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Of Flobber Worms and Men by Seacoastmuggle
Chapter 3 : I Love This Song
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Contains lyrics from "Come on Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson from the 2007 album "Some Mad Hope"

“There is a clean towel in my bag too if you need it” He raised his voice a little so I could hear.

“Yeah, thanks” Even though my back was too him I covered my chest with the tee shirt and reached into the bag again, grabbing the towel. I wiped myself off completely wetting the towel with the Aguamenti charm. I dried off and slipped the tee-shirt over my head.

“Its backwards” I could hear the smile on his face in his voice.

I turned around quickly to see his back still turned but he was looking up towards the ceiling. I could see the reflection of his face watching me in one of the tiny open window panes.

“I should curse you right now” I mumbled in a deep voice, trying to sound vicious.

“You can’t, I’d have to take my shirt back” He turned around and smiled at me, a full smile that reached his eyes, and he held my gaze for a second too long. Long enough for me to notice he was holding it. We were about six desks apart and I tossed my dirty top and his towel towards the now closed door.

“I’ll have that washed for you” I pointed “the towel”.

“No you can keep it” He turned to the stack of CDs on the desk, opening another one as he took out the David Grey disc.

“No Draco, I can’t keep a bright green Slytherin towel, it may cause some suspicions, and I’ll be accused of sneaking into the common room and stealing it from someone.” That was an understatement. 

I walked over next to him and pulled out the stool under the desk. It was so warm that night, and the candles lit everything so the objects in the dungeon room looked beautiful, with round metal edges, and sparkling glass corners. I thumbed through the stack of music. It was as if Lucius Malfoy had called a top 40 radio station and asked for the current list. I was very familiar with half of the stack, and had heard of most of the rest at least once. Sitting this close to him seemed to heighten all of my senses and I was positive I could feel heat radiating off of him.

“I don’t want to listen to any more of these pathetic songs, I don’t even know where he got this idea from. I would have thought he’d have more important things for me to do.” He huffed pushing another stack of music further down the desk.

“You mean there are more ways you’d like to help the Dark Lord? How thoughtful of you! I tossed a CD case aside, picking up another while I scoffed out loud with disapproval.

“I’m not helping the Dark Lord, I’m helping my father” He suddenly sounded innocent, but had a ridiculously guilty face on him. He knew exactly what I was thinking.

“Isn’t it the same thing??” I scowled. He shifted his weight again.

“No, I’m helping my family. My father’s allegiances don’t all lie in the same place, some of them I agree with and some of them I don’t. Sometimes he just has to look like he’s being dutiful to the dark side, but that’s not any of your business, is it?” Draco reached under the desk for the other stool, he brushed my thigh with his arm and I froze. He didn’t seem to notice.

“Put in another C-Doo” he said pointing to the CD player.

“Ha! Its C-Dee” I emphasized the vowels.

“For Compact Disc, like the letter D” I said, then leaned back and laughed. The breeze came in the windows again and I closed my eyes while I took it in. He was silent. I expected a retort, a Mudblood comment, or a shut-up at least. But there was nothing. I leaned forward again and put my hand on the first CD nearby. Matt Nathanson. I began to hum my favorite tune softly.


“My father is particularly suspicious of the men. He said men are much more likely to pass information and belong to the Order” He said sort of seriously, adjusting the drawstring on his pants. 

I looked down wondering what he was doing, but he just tightened them and looked back at the stack. I couldn’t get over the color of his body. Drayco had always looked so pale to me, yet tonight he was a golden tan. At his waist he had tinny little wrinkles where his skin met his pants. I raised my gaze, and his shoulders met his collar bone with a defined line, small bruises in the shape of a hand with corresponding fingertips were on his right arm. He was leaned into the desk now, so I leaned back the opposite way to see the tattoo. It reached halfway around his back, delicately detailed with swirls and symbols I didn’t recognize.

“Pure blood” He said catching me off guard.

“Huh? Oh, really, that’s nice” My words stumbled out.

The blush came again, uncontrolled and ringing into my ears, followed my infinitesimal head shake. He was going to think I had a tick or some other nervous habit. I popped the CD I’d been twirling on my finger into the player. Song 4 – Come on Get Higher. The first beats began to echo into the classroom and the guitar strummed slowly.

“The symbols are for each family member” he turned to face me and show me his left side. I was sitting to his right so I turned on my stool as well to give him my full attention. I bent to look closer and hoped he would think my flush cheeks were due to the humidity in the room.

“There must be hundreds of little shapes, which one are you?” I asked pointing.

Draco couldn’t see the entire drawing from his seated position, so he forced his body to turn causing the muscles in his chest and stomach to contract. Draco put his hand on my thigh and used it as leverage to look at his own body. He pointed to the last symbol in a long ling of concentric circles. It was a bird of some kind.

“I’m the falcon.” He ran his finger over it thoughtfully.

I was looking at his hand on my thigh, feeling his thumb press hard on my leg. His hands were calloused and rough, probably from the many practices he attended. On his wrist was a thin braided twine bracelet that I hadn’t ever seen before. My leg tingled all the way up to the insides of my stomach. His fingers continued with their pressure and I had to work to tear my eyes away.

“Why a falcon?” I asked when I glanced up. He looked down at me, then at my left thigh and at his long fingers pressing into it.

“My father says I’ll be the first to break the Malfoy mold. Change the rules. Fly free”
Draco straightened and stood to his full six feet, but kept his hand on my thigh. My skirt came just to my knees and his hand was at it’s edge, resting still on my thigh. He looked at my face again, then down to my thigh, and back to my eyes. He blinked slow, and when his eyes opened again I swear he was looking directly into my most private thoughts.

