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Forbidden Thoughts by frobz91
Chapter 2 : The Unwanted Dinner Guest
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Chapter 2- The Unwanted Dinner Guest

Disclaimer- Harry Potter is not mine, he belongs to J.K. Rowling

                “Since when do the guests invite themselves over for dinner?” Rose’s dad bellowed from the kitchen.  Rose, Hugo and Nora had all set up shop listening at the top of the stairs, since Rose’s mother had kicked them out of the kitchen when Nora had almost cursed her dad’s owl in anger.  Alice had left the house not that long after Rose’s parents had come home, which was really a smart move on her part, since Rose was definitely not looking forward to tonight’s festivities.

                “Well it’s obvious that he just wants to check up on Nora,” Rose’s mom replied.  “He has that right as her father.”

                “Please ‘Mione,” Rose’s dad said with a laugh.  “The man hasn’t once called the house asking for Nora and something tells me that he hasn’t sent any letters with that bloody devil owl of his either.  Therefore, I vote we send him a message telling him that we’re too busy right now to entertain unexpected guests, since I am not in the mood to have my ear chewed off by a rich, arrogant git who neglects his only daughter.”

                “I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Nora said with nod.  “I love your dad, Rose.”

                Rose didn’t say anything back, since she was still listening to her parent’s conversation below.  Nora and Rose’s dad were very similar when it came to their views on the world.  Everything was pretty much black or white to them; there was never any consideration of the gray area in between.  That was why she thought her mother was perfect for her father.  Her mum always considered the gray area of any problem.

                “As lovely as that idea sounds Ronald,” Rose’s mum said wryly.  “We are not Nora’s legal guardians.  If her father wants to see her, we have to let him.  We allowed Nora to live here this summer because it would have been heartless for someone who has been through as much as her, in such a small amount of time, to be forced to live alone.  Especially with the way the Ministry and the Prophet are handling this.  However, what the Prophet has not looked into, surprisingly, is the relationship Nora has with her father.  So, how do you think it would look if we refused to let her father see her and the media found out about it?”

                “It’s true,” Hugo whispered.  “The only reason the media thinks you’re living here is because your actual home is in Canada and your father wanted you to stay here to make your life easier or something.  The Prophet has no idea that the two of you haven’t had contact with each other since the beginning of the year.  They probably think that he’s been sending you letters or calling you to keep in touch.”

                “Just great,” Nora muttered.  “Why does your mother always have to be so bloody rational?  It’s infuriating.”

                “Come on ‘Mione,” Rose’s dad said with a moan.  “You can’t be okay with what’s going on.  You and I both know Nora’s father isn’t here to ask us if Nora’s been well behaved.”

                “I know that,” Rose’s mum said with a sigh.  “And what he’s doing is horribly rude.  However, we know that whenever Richard Wilson makes an appearance, it usually means he knows something important.”

                “She’s right,” Nora said grudgingly.  “My dad loves delivering bad news.  It’s pretty much all he lives for these days.”

                “Alright ‘Mione,” Rose’s dad replied reluctantly, his body suddenly backing up into view in the doorway to the kitchen.  “But if he goes out of line even once tonight, I’m throwing him out of my house with my own bare hands and I won’t care who finds out.”

                “Shit,” Hugo said, hurriedly getting to his feet.  “Dad’s coming.”

                Rose and Nora scrambled to their feet and hurried into the nearest room, which just happened to be Rose’s, and closed the door as quickly as possible.

                Rose and Nora hurried into a casual position as Rose’s dad climbed the stairs and knocked loudly on Rose’s door before opening it.

                “Hey dad,” Rose replied innocently.  “So what’s the news?”

                Her dad knew they’d been listening at the top of the stairs.  It was painfully obvious and the bleak look on Nora’s face wasn’t helping things.

                “Get ready for dinner girls,” Rose’s dad said unhappily.  “Feel free to invite Al over Nora if you want to.”

                “Do you mind if we’re late?” Nora asked.

                “No,” Rose’s dad replied with a grin.

                “Good,” Nora replied and with a pop, she had apparated from the room.

                Rose sighed and looked at her dad.  “Dad, you shouldn’t have told her that.”

