't want to know you,"

"Don't you finally want to know my name?" he asked questionable.

I thought about it for a second. I must be having déjà-vu, this conversation sounds so familiar.

"No," I finally replied. I started walking while thinking. Ok I did want to know the kids name, but not for the reasons he thinks.

"Yes you do, and until you figure it out it’s going to eat at you," he said, and with that I turned the corner.

It will eat at me, now that definitely sounded familiar, I thought. I would admit to anyone but him that he did in fact look familiar, but I didn’t really care right now, I was beyond angry with him, and nothing would change that. I walked over to my mum just as they finished paying.

“Alright you are all set," the man said while giving my mum the robes. He then turned to me, "Have fun at Hogwarts, the kid’s always have a blast there,” The old man said.

“I'm sure she will,” my mum said while walking towards the door.

“Thank you,” I said, but I was too angry to control my voice. I was so angry at that boy, no one not even my parents got away with pranking me, they always got whatever they did to me ten times worse. Yes this little prank was not going to slide easily even it was by accident. I know now that he is going to Hogwarts with me this year, and that means I will have a chance to get my revenge. Even if I did know him, which I don’t, I’m still going to get revenge. That black haired boy with the dorky round glasses has no idea what he’s in for.
A/N: Here it is my second chapter to Playground Nut. I was going to make the second chapter Lily meeting James on the train, but decided that in order to do a certain scene on the train, I would need to write a bad encounter they had before seeing each other again. I hope you all like it!! Please review with any criticism you may have for me or if you liked the chapter!! Thanks so much for R&R my first chapter too, those reviews made me so happy and made me want to write you guys another chapter!! Check out my sisters story called "Fate is Just a Word", if you are looking for something to read!

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