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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 9 : Knock-Knock
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      “Who’s there?” I asked Drew tiredly resisting the urge to fall asleep right there into my porridge.




      “Nobody who.”


      Total silence. Oh, I get it, nobody. Who invented these stupid knock-knock jokes anyways? “Haha Drew, your hysterical.” I said not even bothering to be overly sarcastic. He patted his own back taking my comment seriously. Why does he always do that?


      “Knock-knock!” He said again even more excited this time.


      “No more Drew.” I said just pushing my porridge away from me to tired to eat.


      “No, but this ones really good!” He said eagerly.


      “Fine! Who’s there!”




      “Barney Who?”


      “Barney the big purple dinosaur!” With that he disappeared under the table in fits of laughter. God, I hate my life.


      “We have to go to the shrieking shack this time Kiersten!” Dom said from my right side. I groaned and looked over to her. For some odd reason Dom’s obsessed with the shrieking shack. Today is a hogsmead day so we’ll have to go. For some cause she thinks that if she’s outside of it she’ll see a haunted ghost. I try to tell her that she should just look at the bloody barren but does she listen to me? No. She wants the real ‘experience’.


      “I hate it there Dom.” I whined to her.


      “So! I hate the Quiddich quality and supplies store but you make me go in there every time!” She said tapping her foot angrily. “And this is my dream! Are you just going to let my dream die? Are you a dream killer?”


      “You don't even go into Quiddich quality and supplies with me! Your scared of the man at the cashier!”


      “He looked at me all weird in third year!”


      “And it’s seventh now, chances are he wont even remember you.”


      “So! For all I know he’s some rapist that’s obsessed with me!”


      “I love how that’s the first thing that you think of.” Fred said sitting down on Dom’s other side. “You know that he’s married with nine kids right?”


      “How do you know that?” She asked him in a repulsed voice. Dom isn’t the biggest fan of children.


      “Because he has a picture on the desk behind the register in a frame that says ‘My wife and children’.


      “Oh…well I still think that he’s wacko!”


      “If you promise to drop this thing about him being a rapist I’ll go to the shrieking shack with you. Just promise me no fire whiskey this time.” I said remembering the last experience at the shack.


      “It helps me connect better when I’m drunk!”


      “It also makes you harder to control in a public place.”


      “Fine, no fire whiskey then.” 


      As we made our way down to Hogsmead it started to rain. Just a little at first but then it became a torrential downpour.


      “In here!” Caitlin yelled opening the door to a random place.


      I always wonder if someone above really has it on for me. I mean, it’s like the three fates are slowly cutting my thread making my life before it’s severed as upsetting and embarrassing as possible. Of all of the shops in Hogsmead of course we all ran into Madam Puddifoot's

      “Oh! Hello dears!” Said a short plump woman who I’m assuming is Madam Puddifoot. “Let’s get you all sat down shall we?”


      In this small café there is only tables for two and there is only twelve tables. One was taken by Aaron Doyle and Sadie Markson, the other was taken up by Johnny Decker and Lily Potter. It took me a second to put those two together. Lily and Johnny, together in this café. Potter, here as well. Shit!


      “Potter!” I said running up to where he was almost at Lily and Johnny’s table. I grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him backwards. He didn’t even look around at me still advancing. Lily looked a mixture of nervous and angry. Johnny just looked plain uncomfortable.


      “Lily! What the hell do you think your doing!” He said barely keeping his voice at a normal level. Jocelyn was glaring over at me because I had touched her all to precious boyfriend, but I didn’t have time for her right now.


      “I’m having a cup of coffee with John, I don't need your approval for that do I?” She asked him folding her arms across her chest.


      “No one comes here if they are just having a cup of coffee! You! She’s my sister! How the hell could you do this to me?” He said rounding on Johnny. “That’s it! Your leaving Lily, right now!”


      “I’m not going anywhere!” Lily said raising her voice and standing up. Some people were looking over now.


      “Leave her alone Potter.” I said trying to pull him back again.


      “You stay the hell out of this McCabe!” He said giving me a sideways glare.


      “You cant tell me what to do anymore! I’m fifteen James!” Lily shouted. “And if I want to go out on a date with someone I can! And I don't need your permission!”


      “If you don't leave right now I’ll make a scene right here!” He said.