                Rose’s dad just gave her a smile and walked out of her room. 


                Nora wasn’t late.

                Al had managed to convince her to come back to the house not that long after she had left and she wasn’t all that pleased about it.

                “Like my dad would even care if I was late anyway, Al,” Nora said angrily. 

                “I know that,” Al replied, running a hand through his already messy jet black hair.  “But there’s no need for you to sink to his level.”

                Rose watched the two of them from her seat on the couch across from them.  The three of them had migrated to the living room when Nora and Al had arrived and Hugo had joined them not that long after.

                “Do I really have to stay for this?” Hugo questioned.  “Nora’s dad probably has no idea I exist, so there really is no need for me to be here.  I’ve wanted to ask James how his auror training is going, so I could head over to his flat for a visit,” he suggested eagerly.

                “You’re staying Hugh,” Rose said sternly.  “The best way to make sure that Nora’s dad behaves is by outnumbering him.  That’s why dad let Nora invite Al.”

                “Rose is right Nora,” Al said encouragingly.  “He’s not going to be able say a single negative thing with all these people around.”

                “You haven’t met my father,” Nora replied grudgingly.

                Rose’s mum strolled into the room, wiping her hands on the apron tied around her waist.  “Your father will be here soon, Nora,” Rose’s mum reported.  “So I made sure that dinner would be ready when he got here.  Both Ronald and I are hoping to keep this visit short and sweet, since we know how unhappy you are about this.”

                As if waiting for her mother’s cue, the door bell suddenly rung, causing everyone in the room to jump in surprise.

                “Is that him?” Rose’s dad called from somewhere upstairs.

                No one answered since Rose’s mum was walking to the front door and Rose and Hugo had shot up from their seats to trail after her in order to get a good look at the infamous Richard Wilson.  Rose watched as her mother let out a deep breath to calm herself, before quickly grabbing the door knob and wrenching the door open.

                Rose blinked in surprise when she got a good look at the man standing in the doorway.  She had been eagerly anticipating first meeting Richard Wilson because there had always been a part of her that believed that the reason why he was so horrible towards Nora, was because he was horribly disfigured in some way.  However, the man standing in front of her was definitely not ugly.  Instead he looked very put together.

                He had expertly styled salt and pepper hair, a well tailored moustache above his lip and his golden brown eyes, which were exactly the same as Nora’s, were staring at Rose’s mother critically as he smoothed a wrinkle on his very expensive looking black dress robes. 

                Rose looked the man up and down, unable to deny that this man was indeed Nora’s father.  While the only physical trait they seemed to share were their golden brown eyes, the way Mr. Wilson stood in the door way, looking down at her mother with a look of both mild interest and superiority, was exactly the way Nora looked when she was talking to someone who she believed to be entertaining because of their own inadequacy.

                “Hello father,” Nora’s said coldly, her voice drifting up from behind Rose and she turned to see that both Nora and Al had joined the party in the front hall.  “What’s it been?  Six, seven months since you last blew into my life.”

                Rose turned to look back at Nora’s dad, only to cringe a little at the icy glare he was giving his daughter.  Rose looked away with a mental sigh.  Yes, Nora was her father’s daughter.  Both of them were visibly intimidating, powerful and meant to lead, but never follow, which was why they would probably never fix their broken relationship.

                Mr. Wilson ignored his daughter’s question and directed his attention back to Rose’s mum. 

                “Hermione Weasley,” he stated gruffly, holding out one of his hands.  “Richard Wilson. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

                Rose watched her mother meet Mr. Wilson’s eyes before shaking his hand firmly.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.  I would like you to meet my children Rose and Hugo,” Rose’s mother replied, turning to look at both Rose and her brother.  Wilson’s eyes turned to look at Rose and she couldn’t help but fidget uncomfortably under his gaze.  Rose could easily tell that Richard Wilson had been very attractive when he was younger, and he still was for man in his 50’s, but there was something off about his eyes.  Unlike Nora’s, which seemed to glow with energy, Richard Wilson’s looked faded and devoid of any spark of compassion or life. 

                Rose’s mother continued with her introductions.  “You know Nora of course,” Rose’s mum said hurriedly, “and the young man standing behind Nora is my nephew, Albus Potter.”

