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Ivy in Wonderland by emerald_princess
Chapter 6 : A Prank Gone Wrong
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James’ POV


Fred, the idiot, had spent the whole morning flirting outrageously with a sixth year Hufflepuff and had refused to help me pull off the prank which would be slightly problematic.  As I have said Fred is the brains and although I am quite smart some of the spells I needed to pull off the prank were very complicated.  I was beginning to think about how much easier everything would be if I was a Ravenclaw and I had a sudden epiphany.  I needed someone smart, someone from Ravenclaw and I also needed someone who was not fond of Ivy at all…


Now all I needed to do was find her.


Where could Delilah Chantal possibly be?


I was lucky that it was free period because I needed all the time I could get to pull off the prank.  I roamed the halls asking if anyone had seen Delilah.  Most people were very suspicious and I guessed that by the end of the day everybody would be talking about how James Potter had started dating his brothers ex.  I ignored the whispers and finally found Delilah in the hospital wing waiting to get her hair and face fixed.  I strode into the room and when she looked up I smiled at her sympathetically.

“Hardwick did this to you right?” I asked knowing full well that she had.

“Yes,” she spat, “She is such an-“

I interrupted her before she could start an angry ramble about Hardwick, “Do you want to get back at her?”

This question immediately caught her interest.  She looked at me questioningly and then seeing I was serious she asked, “How do you propose we do that?”


Ivy’s POV 


I often wondered why I had decided to take Care of Magical Creatures.  It was probably because there was very often something new happening in that subject, something new to learn about and so I didn’t get bored so easily but the lesson today was making me very bored.  I could have quite possibly fallen asleep.  After I had walked out of the hall and done my small victory dance, Michelle found me.  Usually that would be a good thing but Michelle was still with him.  And then he gave me a detention for dying a fellow student’s hair pink!  As soon as Michelle is over him he better be prepared for a slow and painful death.  I spent the whole rest of the morning listening to them be all… well yuck and then with a spring in my step and a smile on my face I made my way to Hagrid’s hut.  It was a beautiful morning.  The birds were singing, the sun shining.  Not.  The sky was grey and it was beginning to spit slightly.  It was still quite nice to get down to Hagrid’s hut and look back up to the castle; it looked lovely through the barely visible morning light.  Hagrid had taken us as far in to the Dark Forest as he was allowed and brought out a creature.  It was big and horned with bristly black fur and great, giant paws, it’s nose was rather pointed and slobber fell out of it’s mouth in great disgusting lumps.  Everybody stepped back a bit not wanting to get to close.  

“Don’ be afraid,” Hagrid said, “It’s perfectly harmless, jus’ a bit misunderstood.”

The whole class sniggered at that, we all knew that when Hagrid said that it usually meant to keep away.  This time however Hagrid was completely right.  The creature was incredibly gentle and completely boring.  All we did was sit there watching it snuffle along the grass and dribble.  The Hufflepuff’s seemed to enjoy it though.  There wasn’t a lot of people who wanted to do Care of Magical Creatures so the class was made up of all of the students in every single house who had chosen to do it.  Tammy and I were the only two Ravenclaw’s, apart from Derek and his best mate, but his Derek. 


Tammy and I took our time heading back up to the school after that, it was free period anyway and with all of the ignoring that had been taking place I had no homework to do and studying was boring.  After being forgiven by Michelle for one day I seemed to be back to my old self again.  We were almost at the castle when Tammy lunged to the side tackling me down and keeping me on the ground with her body.  We were behind the oak tree which was according to me my spot and according to everyone else in the school was theirs.  I struggled against her but Tammy gave me the most desperate look I had ever been given so I stopped at once.  After a minute or two Tammy got up off the ground and helped me to my feet.  I brushed myself off and stared at Tammy for a while.  She kept glancing around like a mad person and she seemed to be twitching.  I backed away a little bit.  She finally looked at me but wouldn’t look at me in the eye and her face had gone beet red.  There was silence for a while and then I decided that I should probably say something.  I would say something that would get us off this subject and save Tammy from further embarrassment, she would never have to worry about me making a big deal out of her sudden mental breakdown, I would just act like nothing had ever happened.  So I said the first thing that popped into my head.