      “A little late for that.” I mumbled under my breath.


      “Fine! Make one!”


      “Ok.” With that he grabbed her wrist and started to drag her towards the door.


      “Leave her alone James.” Johnny said finally getting up and standing in front of the door. Johnny was about half a foot shorter then Potter and no way near as strong, but he looked determined.


      “Get out of the way Decker, or I’ll move you myself.” Potter said menacingly.


      “I’m not moving.” Johnny said crossing his arms over his chest.


      “Ok.” Potter said for the second time in Puddifoot’s. This time he punched Johnny in the mouth. There were shrieks and gasps all across the room. And then it started.


      Johnny lunged for Potter knocking him to the ground. Two tables came down with them. Lily was screaming for them both to stop and Madam Puddifoot was looking as if she was about to feint. I jumped on Johnny’s back trying to force him off of Potter. It didn’t work. Instead I was slammed into a wall. Why do I always get involved in these sorts of things?


      “You asshole, you just hurt her!” Potter yelled getting (if this is even possible) more angry. I pushed Potter out of the way of Johnny’s fist right before I was frozen in midair. Only my eyes could move. I saw that most of the people had taken cover under the tables that were still standing. Dom was paying Fred what looked like four sickles. I would be surprised if they weren’t betting. Then I saw Ms. Puddifoot pointing a very shaky wand at the three of us.


      “You are all banned from my shop! Do you understand! Banned! Never allowed back! Never! Now I want you away! Out! Right this instant! Never have I seen such immature teenagers! I said out!” She said unfreezing us. I fell to the floor instantly with a dull thud. I got up slowly and made my way towards the door. Drew waved at me sarcastically and Fred smirked and gave a thumbs up. It was still pouring outside when the door was slammed behind us.


      “I hate you!” Lily shrieked at Potter pushing him away. “I never want to see you again!” With that she ran into the rain disappearing into the fog. Johnny ran after her before either Potter or I could. Then I was left alone, with Potter. I sighed and looked over to his face. It was a mess. He had a bloody nose and a eye that was slowly turning black.


      “Oh Potter.” I said sighing. “C’mon, lets just go someplace else.” He didn’t say anything obviously still fuming over the fight. God knows I would be. In a way I think that he was justified in getting mad. Potter doesn’t get angry easy. Something horribly annoying or angering has to set him off. Fortunately not many people have to see that side of him. Just me, and now Johnny.


      “The Hogs Head?” Potter asked me quizzically.


      “It’s this or the three broomsticks.” I said pointing to the pub up the street that had a line forming out of it. He nodded and opened the door. It wasn’t much warmer inside then outside in this pub. There weren’t many people either. No students, just a couple of older witches sitting at the bar and a man at a table that I could swear is related to a vampire.


      “Two butterbeers please.” I said to the old man at the bar. He looked at me for a second and then at Potter, I guess we didn’t look so good. Two minutes later he handed over to dusty bottles and we sat down at an old table farthest away from the other people.


      “So…” He said awkwardly.


      “So we kind of have an issue.” I said taking the first sip of my butterbeer. Instantly my insides were warmed up.


      “Yah, no shit Sherlock, my sister has a boyfriend.” He said angrily.


      “Uh no, I was actually talking about the fact that half of the Quiddich team wont be on speaking terms.”


      “Oh, that’s a problem too.” For some very strange reason we both started to laugh, and once we started, we couldn’t stop. The witches at the bar were looking over to us curiously and the bartender looked annoyed.


      “Oh god, let me fix your nose.” I said stopping and pulling out my wand. “Episky.” I said making it normal again.


      “Thanks.” He said feeling it and then wincing at his eye.


      “You’ll have to go to madam Pomfrey for that.” I said gesturing to his eye. “For the bruise there’s a potion that you can drink or a cream concealment thing that you can buy at any convenience store here.”


      “How d’you know that?” He asked me curiously. Shit, I slipped.


      “I dunno, I paid attention when Madam Pomfrey talked about all of that stuff in first year.”


      “That was six years ago McCabe.”


      “And I have a very good memory.”


      We were silent again, both just drinking.


      “I wanted to say sorry.” He said putting the bottle down and messing with his wet shirt. “For—er—saying that your messed up and all that. It wasn’t my place.”