                Richard Wilson’s eyes lit up with recognition upon hearing Al’s name, but he didn’t say anything since his gaze kept drifting between Nora and Al, as if he were trying to solve some kind of puzzle.  Rose knew that Richard Wilson had to know that his daughter was involved with Harry Potter’s son, but by the looks of things, he hadn’t been prepared to meet Al just yet.

                An awkward silence suddenly fell on the front hall, only to be quickly broken when Rose’s father hurried loudly down the stairs and marched into the front hall, his eyes glued on Nora’s dad.

                “Sorry for the delay,” Rose’s dad said with fake regret as he squeezed past Al, Nora, Rose and Hugo and outstretched a hand in greeting towards Mr. Wilson.  “Ronald Weasley.  It’s wonderful to finally meet you.”

                Hugo snorted at their dad’s sarcasm but managed to cover it up as a cough when Rose’s mum shot him a glare.

                “Richard Wilson,” Nora’s dad said in a less pleasant voice then the one he had used to address Rose’s mother before grasping her dad’s hand firmly.  Rose watched in exasperation as the two grown men exchanged dark looks, while trying to crush the others hand.  Rose inwardly sighed at how immature her dad was for a man who was well into his 40’s.

                “Well now that everyone’s met each other,” Rose’s mum said quickly.  “How about we proceed into the kitchen.  I made sure dinner would be ready when you got here Richard, since I know how busy you must be.”

                Mr. Wilson let go of Rose’s dad’s hand, flexing the kinks out of his own hand as discreetly as possible, before turning to face her mother.  “That sounds lovely Mrs. Weasley, and thank you for preparing dinner so early, since I have a meeting at 7:30 that cannot miss.”

                Rose noticed the quick flash of irritation that crossed her mother’s eyes but she hid it quickly and gave Mr. Wilson a pleasant smile.

                “Follow me,” she replied, gesturing towards the kitchen and as Mr. Wilson walked past Rose’s mother, completely ignoring everyone who was the same age as Nora, Rose broke into a smile when her mother shot her father a warning look before following Mr. Wilson into the kitchen.  Rose’s dad grumbled something angrily under his breath and followed his wife.

                Hugo, not bothering to wait until Mr. Wilson was out of ear shot, snorted in annoyance before turning to talk to Nora and Al.  “I bet 10 galleons on my dad punching Nora’s dad in the face by the end of the night.  You lot in?”

                “Hugh!” Rose exclaimed in an angry whisper.  “They can probably hear you.”

                “Who cares,” he replied with a shrug.  “Nora’s dad’s a git and we all know it.  Mum’s only being polite because dad isn’t.”  Hugo directed his attention back to Nora and Al.  “So are you two in?”

                “I’m in,” Nora replied.  “I bet 10 galleons that instead of punching my dad, your dad just throws my dad out of the house.  What about you Al?”

                “I have no money right now, so no,” Al replied with a chuckle.

                Rose stared at Nora in disbelief.  “You’re actually betting money on the fact that the night is going to end horribly?”

                “Yes,” Nora replied grumpily.  “If everything gets completely shot to hell, which I know it will, I might as well try and make some money off of my misery.”



                Rose had never wanted to be somewhere else more than any moment in her entire life.  Hell, if she had been given the choice of having dinner with Nora’s dad and being alone in a locked room with Malfoy, she would have definitely chosen the latter of the two options.

                Dinner had started with Mr. Wilson asking Rose’s mum exactly what she did in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and once her mother had finished explaining her job, Mr. Wilson had complimented her cooking before falling silent and it seemed that no one could think up anything else to say after that.

                Rose fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat, as she lifted a piece of chicken into her mouth.  Rose had been unfortunate enough to get the seat between Mr. Wilson and her father, who was on one end of the table.  Al, Nora and Hugo had managed to grab the 3 seats across from where Rose was sitting and Rose’s mum was seated at the other end of the table, on the other side of Mr. Wilson.

                Rose, deciding that the thick layer of tension that had fallen over the dining room needed to be broken before she started to go mental, turned to look at Mr. Wilson before engaging him in conversation.

                “What do you do for a living Mr. Wilson?” Rose asked in a pleasant voice and everyone’s eyes moved to look in his direction.

