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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 13 : Chapter 12: The Fight
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Harry felt sick as he prepared to fight, he stood in the kitchen of his home clutching his son James surrounded by fifty of the top death eaters. His home had been swamped with no less than five hundred of them, compared to Bella's army of two hundred; they stood a good chance of winning this fight. He looked at his young son, it was coming up to his third birthday, and Harry was worried that he would not be there to see it. Dumbledore had ordered everyone to fight, Hermione, Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, Dora, Ron, Luna, George, Angelina and Arthur were just a few of them who had been called to fight. Molly and Dora's mother had been put in charge of everybody's kids. Harry handed James over, and said goodbye to Celeste and Riley; they're so young he hoped against hope that he, and Hermione would both be here to see them grow up.

Harry and Hermione stood holding hands as Dumbledore went through what they had to do. Harry hardly listened as he had heard the drill ten times. Their goal was to go in, stun and capture the death eaters; they were to use curses if necessary, and only to use unforgivables in extreme emergencies. Harry was sure that they would have to use jinxes and curses, but prayed that they wouldn't need to use the unforgivables.

Soon enough they were aparating to the place of which they were to fight, it was Knockturn Alley in which they landed, and the death eater's meeting place was hidden within the place, so it was perfect. As soon as they landed it was a flurry of jinxes and curses, flying everywhere, of course they we prepared for it, and fought back immediately, soon enough the death eaters found themselves outnumbered, and called in more people, and before they knew it their numbers were about even.

Death Eaters swarmed the place, each aiming curses at Harry, he felt like he was being bombarded, and found it difficult to fight the huge numbers, as the weaker Death Eaters were captured, more people were stepping into help Harry, making his load lighter.

“Crucio” Bella cackled as she fired the curse at Harry. It was the first time she had appeared, and Harry was the first target, he narrowly missed the curse, and immediately started duelling with her. The duel was intense and tiring and Bella was getting irritated.

“Give up Potter” Bella snarled, as she blocked another hex.

“Not going to happen” He calmly said, dodging the jinx that Bella sent at him. She was starting to get angry and sending more powerful curses.

Half of the death eaters had been captured, and now the others were helping each other capture more of them, they were getting through the death eaters rightly, but Bella was proving difficult for Harry.

“Stay back she's mine” Harry said to James, using the spell to push him back that Dumbledore once used on him. Soon the others stopped fighting, and each team were cheering their own side.

“Flagro” Bella screamed, making flames burst out of her wand, they formed they shape of the dark mark, before flying at Harry; he blocked them easily with the flame-freezing charm. Getting angry, Bella resorted to using the worst charms.

“Crucio” she yelled, and evil glint flitting across her eyes.

“Protego” Harry retaliated, he curse collided with his protection charm, and Bella was blasted off her feet in agony of her own curse. Harry lifted it immediately. “Petrificus Totalus” He yelled, but Bella was quick and dodged it.

“Get them!” She yelled to the remaining of her followers, but they were no match for the vast numbers of Aurors and OOTP members, and her numbers were deflating quickly.

Bella ran through the crowds, aiming hexes at anyone who was in her way, she soon run out of places to go, when twenty or so Aurors surrounded her along with Harry.

“Give it up Bella” Harry shouted. She gave a high mirthless laugh.

“Never Potter” she snarled and started firing curses at him, he started backing away, moving people out of his way as he did so, and he was growing tired, and looking more likely that he would have to resort to more powerful curses in order to bring her down.

“Avada Kedavra” She screamed and a jet of green light flew past him, missing him by inches.

“Are you getting old Bella? That curse missed me by miles” Harry taunted. Bella had enough.

“Confringo” Harry watched as the hex flew past him and hit the building behind him. The building exploded with a large bang, collapsing around Harry.