      “Oh! That’s okay, it’s true.” I said surprised at his sudden apology. Potter isn’t one who usually apologizes to me.


      “Please McCabe, I have barely talked to you in two weeks.”


      “Yeah, well, we’ve been busy with our own stuff.”


      “Sure, and you constantly avoiding me at practice is you being busy with your own life?”


      “You pissed me off Potter, and you know that when someone pisses me off I get mean.” I said finishing my butterbeer. “And besides, you can get scary sometimes.”


      “So you’ve been avoiding me because your scared of me then.”


      “No, I’m not scared of you. I just don't want to royally piss you off ever again.”


      “Ah, no promises. You have a way of doing that McCabe.”


      I smiled suddenly blushing a little. Why was he being nice to me? Why was I being nice to him? When did Potter start to look attractive?


      “Kiersten McCabe!” Said a voice behind me. I knew that voice, but I hadn’t heard it in over six months. But it couldn’t be…


      “Jarred?” I said incredulously. Could it really be him? He looked the same, maybe a little bit older but still just Jarred. “Jarred Meade?”


      “Yeah! Wow! You look great Kiersten!” He said bending down to hug me awkwardly. Why was he being nice to me? I broke up with him didn’t I? I was the one who said all of the mean things right?


      “Uh-you too.” I said smiling. He smiled back his blue eyes twinkling.


      “Eh-em.” Said Potter tapping his fingers on the table. I whipped around quickly blushing.


      “Oh! Jarred, you remember James don't you? Potter! I mean Potter!”


      “How could I forget James Potter?” He said reaching over me to shake Potter’s hand. Potter didn’t do anything. He just stared at his hand until Jarred took it back awkwardly. “Ah, I see you still aren’t very fond of me are you?”


      “I don't like you.” Potter said in a blunt voice. “There’s nothing more to it then that.”


      “Potter!” I mouthed shaking my head a little. Why was he embarrassing me here, in front of him? God, sometimes I could kill him.


      “So what’s new with you Kiersten? Are you two…” Jarred said gesturing between Potter and I.


      “No!” I said shaking my head vigorously. “We’re just tolerating each other for this hour.”


      “Nothing changes does it?” He asked laughing a little.


      “Actually a lot changes.” Potter said glaring at him.


      “Do you want to go on a walk, outside? The rain’s stopped to just a drizzle.”


      “Sure.” I said glad to leave this tension heated table. “Potter you don't mind do you?” I asked as an afterthought.


      He looked as if he was going to say something totally unnecessary but must have seen my pleading eyes and some reason listened to them. “No, It’s not like I wanted to spend anymore time with you anyways.” He said harshly. I guess it was kind of unnecessary. I tried to not let it show but ouch. I hate when he does that. We’ll be having a civilized moment and he goes and ruins it with saying something like that.


      “Bye then.” I said getting up and following Jarred out.


      “He’s the same as ever, polite and charming.” Jarred said as soon as the door shut.


      “You mean stubborn and immature?” I asked him. “Yeah, I doubt that he’ll ever grow out of that.”


      “But you seem different Kiersten. Have you calmed down?”


      “I dunno, maybe. Life’s just different this year.”


      “Oh, do you have a boyfriend?”


      He asked the question bluntly. That’s what I fell in love with in Jarred, the ability for him to be brutally honest. In the end it was one of the reasons why I ended it.


      “No, no boyfriend. Do you…?”


      “No, I mean, nothing serious since you.”


      “How’s Ziggy?” I said changing the subject quickly.


      “Good, he works for the ministry now, did you know that? In the Magical games and sports department.”


      “Ah Ziggy, destined to be a kid forever. I’ll tell Potter that he should work there.”


      “I miss you Kiersten. I miss being with you.”


      “Jarred, please don't.” We stopped in the middle of an alleyway and I shook my head tiredly.


      “No, just hear me out. I’ve been lost without you Kiersten. You were the first person that ever made me feel whole you know? I loved you! Hell, I still do! No other girl can make me feel like you. And I’ve tried seeing other girls but all I ever do is compare them to you!” He said putting his hand  on my shoulder steadying me.


      “Jarred, I don't want this right now all right? Is that why you came to find me? To tell me all of this? I thought that I made everything clear at graduation.”