                Mr. Wilson cleared his throat before replying.  “I’m the head of the Magical Law Enforcement Branch back in Canada,” he answered.

                Rose already knew that, but she could care less.  All she wanted to do was keep him talking so time would pass by faster.  “Our new Minister of Magic used to be the head of the Magical Law Enforcement Branch here in England,” Rose said politely.

                “Yes I know,” Mr. Wilson said.  “He came to see me about 5 days ago.”

                Everyone at the table suddenly stopped what they were doing and Rose looked nervously around her to see mixed expressions of horror and surprise on everyone’s faces.

                “He came to see you?” Nora questioned in a high voice.

                “Yes,” Mr. Wilson said irritably.  “His visit is actually why I came to see you, Nora.”

                Rose caught the nervous look both Al and Hugo shared as Rose’s mother quickly grabbed her wine glass and took a large gulp of her red wine before refocusing her attentions on Mr. Wilson.

                “What happened when Robert came to visit you, Richard?” Rose’s mother asked in a polite but strained voice.

                “He claimed that he had come to discuss setting up further precautions necessary for keeping the public unaware of the fact that Darius Morzane had escaped from Canada and had met his demise by falling from the top of Hogwarts’ astronomy tower.  I, of course, agreed to the meeting, thinking that it was also in the public’s best interest to keep what really happened to Morzane a secret.”

                “What a surprise,” Nora muttered darkly as she took a sip of water.  Mr. Wilson’s polite facade broke only for a moment at his daughter’s comment before rearranging itself and Rose shot Nora a warning look, which she pretended not to notice.

                Mr. Wilson cleared his throat before continuing his story where he left off.  “However, it became clear very early on into our meeting that he had come to see me not just because of the Morzane affair.  He began to ask questions about Nora’s childhood and why she had left the Canadian Academy, and I knew then that it would be in everyone’s best interests not to answer him.”

                “Then what did you say?” Nora asked through gritted teeth.

                “I’m wondering that too?” Rose’s father seconded, giving Mr. Wilson a hard look.

                “I then asked Sampson why he had actually wanted to see me,” Mr. Wilson responded curtly.  “And he explained that most of the British ministry had decided that it was now time to investigate Nora further.”

                Rose jumped in her seat when a loud crack cut Mr. Wilson off mid-explanation and Rose looked over at Nora to see her staring daggers down at her plate, as Al rubbed her hand comfortingly in an attempt to calm her down.  Rose, still looking for the source of the sound, didn’t have to look any further when she realized that Nora’s plate had literally split in half. 

                Rose’s dad ignored the broken plate and asked Mr. Wilson another question.  “What do you mean Sampson is investigating Rose further?”

                Mr. Wilson’s polite mask had now moulded into one of contempt as he stared at the remains of Nora’s plate.  “He wants to measure her abilities in full.  He seems unconvinced that she has disclosed the full extent of her powers to everyone who is supposed to know and, frankly, I’m not that surprised.  Even if I never will tell Robert Sampson certain things about my daughter, I am well aware of what she can do.”

                “What does that mean?” Nora spat, looking up from her broken plate to glare at her father.

                “I think you know exactly what it means, Nora,” Mr. Wilson replied coolly.  “You and I both know that you aren’t exactly the safest person in the world to be around.  With it being so obvious that you do not have complete control over your abilities, it is only reasonable that Sampson and several other ministry members believe that you played a larger part in Darius Morzane’s death.”

                “I beg your pardon,” Rose’s mother exclaimed and Nora stared murderously at her father.

                “Do not let those big golden eyes fool you Mrs. Weasley,” Mr. Wilson said in a cold voice.  “Nora has not been able to control her darker side for years and I doubt, no matter what she says, that she ever will.”

                “Darius’ death was not her fault,” Rose exclaimed.  “She was tied up, and not in the right mind to use telekinesis, when he fell off of the tower.”

                “And how do you know that Miss. Weasley?” Mr. Wilson said, rounding on Rose, causing her to inch away from him.  “Were you not unconscious, as well as Mr. Potter, when Darius Morzane fell to his death?”

                “Scorpius Malfoy was awake,” Rose shot back icily, now wanting to be as far away from the man sitting beside her as possible.  Mr. Wilson just glared at her in response. 