Please. Please. Please. I thought hard closing my eyes. I sat there in darkness, breathing shallow, and couldn’t help the tiny moan when I felt his thumb slid up under the edge of my skirt. My heart began to pound and I was sure it would give me away. I opened my eyes slow giving way to the blush that raced down my neck and into my chest.

He took a step towards me but said nothing as the music swirled around us.

So come on, get higher, loosen my lips
Faith and desire and the swing of your hips
Just pull me down hard
And drown me in love

“I love this song” I whispered but not sure if any words escaped my lips.

“Good” He whispered back. 

Draco took one more step towards me touching his thighs to my knees and I could see the sudden need on his face, in his eyes and on his parted mouth.  My whole chest began to ache with anticipation, a pain I can't describe. It worked its way down to my hands which hung useless at my sides. They ached and I clenched my fingers tight to get rid of the feeling. I could see every mark on his body. Quidditch bruises, scars from attacks I could only imagine, and the impeccable skin in between. He moved with purpose placing his other hand on my free thigh, slipping that thumb under the lip of my skirt too. I drew breath quickly and looked up at him. He parted his lips and whispered quietly along.

“If I could walk on water, If I could tell you what's next” he breathed.

“I love this song” I repeated exhaling deeply.

“I know, you’ve told me” he said and I could hear the corners of his mouth lift to another smile.

I could barely hear him, he was breathing the words as he stepped closer. I parted my legs to let him fit. My stool rotated a little and he steered me back with his hands on my thighs. My stomach clenched like a fist, the ache had moved through my whole body and I curled my toes around the ring at the bottom of the stool. Draco slid his hands up my legs bringing the ruffled edge of my skirt with them.

“Okay?” He mouthed. I furrowed my brow and looked into his eyes.

“Yes. Okay” The words came in between breaths.

It was a horse voice that came from the bottom of my stomach. Like the noise a cat makes when you can’t tell if its angry or taken over with the need to make a sound better than a purr. I kept wringing my hands, now clenching my stool, to rid them of their ache. My chest was heaving and if I could have burst into a thousand cosmic pieces, I was sure it would happen any second.

I didn’t know where I wanted this to go. Liar.
I knew exactly where I wanted it to go. I had thought about it in potions class before, but pushed it out of my mind, denying it. I’d never been with a boy, sure I’d kissed a few, but that was the extent of it. I hardly knew what to do next, it was not my area of expertise.

It was his though. Draco Malfoy was not new to this at all and I knew it. He knew I knew it. I suddenly panicked and my skin prickled. Did he think I came here for this? My thoughts jumbled with words I would use to defend myself until they were interrupted. 

“Okay?” he whispered and inch away from my lips, his breath entering my mouth, and my mind quickly came back to the present. His hands at my hips now, my tingling traveled with them.

“Yes. Yes.” I wished out loud and then his lips were on mine, the slightest brush of skin on skin.

Instantly the room was gone, I closed my eyes and put my hands on his, digging my nails into his skin. I tilted my head and he did the same. I could smell him everywhere and feel every point of contact like my senses had been supercharged.

I parted my mouth, and he moved his tongue towards mine, just grazing each other. I knew what I wanted, and the man that could give it to me better than anyone else was allowing me to explore his mouth freely. He tasted like sweetness. A sugary sweet pleasently tingling my mouth. I put a hand on his face, feeling his neck with my fingers and the newly formed sweat his own heat had created.

“Breath” he said pulling away for a split second before returning to my mouth with soft, warm lips.

I inhaled deep though my nose, taking in all the night had to offer, his smell combined with the fragrant warm breeze. He did the same and I opened my eyes to look at him. He must have known I was staring but he let me. Long lashes, eyes closed tight concentrating on his task.

I closed my eyes once more. 

A noise escaped into my mouth, a command of sorts, in the form of a moan. He took the hint my body gave him and slid his hands past my hips to my ass and pulled me towards him until I was pressed as close to him as our clothing would allow. I tried to climb up him, locking my legs around his back, putting my arms up over his neck. He pushed his hands under me and lifted me off my stool, kneading me with both hands as he moved. Draco turned to face the desk behind the one we’d been working on. He set me up on top and backed away looking in my eyes.

“Are you alright? He ducked his head a bit, to see my whole face flanked by my now messy hair. All I could do was nod and plead with my flushed features. Draco began slowly, in a whisper, meant only for me to hear.

“I want to make you sweat” he brushed my curls away from my eyes bringing his mouth to my ear.

“Make you shake.” his hands began to move up my sides leaving a trail of pure heat behind them. I found his bare shoulders and began to leave marks of my own.

Mouth open, he leaned into my neck and gently raked his teeth across my skin. I arched my back and pulled him as close as I could. His tongue started again at my collar bone and worked slowly up my jaw line. By the time he reached my ear, I couldn’t help but ask for it. 

“Please!” I groaned with urgency.

This was it, what I knew he would be like. He was an expert. I caressed his back running my fingers over his raised tattoo, past the falcon, as time groaned to a stop. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, I don’t know how long. I only knew the sound of his voice in my ear quietly moaning, the taste of his sweat on my tongue, and the tremors that he continued to coax out of me until I thought I could take no more.

I taste the sparks on your tongue
I see angels and devils
And God, when you come on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

“Okay?” I whispered. He exhaled a long held breath after buried his head in my neck with quakes of his own. My legs still wrapped around him, I looked up at the open window and could see our reflection in the tiny panes, naked and heaving.

“Better than okay” he breathed back.

“Much better” I agreed.

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