      “Kiersten, we both know the only reason why you did that was because of me not being in Hogwarts this year. But I can still be with you! Sure, I may only see you every couple months but I still will be with you when I can! C’mon Kiersten, I know you miss us too.”


      “You see? That’s what I always hated about you! You put words in my mouth! You haven't seen me in six fucking months and then you just come to me and tell me all of this? And then you enlighten me  by saying that I miss you without even knowing what I really think! Did you ever think that maybe I’m getting along fine without you? That maybe I already moved on from what we were? God! You just make me so--”


      I stopped talking abruptly as he started to kiss me. At first I didn’t kiss him back but eventually fell into the trance. It was as if it was another everyday fight, he always won in the end. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and started to really kiss him. I don't know how long we were like that but it could have been hours, days, years even, and I didn’t even notice.


      “Keri? Keri?” I heard Dom yelling from not that far. I quickly broke away from him and wiped my mouth.


      “Dom.” I panted in a whisper. “You should go.”


      “Why, because your friend hates me?”


      “Yes, that’s exactly why.”


      “No thanks, I’ll stay, I’ve been dying to see old Dominique anyways.” I could tell that he was being sarcastic. It’s no secret that he and Dom don't get on well. In fact, they openly hate each other.


      “There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! And then I ran into Potter who told me some bull story about—Ew, It’s you.” She said stopping mid sentence glaring at Jarred.


      “Hello Dom.” He said trying to be a friendly civilized person. I don't know why he even tries to be honest. I don't know why anyone tries with Dom to be polite.


      “I thought that you weren’t talking to him Kiersten?” She said in a low voice.


      “Uh, I wasn’t. He showed up today and just wanted to chat about…things.”  I mumbled not looking either of them in the eye.


      “Don't you have somewhere to be?” Dom asked him coldly.


      “I do actually now that you mention it.” He said checking his watch. “It was nice catching up with you Kiersten.” He winked at me and apparated on the spot. I didn’t say anything, I knew that Dom was about to explode and it would be better if I just let her do it.


      “Is there anything else that your not telling me then?” Dom asked me quietly.


      So many things. “No! I swear to god Dom! I haven’t seen or heard from Jarred Meade in over six months!”


      “It looked like the two of you were pretty close again.”


      “Well, I dunno how that all happened. I was screaming at him and then we just kind of-started to make out?”


      “Wait, you were just freaking kissing him?”


      “Isn’t that what you-”


      “What the hell is wrong with you? He messed with you Keri and your going to let him walk all over you again? I thought that you’d have learned last time!”


      “It was nothing okay? Just a little bit of kissing!” I said raising my voice. “It’s not like it meant anything!”


      “That’s what you always say! That things don't matter, but they do! They always matter to you! You still love him don't you? That’s why you let him in again right?”


      “I don't love him alright!” I shouted louder then she was. “I don't even know what love is Dom, how the hell do you expect me to love him if I’ve never been in love.”


      “There are so many better guys Kiersten. Guys that wont mess with other girls and wont make you cry! Trust me! I’ve dated quite a few of them!”


      “Oh, and now I get your words of wisdom again don't I?”


      “I’m trying to help you and your being very difficult to help! Look at James Kiersten! You cant tell me that you still don't see it!”


      “See what?” I asked confused now.


      “You don't see it do you?” She said her voice coming down to a whisper. She smiled a little as if the situation was ironic. “And they say that you’re a smarty.”


      “See what Dom.”


      “Nothing, forget that I said anything about that. But about him Keri! Don't trust him and don't get involved with him again. Please, for your own good.”


      “I already told you that it didn’t mean anything!” I said agitated.


      She didn’t say anything to me. “Your so non-understandable some times!”


      “I’m hard to understand? Really?”


      “Yup, now lets go to the shrieking shack and see some ghosts while the day’s still young.”



    And you have met the infamous Jarred Meade! I' ve been dying to introduce him and now seemed like the perfect time. As for Lily and Johnny, that was to show that James is a very overprotective brother. I also like how Lily is so brave around him even though she knows that he's going to be an idiot. Potter obvoiusly hates Jarred as I have mentioned in earlier chapters. Poor Kiersten doesnt realize why...she's a little bit thick isnt she? Sorry this chapter still isnt as one will be!

   Thanks for reading and please review!!! 


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