                “I think it may be time for you to leave, Richard,” Rose’s dad said coldly standing up from his seat.

                “Not before I warn my daughter about what I knew was going to happen for years,” Mr. Wilson replied.

                Nora let out a derisive laugh.  “What’s going to happen dad?” 

                “This investigation, if it happens, will be deciding your future in this world, and this time, I will not be a part of any of it,” Mr. Wilson replied in an unfeeling voice.

                Rose gaped at the man sitting next to her, as Rose’s dad spluttered in fury beside her.  “You mean to tell us,” Rose’s dad said angrily.  “That you are not going to help your only child through one of the hardest moments of her entire life.”

                “I have helped her too many times before,” Mr. Wilson raved as he got up from his seat to point at Nora, whose eyes were devoid of all emotion.  “I no longer care about covering up all of Nora’s flaws and mistakes, since she constantly seems to throw herself into situations that cast her in a negative light.”

                “Are you kidding me,” Al exclaimed.  “It’s your fault Morzane even got out of Canada in the first place.  Nora never asked to be attacked by that psycho.”

                “You be quiet, boy,” Mr. Wilson exclaimed furiously.

                “Oi!” Rose’s dad exclaimed.  “That’s my nephew you’re talking to.”

                “Ronald, calm down,” Rose’s mother said, but her eyes were wide in disbelief as she stared at Mr. Wilson.

                Mr. Wilson ignored both of Rose’s parents and continued his tirade.  “Therefore, in order to save my family name from anymore scandal, I have decided that I will no longer be assisting Nora in any way.  She is now on her own.  My money and privileges are no longer hers for the taking.  She can continue to live here for the rest of her life and I will not care.  My only rule was for her to lay low while she was here in the UK, and what did she do?  She went and murdered an escaped convict!  Therefore, Nora, you are no longer welcome in any home of mine.”

                Rose just stared wide-eyed at absolutely nothing as the room went deathly silent.  Richard Wilson had just disowned his own daughter for being a victim of things she could not control.  Rose hadn’t even been the one he disowned and she felt like someone had just sucker punched her in the stomach. 

                Rose dared a look at the people around her, only to find that they all wore similar faces of disbelief.  Her parents looked appalled and furious all at the same time and Hugo was just staring at Mr. Wilson like he wasn’t even real.  Al, however, looked like he was about to take out his wand and hex Mr. Wilson, because Rose had never seen him look so furious in her entire life.

                Rose’s eyes slowly moved until they were locked on Nora’s still form.  Rose couldn’t even imagine what she was thinking, since her face was devoid of all emotion as she stared blankly a head of her.

                “Nora,” Rose croaked.

                Something unknown flashed across Nora’s eyes and her blank expression was replaced with one of extreme hatred.  Rose shrunk back in her seat at that look and stared at Mr. Wilson who, for once, seemed slightly taken aback by the look Nora was giving him. 

                “Good,” Nora said, her voice murderous as she rose slowly from her seat.

                Mr. Wilson shot her a surprised look.  He had not been expecting that reaction.  “What?”

                “You heard me,” Nora replied coldly.  “I said good.  You want to know why?  Because now I’m free.  Do you think I really give a shit about your money or the bloody family name, because I honestly don’t.  So now I have some news for you.  It’s been years, years, since I’ve had a real father since we both know he died with my mother,” Nora exclaimed hysterically.  “I’ve been on my own for years and you’ve only been that horrible foster parent that loads of foster kids get stuck with.  So, I really don’t feel bad about telling you this.”

                Mr. Wilson's face turned an unpleasant shade of crimson at Nora's response.  “Exactly what do you have to tell me?” Mr. Wilson spat.

                Nora’s eyes grew dark and she lifted a hand to point at her father.  “After today,” Nora said in a slow unfeeling voice that made Rose’s skin prickle with fear.  “I promise, on my mother’s grave, that if you ever so much as contact me ever again, I will personally make your life a living hell, because you were right,” Nora paused and shot her father a threatening look.  “No one has any idea what I can do.”

                Rose stared at Nora in awe.  Mr. Wilson no longer had a look of contempt on his face.  Instead, he looked almost fearful of the young woman in front of him.