“What in god’s name did you do that for?  Have you gone completely mental?”

She finally looked me in the eye and although I hadn’t thought it possible her face turned redder.  She kept glancing over to the same spot as she shuffled and fidgeted under my gaze, trying to come up with something to say.

“Well…um.” She said and then she fell silent and continued to stare in that same direction.  I stepped closer to her and peered around the tree in the same direction that she was.  Then I saw Isaac Newton.  He was a Hufflepuff, in the same year a me and he was kind of plain looking.  He was average height and skinny, he was very pale… but who wasn’t?  He had mouse brown hair that fell messily to almost his shoulders and grey eyes.  I began to giggle rather like Michelle did and turned to a very embarrassed Tammy.

“OOOOh.  You like him.” I teased, immaturely.

“No I don’t,” she hopelessly defended.

“Why don’t you ask him out?” I asked.

“He would never say yes.”

“Oh, come on,” I answered, “I’m sure he would.  I mean look at you, you’re gorgeous.  No guy in their right minds would say no to you, besides you should take charge it won’t kill you if he says no!”

She thought about it for a while, shuffling from foot to foot but I knew what her answer was going to be before she even started thinking about it.


“No I couldn’t, it will be so humiliating, and I’ll probably stutter and blush and make a fool of myself.” 

Then an idea struck me.  An idea that was so simple and yet so genius that it was sure to work.  I would tell Tammy it was alright and lets go back up to the library and then as we walked past Isaac I would ‘accidently’ push her into him, there would be a moment of utter humiliation where they both just stumbled and stuttered and rambled on and then they would look into each others eyes and realize that they are both completely and utterly in love and then they will go to the next Hogsmeade weekend together.  Whenever the bloody hell that was.


There was the girlyness coming out of me, I was a bit of a hopeless romantic.  That’s why Pride and Prejudice was my favourite. 


So I told her and as we walked up I put my plan into action.  I pushed her- rather too roughly I must admit- and she stumbled and fell right into Isaac’s arms.  When she realized what had happened her coffee coloured eyes widened in complete shock and her face began to go red again.  She stood properly and brushed herself off.

“I am so sorry.” She managed to get out without to much fuss.

“I’m fine.  Are you ok?” he asked quietly and placed his hand on her shoulders, my stomach began to flip and I thought I was about to squeal I was so excited. 

“I’m fine.” She answered, but refused to look at anything but her feet.

Isaac looked like he was about to say something else when I heard a girl call for him.  She was really short with really large hazel eyes and really tanned skin.  He waved goodbye to his friends and then ran over to her giving her a quick peck on the cheek.  That had not gone the way I had planned.  Tammy looked like she was about to cry, so I dragged her away from Isaac’s friends and when we were out of sight gave her a hug.  She started crying and when she pulled away her freckly face had instead of going red and blotchy like mine did when I cried had gone whiter.

“It’s ok.” I said, as we walked back up to Hogwarts.  I kept one arm around her and patted her back gently.  I felt extremely guilty.


When we got into the castle instead of heading to the library like I had told her we would, we made our way straight to the common room and nestled down with pillows, chocolates and tissues in the darkest corner of the room.  This was slightly like my break-up ritual except usually I found a way to watch my favourite movies Titanic and of course Pride and Prejudice.  We sat in silence eating the chocolate.  Tammy occasionally grabbed for a tissue or just wiped away some tears with the back of her hand.  She finally got around to speaking.  She whispered and her voice was slightly cracked.

“I know you probably think I’m being stupid.  I mean I barely even know him and all but I really like him so much but he is always going to be with Gabrielle, everybody knows that they’re the perfect couple, everyone says that they are the two most likely to get married after they’ve finished school.”