Isobella was going out of her mind, her mother, father, brother and sister in-law were all out fighting whilst she was stuck with Mrs Tonks and Mrs Weasley, and she wasn't allowed to go out because she was under age, which was a ridiculous reason. Of course if she did go out to fight Harry would absolutely kill her, but she had to find out what was happening. Without another thought on the matter, she decided to sneak out to see what was happening.

“I'm taking James outside to play” Isobella called to Molly.

“OK, but be careful” She called back. Isobella turned to her nephew, who was in his play pen, and gave him a kiss goodbye. “I'll be back soon” she whispered to him and left out the back. She ran to the shed where they kept the brooms, and took one out. She had overheard Harry telling Hermione where the fight was going to be, and got the map from their library. Taking out the map, and compass that she had found she mounted the broom and took off.

Twenty minutes later she arrived outside of the Leaky Cauldron, she threw Harry's invisibility cloak over her and sneaked through the Leaky Cauldron, she tapped the bricks at the back, just as Harry had taught her, and then used the map to help her find Knockturn Alley, once she arrived, she soon spotted her father, mother and Hermione, but couldn't see Harry anywhere. Just then there was a loud explosion, she turned to see Harry being crushed by the building he was standing in front of.

“Harry” she and five others screamed at the same time, each charging forward. They all frantically searched for ten minutes, when James suddenly pulled a limp Harry out from the rubble. Hermione, Lily and Isobella all screamed in agony at the sight.

“Isobella what are you doing here?” Her mother yelled upon seeing her. “Izzy stop” Lilly yelled, as she ran after her daughter, every one momentarily stopped as they watched the events unfold before them.

“I hate you” Isobella screamed, running at Bellatrix. Smiling Bellatrix lifted her wand.

“Avada Kedavra” she screamed, and Isobella fell limp on the ground. Anger still etched on her beautiful lifeless face.

“No!” Lily screamed as she fell upon her dead daughter. James who still had a dyeing Harry in his arms, could do nothing but apparate to St Mungo's, with Hermione following him.

“Crucio” Sirius yelled at Bella, she feel to the ground writhing in agony.

“Enough” Dumbledore shouted, he pulled Sirius' arm down, and put the body binding curse on Bellatrix.

“Lily we must take her to St Mungo's” he said, but Lily shook her head. So Sirius lifted her from her daughter's body and apparated her there, whilst Remus carefully lifted Isobella's body and took it with him.




“Someone please help my son!” James screamed when he apparated in St Mungo's, at once dozens of Healers surrounded him, and took him off out of James' arm. He and Hermione, who had arrived by now rushed after them, straight into the intensive care unit.

“This is Harry Potter! What happened to him?” The Healer in charge questioned James, as she assessed Harry's condition.

“He was fighting a Death Eater, and a building collapsed on him” James said grimly.

“Was anyone else hurt?” She questioned again.

“Yes my daughter, she was killed” He sobbed, just then Lily, Sirius and Remus, who was carrying Isobella, burst through the door. A nurse rushed to assess Isobella, but sadly shook her head. She took Isobella's body of Remus, and laid her down on an empty bed, and pulled the curtains shut.

“James, are baby girl” Lily wailed, James pulled his wife into his arms and held her whilst she sobbed.

“Let's just pray our baby boy survives” James whispered in her ear.

“How is he?” Hermione asked through her tears.

“Not to good, the next few hours are critical for your husband and I think he'll be in a coma for the next few weeks.” she explained, and then left the room.

“How did this happen?” Lily wailed, and James tightened his grip on her. “I don’t understand, Isobella was supposed to be with Mrs Weasley and Mrs Tonks how on earth did she end up at the fight?”

“I can explain that…” Mrs Weasley’s said in a quiet voice. They turned to see, Mrs Weasley, Mrs Tonks and Dumbledore standing at the door way.

“Where are my children?” Hermione asked.

“They are all in the family room; they are safe with the others”. Dumbledore re-assured her.

“Like my Isobella should be” Lily cried. “Instead she’s lying over there dead” She wailed pointing to the other side of the room.