                Nora gave her father a look of revulsion before looking at Rose’s dad.  “Could you kick him out of here, please?  I want him out of my life for good,” Nora asked, her voice beginning to waver.

                “Of course kiddo,” Rose’s dad replied, still slightly stunned.

                “Thanks,” Nora replied, lower lip beginning to tremble when she suddenly apparated from the room with a loud crack, only for everyone to hear the crack of her returning in her room upstairs.

                “Shit,” Al swore before looking at Mr. Wilson.  “I may not have the right to do anything to you myself,” Al warned, “but consider yourself unwelcome in the United Kingdom from now on.”  Al then raced out of the room as a loud smash echoed from upstairs, followed by the crack of what Rose assumed was Nora apparating yet again.

                Rose turned to look at Mr. Wilson and the only look she could give him was a look of disgust.  This wasn’t a man.  This was a coward.  A man who blamed all of his problems on his own daughter and Rose found herself wishing that he could burn in hell for all of eternity for what he had made Nora go through for years.

                “Wilson,” Rose’s father said in a frosty voice.  “It’s time you got the hell out of my house.”

                Mr. Wilson barely acknowledged that Rose’s father had said anything as he brushed past Rose and the rest of her family and out into the front hall.  No one moved as they all listened to Richard Wilson hurriedly open the front door before slamming it quickly shut behind him.

                Rose watched as her mother buried her head in her hands and her father rush to her side.  Rose looked over at her brother who stared wide-eyed at the spot where Mr. Wilson had been sitting.

                “What just happened?” Hugo asked in awe as the sound of Al’s quick footsteps came rushing into the kitchen.

                “Nora’s gone.”


                Al had left with Hugo not long after he had told everyone that Nora was missing.  The two of them were now checking to make sure if she had run off to any of their friends or families places.  She didn’t know why they were looking.  She knew exactly where Nora had gone and she knew that she was safe, which was what she had told her family, but Al was protective of Nora and he wanted to see if she was okay with his own two eyes.    

                Rose had left her parents alone in the kitchen to talk and had made her way upstairs.  Still reeling from the events that had just transpired in her kitchen, Rose had decided to keep herself busy by finding out what Nora had broken before she had apparated out of the house, which meant taking a look in Nora’s room.  Rose slowly pushed open Nora’s half open door and stared into her room.  Nora had converted the guest bedroom from being your average extra bedroom; into a room Rose was slightly jealous of herself.  The once floral bed sheets were now a deep blue and the walls had been painted a light grey colour to contrast the rest of the room.  Nora a few new pieces of furniture for the room, since Rose’s parents had told her to make the room her own for the summer.  Replacing the old white dresser was a dark stained wooden armoire, with a matching bedside table beside Nora’s bed.  At the foot of Nora’s bed sat her black and gold trunk, which was currently open revealing her many different school books and supplies haphazardly stacked on top of each other.  In one corner of the room was a large blue armchair with several different items of clothing thrown on top of it and in another corner stood a small wooden desk with several picture frames placed on top.

                Rose walked over to the desk to stare at the moving photo’s that lined the top of the desk.  There was a large picture of Al and Nora smiling in one corner and a picture of Rose and her entire family taken at Al’s birthday last July; Nora was sitting in the middle of the photo in between James and Lily, both of her arms swung around their necks.  There were also several photo’s of their group of friends and much to Rose’s surprise  a picture of Nora with Rose, Hugo and their parents tucked behind a few others that had been taken only a few weeks before at Rose’s mother’s insistence.

                Rose picked up the photo and stared at it.  It had been taken after her father had attempted to make hamburgers on the barbeque in the backyard.  Naturally, he had failed miserably and Rose’s mother had to take over when it was clear that her father was probably going to set himself on fire in frustration.  Later, Rose’s mother had gotten them all to take the photo, much to everyone’s displeasure.  Rose smiled down at the photo before putting it back in its spot on the desk.  While Nora did her best to pretend that she had gotten used to having to look after herself, Rose knew how much she loved the idea of having a true family.  Rose took a step back, only to be surprised when her foot stepped on something sharp.  Rose recoiled quickly and lifted her foot to see if she’d been hurt.  Rose gave a sigh of relief when all she saw was an angry red mark on her foot and she looked down curiously to see what had caused her pain.  There, on the grey carpet, lay several shards of glass next to an overturned picture frame.  So this was what had been smashed before Nora had apparated.