“Is Gabrielle the one that was out there just before.” It was probably a stupid thing to say but I couldn’t think of anything else to so I just stuck with it.  She didn’t say anything just nodded and grabbed for another tissue.  I definitely wasn’t helping.  So I decided to go for something that was my definition of deep, but I’m me so you can’t really go by what I say.


“I don’t think you’re stupid.  My mum always says, ‘cry all you want it isn’t going to change anything if you want something good to come to you don’t sit here feeling sorry for yourself, go out there and make it happen’ but you know I think sometimes you just need to cry for a while, just for a while and then you can go out and make good things come but crying helps.  It’s something you need, you know what I mean?”  

She stared at me for a while and then something seemed to change in her, she was still crying but her expression had become determined. 

“You know what you are so right Ivy.  After I have finished crying I am going to get up and smile and have fun and no that he is not the only guy on this planet that I have ever liked and will certainly not be the last!” she exclaimed.


Wow.  It seemed to be deep and meaningful day to day.


A few more sniffles and a lot more tissues later she said, “You know I don’t think I have ever seen you cry before Ivy.”

“Yeah, not many people have.” I answered.

It was actually kind of funny because I probably cried more then any other person I knew I just preferred to do it in private while no one else was around.  I usually cried over the stupidest things to.  As an afterthought I added, “You should see me when I watch Titanic.” I grinned and she giggled although I’m not sure if she knew what Titanic was.  I would have to introduce her to it. 


James’ POV


Delilah Chantal would have to be the stupidest Ravenclaw in the history of Hogwarts.  She was smart when it came to hair and make up spells and even love potions, which kind of freaks me out a bit, but apart from that she was an absolute idiot.  Out of all of the Ravenclaws the one that didn’t like Ivy had to be the dumb one.  I would have to make do though because I was running out of time and I didn’t have a lot of options.  She smiled at me flirtatiously as I went through the plan for the third time. 

“You look so hot when you’re concentrating.” She giggled resting a hand on my thigh.  I unsubtly moved my knee away and turned to her, it surprised me how many guys liked her.  Probably because she was easy.  If you really looked at her she wasn’t that hot.  I mean sure she had a great body and seemed to have that look and that easy-going, seductive smile but if you really looked at her she was all make-up and fake hair.  All of her was unnaturally glossy and fake; I liked a more natural pretty look. It seems pretty shallow wondering why guys like her because she really isn’t that attractive but it wasn’t as if she had a winning personality.  She was playing with her tongue sticking it between her teeth and clicking in it, she kept running her fingers through her fake blonde, dead straight hair. 

“Have you not listened to a word I am saying?”

She smiled at me and placed her hand back on my leg obviously not comprehending that I didn’t want it there. 

“Oh, I’m trying but it is so hard to concentrate on what you are saying when all I am thinking of is snogging you.  She leaned I slightly and I leaned back.

“Listen,” I said struggling to keep my voice down, “Do you want to get back at Hardwick or not?”

“Fine, fine.” She said still smiling; she leaned back again but did not remove her hand from my thigh.  I kindly did it for her and then began to explain it again. 

 I ended up writing it out on a sheet of paper that she studied hard while; I went to get her wand which she had forgotten at the hospital wing.  I wasn’t sure if she would be able to read some of the words in it she would most likely get confused on the first word.  Which is step.  I looked over my own copy that I had made the previous day.  It did look a bit complicated, way to complicated for Delilah anyway. 


