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Lonely Lily by life_writtendown
Chapter 5 : Conversations
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David’s avoiding me too. I think he finally recognized that I don’t quite care about his unrequited love. That’s right, I don’t care. I admit that I don’t know the specifics of his deal with Elena, and honestly I stopped listening to him whenever he mentioned the girl. It hurts, a lot. I love being alone, but Lola gets on my nerves with her lack of the ability to talk and all. Even L.L (Lonely Lily) can feel a little too alone, so I hunted for Sarah.

Sarah smiled widely and leaped up when she saw me cautiously approaching her in the wide comfy chair in the common room.

“Lily darling, I haven’t seen you at dinner lately!” She was starting to sound like my mother again.

“I’ve been sneaking down to the kitchens; lots of school work “A reasonable answer, which was the truth, kind of. She frowned, and went to scold me but I held up my hand in defense.

“Look, save it for the Headmistress.” I folded my arms defiantly across my chest, very proud of my assertive behavior.

“I don’t care if you think I’m the most messed up person on the planet, but you barely know me.”

Sarah looked a little let down and her shoulders drooped. Perhaps she had just had the epiphany that you can’t save everyone. I honestly feel bad for the girl; she’s so sincere she takes almost every single thing seriously. I guess I did come across a little too strong, if somehow her disappointment may have been my doing.

“Sarah, I really understand how you think you can be my friend and save me from all these gossip diagnosed syndromes, but I think we would all be better off if you left me alone.”

Sarah’s shoulders lifted slightly and she gave me a small, hesitant smile. She had this look about her like she was about to say something she had wanted to say for a long time, but never had the courage to.

“ Levi has liked you for a long time you know?” Sarah paused and looked around the deserted common room to make sure no one would over hear.
“I don’t mean he has liked you like a lover or anything, he just has, I don’t know, admired you.”

“What do you mean admire?” I’m very suspicious of that word. What could he admire about me? I don’t do anything!

“ Oh Lily, I don’t know how to say this, he just thinks you turned out great as a person considering who your family is and how you are surrounded by fame but manage to stay so sane.”

“I don’t know if you want to call me sane.” I giggled nervously, all together frightened and shocked by the words coming out of Sarah’s mouth.

“He has some family issues too, you know, his dad has been pretty rough on him about being an athlete, I think he should tell you that story though.”

“I don’t think I’m think I’m dealing with my family issues that well, I mean look at me.”

“You’re perfectly fine Lily, you just are different.”

“That just might be the understatement of the century.”

“I have full confidence that you are a great person deep inside and you are just waiting to show the world!” Sarah’s smile stretched so wide, my stomach twisted and gurgled and I felt like retching. Seriously, this girl’s nutso.

“Please don’t smile that hard, your face might freeze that way and you’ll be doomed to working in haunted houses for the rest of your life.”

“See!” Sarah laughed and skipped over to my side and wrapped one of her long tan arms around my shoulder and then plopped down back into the comfy armchair.

“You are a witty, clever girl just waiting to explode!”

She says some strange things, this Sarah chick. Waiting to explode? I’m not a suicide bomber.

“I’m not sure about the whole explode thing, but I sure am talking a bit more.” I chuckled nervously and sat on the adjacent couch.

“Well, that’s certainly a great start!” Sarah leaned forward in her chair and beckoned me to move closer with her finger. I inched forward in my seat, suspicious of what she was planning to say.

“I can help you.” She whispered. I let out a harsh laugh that sounded more like a cough.

‘Sarah, I hope that you realize a lot of people tell me this everyday”

“Of course they do my darling, but they probably don’t know things like I do.”

“Sarah, you are absolutely insane.” She got this evil glint in her eyes which caused me to back away from the edge of my seat. Sometimes, this girl scared me a bit.

“And do you know who we will start with?”

I knew she would say Levi. Who else?


“Oh my, I guess this has been on your mind?” Oh no, she was turning this into a big deal.

“I don’t blame you darling, he sure is a looker.”
“That’s not why I sa-“

“Oh don’t bother, I know the way you look at him.”


“ Seriously Sarah you are completely off your rocker!”

“Oh don’t play the fool dear, I’m not completely stupid.”

“I never said you were stupid!” She must be experiencing an adrenaline rush of sorts because I can see her veins popping.

“Lily, I know for sure that you are absolutely perfect for one another and if you don’t shut up right now, there’s going to be a major problem!”

“Since when do you get authority over my love life?” I think I deserve the right to choose the guy.

“Oh dear, you are making me laugh.” Sarah leaned back into her chair and let out a hearty chuckle. Honestly, this whole conversation was starting to creep me out.

“Are you okay? “ I cautiously asked the delusional wacko who I just couldn’t shake off.

“What love life?”

“Ummm” I guess she had a point there.

“I cannot have authority over your love life if it doesn’t exist in the first place, so my goal is to get you a love life and then I’ll control it, I’ll be like the puppet master of love!”

Sarah leaped out of the chair and glided across the common room floor to the portrait.

“Go and get dressed in something nice and meet me down by the lake in 15 minutes.”

“It’s raining!” I exclaimed, pointing to the violent downpour of rain that was crashing down on the stone windowsill.

Sarah crossed her arms and peered down out me with a warning glare.

“Yes I know it’s raining, you little twit!” She opened the back of the portrait. “ Meet me in 15, or else.”


I'm back! I finally got Word back on my computer and I'm all set to write like a machine. please review!

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