                Rose bent down and carefully picked up the broken picture frame; turning it over slowly to see what picture was inside of it.

                “Oh,” Rose said quietly her heart suddenly filling with sadness.  Rose gazed down at the moving photo of what was unmistakably a picture of Nora, her father and her mother on what looked to be Nora’s 8th birthday.  Her father was easily recognizable but Rose could tell that the smiling face of the man in the photo she was looking at had changed drastically over the past 10 years.  The Richard Wilson Rose had just met was a broken man and she doubted anyone would ever be able to fix him.  Rose silently wondered when was the last time that the man that had just been in her kitchen had ever smiled like he was in this photo.  Nora’s eye’s drifted to stare at the lovely face of the woman next to Richard Wilson.  It was stunning how much she looked like Nora.  She had the same honey brown coloured hair; only hers had been cut to her shoulders, with bright blue eyes and the same glowing ivory coloured skin Nora had been blessed with.  Not to mention their smiles were so similar that it was almost eerie.  This was Nora’s mother and there was no denying it.  The woman moved her head and stared down at her daughter so lovingly that Rose felt her heart sigh in sorrow over what had become of this woman’s family.

                Rose gave a sad smile when she turned her gaze onto Nora’s innocent 8 year old face.  The smile on the little girl’s face was bigger than most of the smile’s Rose had ever seen grace Nora’s features.  Rose couldn’t help but chuckle at Nora’s lack of front teeth and how her long light brown hair had been styled into 2 braided pig tails, which bounced when the little version of Nora moved in the photo.

                Rose pulled her wand from her pocket and aimed it at the picture frame.  “Reparo,” she muttered and all the shards of glass on the floor whizzed back into place from the floor and reformed themselves into a single pane of glass.  Rose gently took the picture frame and placed it on the top of Nora’s desk so that it was in front of all the other pictures.

                Rose suddenly heard the creak of floorboards behind her and she turned to look at her father standing in the doorway of the room.

                “Hey dad,” Rose greeted half-heartedly, looking at him for a moment before turning her gaze back to the photo of Nora and her family.

                “What are you looking at Rosie?”  Her dad asked, stepping into Nora’s room.

                “Pictures,” Rose replied.  “That smash we heard was her breaking this picture frame.”

                Rose’s father walked towards her and peered at the photo she was talking about, causing him to sigh.   “I have no idea why Nora’s father treated her so horribly,” her father admitted despondently.  “And even if you know why Rose, I will never ask you for the answer.”

                Rose didn’t quite know why Nora’s father treated her the way he did but she was still confused as to why her father would never want to find out more about Nora’s family.  “Why?” she questioned.

                “Because sometime’s it is best not to know,” Rose’s father said with a frown.  “It’s obvious that there was once a time when Nora’s family was happy and perhaps we should help her try to remember that.  While things aren’t good now, and maybe never will be, we must make sure that she always knows that she will always have a family to turn to when she needs it the most.”

                “I think she knows that dad,” Rose admitted, giving him a small smile.  “But I guess it must be hard to try and let go of something that once made you happy.”

                “I think you’re right.  But, then again, you usually are.  I some time’s forget how much you’ve grown up.  It feels like only yesterday that your mum and I bought you your wand, and now you’re head girl.” Rose’s dad replied, smiling proudly down at her. 

                “Dad,” Rose said, slightly embarrassed.  “Can you stop please?”

                Her father chuckled at her reaction.  “Come on Rosie.  Let’s go help your mother calm down and then we can clean up the kitchen.”

                “Sure,” Rose said with a half smile and she followed her father out of Nora’s room, her eye’s lingering on the faces of a once happy family.

A/N- Awww.  This was a sad chapter but it was kind of my way of getting rid of Nora's dad for good.  On a more uplifting note, Scorpius will be making his first appearance in the next chapter, which will be from his POV.  Anyway, please read and review and thank you to everyone who does because I greatly appreciate it. :)

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