After I had gotten to the hospital wing and found Delilah’s wand it was time to proceed with step 1- The Rain cloud.  I found Delilah in the same spot I had left her in and we made our way to potions.  I stood with Fred and hoped that Hardwick would not be skipping it.  I was for the first time in my life very pleased to see Hardwick.  She came around the corner with another Ravenclaw girl, who looked a little bit upset.  I smiled it would be Hardwick looking upset soon. When she saw me a scowl flitted across her features before she turned back to her friend.  Michelle soon joined them with the person who I had begun in third year to call The Prat.  Gregory Meharg, prefect extraordinaire and down right idiot.  He was the one who had given me most of my detentions, even when he wasn’t a prefect he had somehow found a way.  Michelle and he seemed to be close, very close.  Sickening.  I looked away just as they began to kiss and just as Professor Mata walked out of the classroom.  He smiled at all of us and beckoned for all of us to come into the classroom.  He had lit heaps of candles and given the dungeons a rather nice, warm and cheery feel to it. When I had told my parents that they pretty much pead their pants they had been laughing so much.  When I walked in I sat behind Delilah, who sat behind Ivy.  Fred got the ingredients for our potion from the cupboard and began our potion, I didn’t bother.  I sat and waited for the opportune moment to pull off the simplest part of the prank. 


It came in the middle of the class, Ivy, Michelle and Tammy (sad girls) potion had just turned the perfect lavender colour that had been called for and they were grinning broadly and proudly at each other.  I decided to ruin the moment.  I took out my wand under the desk and muttered the word, “Ranlesvow.”

Immediately a dark threatening cloud began to form over Ivy’s head, the low rumbling of thunder filled the room and Ivy looked up at it only to be sprayed in the face with water.  It was only spitting at first but then it got heavier and heavier until she was sitting in the classroom, completely soaked through.  Delilah was the one who made it get heavier; I could produce the cloud, the thunder and a bit of rain but nothing as heavy as that.  The whole class including myself was laughing.  Professor Mata, hearing the noise looked up and saw what had happened, he let out a short gasp and then with a wave of his wand lessened the rain slightly.

“Miss Higgins, please take your friend to the hospital wing.  The rest of potions class continued without much event and I finally decided to help Fred with the potion.  To my surprise he was struggling a bit but with my help we managed to pull off something reasonable.  After class Fred and I walked out of the classroom and he immediately turned to me and said, “That was you wasn’t it?”

He had a huge grin on his face and he looked exactly like a picture I had once seen of Uncle George and his twin brother Fred when they were still at Hogwarts.  He looked nothing like his sister Roxy who had dark skin and hair. 

“Yep.” I answered grinning back.

“That was awesome!  Is there more to go?”

“You’ll see,” I laughed and then grabbing Delilah as she walked past I snuck off to the Hospital Wing where I seemed to keep finding myself.  It was time to put step 2- Pimple Lightning into action.  Pimple Lightning was an invention of Fred’s, he worked out that girls hated pimples more then they hated failing exams so he made pimple, you just added the word plimplie to any spell you performed and the spell would not only have the effect it was supposed to have but would also have the poor victim sprouting pimples everywhere.  I would add the word plimplie to my lightning charm which caused it not only to rain and thunder over some ones head but shoot lightning.  The lightning was harmless except for a bit of a sting.  I took out my wand but before I could utter a word Delilah nudged me.  She was scrutinizing the piece of parchment with the plan that I had given her. 

“Don’t you think I should do it, you have to be pretty smart to add words to spells, I really don’t think you’re that advanced yet.”  I snorted.

“I’m fine, I can do it easily.”

No, I’m doing it and that’s final!” she argued.  Her voice was rising and I didn’t want to cause a fuss and have Ivy see us so I let her.  She muttered a few words that did not sound anything like it was supposed to and then there was a loud BOOM and the medicinal potions supply closet exploded.  The room filled with smoke and fire and both Madam Pomphrey jnr. And Ivy had to run out.  As soon as they were out Madam Pomphrey jnr. Began to try her best to save her beloved hospital wing using aguamenti and Ivy tried to help but then all thoughts of help seemed to be forgotten as she spotted us hiding (and arguing over what the hell Delilah had done) in the corner.  Her look of complete shock was replaced by complete fury and I knew that we were in for it.

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