“No, she can’t be dead, I was told she was taking into hospital, I didn’t know she was dead. I’m so sorry” Molly cried.

“I thought it would be better if someone broke the news gently to her, she blames herself” Dumbledore explained.

“Don’t blame yourself Molly, it wasn’t your fault” Hermione soothed.

“Easy for you to say, all your kids are alive, I have lost my baby girl, and my son is in a coma” Lily screamed.

“He’s my husband in case you have forgotten, and it’s his children out there that are left wondering what happened to their dada. I loved Isobella too; she was the little sister I never had. Harry doesn’t even know Isobella was there, let alone the fact that she’s dead, and then there’s little James, he’ll be crushed when he finds out, he loved her to pieces. So I may have all my children safe, but I’m facing a possible future without my husband, so don’t say any of this is easy on us, because it’s not” Hermione shouted back.

“Sorry” Lily murmured.
“How did it happen?” James asked.

“Isobella said that she was taking James outside to play, I looked ten minutes later and she was gone” Molly wept.

“How but, how did she know where to go?” James asked confused.
“We are assuming that she had overheard someone talking about it, and if she hadn’t of arrived when she did, she wouldn’t of gone after Bellatrix. It really wasn’t anybody’s fault” Dumbledore explained.

A while later and all was quiet. Lily was sedated and lying in a bed next to Harry. Everyone had gone home except for Remus, Sirius, the kids, and James, and young Isobella’s body had been moved to the mortuary.

“You must be finding this so hard” Hermione said to James, they were each sitting on one side of Harry holding his hands.

“A bit yeah, it’s complicated” James said, squirming in his seat.

“James you can tell me anything, I’m not going to judge you” Hermione re-assured.

“It’s not good, you may not like it”

“Try me”

“I never had a bond with Isobella, ever… Harry was my boy, I was so close to him, it happens to all Potter men with their sons, there’s something about the ancient blood line that gives them and extra strong bond.  So naturally I was torn apart when we did what we had to do, I blamed myself. Got into a deep state of depression, and Lily she was missing being a mum, she loved Harry to pieces, and it hurt her deeply. So she came up with ‘The Perfect Plan’, to have another baby. I called her crazy, and said we can’t have another baby to replace Harry. She argued that she just needed to feel like a mother, and she would never replace Harry, so after months of nagging, I gave into her, and we had Isobella, she was one of the most beautiful babies I had ever seen, she was the double of Lily, but I felt nothing for her. I thought I was a bad father, I mean how could I not love Isobella, over the years I forced myself to love her and to be a proper father to her, Lily knew but never said anything, and Isobella never knew.”

“James, what you were feeling is perfectly natural. In the muggle world we called it post-natal depression, it’s more common in mums but dads can get it too. It’s where one parent can’t feel a connection to their baby and they end up getting depressed. In your case, you didn’t want Isobella, which caused a block in your mind, and you wouldn’t let yourself love her. It is not your fault. You were never treated for it.” Hermione explained.

Silence eloped them, as they sat staring at Harry, both wishing he would wake up. They were jolted out of their reverie as a knock came at the door, and Sirius’ head popped around the door.

“Sorry to disturb you, but James was begging me to see his dada, and I just can’t say no to the kid.” He explained.

“It’s ok, let him in” Hermione said. The door opened wider and in toddled little James, with his comforter and a dummy in his mouth.

“He looks just like Harry” James commented as his grandson toddled over to his mum. She lifted him up, and planted a kiss on his head.

“Riley and Celeste are sleeping; Remus and I will take them home soon”

“Thank you” Hermione said, and he left the room.

“Dada, awake?” James asked curious.

“No son, he’s sleeping”. James wriggled out of his mums arms, and gently crawled onto Harry’s chest, where he lay down.

“Dada will wake up” He said, as he drifted off to sleep.

“I hope so” Hermione murmured.

A.N I finally finished the chapter. So tell me what you think, how shocked were you? 

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